Flaunt Your Designer Lehenga This Wedding Season with These Beautiful Lehenga Hangings: 8 Elegant Latkans to Go with Every Kind of Lehenga (2020)

Flaunt Your Designer Lehenga This Wedding Season with These Beautiful Lehenga Hangings: 8 Elegant Latkans to Go with Every Kind of Lehenga (2020)

Lehenga Tassels or more commonly known as Latkans in India are one of those few clothing accessories which make your traditional wear more classy and elegant. With our top choices of latkans or lehenga hangings, you will been able to find the perfect latkans for your lehenga. Go on and check out the many different types of cute options you have.

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Catchy Lehenga Hanging Inspirations for Your Next Wedding

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Last year Bollywood saw many marriages which ushered in several new styles in lehengas, ghagras and sarees for the ultra-chic. Indian women have always taken inspirations from the big cinema world for fashion. Lehenga hangings were one of the styles that got added to the list of hot trending styles. These lehenga hangings are nothing but what we call as 'latkans' in general lingo. These are primarily placed on the waist but can also be included in the blouses.

Here are a few tips which might be handy when choosing your lehenga hanging inspiration.

  • Don’t follow the many new introductions blindly. Believe in your instincts. If you feel something is right but not trendy enough, think twice!

  • Your style should be in the sync of the wedding theme. Today, big lavish weddings mostly are based on elegant themes. Try to maintain the colour or the underlying theme around the wedding with your dress.

  • Too much experimenting could lead to a serious disaster. Don’t let your designs ruin your clothing. Latkans are an accessory. They should be given their required importance. Don’t spend too much time wondering about what should be perfect.

  • There are exciting options to choose from. But don’t keep them for the last minute. If you have already decided upon your dress, you may not be able to add these last minute.

Pom-Pom Tassels with Cutouts

Source www.etsy.com

When it comes to Indian wear, every small detail is essential. The pom-pom tassels are the recent introduction by our fashion experts. In this form of latkans, unique pom-poms are bunched together to create a unique look. Fat and cute pom-poms flowing down from the waist of your lehenga add a new oomph factor. We suggest contrast tassel pom-pom which would help you stand out in the crowd.

MDF Hangings with Flashy Ornaments

Source wittyvows.com

Bling is still big in the market today. From glittery sandals, danglers to flashy sunglasses, everything is eye-catching. Millennials believe in experimenting and innovating with new things. Check out these innovative MDF hangings added to the tassels or the latkans of the lehenga. Cute patterns or designs in this lightweight material are perfect as lehenga hangings to give a little soul to the dress. Others used different wordings like "behen ki shaadi" etc., on square blocks to go in sync with the lehenga latkans. Not only are these hangings uniquely inspired, but they are also creative and in complete contrast in terms of colour. They are among the trendiest list of fashionable latkans in 2019.

Stuffed Shapes

Source etsy.com

Gone are the days when simple pearls we added to create new lehenga styles. Today’s generation wants creative inspirations to be included as part of their dressing styles. Designers are trying to innovate as much as possible. The newest trend matching this idea is the use of interesting shapes and random sizes to your latkans. People have experimented with stuffed fabric in shapes of peacock, lotus and even leaf petals are part of the new designs. These crafty styles are part of the classy and straightforward lehengas too. Even the bridal lehenga is using such newly inspired latkans.

Flowery Designs in Bright Colours

Source looksgud.in

Although a straightforward and subtle format, these latkans use a lot of flowery images to make it a girly affair. There are quite a few occasions where the material is continuously evolved to create impressive attire. These latkans use beads, gottas, embellishments and mirror work to portray the ancient Indian craftsmanship and heritage. If you are in love with the basics, these flowery designs are the best option for you. You can always give your spin to the basic idea of flower tassel latkans or lehenga hangings.

Top Trending Designs from Best Online Platforms

Now when we have discussed the ongoing trends, we know how difficult it is to spot them in the market. No need to worry! We are always on the go to find new and exciting ideas to suit your style sentiments. Our online platforms serve as the best place to buy such exquisite items. We have brought some of the most beautiful lehenga hangings in the market for your next lehenga ensemble. They range to a wide variety of inspirations. So we are quite sure that you will find the right one in the list curated for you.

Pearl Latkans

Source zipker.com

It is always best to start with the simplest of all. Pearls have been a part of our jewellery and attire for longer than we remember. During the times of ancient queens, pearls were given such huge importance because of their simple yet astonishing outlook. Zipkar brings a simple pearl latkan to meet your lehenga or saree latkan needs. This latkan will look gorgeous with white, pink or blue shades of lehenga or saree. The latkan is an ideal mix of golden beads and chain with pink or blue pearls. This Shree Mauli Creation product is available in a bunch of 4 in two colours. The product can be bought at a budget-friendly price of Rs. 449.

Fabric & Lace Latkans

Source Flipkart

Fabric and lace are an integral part of any attire specially lehengas. When you want your dress to be in complete sync with the lehenga skirt, this option is a viable choice. This type of latkan is made from lace and stuffed fabric. The Fabric and Lace Multi Colour Lehenga latkan is beautiful craftsmanship of embroidered textile work in pink and golden. The tassel hanging from the square stuffed fabric adds charm to the latkan. The pair of 2 is part of a designer collection. This latkan is sure to give an elegant finish to your lehenga. They are small in length, so you might want to choose them wisely for your dress. The latkan can be bought for Rs. 267 for a pair of 2 latkans on Flipkart.

Handmade Latkans

Source amazon.in

Today, Indian weddings are a mixed blend of customs, rituals with craftsmanship and gifts. It has been a tradition to create handmade gifts. Latkans are an important accessory on the brides’ dress. You can create your own version of handmade latkans with use of stuffed fabric. Surprise your bestie by helping her create her own style of latkan. The Palashhand Made Ethic Latkan is a nice option if you don’t have time to create something like this. This green and black embellished latkan is a nice choice for your lehenga. This set of pair is made with chanderi material and weighs close to 30 grams and 5 inches in height. The beaded handmade latkans are not only a classy choice for lehenga hangings, but they go perfectly with your classy saree blouse too. This beautiful piece of latkan can be bought at a price of Rs. 250 from Amazon. A single set consists of a pair of latkans. If you want your latkan to be on the heavy side, you might have to buy a few more sets to complete the look.

Dream Catcher Tassels

Source chumbak.com

Who doesn’t love the idea of dream catchers? Dream catchers are a tradition which claims to keep nightmares away from your life. They are known as dream catchers as they catch evil nightmares surrounding you. So what can be better than including this beautiful idea to your lehenga? We bring a beautiful ombre tassels dream catcher for your dream lehenga day. The tassel is made from blends of jute, cotton and stuffy wool. The tassel features an intricate crochet work in the circular frame holding the tassels. Further, the circular frame end holds onto the pink tassels. The length of the frame in tassels is around 22 cms in length and 55 cms in height. This is a dreamy cascade for many. The dream catcher tassel brings a new soul and life to your lehenga. The sweetest dream catcher lehenga hanging is a perfect match if you believe in through experimenting. The tassel latkan is affordable and can be availed at a price of Rs. 995 from chumbak.com.

Golden Brooch Tassels

Source flipkart.com

Gold is the flavour of the season. With summer weddings on its way, we recommend a classy golden brooch tassel for your starry golden lehenga. This ethnic latkan is made up of plastic mouldings. This set of 10 tassels latkan are lightweight and very comfortable to add to any dress or lehenga. The gold latkan can be experimented and matched with different colours of lehenga. You can try them with Ivory, Beige, Pink, Red or Golden lehengas beautifully. They are a perfect accessory for your designer outfit. This gives a unique look to your wedding attire. The pack of 10 lehenga hangings can be availed for Rs. 350 from Flipkart.

Traditional Parrot Latkans

Source snapdeal.com

Not every woman believes in classiness, some of them love to be on the cuter side too. We have brought a cute pair of multicolour latkan for the cuter girls who love dressing simple but glamorous. The Indo Star Multi Colour Parrot in Circle & Pompom Latkan Ethnic Hanging is a straight fit for all ladies out there. The material used in creating this stunning piece is fabric and beads for embellishments. The length is 14 cms in height and 9 cms in width. The multicolour parrot is based in a circular ethnic hanging. The beaded pieces are in a different colour with poms hanging around with tassels. The Indo star jewellery piece is a trendy choice to be a part of your ethnic wear. Grab these for Rs. 514 from snapdeal.com.

Multicolour Tassel Lehenga

Tradition is the core of Indian Weddings. Everyone wants to be contemporary in style but with a little modern twist in dresses. We suggest a typical dori and lacy latkans from The Design Cart. The Multicolour Pink Puppet Design Beads & Threads Latkan has the perfect contemporary design. The package contains a set of 2 pieces which are around 13 cm in length. They are a bunch of loosely held strings tied from end to end. The hanging beads and embellishments are in different assorted shapes and sizes. The glass stones with beads add a whole lot of charm to the classic tassel style. The integral part of this cluster is the Rajasthani dressed puppet hanging from the centre of the frame. This type of latkan goes perfectly with rich Indian wears in bold colours of red or similar shades. The multicolour designed lehenga hanging is available at Rs. 449.

Beaded Latkans

Source etsy.com

Royal, classy and extravagant is the perfect explanation of our next product. The latkan is a typical beaded affair with golden strings attached in clusters all across. This is an ideal traditional Indian decorative piece for your dress. The lehenga hanging has a classy finish with fabric and small pearl beads. This boho hippie style hanging is a 4-tiered tassel perfect for your golden or ivory lehenga. The decorative zari wedding dress is available at USD 8.50 or around Rs. 500 on etsy.com.

Personalising your accessory is a perfect way to address the trending patterns. Writing specific words is a fun way of doing it. You can use words like “jija ki saali” (for being the sister-in-law), "sister getting married, me next“, are a few options to experiment with. This can also be a classy way of flaunting your latkans and wedding hashtags.

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Get Matching Latkans for Your Pretty Lehenga

Matching doesn't always have to mean matching the same colour. For instance, for your golden lehenga, you don't necessarily have to go with golden latkan, rather, red latkans with a touch of golden may just be your way to go. Find out which colour you like the most or the one you'd like to match your lehenga with and bring more elegance to your clothing this wedding season.