Do You Need Gym Equipment for Home to Create a Mini Professional Gym? Here are Top 10 Best Equipment and Machines You Can Add to Your Home Gym (2020)

Do You Need Gym Equipment for Home to Create a Mini Professional Gym? Here are Top 10 Best Equipment and Machines You Can Add to Your Home Gym (2020)

Nowadays, most of us are so busy in the routine works that we lack time to visit any Gym or any open physical fitness centre. In the end, we tend to least interested in fitness activities. But don’t worry anymore about such lack of time for visiting Gym because there is a lot of such gym equipment are available in the market today, which is easy to install in your home. You can easily use that equipment to fit yourself at the ease of your time availability.

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Benefits of Using Home Gym Equipment

Home gym equipment is a great way to work out without any hassles. You can get various equipment in a wide range of costs. You can try various workouts with a few machines, and a few help in a few weight training or resistant training exercises. A few machines like the treadmill require much space. Gym balls and kettlebells can be stored in a corner with no hassles. It is your exercise schedule and fitness goals that decide the equipment you need to buy.

Why Should You Have a Home Gym?

The home gym helps you to stay fit. You can do exercises at any hour, and as per your work schedule. Even a pandemic that forces one to stay indoors cannot stop exercising if you own a gym at home. Find what the pros of owning a home gym are.

1. It is Convenient:

It is available 24/7 all-round the year. So, you can use the home gym anytime. You need not worry about your work schedules. For parents, it is essential to grab time whenever the kids sleep. Hitting a gym at a convenient hour is never possible. You need not worry about working out comfortably when others are with you. You can spare the anxiety of being watched by others. Also, it is possible and convenient for everyone in the house to use the home gym. You can listen to your favourite music, grunt, or dance or wear whatever you want when you own a home gym.

2. You Can Save Money:


Yes, you would be spending a lot of money on the home gym machines. Imagine that you work out 5 days a week for an hour. Calculate the gym fees, and the fuel cost to drive to the gym. When you put the costs together in the long run, your home gym is a way to save money. Also, when more than one in the family exercise in the machine, then you can feel it is a smart way to work out. Also, you become fit, as you will exercise every other day. This means, your physique is strong, and your medical bills are coming down.

3. No Excuses for Staying off from Workout Routine

You can do exercises even if it rains heavily. Even if your office working hours extend, you can still time to do exercises, as there is no travel required. Your weekends and holidays cannot stop you from exercising because the machines are at your eyesight. Other excuses like traffic, lack of time, kids around, and chances of infections from gym mates do not exist when you own a gym.

Top 10 Home Gym Equipment You Can Buy!

The top 10 home gym equipment listed here are the best options for you to exercise at home. They can be used by men and women, and easy to use. Getting into shape and losing weight is easy when you fix a routine with these machines. You can find them coming with versatile options too. Make yourself fit with these machines.

1. AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbell Pair, 2 x 2Kg:


Dumbbells are an important part of anyone’s exercise equipment. The set of 2 dumbbells weigh 2 kg each. These Neoprene dumbbells are perfect for resistance training, and they have a grip, which is vital while performing exercises with them. You can pick them up from a cluster of things because they are colour coded for being identified with ease. The weight is also printed on them in numbers. You can find them highly useful for working out at home or even in the training classes. They are easy to carry anywhere. They have a hexagonal shape, which prevents them from rolling away. The dumbbells come with a limited warranty of 1 year. These blue colour dumbbells come for Rs. 1,119 at Amazon.

2. C-FIT IW-LX Orbitrek Exercise Bike:

This bike has a perfect design to give better performance with perfection for the exercises for the upper and lower body. This equipment helps in doing workouts that are beneficial for losing weight and in maintaining the heart’s health. It ensures that the knees and joints are not affected. It is designed to help in delivering your workout goals with ease, and safely. It also functions without any noise and has a smooth functioning. The seat can be adjusted to suit the user. If you are looking for losing weight and toning the muscles, you can make use of this machine. It can be used by people of all genders, shapes, and ages. It can be assembled by the user with ease, by simply following the instructions. Using the control knob, one can choose between the cycling and rowing options. You can place an order for this Orbitrek exercise bike from Shop Clues for Rs. 12,999.

3. T520B Treadmill:

This treadmill is designed to offer versatile features. It can be inclined up to 10% and offers a maximum speed of 13 km per hour. It has 10 preset programmes, of them, 5 are for health, and 5 are for calorie targets. It has a very compact design. You can fold it up when done with the workout session for the day. It can be used by all people, and even by beginners with ease. It consumes 450 watts of energy and has a backlit LCD screen that shows speed, distance, calories, time, and heart rate. It works without noise, and you can use it for becoming slim and improve physical fitness. You can improve your health at your home with a variety of exercises, using this treadmill. Decathlon offer this Rs. 39,999.

4. Weight Training Rack Squats Chin-ups:

This training rack helps with a variety of weight training exercises. You can do chin-ups, squats, bench press, and other free weight exercises. This can also be used to store your weights and bar with no issues. There are no-slip ends, and highly stable. It is compact and offers a safe training opportunity for those who like to exercise at home. This is a piece of versatile equipment and costs Rs. 12,999. You can find this at Decathlon.

5. Hercules Home Gym, for Household:

The Hercules home gym complete workout equipment is priced at Rs. 33,000 in India Mart. It has a weight stack of 100 lbs and can be used for Ab crunch, Lat, Bicep curl, leg extension, and tricep extension. It has a biomechanical design and a deeply padded seat. There is also a backrest. The design ensures one can do the exercises with all comfort and in a safe manner. The machine also has a controlled angular movement, which helps all people- beginners and experts to do exercises at their comfort levels.

6. Protoner 20 Kg PVC Weight Set with Rods Home Gym Combo (Weight of Plates = 20)

The weight set includes PVC weight 2 Kg and 3 Kg, 5 feet plain rod, 3 feet curl rod, 2 14 inch dumbbell rods, 1 skipping rope, 4 locks and clippers, 1 gym backpack, 1 hand gripper- in short, a combo of various gym equipment. This combo comes handy, for those who love the weight training exercises. It is safe and easy to use. The combo is priced at Rs. 1,749 in Flipkart.

7. Adidas Kettlebells 8Kg:


The kettlebells from Adidas have a Neoprene coating. This helps in protecting the floor. It has a construction of 100% iron, which makes it durable. The kettlebells come with a wide handle. So, it can be used by anyone, and for various versatile tasks. For those, who looks for equipment to improve endurance, or want to build muscle strength, this is a good choice. It also helps in improving speed while exercising. You can improve stamina with many dynamic exercises using this equipment. You can order one from Amazon for Rs. 3,374.

#8 Aquafit AQ15 Home Gym

This is an equipment that would come handy for doing a vast range of exercises at home like tricep extensions, forearm curls, military press, among other kinds of exercises. It also has comfortable foam seating which ensures a more relaxed sitting form. Its sturdy build ensures durability. It has a 150 lbs plastic weight stack, a strong tube frame, and an adjustable seat. This equipment can be bought from Amazon. It is a good inclusion to your range of home gym machines and a complete exercise solution in itself.

9. Bowflex BFX-4-1 Bench:

If you are looking for some support while working out, then the Bowflex bench is a good option to buy. This adjustable bench can be used by all at home and helps in maintaining the right posture while exercising. It has wheels away for storing when not in use and can be carried to any place. It is made of high-quality commercial steel and can be adjusted to five positions to do versatile workouts. It is a safe bench to use while doing exercises, which has a price tag of Rs. 31,000. You can get this one at Acme Fitness.

10. Confit W 2601 B Gym Ball (With Pump):

Grab this gym ball from Flipkart for Rs. 950. This ball is efficient in helping to tone the muscle groups that cannot be reached with ease. You can enjoy your workout session when using this red coloured gym ball. It helps in doing complete body workouts. It also comes with a hand pump. This ball doesn’t burst and is easy to use. Gym balls are a great way to exercise to lose weight and tone certain areas of the body. You can even use this gym ball for spot reduction or to gain muscle strength.

Taking Care of Home Gym Equipment

Maintaining home gym machines is an easy task. But you need to do it in the right way. Only then you can expect them to stay for years. Find how you need to take care of them.

1. Clean the Equipment Regularly


It is essential to keep your gym equipment clean always. You can find sprays and disinfectants for your gym machines. You need to check the instructions manual to find what sort of cleaning agent suits your equipment. Choosing the wrong cleaning product can damage the equipment. Regular cleaning and dusting are mandatory. You can wipe off sweat and dirt with a clean towel. Keeping the equipment clean will also prevent the spreading of infections. So, keep wipes readily available to clean after every use.

2. Avoid Misuse:


You should use the gym equipment only for the purpose it is designed for. You need to check the manual in the first place and find what exercises are allowed in the specific equipment. Do not any other exercise that is not mentioned or does not fall into the category. Also, check the weight the equipment can manage. For instance, a few machines can carry a weight of 90 kg. If the user is heavier than the mentioned number, it can bring down the lifespan of the machine. It can also hamper the performance of the machine. Even if you have bought a machine for multiple functions, you need to verify if certain activities are not allowed. The same applies to the software. When your gym equipment involves the usage of software, do not try to upload that is not permitted. Whenever an update is required, immediately follow the instructions to run the update.

3. Follow Recommended Maintenance:

Maintenance of gym machines falls under 2 categories- preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. Periodical overhauling and conducting maintenance sessions once in every six months fall under preventive maintenance. This will help in extending the lifespan of your equipment. Corrective maintenance can be done only by professionals and experts. You need to follow the regular maintenance schedule as recommended by the manufacturer. This not only helps in lifespan expansion of the machine but also helps in keeping the warranty valid. When you want to prevent the warranty from going void, you need to follow the maintenance schedule. You can get the safe and best workout efficiently done when you follow the maintenance schedule.

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