Stay on Trend with These Kurtis from Limeroad! Also Read Styling Tips to Help You Zero in on the Perfect Kurti (2019)

Stay on Trend with These Kurtis from Limeroad! Also Read Styling Tips to Help You Zero in on the Perfect Kurti (2019)

Limeroad, the social-shopping platform, leads the online shopping platforms with its amazing deals and awesome collection. With the collection available in Limeroad, we at BP Guide decided to put together our top picks for your perusal.

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Why Choose Limeroad for Kurtis?

Limeroad is an online shopping site that revolutionized the e-commerce clothing platform for women. The site boasts of a huge collection of women’s clothes ranging from kurtas, kurtis, churidars, salwar, western dresses and much more. The online shopping site is hugely popular among women folk as it allows one to create their look books.

This option enables creative customers to create a personal look book to explore their hidden talents. Your creation can be viewed by others, thus enabling them to purchase their dress accordingly. This diverse website caters to the needs of the Indian women by providing them in a single place. Moreover, the site also offers attractive discount offers and they are budget-friendly.

Our Top Ten Picks from Limeroad and Tips for Styling

Casual Kurti Dress

The flared casual kurti dress is made of cotton and has a flared design. The flared dress has a round neck with simple pintuck design. The kurti has 3/4th sleeves and is cinched at the waist. The yellow kurti dress falls above one’s ankle and has a multi-coloured hemline comprising of the colours – blue, white and red. This yellow-coloured casual wear kurti is available in all sizes. The kurti from Srirangam is available in an array of colours such as blue, pink, red, green, black, grey, beige, brown and orange. The kurti is available at an attractive discount of Rs.775 from Limeroad.

Floor Length Kurti Gown

The floor-length kurti gown is a gorgeous navy blue gown. The twilight blue flared gown is long-sleeved and is made of viscose or rayon. The georgette gown has a keyhole neckline in the front with a collared closed neckline. The long gown is cinched at the waist and flares down at the bottom to create volume. The gown made of viscose comprises of gold foil print all over the bodice of the gown, this imparts an elegant finish to the wearer. The exquisite kurti is perfect for festive occasion and parties. The elegant long-sleeved kurti gown is available in various sizes and can be purchased for Rs.1575 from Limeroad.

Kurti with Stripes

Striped kurtis are perfect for women who want to create an illusion of being tall. The straight cut striped kurti comprises of vertical stripes that are perfect for camouflaging your problem areas. The multi-coloured kurti is made of rayon and viscose. The kurti has a boat neckline and has 3/4th sleeves. The kurti is available in varying sizes and is available from the house of jompers. The kurti is the perfect attire for casual occasions and can be paired perfectly with a pair of leggings and jeans. The attractive kurti can be purchased for Rs.618 from Limeroad.

High-Slit Kurti

Embroidered kurtis are always preferred by women as they are versatile since they double up as both casual and party wear. The attractive khadi kurti in cotton perfect is perfect for both formal and casual outings. The grey khadi kurti consists of a long high slit on the front. The kurti has a round neckline and elbow-length sleeves. These sleeves are embroidered with flower and leaf pattern on both sides. Additionally, the kurti also consists of a pocket that has an embroidered pattern. The grey khadi long high slit kurti is available in varying sizes and can be purchased for Rs.776 from Limeroad.

Staple Solid Kurti

Solid colour kurtis are preferred by women who want to wear for formal occasions. These solid colour kurtis can be paired with a pair of grey pants or leggings for a comfortable day at the office. The navy solid kurti is made of polyester and crepe material. The kurti has a straight cut and has a hook and eye neck closure at the front. The kurti comprises of 3/4th sleeves and has a flared hemline. The solid navy blue kurti can be paired with striped palazzos for a casual outing as well. The kurti is available in varying sizes and can be purchased for Rs.580 from Limeroad.

Jacket Kurti

Jacket kurtis are perfect for adding an ethnic touch to your style. The red embroidered kurta with a jacket is made of viscose and rayon material. The kurta is embroidered with a slit and a jacket. The kurti has a mandarin collar with embroidered buttons and 3/4th sleeves. The kurti has slits on the sides of the kurti and also be worn without a jacket for an evening party. The gorgeous kurti is available in all sizes and is a perfect ethnic addition to your wardrobe. The embroidered slit kurti with the jacket from Ethnic Knock can be purchased for Rs.946 from Limeroad.

Festive Kurti

The gold foil printed straight kurti is perfect for festive occasions. The elegant kurti is made of 100% cotton and is pink in colour. The kurti has a mandarin collared neckline with buttons thus imparting a regal look to the wearer. The kurti is 34th sleeved and slits at both sides of it. Gold foil leaf prints are printed all over the bodice of the Kurti and also on the sleeves as well. The elegant festive kurti can be paired with elegant gold leggings. The pink foiled printed kurti is offered by the brand Tamannah and is available in varying sizes. The kurti can be purchased for Rs.625 from Limeroad.

Angrakha Kurti

The angrakha kurti comes complete with tassels and is perfect for festive occasions. The kurti has an embroidered front panel and dori works with tassels cinched at the waist. The kurti has a flared lower half and can be perfectly paired with leggings. The kurti has a deep embroidered neckline that is fastened with the help of tassels. The kurti is made of chanderi material and has small embroidery all over the bodice of the kurti. The kurti has 3/4th sleeves made of chanderi fabric as the bodice. The kurti is available in varying sizes and offered by the brand Kargha. The elegant festive occasion kurti can be purchased for Rs.3175 from Limeroad.

Minimalistic Kurti

The anarkali printed kurti is minimalistic and is perfect for women who prefer simplicity. The kurti has a boat neck and is made of 100% cotton. The kurti is beige coloured and has sleeves with spaghetti straps. The kurti has a yellow-coloured pom-pom neckline and has minimalistic ethnic prints all over the kurti. The minimalistic ethnic kurti is available from Urban Tattvaa and can be purchased for Rs.926 from Limeroad.

Asymmetric Kurti

The baby pink asymmetrical embroidered kurti is perfect for casual events and parties. The kurti has an embroidered front bodice in white and teal. The kurti has an asymmetrical hemline and a round closed neck. The kurti is sleeveless and can be paired with fitted pants and leggings. The kurti is made of rayon material and is available in all sizes. The kurti from brand Naari can be purchased for Rs.1675 from Limeroad.

How to Find the Perfect Kurti from Limeroad?

One can choose the perfect kurti from Limeroad by shopping according to the categories available on the site. Firstly, it is important to choose a kurti that compliments one’s body type. Women are blessed with different body types; You can choose the perfect kurti by choosing a variety of patterns that suit your body type.

  • Apple-shaped body – Kurtis in darker shades of black, blue, red and green are perfect to camouflage the problem areas on the body. Fabrics such as cotton, silk, and georgette are perfect to compliment your body shape. You can also choose kurtis with embroidery on the lower half of the kurti.

  • Rectangle-shaped body – Kurtis with a broad neck and a cinched waist are perfect for highlighting your body. Also, heavy fabrics such as silk and cotton add volume to your body.

  • Pear-shaped body – Fitted kurtis with flared hemlines are awesome for highlighting the upper half of your body. You can choose anarkali kurtis, flared kurtis, kurtis with textured prints and patterns are perfect for highlighting your figure.

  • Hourglass-shaped body – Women with an hourglass shape can carry off any kurti with ease. It is advisable to choose well-fitted kurtis to accentuate your figure. You choose kurtis in various materials such as silk, georgette, and cotton to accentuate your figure.

Understand the Website Outline

The e-commerce site Limeroad has a user-friendly interface that can be used for navigating the various products displayed on the site. The website comprises of category sidebar that displays the types of dresses available. The dresses range from kurtis, sarees, fashion accessories, footwear and much more making it very versatile. Secondly, you can narrow down your search by your gender preference. You can also narrow down your search by selecting your age group. Moreover, there is an option called “Scrapbook”, that is used for creating your style by mixing and matching your favourite dresses. Additionally, you also have the option to share your scrapbook on social media such as Facebook.

Fix a Budget

Before you plan on purchasing a kurti for a special occasion, it is always advisable to fix a budget. Fixing a budget ensures that you don’t splurge on shopping. However, there many ways to ensure that you stay within your budget while purchasing a kurti on Limeroad. The online shopping site is filled with numerous discounts as follows.

  • Seasonal discount – The site offers discounts up to 60% on selected items based on the season of the year – summer, winter, spring, and monsoon. Check whether your favourite kurti falls in the discount range.

  • Category discount – Based on the category that you want to shop, the site offers various options – budget and premium options. Narrow it down depending on your budget range and choose the best option suitable for your need.

  • Festive discount – All e-commerce sites offer a site-wide discount for festive occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, New-year and much more.

  • Budget picks – There is a special section in Limeroad where dresses are available under three major categories – dresses under Rs.599, Rs.799 and Rs.999.

  • Brand-specific discount – This type of discount is offered by the respective brands with some brands offering a discount of up to 80%.

Kurti Varieties Available

When it comes to shopping for kurti options, there are numerous options that are available online. The market is flooded with varies kurtis that can be styled accordingly. The various kurti design patterns that are available to choose are as follows.

  • Asymmetric kurti – It has an asymmetric hemline that is perfect for parties and special occasions.

  • Flared kurti – This type of kurti is suitable for women with pear-shaped bodies. It adds volume and makes the women look elegant and beautiful.

  • Straight cut kurti – This kurti is perfect for women who are tall and thin. A straight cut kurti made of stiff fabric is perfect for casual outings and festive occasions.

  • Anarkali kurti – This type of kurti is perfect for festive occasions and have a long train that provides perfect flares.

  • Short kurti – This type of kurti has a length that falls above your knees. It is perfect to be paired with jeans and skirts.

  • Jacket kurti – The jacket kurti is perfect for adding a sense of style to your attire. It can come with a front or a side opening that can be fastened with the help of drawstrings.

  • Layered kurti – This kurti is layered or multi-tiered below the hemline. It adds dimension and volume to your kurti, also perfect for festive occasions.

Limeroad Premium Membership

The e-commerce site offers premium “Gold Membership” to its customers. The membership is exclusively available for its loyal customers. This gold membership can be availed for a price of Rs.399. Possessing this membership enables the customers to avail an additional discount of 15% on already discounted items. Moreover, the customers under membership have early access to surprise deals and discounts. Irrespective of the value of the purchase, customers are provided free and priority shipping on all orders.

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