Wondering What Accessories Will Offset Your Gorgeous Saree? 10 Types of Saree Jewellery Every Woman Must Have & How to Make Heads Turn Everywhere (2020)

Wondering What Accessories Will Offset Your Gorgeous Saree? 10 Types of Saree Jewellery Every Woman Must Have & How to Make Heads Turn Everywhere (2020)

Saree! This most beautiful 6 yards of clothing should be worn right with perfect accessories to bring out the complete magic it has. Glimpse through the the list of basic accessories that will compliment your sarees and make it a true spectacle! We have some fantastic options for you to consider, so read on.

Tips on Matching Jewellery to Your Saree

How to Accessorise?

Accessories are an important part of the saree, which enhance a woman’s personality and her natural charm. Opting for the right accessory can alter the woman’s outward appearance completely, making her a diva or quite the opposite! One of the first things to keep in mind while donning a saree is to ensure you match the saree and your accessories to the occasion that demands it. While selecting the accessories, review everything from the bindi to the colour of your nail to the kind of bangles you’d wear with the saree.

Choosing the appropriate colours is another must that can enhance or pull your style down. Buying an expensive set of bangles can be totally worthless if they do not match the colour of your attire and complement your other accessories. The next area of focus would be your footwear. Wedges, casual platforms, ballerina flats or flip flops are a fashion faux-pa, while stilettos or peep toes can add to your height and your body structure.

Adding Style to Ethnicity

Traditionally, women usually prefer lining their expensive gold jewelry with their silk sarees, however with the changing fashion, artificial jewelry seems to be replacing the need to wear the expensive stuff. Artificial jewelry not only adds to a modern style to an otherwise traditional wear but also is an ever preferred trend! It is best to ensure that your attire isn’t overdone with the use of heavy jewelry. Mismatched, loud or colourful jewelry can either ruin the look or make it really gaudy. Minimalist and simple jewelry can help you look stylish and younger.

Choosing the Right Necklace with Your Saree

A necklace is an important accessory with the conventional styled saree. An antique silver necklace that’s large and has a vintage look will gel with simple sarees like cottons or silk. A traditional gold necklace complements most kind of sarees that are traditional, silk or cotton, with the simpler versions suitable for party wear or georgettes. Hip and cool sarees with equally trendy blouses can mix and match well with modern and quirky designed necklaces which grab attention quickly. For a royal or elegant style, a handloom saree and beads necklace would make an excellent combination. A chiffon looks elegant and charming with pearls, best for lunch meets, formal events, etc.

10 Types of Stunning Saree Jewellery You Ought to Consider Having in Your Jewellery Box

Head Jewellery

Source www.tjori.com

For a more extravagant look, head accessories or jewelry are perfect. Ranging from maang tikkas, to simple head chains to ambadas, there are some beautiful selections to choose from. The Pink Marathi Gold Plated Ambada from Tjori is handcrafted with colourful polka stones and pearls, with gold strings and is appropriate for traditional occasions. The Pink Marathi Gold Plated Ambada measures 3.4” in dimensions, 37gm in weight and is priced at Rs. 1,789.

The Gold Plated Beaded Maang Tikka is made of pearl like beads, stones and cut outs, shaped like a crescent with intricate floral design, secured with a hook closure. It comes in Gold plated zinc and is priced at Rs. 369.

The Gold Kundan & Pearl Maang Tikka with Earrings is embellished with bead work, pearls and kundan stones, priced at Rs. 2,499.

Earrings, Ear Studs, and Earring-Strings

Earrings are considered one of the primary forms of Jewelry, available in different shapes, sizes and designs. Earrings should be chosen to complement the right type of face structure. For instance, danglers, square or oval shaped earrings would go well with Round faces, most earrings look good on an Oval face, but dangler and studs would stand out particularly. Oversized round earrings or danglers are perfect for a square face with a diamond shaped face demands studs for formal and danglers for evening wear.

White Kundan Chandbali Earrings would look really pretty for party wear, measuring 100 x 50 made of alloy in base, with yellow gold plating and Kundan work in white. The White Kundan Chandbali is priced at Rs. 2,400.

The Off-White Gold Plated Beaded Jhumkas with Ear Chains have artificial stones and beads, with secured post & back closure, made of Gold plated metal in Alloy, it measures 9.5cm in length and is priced at Rs. 562.

The Classic Polki and Meenakari Earrings come in a beautiful combination of colourful stones and kundan work to give an ethnic touch to the saree, styled in a stud form and are priced at Rs. 4999.

Nose Rings

Source www.tjori.com

Nose piercing is a common ritual among Indian women, which was earlier more pertinent to married women, however now, it is adorned by both married and unmarried women according to their wish and style preferences. The type of nose ring one chooses can vary according to the face structure just like earrings. For a more glamorous look, beaded gold nose rings look really good, while a half circle or a curved nose ring would work well for a round face. A cashew-nut shaped nose ring to a face with a pointed nose made of pearls, precious stones and kundan would look lovely and so on.

This conventional Rajasthani nath in Red and White, from Tjori is adorned with synthetic gemstones and a pearl chain, encased in a flower shaped hoop made of copper and is gold plated, measuring 8” in dimension, weighing 10gm. It is priced at Rs. 599.

Perfect for a non-pierced nose,Gold Avika Kundan Nosepin is a gold tone Kundan studded nose ring , measuring 30mm. It is styled as an open-ended/adjustable nose ring made in a premium quality alloy metal, priced at Rs. 1499.


The Oxidized Thread Amrapali Tribal Necklace from Nazaquat is made of Silver plated metal with stone work and tied together with a thick thread giving it a tribal look, measuring 5” in width and is priced at Rs. 2,260.

Source sukkhi.com

The Sukkhi Gold Plated Kundan Necklace Set is made of alloy and is gold plated with kundan work. It comes as package with a Necklace measuring 12cm, earrings measuring 5cm and maang tikka measuring 11 cm in length. It all weighs 140gms and is priced at Rs. 399.

The beautiful Royal Golden Ruby Pink Pearl Necklace set is made of copper base with an antique gold plating, embellished with synthetic stones. The set also includes earrings with a press lock and necklace with an adjustable rope at the back. It is perfect for traditional sarees and is priced at Rs. 1,250.

Chains and Pendants

A necklace comprises of a band, chain or cord that wraps around a neck, and a pendant can be hung from the chain for a more glamorous look and spark. A chain can be called a necklace, but a necklace doesn’t need to be a chain. The Gold Tone Brass Chain is handcrafted in brass with artificial beads in gold plating with a lobster closure. With a heavy chain shape, this stylish neckpiece exudes a stunning effect on the personality of the wearer. Measuring 53cm in length, the chain is priced at Rs. 899.

The American Diamond Pendant set from Craftsvilla is made of alloy metal in a beautiful design with Amercian Diamonds encased in an intricate style, including a chain, pendant and a pair of earrings, all priced at Rs. 433.

Bangles and Kadas

Source www.tjori.com

Bangles are usually known to be hard bracelets that have their origin in the Indian subcontinent, normally made of metal, glass, wood or plastic, conventionally worn by Indian women who are married. Generally circular in shape, bangles aren’t flexible. The Rajasthani Pearl Bangle Set is a pair of beautiful bangles with a row of white pearls set in gold plated copper inspired by the Rajasthani culture. Measuring 2.2” in length, weighing 150gms this bangle set fits up to a size of 2.8 and is priced at Rs. 2,999.

The gleaming Gold Metal Bangle from Mansiya Orange is designed in a traditional style in gold metal, coated with a gram of gold polish, a 3mm lacquer coating for durability. It is manufactured from tin and lead free alloy with an open loop. Perfect for ethnic wear, the Gold metal bangle looks heavy and is shaped like 4 bangles together, priced at Rs. 448, available in varying sizes.

Source www.amazon.in

Krishna Silk Thread Bangles Set is a combination of light aqua blue and lemon yellow bangles rich with stone work and made of silk threads. The set is priced at Rs. 1,099.

Statement Bracelets

Bracelets are ornamental bands, hoops and chains that can be worn on the wrist, comparatively flexible to bangles. They can be worn as support jewelry to hold other décor items like charms. Bracelets are usually made of metal, leather, cloth, plastic, beads or other materials, paired with rocks, wood, crystals, shells, metals, plastic hoops or pearls. The off-white antique Gold Plated Link Bracelet from Zaveri pearls is made of metal, artificial stones and beads in Gold Plating with a hook closure. Measuring 25cm in length, it is priced at Rs. 549.

The Silver Brass Cuffs Bracelet from Voylla is designed in brass with a silver finish measuring 0.5” in width, with an open jaw closure, weighing 0.2kgs. It would complement a traditional saree. The Silver Brass Cuffs Bracelet is priced at Rs. 349.

Cocktail Rings

The oxidised Silver Plated Textured Adjustable Ring is made of metal in silver plating, perfect for traditional wear, adding a touch of class and personal style to its wearer. The oxidised ring is circular, with a textured and metallic bead detailing and is priced at Rs. 373.

The Copper Royal Golden Pearl Zircon Ring (adjustable) is made in gold plating with Kundan work and pearls with copper as base material. With an adjustable shape, it is priced at Rs. 489.

Hand Ornaments & Armlets

Armlets or arm rings or arm bands are usually rings of precious metals ornamentally worn around the biceps by Indian women, conventionally popular and now considered fashion accessories by the modern era women. The Gold Plated Ring Bracelet is a handcrafted bracelet that’s worn around the wrist and go up to the fingers as a ring. It is designed in metal with artificial stones in gold plating and a hook closure. It’s a gorgeous add to an ethnic saree that’s embellished. The Ring bracelet is priced at Rs. 363.

Dark Pink Polki Stones Baju Band is an armlet, traditionally designed in brass with a yellow gold plating and Polki work in dark pink. It is priced at Rs. 1,154.

Waistband and Foot Ornamets

The Kamarband in Chain design from Voylla, is a waistband, styled geometrically in copper base. Studded with Kundan stones, it features a chain design, apt for festive occasions. It measures 30” in length and 2” in width, weighing 97gms and is priced at Rs. 1,399.

Source www.amazon.in

The Gold Plated Anklets Set from Shining Diva are made of premium quality antique gold plated alloy, studded with handpicked kundan stones of high quality, skin-friendly and allergen free! Measuring 26cm in length, they are really light weight and easy to wear. The anklets are priced at Rs. 399.

Source www.amazon.in

The antique Silver Anklet is stylishly designed in oxidised silver, and comes in a single piece. Made of premium silver plated alloy it has an adjustable length, is nickel and lead free and has a string like shape extending from ankles to feet, giving it a trendy look. The Silver Anklet is priced at Rs. 299.

Bonus Tip: How to Care for Your Jewelry

There’s a saying, ‘you can’t store your pearls the same way, you store your gold’, which means that you need to pay careful attention to the way you store your jewelry. Here are a few quick tips to make note.

  • Clean them before you store them! Sweat changes the color of the jewelry, making them look dull and old, hence wipe them clean and then store them in boxes with multiple slots or velvet pouches.
  • Store your pearls in a cloth lined box or a soft cloth to retain their shine and luster.
  • Try wrapping each piece of jewelry in an anti-tarnish paper or an eye-glass cloth to maintain its shine, with each piece separate from the other, to prevent baubles from moving and protect them from scratches and breaking.
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