Create Wonderful Memories with a Unique Surprise Gift for Husband on 1st Anniversary: 11 Ideas for a Great Anniversary

Create Wonderful Memories with a Unique Surprise Gift for Husband on 1st Anniversary: 11 Ideas for a Great Anniversary

The very first anniversary is the most special isn't it and for a day like this regular gifts likes gadgets and cufflinks, wallets and shoes just don't seem very exciting. Make a music video, whisk him off on a holiday, dedicate a song on the radio, or make a memory box that will raise a lump in his throat. Find here more of such brilliant and utterly romantic anniversary ideas; there are also plenty of gift ideas for things to buy.

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Surprise or Not, the Best Ways to Choose a Gift for Husband

Keep in Mind His Choices and Preferences

While picking the right gift for your husband on your first ever wedding anniversary, you should keep his choices in mind. Look into the type of clothes that he wears and the brands that he chooses. This will definitely give you some idea about the type of gift that you can choose for your hubby. Avoid things that he would never buy for himself and if he has a specific dislike for certain brands then you should not buy them. Look into his personal style and you will be able to get him the perfect gift for your 1st anniversary.

Think of Couple Gifts that Both of You Can Use


Your first wedding anniversary is special and you should buy something that signifies your love and the bond you share as a couple. You can opt for couple gifts that are romantic and still serve a purpose. Go for cute coffee mugs made for couples. You can get them personalised and get both of your names written on them. You can also buy cute t-shirts with quotes written on them. You can perhaps wear them too on your anniversary while celebrating it. Some other options could be necklaces made for couples that are split into two.

Don't Neglect the Packaging of the Gift

It is equally important to package the gift right while presenting it to your husband! You can buy a great gift but if you fail to wrap it in an appealing way then it might not give a nice impression. So, get the best gift wrapping paper and ensure that your gift looks as amazing as it is. You can go for bright colors and use ribbons to decorate the gift. Add a card with a handwritten note along with your gift so that it looks prettier. You may also use decorative tape and gift tags to add to the aesthetic look of your gift.

Romantic Surprises for Husband: 11 Gifts He Will Love to Receive

Create a Music Video for Him


This is a really easy way of bringing a smile on your husband’s face. All you need is a bunch of pictures that you think will be perfect for the video and the background music that can go with it. Make sure that you select the best pictures of both of you together. When it comes to the music, you can choose a song that is special to both of you. There are several websites out there like and where you simply have to upload all the pictures and choose the music. You can send this to your husband as soon as the clock strikes 12 and even post it on his Facebook wall! He would be really pleased to see this cute video.

Recreate Your First Date on Your Anniversary

Wouldn’t it be great to show your husband how special he is by recreating your first date? This will be a pleasant flashback of the day when you first went out and it will be really touching. If you went on a date in a restaurant then make reservations for the same and take bae to that place. If you met in some other city then you can find ways to replicate the exact series of events that happened. Recreating your first ever date will be deeply romantic for the two of you and will make your 1st anniversary even more special.

A Pencil Sketch Wall Sticker of Your Favourite Couple Picture


Gift a pencil sketch photo sticker to your husband as a gift on your 1st wedding anniversary! Choose the picture of your choice and get it printed on your wall. You can put the sticker in your living room or even in your bedroom. The wall sticker gives a timeless feel to your photograph. It symbolizes your love and special bond as a couple. Your photo is printed on a high-end durable material and comes with a canvas matte finish. You can easily peel off the sticker and re-stick it without hampering the wall in any way. You can decorate your wall with this awesome wall sticker. You can buy it from for Rs.999.

World's Best Husband Personalised Anniversary Tile


This is indeed an awesome gifting option for your first anniversary! This is a ceramic personalised tile that is perfect for a home decor gift. It can be very well placed in your living room table or bedroom. You can customise it by uploading your choice of photo in the frame. Make sure that the resolution of the photo is of minimum 300-dpi so that you get the required quality. It also comes with a table holder. Surprise your husband on your anniversary. Buy this from for Rs.470.

01 Year Anniversary Tees

What better way to wish your husband on your first year anniversary than to gift him this 1-year anniversary tee? It is a black tee with “01 year anniversary” printed on it. You can get both of your names written on the tee. Present this to your husband and you can wear these on your special day! He may thing it a little cheesy but encourage him to put it on for a casual date on the big day. Choose the sizes carefully before placing the order. The tee is made of cotton and should be hand washed for ideal care. Shop this from for Rs.1,399.

Dedicate a Song to Him on the Radio

This is an old-school way of showing your love to your husband. But he will definitely not expect it. You may have to make a lot of calls to your local radio channel and it will be a tough task to get through and make your request but it will definitely be worth it! Imagine how he will blush out of happiness when he listens to your specially dedicated song on the radio. However, make sure that is tuned into the radio channel while your dedicated song comes in. Make your hubby feel special with this awesome gesture and he will be really amazed. This could be a great surprise on your first year anniversary.

Create a Memory Box

A gift that takes him down the memory lane will be definitely worth cherishing! Create this magical memory box that has all of your memories shared together. You can put the prints of your pictures together, gifts that you might have exchanged over the years, accessories that you wore on your wedding, your first ever gift, tickets to the movie dates that you went to and the like. You can put all the things that are memorable for the two of you and are small but meaningful things that you both value. This box can be symbolic of your journey so far together and will be really special. Give this to your husband on the occasion of your first wedding anniversary!

Choco Magic: Flowers and a Delicious Cake

Send this magical suprise cake and flowers to your husband at his work place and take him by surprise! The combo has a bunch of 10 red and white carnations that are packed beautifully and presented in a beautiful bouquet. The combo comes with a half kilo cake in black forest flavour. You can order it online and remember to put the correct address details. To make it even better and well planned, you can take help from his colleagues to get this delivered correctly and on time. Your husband would appreciate this effort of yours and will really be grateful for this gift. You can shop this from for Rs.999. You can also add a vase or add double flowers to the surprise.

Personalised Heart Dial Round Wall Clock

This is a gorgeous heart dial round wall clock that you can easily personalise. All that you have to do is to upload your picture and enter the message that you would like to show on the clock when placing your order. Then proceed to make the payment. It is that simple! You can get your gift ready in three simple steps. This personalised heart dial round wall clock can be the best gift for your first year anniversary! Shower your husband with love by giving him this awesome heart dial round wall clock. You can shop it from for Rs.499.

Surprise Him with a Party

It is your first anniversary and so you should celebrate it with great enthusiasm. You can arrange a party to surprise your hubby on this beautiful occasion. First, you will have to decide upon the venue whether you want to keep the party at some restaurant or at your place. You can also invite your close friends and family for your first year anniversary or could choose to celebrate it exclusively with your hubby. If you are planning it at your place then you can make the decorations and ensure that it is romantic. You can either cook his favorite dish yourself or order food online. Plan it such that he has no clue about the party. Take him by surprise and make your husband smile with happiness!

Plan a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Make your first wedding anniversary even more interesting by planning a romantic getaway with your husband! Look for the best options around the town or even outside. Make the reservations and arrangements for your special getaway as a couple. Check with his schedule as well and ensure that he is free on that day. You can throw him a surprise by taking him for a romantic getaway just for the two of you. Book the tickets in advance and you can also arrange for couple spa for the two of you.

Bonus Tip: Spend Some Quality Time with Him and Pamper Him with Love and Attention

Your first anniversary is a perfect time to show all the love and affection that you have for each other. It is certainly a very special day for the two of you. Make sure that you spend some romantic quality time with your husband on this special day. In the hectic schedule of today, it can get quite difficult to take out time for each other when there is barely time left to have a conversation. But, make him a priority on this day and give your undivided attention to hubby dearest! Make him feel pampered and celebrate your anniversary. Keep your phones at bay and have deep conversations about anything and everything. Spice things up a little bit and make your anniversary memorable.

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Think outside the box

A gift need not come in a box. There are so many other ways to make your anniversary remarkable, and creating wonderful memories that you can look back at years down the line will be a lot more memorable than trendy gift items. If you will not be content without giving him a present, by all means buy or make one for him, but also include an experience.