10 Mesmerising Lehenga Choli Sets from Flipkart, from Bridal Wear to Party Lehengas! Get All Your Festive Wear from One Place Online (2019)

10 Mesmerising Lehenga Choli Sets from Flipkart, from Bridal Wear to Party Lehengas! Get All Your Festive Wear from One Place Online (2019)

If you are planning to glam up your beauty game with a traditional attire for this festive season, then you have got to read this! Right from bridal wear to simple party wear, the lehenga choli is there to come to your rescue. This amazing traditional wear has been one of the essentials in the Indian girl’s wardrobe for ages now. Well, if you haven’t thought of getting one for yourself this festive season, then think again we say!

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What is a Lehenga Choli?

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There may be at least some of you who are not that familiar with the term "lehenga choli". Let us give you a brief overview here. Lehenga choli is generally a three-piece attire comprising of lehenga (long skirt), choli (blouse) and dupatta. It is usually worn on ceremonial occasions and usually has embroidery, prints or embellishments on it. Very popular in North India, the lehenga choli has also been able to create quite an impression in the south too.

Top 10 Lehenga Choli Designs On Flipkart

Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli from Radius

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This is a lehenga that is simple yet very eye-catching at the moment. This beautiful lehenga choli is the perfect example of the saying that “less is more”. The dashing red colour of the lehenga choli is the highlight here. There is no heavy embroidery on it; hence, it is an excellent choice for simple party wear. The minimal glass work gives the whole lehenga a touch of elegance. The satin lehenga choli set offers a very graceful yet sophisticated look. So, if you are looking for a modern yet ethnic fusion in Indian wear for a party or wedding, then we suggest you go for this look. Check out this lehenga from Radius on Flipkart. It is currently on a 50% discounted rate at Rs. 989.

Fabcartz Printed Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli

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Well, if it’s a more complicated look that you are looking for, then here is an affordable option for you. This particular lehenga is made of Jacquard fabric and gives a heftier look. The choli is equally good and comes in a silk fabric. Unlike other lehenga choli sets where dupatta is given the least importance, the dupatta is the highlight here. The red dupatta perfectly complements the blue lehenga choli and stands out the most in this combo. The beautiful zari work on the lehenga gives an ethnic touch to the design. This printed semi stitched lehenga choli set from Fabcartz is now available at an offer price of Rs. 999 only on Flipkart.

Ethista Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga

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Want something even grander and heavier? A sophisticated, classy and ethnic Indian wear at an affordable rate. Yes, that’s what this lehenga choli from Ethista is. Be the attraction of the function with this navy blue lehenga choli heavily embroidered with traditional zari work. This silk lehenga choli set is semi-stitched and can be customised for your size. Adorn the gracefulness of this dress with a piece of simple matching jewellery to go with it. The nylon dupatta is made of net material and perfectly tones down the whole look. This attire could be one of the most popular among the lehenga collection on Flipkart. Also available is the lehenga in a red shade for Rs. 1,069 on Flipkart.

Shree Creation Self Design Lehenga Choli

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Here is yet another party wear that is sure to delight the fashionista in you! This jacquard lehenga is topped up with a rich ethnic self-design pattern. The choli fabric is of art silk and comes with minimal embroidery work. The Banarasi silk dupatta completes the look and makes you picture-perfect for any wedding or festival! The blue and red combination with silver details gives the lehenga choli an elegant and sophisticated look. Wear your statement earrings and a pair of your favourite heels to pair up with this attire. This lehenga choli is semi-stitched and can be tailored to fit your size perfectly. Check out this lehenga choli from Shree creation on Flipkart for a sale price of Rs. 1,099.

Divastri Self Design Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli

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Here is a unique colour combination that you could try on this festive season. Orange and blue! The orange jacquard lehenga carries heavy embroidery that is sure to capture anybody’s attraction — the blue details on the lehenga compliments the simple blue silk choli. The dupatta is an attraction in itself and will be a delight to drape around! This lehenga choli dupatta set is ideal for any party, wedding or a festival like Diwali. If you aren’t a fan of this colour combination, then no worries. The lehenga from Divastri is available in five different colours. Make sure to check out which colour suits you the best. You can find it on Flipkart at a price of Rs. 1,099.

JSItaliya Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli

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This festive season, get your dressing vibes on and search for something attractive and rich to see, but comfortable and easy to wear! This lehenga choli ought to help you here! The embroidery work pattern on the lehenga and the sleeves of the choli gives it a heavy look. But it is of thread work and hence shouldn’t put too much weight on the lehenga itself. Also, the lehenga choli is made of heavy silk fabric, making it light and comfortable to wear. This lehenga choli from JSItaliya is available in different colours. So, choose the colour that best suits you. Check out Flipkart to get this lehenga for Rs. 1,169.

Flowzy World Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli

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Here is yet another trendy yet authentic Indian traditional wear that you could effortlessly flaunt during this festive season. This silk lehenga choli from Flowzy World is well worth the buy we say. The lehenga choli set comes in two unique shades of green and blue. The flared lehenga has heavy thread work embroidered throughout. The matching choli also carries embroidery work to go with it. The dupatta material is made of net material and complements the dress well. It is available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,124.

Fashionable Village Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli

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If you are looking for something in satin to uplift your party wardrobe, then make to check out this lehenga from Fashionable Village. The lehenga choli bears a much-sophisticated look that will instantly make you noticeable in a function. The embroidery work on the lehenga as well as the choli gives it the required oomph. Get the dress tailored as per your size and preference. Don’t forget to pair it with matching jewellery. This lehenga is available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,199.

TreadIndia Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli

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Pink is every girl’s favourite. That is why we have included this beautiful baby pink lehenga choli in the list. Be it a party or a wedding, this lehenga choli will do the trick ladies! It is neither too gaudy nor too simple. There is just the right amount of embroidery zari work on this silk lehenga. The turquoise blue on the choli and the dupatta are in right contrast with the pink lehenga. You can also wear it as a half saree with the dupatta draped around the lehenga. Give this lehenga an oomph by wearing a heavy neckpiece and matching bangles. This lehenga choli dupatta set from TreadIndia is available on Flipkart for a discounted price of Rs. 1,257.

Divastri Layered Lehenga Choli Set

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Now, here is a lehenga that is totally different from all that you have seen above. For all those of you who prefer a simpler and more modern look in a lehenga, this is it, ladies. The crop layered lehenga in a solid beige colour is a complete opposite of the traditional lehengas that we are familiar off. The choli is the only colourful part of the whole attire as the dupatta is also a simple solid fabric. Be it a casual party or your friend’s wedding; this lehenga is a show stopper! This lehenga from Divastri is on Flipkart for Rs. 1,259.

Buying Lehenga Choli Online - Dos & Don'ts

Let us warn you here. Buying a lehenga choli online is a tedious process, indeed. There are many aspects of it that you need to keep in mind to get the perfect look. Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind while selecting a lehenga choli online.

The Dos of Lehenga Shopping Online

Select Your Style

The style of a lehenga choli is important, especially if you need to dress up for an occasion. Lehenga choli comes in various designs and styles these days - from A-cut to fishtail or sharara. You can pretty much find plenty of options to decide what to wear for your best friend’s wedding or the simple Diwali party at work!

Shop From The Best Online Portals Only

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There are several options of lehenga choli to choose online. Likewise, there are plenty of online portals or retailers selling lehenga cholis. Make sure to select a portal that is reliable, affordable and flexible to options. We would definitely recommend Flipkart as it has:

Wide variety of designs to choose from at affordable prices: There are hundreds of lehenga choli designs to choose from. The options are so many that you will get baffled during the process! Buying lehenga cholis are usually a pricey business. But, not with Flipkart! There are plenty of affordable choices that will suit your limited budget.

Many different designers/ retailers to check out for options: Flipkart is an amazing platform where various designers and retailers get to display their work. As a result, customers have plenty and varied alternatives to choose from.

Advantage of narrowing down choices as per design, material, colour and price: Being an online portal, Flipkart definitely has all the advantages that benefit the online customer. You can narrow down your searches and customise the selection criteria to look for a particular lehenga choli that you have in mind. Besides, the customer reviews and ratings give you a clear picture of the product.

Know the Measurements

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Unlike other dresses, it’s better that you don’t blindly click on S/M/L sizes while selecting a lehenga choli. Make sure that you know your body measurements in terms of the chest, waist sizes and your height. Always compare it with the product description mentioned.

Decide on the Colour & Fabric Your Dress

Everybody’s skin tones are different. So is the body type. Always make sure to check if the colour of the lehenga choli well suits your undertone. Also, check if the fabric is appropriate for your body type. Always remember that the colour and fabric of the lehenga choli will either make or break your look!

Compare Prices & Payment Options

It goes without saying that while buying something online, it is better to compare the prices of the same product on different websites. Well, the same goes for lehenga choli as well. Also, see if you can avail any discounts on the purchase. Moreover, know what the different payment options for the website are. Some websites may allow you to try the attire on, before making the actual purchase.

What You Don't Want to Be Doing

Do Not Choose a Colour Just Because it is in Fashion

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We may have encountered one or more cases where we see people wearing colours that do not suit them at all! So, do not run behind fashion and wear a colour just because it is the trend! Speaking of which, do you know which are the latest trending colours in lehengas this season? Fresh, soothing tones like Lilac, rose, ivory, grey, mint green and aqua blue are some of them.

Do Not Forget to Check the Return Policies of the Online Retailer

Before making a purchase always read the shipping, cancellation and return policies. There may be some unfortunate cases where you have to return the lehenga or get it exchanged. If you know how quick the refund is, the less stressed you can be. Also, if there is a function coming up, for which you are purchasing a lehenga choli, then we say you start the hunt well in advance.

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