Enhance Your Sari with a Saree Pin That Speaks Your Style: Our 10 Saree Pin Recommendations Will Change Your Mind About This Humble Tool!

Enhance Your Sari with a Saree Pin That Speaks Your Style: Our 10 Saree Pin Recommendations Will Change Your Mind About This Humble Tool!

Saree pins are not just an accessory of utility to hold the pallu in place but something that can enhance the saree itself. Wearing a matching saree pin with or without chain makes the difference. Here are a great collection of saree pins to pin the pallu at the back. Let’s take a look…

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Saree Pins Aren't Merely Utility Tools and Can Accessorize Your Drape

Sarees is hands down one of the most versatile garments that adds an oomph factor to one’s overall look. You can style a saree in various different ways. A saree goes well with every body type. However, while draping a saree you may need to pin it up to have a neat look. Sarees are easily managed using saree pins, and hence play an important part of styling. These saree pins are not simply a utility tool, but these can be used as an accessory to style your drape. But, how do you pick the most practical and beautiful saree pin for your ensemble? Read on to know more!

Things to Consider When buying a Saree Pin

Saree pins are available in different shapes, patterns, designs and colours in the market. Choose the one which complements your saree and your draping style perfectly. While buying a saree pin for considerations are there which you have to keep in your mind, these are:


The first and foremost thing to be considered while shopping for a saree pin is undoubtedly its size. You should choose the size wisely. The selection of a perfect size also depends on the type of saree fabric and the occasion. For a day out or for an office meeting you can go well with small sized brooches with some trendy yet simple designs on it. For night party or a wedding you can choose largely sized brooches such as long-chained brooches, Kundan brooches ore blouse back brooches. These will add a royal look to your drape.


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The second important consideration to keep in mind is the colour choice. After all, the colour of the pin should complement your look. Firstly you should always go for universal colours that would go well with all your sarees and would be perfect for all the occasions. Go for goldens and silvers, these look very sophisticated and add a fashion statement to your look. But in case you do not want these and want to go customized with your saree, always go for the colours which will complement your saree. Never go for same coloured brooch as that of the saree, as it will somehow hide your accessory being the same in colour. Choose complementing colours such as on pink saree you can go well with a white brooch.


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Last but not least, the design of the pin. Designs are based on your saree pattern and the occasion. If creating a traditional look, opt for heavy chained or Kundan brooches. For a modern look, choose brooches with a lipstick or something like these designs. For a normal day go simple with beaded design.

Stunning Saree Pins Every Saree Lover Must Own

Kudan saree pins give a royal look to the saree. These were once used by the queens and are still in quite in vogue. A stylish and beautiful quality product from the Divoya Art Jewellery, this finely kundun saree pin goes well with any saree. This pearl colored saree pin with a golden polish is sure to set you apart from the rest. Made from brass and copper alloy the saree pin doesn’t cause any skin allergies and is absolutely to wear. It is lightweight, doesn’t tug on the saree and is studded with pearls that makes it absolutely lovely on your ensemble. This pin can be worn on all occasions and is quite affordable. It reeks of quality inside out, and is a must buy. This pin with kundan work can be bought on India Mart!

Kundan Saree Pin

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This season has brought us some fancy saree pins which have customized designs such as with a symbol of lipstick, sandal or wedding appropriate saying ladkewale or ladkiwale.

This stunning fire red flower brooch decorated with crystal and tonal rhinestones is pleasing to the eyes. Costing just Rs. 399 this Saree Pin will add a fancy touch to your attire. This saree pin is quite discrete and measures 32 x 32mm length. The shimmering flower brooch can be worn both by men and women. The pin can be worn on a saree or a traditional sherwani or formal suit. It adds a regal touch to jackets and sarees and can be worn for weddings and special occasions. The colour of the pin may vary a little from the image displayed. A lovely artisanal work of art that’ll garner you plenty second looks for its flattering and compelling crystals and elegance, this pin is a must buy and a perfect add on to your jewellery collection.

Tilak Shape Saree Pin

These look very simple and can be used on a daily basis as these are small in size. Without much effort, you look put together.

Shree Mauli Creation presents a flawless ethnic and trendy maroon drop tilak brooch pin you are sure to love. The pin is studded with red and green stones and is complete with a danger of red and white beads. The pin is made from weightless alloy and plated in gold colour for a royal look. It can be worn for weddings to enhance and beautify your look. If you take a closer look at the contemporary design of this one of a kind multicoloured saree pin, you will be amazed at how sophisticated and detailed it truly is. The pin is of top-notch quality and can be worn for most occasions. Care must be taken in storing it and the pin must be kept away from water and acidic solutions. The Pin matches with any dress or Saree and costs just Rs. 299.

Red Saree Pin

If you wish to flaunt a bold red saree, why not accessorize it with a red saree pin for a bold and classy effect. Red Sarees are not going out of fashion any day, so have one red saree brooch in your collection.

Looking for a royal pin that will complement your traditional saree? This glitzy and finely crafted Khubsurat brooch saree pin, is the perfect choice for you. Dazzle with confidence and amaze those around you with your charm. This red and gold floral brooch saree pin is frost enamelled and studded with red stone studs. Plated in gold this saree pin is absolutely flawless. The fine pattern and weightless ornament can be worn by all age groups and by men and women alike. While the pin will look fabulous on a sherwani, it is best suited for women on their beautiful sarees. Match it with a lehenga or your saree for that perfect glammed up look! This eye-catching flower brooch saree pin will leave people wondering where you got it from. What’s more? This pin costs just Rs. 295.

Golden Brooch

TA golden brooch can go well with every saree and are appropriate for every occasion. These brooches are universal, one can never go wrong with them. One of the finest designs of Vidhya Kangan, this Brooch Saree Pin will take you by a surprise. If you want to dazzle and look you are very best on a special day, be sure to pick this gold plated stone Meenakari CZ AD moti pearl polka kundun pin. It is made for women and girls who are looking for a grand and glamorous saree pin. The design is unique and distinctive from the regular pins you find at fancy stores and online sites. The pin has a polki in red that adds to its beauty. Think no more. Grab this pin today! It costs just Rs. 400

Saree Pin with Chain

If you are looking for a chic and modern dual saree pin, then the brilliantly designed gold saree pin with a stone chain from the house of Kritika Creations is just the one for you. This astonishing quality made Gold dual saree pin is for today’s woman who likes to flaunt a bold look. It is ideal for all types of sarees and can be worn for any event be it a wedding, a party, an office event or any other occasion for that matter. Tired of wearing ornaments that damage your skin, worry not for this piece of work is made from a premium quality alloy that will not harm your skin. The charisma of this jewelry piece is incomparable; this one is certainly a showstopper. This one of its kind Saree Pin will cost you Rs. 1,299.

Stone Studded Saree Pin

A Saree pin with a chain is the love of every woman. The long chains can make your simple saree to look very classy and very much put together. You can style these brooches in different ways such as attaching it from your front left shoulder to your back left shoulder or from left shoulder to right waist. Vidhya Kangan never fails to impress! This traditional stone studded saree pin from Vidya Kangan is no different. It features an intricate and admirable design. A pop of bright colours, this superior quality product is a perfect match to complete your lovely outfit for an evening out and even for fancy parties and weddings. It is not too big of gaudy and is very dainty. It goes well with sarees of any colour, pattern, or fabric. If you looking for gifts for your loved ones this festive season, then surprise them with this stone studded saree pin that will make the occasion a jubilant celebration. The designers at Vidhya Kangan have designed this product with the utmost precision and finesse.

Swarowski Saree Pin

Stone studded saree pins add a fun element to your saree. These can be worn for any occasion, as these are very simple yet very much fashionable. If you have a plain saree you can experiment your look with it.

Grace Jewels present this exquisitely ravishing alloy Swarovski studded multicolored brooches and saree pins. This brooch saree pin is studded with the most beguiling Swarovski stones. They provide a touch of stylish perfectness that catches your eye and will dazzle you. This 6 x 6 cm width and length masterpiece is a high quality make. It is to be noted that the product color may slightly vary from the picture and it is suggested to keep the pin away from water, acid, and perfumes. This Swarosski Brooch Saree Pin is a real stunner and costs just Rs. 464.

Crystal and Pearl Saree Pin

This Saree Pin has an attractive and pleasing design that can be worn for occasions or even for daily wear. This saree pin from Stripes will leave you in awe of how fine and gorgeous, a a a saree pin can be. Studded with fine crystal and perfect pearls, this saree pin will give you an instant make over. Designed especially for women and girls, this is an excellent piece that enhances a fashionable look. Studded with rhinestones and made from a gold alloy with a rose gold finish, this saree pin is unlike any you have owned. It is sparkling, glitzy and truly fashion forward. The saree pin is only 12 gm and light as a feather. The stunning saree/brooch pin goes well on sarees, hijabs, salwar suits and on formal wear too. It costs just Rs. 350.

Pearl Saree Brooch

Pearl Saree Brooch look very elegant on pearl studded sarees which are in trend right now. It has no color is off white, so can go well with almost any saree. It has a soothing appearance. Pure pearls is known for their artistic designs and striking products. Are you looking for a splendid cute saree pin? The search is over now; Pure pearls have got the fanciest and breath-taking saree pin made using the white oyster shell. You’ll have a piece of the ocean with you, carved beautifully into the shape of a flower and topped with crystal, pearls and beautiful stones; this weightless saree pin is for you ladies. You will feel like you are sporting a real flower on you and the final look you will flaunt will be truly mesmerizing. The cost of the pin in Rs. 1200

Other Considerations When Choosing an Ideal Gift

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These saree pins can actually be an ideal gift option also. Few other important tips to remember are:

  • Compare Before You Buy: always compare before you buy anything. Compare the price in terms of size, color, and design. Always have an illusion of your look before buying a saree pin, this will help you in choosing the product easily. Compare the pin with your saree pattern and then buy it.
  • Stay within the Budget:never spend too much on saree pins. Go for universal pins which you can use again and again. Keep your budget in mind while shopping for a pin, and you are sure to find one that matches your budget as well as taste.
  • Shop for Classic Designs:Shop for classic designs which will never go out of fashion. Kundan brooches are being used from the past few decades. This is just a reference, you can opt as per your choice.
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