Are You One of Those Who Trains with or without Gloves in the Gym? And Looking for Best Gym Gloves! 10 Best Gym Gloves in India That Will Make Your Workouts More Comfortable 2020

Are You One of Those Who Trains with or without Gloves in the Gym? And Looking for Best Gym Gloves! 10 Best Gym Gloves in India That Will Make Your Workouts More Comfortable 2020

If you are a fitness enthusiast then you must buy a pair of gloves. It helps to get a better grip on the gym equipment. All gym has heavy weighted equipment and chances are injuries to our hand, palm, and wrist. Don’t worry, Gym gloves are the best way to avoid all kinds of injuries while exercising. If you want to take the step and get some gloves to start at the gym, you cannot skip the following tips to buy gloves for the gym.

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Benefits of Using Gym Gloves

Gym gloves are important for fitness enthusiasts, especially if you like to hit the gym regularly. When you start your gym routine, you buy proper clothes, footwear and even a bag but at times forget an important element that is the gym gloves. Wearing gym gloves are very important during workouts and especially if you are lifting heavyweights. Here are some benefits of wearing gym gloves while exercising in a gym.

  • 1. They provide better grip. You would not want weights sliding and slipping from your hands due to sweaty palms. Wearing gym gloves ensures a tight grip over the iron bars and keeps you safe.

  • 2. It protects you from many injuries. These gloves are made with high-quality material and are properly cushioned to give you proper support during the gyming.

  • 3. Gym gloves reduce the pressure on your wrist during weight lifting. It supports your wrist and lets it withstand more pressure without straining it.

  • 4. Gym surfaces and machines are loaded with bacteria and germs left behind by many people. These germs can cause major illness. Wearing gloves ensure that you don't touch any of the organisms during training.

  • 5. Since gym gloves provide a better grip you tend to feel more confident. You will see better results if you are confident during training.

Best Gym Gloves in India

Xtrim Macho Gym & Fitness Gloves

If you are looking for good gym gloves at an affordable price, then you can check out this Xtrim Macho Gym and Fitness Glove. It is available for Rs. 404 from Flipkart. These gloves are affordable and as well as durable. You can easily wash these gloves with hand and let them air dry, they will be good as new for you.

The Xtrim Macho glove is made to ensure safety during training. It reduces the risk of injuries or damages to your hand and wrist. It is designed for weight lifters who like to lift heavy weights. It comes with a Flexi strap which gives a good grip around your wrist. It is made with natural grain leather which gives enough traction and does not let the weight slip off your hand. It is double stitched and has a short finger length; it also has a palm reinforced with foam to give you ample support during weight lifting. You will like this glove as it is one of the most comfortable gloves in the market.

Joyfit Gym Gloves with Wrist Wraps


Another great pair of gym gloves is the Joyfit gym gloves with wrist wraps. Joyfit is a famous name in the sports industry and this particular Joyfit glove is a great glove for indoor as well as outdoor trainings. It is a half finger designed glove with a wrist strap with double stitching which gives proper security and support to your hands and wrists. It is made of washable material and can be washed with cold water. This glove will give you extra comfort and is good for beginners.

The Joyfit glove is made of stretchable micro leather which makes it durable. It has a Flexi wrist support belt and comes in various sizes. You can buy these gym gloves for Rs. 899 from You can easily wrap your thumb to create a balance between your fingers and wrists. It is great for men and women and can be used for weight pieces of training, cycling, yoga, Pilates etc.

KOBO WTG-14 Professional Gym Gloves

If you are a regular gym going person and are into serious weight lifting then you probably know the importance of wearing the right gym gloves. Doing weight training of gym activities without proper support may crush small bones and tendons in your hand which causes serious damage and arthritis. If you wish to avoid such injuries and continue your exercise with ease, then wearing gym gloves is important.

The KOBO professional gym gloves are a great pair to own. They provide ample support to your wrist. These gloves are designed for weight lifting and have a gel grip, enabling you to do power weight lifting as it has an extra-long Quick EZ hook and loop strap for a tight fit. They are made from Amara fabric with 4-way stretch hugs which keep the moisture away and avoid slipping. It has a half finger cut design which provides ventilation. They come in 4 different sizes and are quite trendy and stylish.

You can check them out at, it is available for Rs. 999.

Nivia Python Gym & Fitness Gloves

Another great pair of gym gloves is the Nivia Python Gym & fitness glove. Nivia is popular as one of the best manufactures of gym gloves and is highly recommended. This particular glove has ergonomic padding which gives great comfort and a perfect fit to let you exercise for a long time without sweaty hands. It is made from a high-quality stretchable fabric which provides that extra grip for heavy weight lifting.

It will give you great comfort during your training sessions by giving you an extra grip while you exercise. You can buy this Nivia Python gym gloves for Rs. 257 from Flipkart.

Sports 101 Genuine Leather Netted Gym & Fitness Gloves with Wrist Support

Are you looking for great gym gloves for your brother? Look no further, you buy the Sports leather netted gym & fitness glove for Rs. 157 only from Mytokri.

This glove comes with heavy padding and is made from good quality leather. The glove provides a padded surface that distributes the pressure on your hands and wrists evenly while you lift heavy weights. The thick pads prevent blisters and other injuries as well. It has a mesh on the back for proper ventilation to avoid sweat build-up. The glove is affordable and will make a great gift on your brother's birthday.

Jonex Gym Gloves

Jonex is famous for providing great sports accessories like rackets, balls, skates and gloves. This Jonex gym gloves are a great pair for gym training and weight lifting. It is made of flexible spandex and has leather on the fingers and palm areas to avoid great grip. It also has a strong Velcro band for a strong and comfortable fit around your wrists. The glove is designed to give you extra comfort and support during the strenuous exercise routine. You can buy it for Rs. 499 from and enjoy your day to day gym activities.

Puma at Gym

If you are a woman who loves to go to the gym to stay fit then you should buy a great pair of gym gloves. These Pumgym gloves are designed for women who are into weight training. They are stylish and give proper comfort and strength to your wrists. It is made of soft suede and has extra padding on palms for proper comfort. The glove has anti slop dots and has elastic Polyester fabric on the back to give you a proper fit with cut out on the back of your hand for ventilation. This is a great gym glove for women who like to workout in style. It is available for Rs. 1,050.99 at

Unisex Reebok Training Crossfit U Grip Gloves

If you like to share things with your husband you can buy this Unisex Reebok Training Gloves. Reebok does not need any guarantees as it is a world-renowned company for sports accessories. This great glove from Reebok comes with durable material with padded palms to provide a great grip during your workouts. It is an anti-slip fabric and will let you work hard with weights. It is made with Polyamide and Elastane and has a speed wick technology to avoid sweaty palms and fingers which help your hands stay cool and dry. It also has leather and meshes back for proper ventilation. You can save money and buy one glove which you and your husband both use. Buy this great glove for Rs. 1,899 from

ILARTE Power Leather Gym Gloves with Wrist Support


Another great gym gloves at an affordable price are the Ilarte Power Leather Gym Gloves with great wrist support. The gloves come with a foam padded to give you a stress-free weight lifting routine. It has a leather and meshes back at the back of it to avoid sweating and provide you strength during weight lifting. It is designed to give the support you and prevents you from injuries and damages which may occur during lifting.

The glove is made of leather, foam and mesh with a Velcro strap which provides extra support for your wrists. The palm area of the glove has the right amount of padding which prevents blisters and corns and keeps your hands looking smooth even after regular gym sessions. You can use the glove during Powerlifting, simple workouts, bodybuilding routines etc. You can buy this great gym gloves for Rs. 299 from Amazon.

DOMYOS Weight Training Glove 900 With Wrist Strap

There are tons of different gym gloves available in the market. They come in various styles, sizes, colours and of course price. If you want to buy a good glove for yourself which provides the best support during your exercise you should look into the Domyos Weight Training Glove. This glove is one of the best ones in the market and is quite high in demand. The glove is designed specially by the weight training coaches therefore they are perfect for gym lovers. They come with a double wrist strap for better support and are made of high-quality material to provide you with a firm grip on the weights.

This glove has a ventilated knit on its back for proper ventilation and the palm area is made of thick and flexible foam for extra comfort. This pair of gloves comes with a 2-year warranty. You can buy this glove for just Rs. 799 from Decathlon.

Buying Guide for Gym Gloves

Gym gloves are an essential accessory for gym and weight lifting lovers. Buying gym gloves are a lot like buying an outfit for you. You have to choose the best one for you according to your need, style, and comfort and of course budget. Here are a few tips that will help you choose a great gym gloves for you.

  • 1. Buy gym gloves according to the kind of exercise you do, for example, you will need to get different gloves for free weights, punching bags or workout glove. Your gym gloves should be apt for the kind of workout you do and they should give you ample amount of comfort.

  • 2. You will find many gloves made with natural leather and heavy padding; these gloves give good support to the wrist but are a little heavy. If you are into light weight lifting then you need to buy a glove which is lighter for comfortable routine.

  • 3. Fitting is an important aspect while buying gym gloves. Your glove would fit well around the wrist and fingers to let your hand and wrist move freely during exercise.

  • 4. Most of the gloves come with 3 finger lengths i.e. short; ½ fingers and ¾ fingers, but if you want to stay on the safer side, then opt for gloves with long fingers. Also, look into its flexibility and grip while buying it.

  • 5. A good gym gloves should give you good support. It should feel like a part of your hand.

  • 6. Always look for traction in gloves to get a no-slip grip. Your palms get sweaty during training, therefore, you need a glove that has a good no-slip grip. Gloves made of suede or rubberized palms and fingers are great, they give good support and traction during weight lifting.

  • 7. While buying gym gloves look for the one with a minimalist design, these gloves are durable and the stitching stays intact for a long time.

  • 8. Buying a glove which fits perfectly is important. Wearing a big glove or a small glove will be uncomfortable and will not give you confidence for lifting weights properly. Most of the manufactures have size charts you can use them to choose the correct size for you.

  • 9. Try to buy a glove with a return policy or a warranty. You might find a glove which looks ok, but after a few uses, it might start to wear off. You will need a return policy to either exchange it or return it.
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In Conclusion!

Gym gloves are a must in your gym accessories list. Based upon user experience and reviews, we listed the gym gloves above and those are most popular and highly ranked gloves. If you buying a gym glove, the most important thing is to make sure it helps you maintain your fitness goal and also suits your budget.

Our top pick of 10 Best Gym Gloves that available in India! Is durable fits well to your hands, and provides a good cushion to your hands. It is available at an affordable price. The other gloves are also worth consideration, and hopefully, you are now in a better position to make the right choice for your gym gloves.