Gift A Jewellery Box  For Her Cherished Baubles: 10 Top Recommendations Plus A DIY Idea

Gift A Jewellery Box For Her Cherished Baubles: 10 Top Recommendations Plus A DIY Idea

The experience of frantically untangling jewellery is familiar to every woman. It always occurs in those flustered final moments before leaving the house; you reach for that perfect accessory to complete your outfit only to find it lost in a nightmare tangle of metal. Spare the stress to the woman in our life by gifting her a useful yet elegant jewellery box. We have gathered 10 great option across different materials, styles and features so you can pick out the right one.

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Jewellery Boxes Make Great Gifts

They Are Functional


The next time you are wondering about what wedding gift to buy for your office colleague or trying to select the perfect Diwali gift for your teenage cousin, go for a jewellery box. Jewellery boxes are the perfect gift for a number of reasons. Most women own a substantial amount of jewellery, especially in India, where jewellery is worn almost on every occasion. Therefore finding storage space for them is always a concern.

Jewellery boxes, therefore, are greatly functional pieces. Metal jewellery, if not stored properly, may darken or develop unsightly green patches. But jewellery boxes have protective velvet or satin lining which keeps the jewellery safe, dry, protected and free from scratches. They also have separate compartments to store each type of jewellery, like bangles, earrings and necklaces, which keeps them from getting mixed up or lost.

They Double Up as Artistic Pieces

There are a variety of Jewellery boxes are available in the market. They differ in size, material and style. You get jewellery boxes made of a variety of materials like metal, stone, paper Mache, lacquer, MDF, plastic and leather. India is the land of handicrafts, and therefore the different artistries can be found on jewellery boxes as well. There are wooden boxes with intricate carvings, Meenakari work, lacquer work, embossing, and a lot more. These boxes look so pretty that they double up as home décor. Use them to decorate the console table in the living room, or keep a couple of them on top of the dresser in the bedroom.

You Have One for Every Budget

Jewellery boxes are one of those things that you can find for every budget. The cost depends on the material and the amount of artwork on the box. A box made of sterling silver, therefore, will obviously cost more than a wooden one. Boxes with mechanisms, like those that play music can also be an indicator of the price. You can find jewellery boxes for as fewer Rs. 200 and also ones that go up to Rs. 50,000.

Jewellery boxes with multiple compartments and secure locks that can be used for storing gold, silver and diamond jewellery have higher price tags. But if you are looking for something cheaper then go for wooden, metal or plastic jewellery boxes. Whatever your budget may be, you will surely find a jewellery box to suit it.

10 Beautiful Jewellery Boxes that Make Great Gifts

Wooden Jewellery Box with Compartments


If you are looking for a quick gift which is beautiful yet easy on the pocket then go for a wooden jewellery box. This elephant charm one from Amazon has multiple compartments which makes it perfect for someone who owns a lot of jewellery. This wooden box measures 4.5 inch x 3.5 inch x 5.5 inches and has three compartments which are stacked up and opens up enabling you to access the storage space. This beautiful box is entirely handmade and weighs 480 grams only. It can be used to store jewellery, family heirlooms and small knick-knacks. This box can add that special touch to your dressing table. Buy it for Rs. 599.

Canvas And MDF Jewellery Box with Bright Print

This box is the perfect gift for anyone who has a distinctive taste and likes to add a bit of colour to their surroundings. The If Not Now Storage Box from is made from MDF with metal hooks and hinges. It measures 10 cm x 16 cm. This bright teal box with multi-colour print is shaped like a mini trunk. The box is roomy enough to store jewellery and small trinkets. It has a rustic look and a vintage charm that will add to the beauty of any household. Use it to brighten up the living room console table or gift it to your teenage daughter to add a quaint charm to her dresser. This pretty box is sure to please anyone who likes cute and quirky accessories. This one is priced at Rs. 995.

Marble Jaali Work Jewellery Box


Buying a gift for someone who has a fondness for traditional handicrafts? Then this beautiful marble jewellery box is the perfect choice for you. Marble with inlay work is an ancient form of handiwork that has been used in some of the most famous architectural works of India. The inlay work is done by skilled artisans. The Pooja Creation White Marble Jali Work Jewellery Box merges functionality with artistry. This handmade box is made of high-quality marble and has colourful inlay work. It measures 6 x 4 inch. It’s the perfect gift for weddings, Diwali parties, bridal showers etc. Buy it from Amazon for Rs. 890.

Layered Jewellery Box


Storing a lot of small jewellery can be a bit problematic as they have a tendency to get mixed up. This 3 layer Jewellery Display Box from Lemish's can be used to store jewellery individually so that they don’t get mixed up. These cylindrical boxes are made of cardboard and cotton. They have a diameter of 7.3 cm, length of 7.3 cm, a width of 7.3 cm and a height of 13 cm. These boxes are extremely light with a weight of just 180 g. They are excellent for travel purposes and are available in a variety of bright colours which make them hard to miss. We would suggest that you gift these to a teenager or someone with a love for earrings rings etc. You can buy them for Rs. 519 on Amazon.

Floral Jewellery Box

Jewellery boxes come in various shapes sizes and designs. Therefore whatever one’s taste may be, you have a jewellery box to match it. Some of us have an affinity for bright colours others like simple patterns, and then there are those who love anything with flowers on them! Addyz Rose Printed 6 Rods Bangle Box Jewellery Vanity Box is the perfect gift for someone who loves everything floral printed. This extremely pretty box is made of wood and measures 24 cm x 9 cm, 43 cm. This box has a lock; therefore it’s perfect for storing gold, silver or platinum bangles and also bangles with diamonds or other precious stones. Buy this beautiful cream coloured box for Rs. 535 from Flipkart.

Wooden Jewellery Box with Carvings


Wood carving is an art that is indigenous to certain Indian states. Skilled artisans create various artefacts from wood using primitive tools, which makes the end result even more unique. These special pieces can definitely add a quaint charm to your home décor. The next time you are looking for an inexpensive and beautiful gift get the ITOS365 Handmade Wooden Jewellery Box from Amazon. This exquisite wooden box, weighs 370 gm. It has a velvet inner lining which will keep all your jewellery safe and free from scratches. The brass latch keeps the box securely closed and prevents the contents from falling out. But the most distinctive thing about the box is, of course, the delicate carvings on the lid of the box. This box is very easy on the pocket and comes for just Rs. 330.

Oyster Shaped Jewellery Box


If you know someone who loves pearl jewellery then get her the perfect box to store them in. This beautiful wooden shell shaped jewellery box from Simple Pleasures is the perfect gift for someone who has a thing for the treasures of the ocean. Though made purely from wood, this lovely jewellery box is shaped exactly like a mother of pearl. It has a velvet lined interior to keep your jewellery safe and scratch free. This handmade product weighs 499 gm and measures 25 x 15 x 4 cm. Gift this box to someone who enjoys beautiful things and has a taste for unique home accessories. Buy this beautiful box for Rs. 475 from Amazon.

Leather And Wood Jewellery Box


A person who owns a lot of precious jewellery needs a box which is both large enough to hold them and equally secure. If you know someone who likes to buy a lot of jewellery, then gift them this classy Jewellery Box from Richpiks. This brown leather and wood box comes with a clasp lock. It’s the perfect size for a bank locker or safe deposit box.

The box has three partitioned compartments to accommodate various kinds of jewellery, from bangles and bracelets to necklaces, earrings and rings. There are slots for putting gold and silver coins as well. This box is constructed from high-quality leatherette and the interior is lined completely with soft velvet which keeps the jewellery in perfect condition. The lock on the box has its own key and can be easily opened by placing the finger on a circular knob and sliding it downwards. If by chance the lock is locked then the key can be used to open it by rotating it in the key slot by 90 degrees. Buy this functional and elegant box for Rs. 1,828 from Amazon.

Musical Jewellery Box


The next jewellery box on our list is slightly more expensive than the rest. This is because of the special feature that it possesses. This beautiful jewellery box from the Musicbox Kingdom is not just an ordinary box; it is a musical box. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a music or musical box is one which plays music when wound up. They have existed for a long time and were used for playing music long before modern music players were invented.

The 22004 Musical Ballerina Jewellery Box is a beautiful blue box patterned with stars. It has the image of a dancing ballerina printed on the lid. The box plays music when the key at the back is wound up. This box has a classic design and measures 15.5 x 11.5 x 9 cm. It’s pretty lightweight and weighs just 318 gm. This box is not just an ordinary item but a treasured keepsake. It’s the perfect gift for a special one. Buy it for Rs. 5,055 from

Metal Jewellery Box


The main purpose of a jewellery box is to keep one's ornaments safe, organized and away from weather elements. But due to the popularity of jewellery boxes as gifts and as home décor pieces, great attention is given to the overall look of these items.

Metal has always been a popular choice of material when it comes to jewellery boxes. We can easily understand why when we see this beautiful Light Pink Metal Jewellery Box from the brand Elan. This vintage-inspired mini lockable trunk is great for both storage and decoration. In fact, it can be used for storing a lot more than jewellery. Use it to pack away your scarves, books, towels, pens, cell phone, wallet, loose change or anything else that may need safe keeping. These boxes will add to the beauty of your dresser, nightstand or desk. These are made of durable powder coated steel and are 100% non – toxic. They measure 8.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 inch and are available in pretty colours like hot pink, baby pink and powder blue. Gift one of these to a teenage girl and watch her go gaga over you! These are priced at Rs. 1,568 on

DIY Jewellery Boxes Are a Great Option

If you are a creative person or strapped for cash, then we would suggest that you take out a little time and create your own DIY Jewellery Box. It’s easier than you think and making something with your own hands can be a satisfying process. Here’s a step by step guide to creating your very own handmade jewellery or keepsake box.

How to Create Your Very Own DIY Jewellery Box

    You Will Need
  • Foam Board
  • Parts diagram
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hot silicone glue
  • Glue Stick
  • 5 beads
  • Decorative Paper
  • Baize

  • How To Make It
  • Cut all the pieces according to the cutting list and draw a line – 3 cm from the edge.
  • Glue the parts as shown in video tutorial
  • Glue the shelf over the drawn line.
  • Glue the baize on the shelf.
  • Glue the jewelry box dividers.
  • Now assemble the drawer.
  • Decorate with decorative paper.
  • Glue a bead in the center of the drawer and 4 beads at the bottom.

Watch the video to make it in real.

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Jewellery Boxes - An Important Accessory

Jewellery boxes are almost as important as the jewellery themselves. An exquisite jewellery box shows that you have a deep sense of pride and care about the things around you. The right jewellery box can double as a work of art, bringing a room together, while also housing your most precious possessions. So while picking out the jewellery box to gift to the woman in your life, keep in mind the personality of the giftee as well as their style.