Look Like Your Favourite Star with These 10 Handpicked Lehenga Choli Sets That Bring the Best Looks from Bollywood 2019 to Your Wardrobe!

Look Like Your Favourite Star with These 10 Handpicked Lehenga Choli Sets That Bring the Best Looks from Bollywood 2019 to Your Wardrobe!

If a girl could look at her graceful and elegant best, it would definitely be in a Lehenga Choli. The lehenga is such a costume that adds unmatched grace and poise to the person who is wearing it, this costume is the most preferred option too during any wedding season. If you are someone who wants to look adorable, elegant and traditional at the same time, here are 10 lehenga cholis that you can choose during the wedding season and look absolutely amazing.

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Lehenga Choli - Classic Old World Charm

Lehanga Choli has been a part of the Indian festive attire for generations. In fact in the olden times, this was the attire to dress in for any festive occasion. This traditional Indian dress has always been associated with Indian Royalty and brings along with the old world charm. These days, young girls find it most attractive to dress in this attire as it gives them a feeling of being a princess. It brings us back to our roots.

Top 10 Lehenga Cholis That You Must Buy Online!

We bring to you the latest top 10 dazzling lehenga choli sets that are ideal for wearing to all parties.

#1 Trendy Navy Blue & Pink Coloured Party Wear Embroidered Satin-Banglori Silk Lehenga

Source peachmode.com

The glamourous navy blue lehenga and the elegant pink blouse are just the perfect blends for a party. The combination of these lovely colours embellished with embroidery and a matching dupatta just complete the outfit. This outfit makes you look elegant and adds exuberance to your style. The satin-banglori silk makes it look very rich which gives it an appealing appearance. The contrast colour matching also breaks the monotony of the outfit and gives an artistic appearance. The well-draped lehenga and choli set is a party-friendly outfit that adapts itself to various occasions and looks graceful on all people who daunt this embroidered and colour coordinated lehenga and choli set. The pink dupatta also adds colour to the outfit and the border on the dupatta adds to its beauty. Available on Peach Mode for Rs 1,384 .

#2 Black Embroidered Crape Silk Lehenga Choli

The bold black embroidered lehenga choli set is a ravishing outfit which gives a bold tint to your personality. The colour and the style of the lehenga give out a graceful look accompanied by the heavy zari and resham embroidery which makes the look appealing and adds vibrancy. The beautifully flared lehenga and perfectly fitted blouse along with the translucent net dupatta bordered with heavy embroidery make the dress a completely mesmerizing outfit. The plain crape silk choli with net sleeves with patches of embroidery make it an alluring. The embroidery adds colour to the entire outfit and makes it vibrant while black acts as a base colour for the outfit. Available on Panash India for Rs 3,920 .

#3 Bright Green Embroidered Designer Lehenga Choli Dupatta Set

The flamboyant green embroiders designer lehenga and a choli set along with a translucent dupatta with a heavily embroidered green border is the most elegant party outfit. The colour coordinated lehenga choli and dupatta set looks extremely elegant and the embroidery adds to the beauty of the outfit. The designer set is a perfect party outfit and makes you look stunning. The outfit is specially curated catering to party wear as it perfectly blends the vibrancy of the colour and the subtlety of the embroidery giving the outfit the ideal look for a party. The pleasing colour also adds grace to the overall look of the outfit. Available on Mirraw for Rs 4,999.

#4 Green Silk Flared Lehenga

The exquisite green flared lehenga with a green choli paired with a mustard dupatta is one of the best outfits to suit all occasions. The simple and elegant lehenga choli and dupatta set look so beautiful on all people. The light border on the lehenga and the choli adds colour to the outfit and sets it apart from a normal lehenga choli. The golden border on the dupatta coupled with a thin green strip in the between looks aesthetic and adds to the ethnicity of the outfit. Available on Limeroad for Rs 4,913 .

#5 Textured Choli with Embellished Lehenga Set

Source www.ajio.com

The calm and soothing light coloured lehenga and choli works both as a casual attire and a party outfit. The bell sleeves of the textured choli are in style and make it by and large the most stylish and yet ethnic outfit that can be worn to a party or for a casual outing. The peach embellished lehenga looks very fashionable and graceful adding to the exuberance of the entire outfit. This in style outfit is a perfect attire to daunt on any day as the soothing colours and embellishments make it look very pleasing. The outfit is great for all occasions in all seasons as it feels great on the skin and the breezy colours add to its glory. Available on Ajio for Rs 2,300 .

#6 Rama Green Colored Floral Embroidered Banglori Silk Lehenga Choli

Source peachmode.com

Charming rama green coloured lehenga with a baby pink coloured choli brought to you along with a white net dupatta is the most wanted party attire these days. The vibrant colour combination along with the embroidery makes the attire look graceful and elegant. The banglori silk is a very rich fabric and the vibrant shades and beautifully embroidered flowers add jewels to the attire. The embroidery on the neckline and the border of the dupatta not only add colour to the lehenga choli but also make the dress more appealing. Available on Peach Mode for Rs 3,074 .

#7 Red Embroidered Readymade Lehenga Choli

Sparkling red embroidered lehenga with a red embroidered choli ornated with a red net dupatta with an embroidered border is an alluring party attire. The lehenga choli and dupatta are all decorated with mirror work and this makes it stunning and special. The zari embroidery, sequin and mirror along with the lace in the dupatta add to the elegance of the outfit. The bright red colour and stunning embellishments make the outfit an apt party attire which can be worn on multiple occasions and would add to the mood of the party. Available on Panash India for Rs 4,736 .

#8 Digital Printed Chiffon Lehenga in Baby Pink

Stunning digital printed baby pink chiffon lehenga with vibrant red printed flowers is an ideal party attire. The floral print adds vibrancy and makes the outfit occasion ready. The poly shantoon lining makes the attire sturdy. The beautiful lehenga choli set coupled with a baby pink faux chiffon digitally printed dupatta looks mesmerizing on everyone. The baby pink choli made of art silk has thin straps that make it look sleek and attractive. This fashionable lehenga choli and dupatta with digital print and the patched border will give you the most pleasant look for all occasions and can be worn to all types of parties. Available with Utsav Fashion for Rs 2,990 .

#9 Beige Sequin Crop Top and Pink Foil Maxi Skirt Set

Attractive and colourful crop top and skirt set is an ideal outfit for a party, making it a modern alternative to the traditional lehenga choli. The beige sequin crop top is a soothing piece of cloth to wear and the pink foil maxi skirt adds colour to the entire outfit. The golden print on the pink skirt break the monotony of the outfit and make the skirt and crop top set an alluring attire. The beige net slit sleeves on the blouse look pretty fashionable and give the outfit a stylish western angle while binding it to our roots. The skirt and crop top set is extremely easy to carry an outfit that will make you look gorgeous. You can buy this from House of Indya for Rs. 3,840.

#10 Mughal Butta Lehenga Set

This alluring traditional lehenga set is well suited for all occasions. The lehenga and the choli with the same print add elegance and simplicity while the all-embracing flair gives it an occasional look. Set to off-white shade, it portrays subtlety with its intricate customary pattern. The dupatta with a golden zari border and matching golden tassels complete a classic look. The lehenga has been designed such as to give it a traditional as well as a modern feel. The set is made from clothing which exhibits elegance while bringing forth comfort. The set suits best for an entirety of occasions and makes you look stylish and modern yet sophisticated. You can buy this from Bunaai for Rs. 4,500.

3 Types of Earrings to Pair with Your Lehenga Choli!

Source www.zowed.com

A traditional look is incomplete without a pair of ethnic earrings as they add grace and elegance to the entire outfit and make you look prettier. They are the perfect accessories to put on with an ethnic lehenga choli set and will complete the look and give it an aesthetic appearance. They also add charm to your face and gives it a gorgeous look. The perfect earrings paired with a mesmerising lehenga choli set is a dream come true for a lot of people. We bring to you these exquisite earrings that complement your lehenga choli look.

#1 Jhumkas

Dazzling jhumkas are wanted by all young and old women as they are the perfect accessory for an ethnic outfit like a lehenga choli. Jhumkas add to the beauty of the attire as they compliment the vibrancy of the outfit. The golden artistic jhumkas or the coloured aesthetic jhumkas, all add to the vibrancy of the outfit and give the outfit a different and a colourful appearance. Jhumkas give an ethnic appearance to the entire attire and make it look very pretty.

#2 Chand Baalis

Source www.amazon.in

Magnanimous round chand baalis look stunning when paired with a vibrant lehenga choli. They give the outfit a bold look and make the person wearing them look super gorgeous. These big earrings look lovely on all people and add vibrancy to the outfit. They also add a touch of traditionalism to the lehenga choli. This exquisite chand baalis are so graceful that they make the face and the entire look of the outfit appealing. Being large in size they are easily noticeable and are an ideal party accessory to be paired with a traditional lehenga choli set.

#3 Latkans

Graceful latkans are the ideal accessory to wear with a traditional lehenga choli as it makes the outfit look exuberant with the traditional touch added to it. The danglers look extremely beautiful and add a more ethnic touch to your outfit. They make you look gorgeous. A traditional lehenga choli feels incomplete without a graceful latkan that adds elegance, colour and tradition to your outfit. It also looks very fashionable as it blends in with all trends and never goes out of fashion. The dazzling earring not only complements the outfit but is a wonderful accessory that completes any outfit you wear and adds exuberance and life to it.

Top 3 Hairstyles That'll Bring Out the Best of Your Lehenga Choli

An attire is incomplete without a proper hairstyle and we bring to you the perfect hairstyle that adds to your immense beauty. These ideal party hairstyles complement your outfit and become irresistible once you get them. The perfect twists and turns of the hair secured precisely with pins and other hair accessories make your hair look the best and feels amazing.

#1 Loose Bun

A well-secured loose bun is one of the best hairstyles for all occasions paired with the beautiful and aesthetic lehenga choli. The classy loose bun looks apt and goes very well with the traditional lehenga choli and adds a modern stylish touch to it. The bun is beautifully secured on the head and the hair look textured and carefully blend in to match the overall appearance of the attire.

#2 Front Puff

Raising your hair from the front can look very beautiful with a traditional outfit like a lehenga choli set. The hairstyle specially curated for you will merge with the outfit and give you a very pretty appearance as it will blend in the aesthetics of the lehenga choli along with the modern and fashionable front puff. Having the perfect puff is a dream come true for almost all girls as the puff adds to their beauty and accounts for the most stylish hairstyle these days.

#3 Side Braids

One of the most ideal hairstyles that match with a lehenga choli is the side braid. The wonderfully secured side braid adds modernity to the lehenga choli and looks mesmerising on the look. This hairstyle suits all types of hair and suits the traditional lehenga choli in the most amazing way possible. The side braid acts as a wonderful hair accessory and the way it curates the hair looks gorgeous on a traditional outfit as well as a modern outfit.

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Unflattering Lehenga Shape

From fish cut to A-line lehengas, you need to choose the right shape for lehenga wearing. Make sure the shape of your Lehenga compliments your body type. For example, a fish cut Lehenga will suit someone who is tall and lean and an A-line light lehenga will suit someone who is short and has a heavy built.