Make Your Lehenga Look One of a Kind: 10 Blouse Back Design to Bring an Unbelievable Amount of Grace and Life to Your Outfit (2019)

Make Your Lehenga Look One of a Kind: 10 Blouse Back Design to Bring an Unbelievable Amount of Grace and Life to Your Outfit (2019)

Sarees and lehengas are a staple of our Indian ethnic wear wardrobe. Finding the perfect new blouse design to go with your choice of outfit is a task that all of us dread. Rather than scrolling through hundreds of boards on Pinterest to find that one new blouse design find here the best new blouse back designs that you can save as an inspiration!

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Tips for Styling Lehenga Blouse

Key Elements to Style Your Lehenga Blouse

You should always be comfortable with and in what you wear, and understanding what you wear is the key to smart & sensual dressing. Find a design that highlights your best features and conceals the unappealing spots (if any) elegantly

In India, a lehenga is a popular choice for ethnic wear when it comes to festivities and party wear. It exudes a certain charm that surpasses all other outfits. The conventional lehenga blouse also known as a choli is a fitted top, created according to one’s body frame and style preference. The lehenga blouse in comparison to a saree blouse is more revealing, and when it comes to styling it, there are different aspects to consider, like the blouse length, neckline, sleeves and choice of fabric, an appealing design and adornments. For instance, the length of the blouse has variations like a crop top, a medium sized blouse or a long top, with a neckline that could be a square neck, a boat neckline, plunging neckline or a round neck. Sleeves could be full, 3/4th, raglan sleeve, puffed, elbow length, overlapping or sleeveless.

Variations in Blouse Design

A lot of attention’s given to styling a lehenga, while the blouse/choli is usually sidelined. Innovation in terms of designing the bodice involves considering some important aspects of the blouse piece. The neckline is the first significant choice for styling. Explore and experiment with trending neck patterns, contrary to your usual style of neckline. while, the ethnic designs like stringed backs, boat necks or backless cholis are still quite popular, new and improved styles are also becoming quite evident. For instance, the usual round and V-necklines are passé, while the Chinese collar style has made it back to the popularity charts. Inspired by Bollywood beauties and the latest fashion trends, a Mandarin collar neckline can be embellished with ethnic embroidery with a backless pattern or elements like sleeve details for added charm.

  • The western shirt with a collared neckline and a flared lehenga or a plain shirt style blouse with a heavily adorned lehenga is something you must try. For such styles, choose lustrous fabrics like silk or satin to highlight the blouse’s visual appeal with minimal accessories, a plain shirt silhouette, and a perfect fitting, without a dupatta. Some other ways of adding neckline details are to style a one-shouldered or halter neck blouse, with a front zipper or a high necked chic blouse design.

  • The next step is to break away from the monotony of half and full sleeves and style your sleeves differently. The cold shoulder style has been a big hit, as has been the seductive off-shoulder design, which is quite popular with women looking for bold designs. In comparison to the cold shoulder style, the off shouldered blouse style keeps the collar bone, arms and much of the neck & shoulder areas bare, thus defining them well. Other variations to the blouse sleeves include flared or bell-sleeved blouses and bat sleeves.

  • When it comes to styling blouses, the seductive back is always a crowd puller. While the classic stringed back blouse continues to reign, the brazen backless choli with a piping tie-up string or Gujarati Rabari style blouse is gaining popularity too. Some other designs include a Victorian back window design, choli-cut bareback, backless styled bold window, Mandarin or stand collar Patti neckline, a back-out bordered with zardozi work or embellished with rhinestones.

Choosing the Right Blouse

Before you end up giving your blouse fabric to the tailor for stitching, here are few things to keep in mind. To begin with, choose your fabric according to the season, for instance for summers, lighter and sheer fabrics work best, while in winter the ornate material’s the best. In terms of colour choice, you’d choose a colour that either matches the rest of the outfit or is a complete contrast, in order for it to stand out. For women with a wide waistline, blouse styles that fit better on an apple shaped body framework best. So going for an empire line cut choli, a long blouse or peplum would be ideal. You can drape a dupatta in the front to conceal the waist and it is best to avoid any embroidery or heavy embellishing around the waist. For women with wide hips, boat necks and off shoulder blouses in bright hues or blouses with heavy adornments look good. This veers the attention from their hips to their bust and waistline.

For women who are top heavy, it is a good idea to keep the work on the blouse to the bare minimum and perhaps style it like a kurti. It is best to avoid a short or fitting blouse, especially in lighter shades, as it would end up making them look wider on the top. For women who are proportionately smaller, a bold short length blouse or a blouse with a high neck and quarter sleeves will work well. Boat necks and off shoulder styles are a big no for women with proportionate body structure.

Lehenga Blouses with Beutiful Back Designs You Can Buy Online

Hand Embroidered Raw Silk Blouse with Tie-On Back design

Here's a gorgeous Coral Pink Raw Silk Embroidered Blouse, which is a hand embroidered readymade raw silk blouse. It is adorned with beads, sequins, resham and zari work in gold and styled with a round neck, short sleeves and a captivating bow design back. This design is a fusion of stylishness and ethnicity with a bow knot at the back giving it a contemporary edge. Measuring 14”-16” that varies according to size chosen, the hand embroidered raw silk blouse is a smart short top that can be paired with a lehenga, or a skirt and comes in sizes 34-44, priced at Rs. 8,372.

High Neck Brocade Silk Blouse with an Eye Open Back Design

The Jade Green Silk Blouse is styled elegantly with a high neckline and brocade butti work in the center, around the armhole and on the sleeves of the blouse. With a mid-riff high length, the back of the blouse is designed with a slit design which though is quite simple, but is visually appealing. The slit is made in the centre at the back of the blouse with the hook attached on the top and at the waist back of the blouse. This silk blouse in Jade Green colour is available in sizes XS-XXXL and is priced at Rs.2,940.

Net Embroidered Blouse with Round Neck and Cape Styled Back Design

Walk in looking like a diva with a Black Net Embroidered Blouse in round neckline and cape styled back design made in Dupion Fabric. Embroidered with sequined bootis spanning the entire top elegantly, the blouse is tailored comfortably and is made with a lining with a side zipper. You can team up this smart tissue/net embellished blouse with a black lehenga or flared skirt. The Blouse with cape styled back design, measuring 15cms in length, available in sizes 34-36 and in colors black, green or beige is priced at Rs.1,147.

Silk Crop Top with Embellished Fringed Sequined Back Design

A comfortable and stylish option, this silk crop top in Navy Blue colour comes with an embellished fringed sequined back design. Fringes, with a few tube beads sewn individually or attached at the back hem lend a bohemian vibe to the blouse. The Silk Crop Blouse features glass fringes on the hem and at the back, with polka dot sequins and embroidery that would look really chic with a lehenga in matching colour or a maxi skirt with gilded heels. The Navy Sequin Embellished Fringed Silk Crop Top is available in sizes XS-2XL, priced at Rs.800.

Lehenga Blouse Designs You Can Make

Dori & Multicoloured Tassels Design Blouse


The Dori and Multicolored Tassels Design at the back looks gorgeous on a blouse and is one of the latest styles in trend these days. Tassels can be stitched not only in the traditional latkans but also sewn on the hemlines and blouse borders, their detailing making up for a concealing element in addition to looking super stylish. The design is highlighted only if the lehenga drape is pinned, and the design is visible with an added touch of a high bun or side pony hairstyle. This Dori and Multicoloured Tassels Design Blouse is best paired with a Banarasi lehenga.

Open Back Crisscross Pattern Blouse Back Design

The open back crisscross pattern back design for a lehenga blouse is perfect if you’re fond of a royal, princess look. In this string styled neck design, there are many knots on the back side of the blouse with tassels. With short sleeves and minimal work, this design comes with two semi-circular self-patterned bands that criss-cross to hold the blouse border together, reflecting elegance and style which would look really classy with a royal patterned lehenga. The sleeves are short and ruffled and the length of the blouse is cropped.

Lehenga Blouse with Intricate Design at the Back


A Traditional human or a spiritual design is always an attention seeker. This is the most popular design for bridal wear because of its ethnic look. When designing an intricate style blouse, choose fabrics in dark colours like maroon, purple or dark green so that the designs in golden thread work are easily visible on the back side of the blouse.

Statement Sleeves and Open Back Blouse Design

An off shouldered floral printed crop top with side ruffle detailing on the short sleeves with a cut-out back detail makes for a unique and chic style that will dress you up like a diva and how! You’d choose a pastel colour in a dupion silk fabric and pair the open back blouse with a flared lehenga skirt in the same fabric with a side ruffle detailing around the waist. The open back blouse design has a thin self-printed band on the neck running across one edge of the top to the other with the back closure tied with a hook at waist level.

Back Peter Pan Blouse Design

The Peter Pan Back Blouse design is typically a very basic and rounded collar that is styled flat against the neckline in a classic fashion. A unique mix of trendy blouse designs and old vintage shirts, the back peter pan blouse design accentuates the neckline and goes well with a broad shoulder or well-toned collar bone body frame. This kind of back blouse design works perfectly with sheer or flowy fabrics like georgettes or satin.

Corset Back Blouse Design

Inspired from the renowned Baroque fashion, the regal corset back blouse design can, although be made in any cloth, but will look great in velvet fabric with a mix of tassels, tie-ups and zardozi work. Sleeveless, this blouse design is perfect for a lehenga top and is a great way to flaunt well-toned shoulders. The adaptability of corset blouses is quite impressive in a way that they can be easily mixed and matched with a lehenga, saree or maxi skirt, and the blouses can be worn over a chic pair of types of denim or trousers as well.

Bonus Tip: Bridal Designs for Lehenga Blouse


Being a bride is a special occasion for any woman as this is one day she’s been planning in her mind and in her dreams for long. So it is only fair that a reasonable amount of consideration goes into planning the bridal outfit that will make her shine through all her celebratory functions. Post the shopping spree for the right set of bridal blouse designs, the next step is to craft the perfect look. With a mix of tradition and contemporary styles that befit your personality, here are a few ways you can design the perfect blouse set for all your outfits.

  • Tone of the Design – In addition to your jewellery, it is a good idea to choose the right kind of fabrics for your blouse, the sleeve length, the blouse back design, the adornment design in line with your jewelry and lehenga style. Your bridal ensemble should complement and highlight your persona in the best light.

  • Design Intricacy – You can choose to design your beloved's name, or individual details of your courtship on the sleeves or back of your blouse to make it more personalized and unique. The design can be creative in including an outstanding memory of your love story or you being addressed as ‘his bride’ on a sheer blouse back or embroidered cues all over the sleeves.

  • The Royal Touch – For a rich look, look at samples of elegantly embroidered sleeves, varied necklines from the royal era and elements of uber-classy styling that can be added to your bridal outfits. It’s a good idea to refer to a lot of pictures to get inspired, be true to your style goals and culminate your search for perfect wedding blouse designs with results that make you feel happy, confident and beautiful.
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Intricate Details - Names, Love Stories

Carry his name (or yours), your love story or individual details on your sleeve or back too to personalise your bridal blouse designs. The idea is to choose blouse designs that work well for you and reflect your personality. It's always a good idea to refer to lots of pictures for a dose of inspiration. Remember to stay true to your own style goals. End your search for the perfect blouse designs with something that makes you feel happy, beautiful and confident! The options are endless and the key is to be comfortable in your own skin. These lehenga blouse back designs can give you the idea of the never-ending options. Look for what suits your body type and your skin colour, and then go crazy over these designs.