Keeping Yourself Hydrated is as Important as Benching Those Heavy Weights During Your Workout! Check Out the Best Water Bottles You Can Carry to Your Gym (2020)

Keeping Yourself Hydrated is as Important as Benching Those Heavy Weights During Your Workout! Check Out the Best Water Bottles You Can Carry to Your Gym (2020)

Different people prefer different water bottles, depending upon their usage and preferences. A gym water bottle is a must if you're a hardcore trainer, which is required to keep you hydrated throughout your workout. We have selected a few popular and useful bottles; you can check them out and pick the one which best suits your needs.

Importance of Water Bottle for Gym


Many people have the misconception that the more you sweat, the more you lose weight. However, sweating is not directly proportional to losing weight; instead, it’s the natural mechanism of the human body to keep the body temperature controlled in a hot environment or when the body is producing more heat than it usually does. During a workout, the body loses around 3 – 4 liters of sweat every hour, and this sweat, in turn, evaporates from the surface of the body resulting in cooler skin temperature. The blood beneath the skin also gets the cold effect, and once it flows back to the central areas of the body, it balances the temperature of the entire body.

Although regular physical exercise for about an hour would not result in too much sweating, if you are undertaking extreme and hardcore weight training or exercising in humid conditions, there are chances that you will sweat profusely. Hence, it’s recommended to drink a good amount of water before and during the workout to keep the body adequately hydrated. Scarcity of water in the body can lead to low energy levels, low oxygen levels and it also affects your tendons (connective tissue which joins muscles and bones), ligament (connective tissue found between bone and bone) and skin (the shield of your body against external agents like virus, fungus, and bacteria). Hence, it’s quite evident that a good water bottle for the gym is extremely important before you tie your shoes and head towards the health club.

A water bottle for a gym not only helps you keep yourself hydrated before the workout session, but you can also keep on sipping from the bottle in between intense sets (remember, sipping, and not drinking). Keeping a separate gym bottle serves the purpose of providing clean, cold, and freshwater and not be dependent on the water coolers held in the gym. The human body can lose up to 2% of body weight during sweating, and if this limit is crossed, then the potential and functionality of the body and mind can get impacted. Loss of water in the body can affect the movement of your muscles as water acts as a lubricant to the muscles. If the muscles lose flexibility, then the workout will become counterproductive, and instead of getting benefit from the exercise, you may even experience muscle fatigue or injury.

Also, a water bottle for the gym is necessary so that you can drink some amount of water every 30 minutes (during short breaks) and replenish yourself. The body not only loses water with sweat, but important minerals and nutrients are also taken out from the body along with sweat. If you are losing about a litre of water in your one-hour workout, then taking 330 ml of water every half hour will help you retain the water level in the body and then consuming the remaining 330 ml half an hour after you finish your workout, will complete the balance.

Choosing the Right Water Bottle for Gym


Now we know how important it is to have your own water bottle for the gym. Now the question is how to choose the right one? Should you choose a plastic bottle or a steel one? Small bottle or a gallon one? And many such questions may be popping in your mind. Well, we’ll try to find out the answer to these questions by checking the key factors which are essential before you pick the best water bottle for the gym.

  • Material – Water bottles made of plastic are the most common and popular among the gym enthusiasts as these are lightweight and available in many variants, designs, and colours. However, if you are planning to buy a plastic water bottle for a gym, then it has to be BPA-free. This ensures that your drinking water will be food-safe and free of chemicals.

    A glass water bottle is also an excellent option if you can carry it in a silicone sleeve (which makes it easier to hold and protects it from shattering) as the water kept in a glass bottle doesn’t cause any odour or chemical-like taste in the water.

    The third option is steel water bottles, and these are quite strong and durable and don’t cause any smell either in the water, but are a bit heavy to carry. One benefit of steel bottles is that they can maintain the right temperature of water for a longer period and thermostat steel bottles can keep the exact temperature of the water during your complete workout session.

  • Design – Since we are talking about gym bottles, hence an ergonomic design is important, which makes it easy to hold and should be spill-proof while you are moving. Also, the outer surface should be made of non-slippery material as your hands may be sweaty while you are working out.

  • Spout – The mouth of the water bottle should be well-designed, which makes it easier to drink water from it. A push-button or flip mechanism allows you to drink water easily as compared to an ordinary bottle with a twist mechanism lid.

  • Lid – A water bottle for a gym is supposed to move a lot, so a leak-proof lid is essential to avoid any spill of water while you are moving.

  • Size – One of the essential factors for a gym water bottle. The bottle shouldn’t be too small so that you end up with an empty bottle in between your gym session and not too big either, which makes it difficult to hold or carry along. You can choose from 750 ml to a gallon capacity bottle depending on the intensity and time of your workout.

Best Water Bottles for Gym

Snapshopee H2O SB-104 Bottle


H2O is a well-known brand for water bottles, sippers, and shakers in different categories like sports, trendy, and executive. The H2O bottle by Snapshopee is made of steel, and its capacity is 750 ml. The bottle is made of 100% recyclable material and BPA free, thus eliminating chances of any foul smell. The trendy bottle has a sports design, and though it’s not a thermostat bottle, it still can keep the temperature of the liquid inside cold or hot for a long time.

The mouth of the water is wide, which makes it easy to fill and clean the bottle, and the spill-proof watertight cap prevents leakage, making it a perfect choice for a gym bottle. The cap is made of moulded plastic and is a flip-open type with a screw-top lid. The neck has a little clip attached, which makes it easy to hold, carry and even hang on a bicycle etc. This sturdy and cool looking bottle is available for Rs. 356 on Flipkart.

Tritan Fruit Infuser BPA-Free Water Bottle 650 ml


The Tritan Fruit Infuser BPA Free Water Bottle by 720° DGREE is a nice bottle for gym enthusiasts who are involved in a moderate workout as the water-bearing capacity is less. This attractive bottle is available in 15 different colours, and a 1-litre model is also available. The BPA free bottle is odour, taste, and stain resistant as it’s made of food-grade Tritan Copolyester. It has a one-click push open button with a safety lock to prevent any potential leakage while you are carrying the bottle.

The fruit infuser which comes with a measuring scale can be used to add slices of your favourite fruits, mint, lemon or tea leaves, etc. The fruit infuser can be inserted inside the bottle and get the desired natural flavour and ingredients from your preferred fruit and the measuring scale allows you to keep a track of the amount of water consumed by you during the workout session. The bottle is lightweight, ergonomically designed for a good grip and has a carrying strap to hold and easily carry the bottle. The cool looking bottle by 720° DGREE can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 977.

Cello Sportigo 1000 ml Bottle


A simple yet stylish bottle by Cello, which comes at a pocket-friendly price of Rs. 147 is this Sportigo bottle with a capacity of 1 liter. This bottle is made of plastic, is leak-proof, BPA free, and made of food-grade material. The freezer-safe bottle is available in four colour options: Blue, Grey, Orange and Pink, and comes with a flip cap, which is spill-proof and a carrying strap on the neck to carry the bottle with ease. This economic and useful bottle by Cello is available on Flipkart and with a capacity of 1 litre, is suitable for people involved in extensive workouts.

Shaker Gallon Bottle Black 2.2 Litre 2.2 Ml Bottle


This huge 1-gallon bottle is specially meant for athletes or people who indulge in heavy workouts in the gym. Made of BPA-free Tritan material, the bottle has a screw cap that is attached to a sturdy strap, which is useful for holding the lid and can also be used to lift and carry the bottle. The dark black colour bottle has a handle to hold the bottle, and the mouth of the bottle has enough space to insert ice cubes. This bottle is meant for cold water or beverages and available on Flipkart for Rs. 675.

Cresta Twist Cap Opening Sports Travel Polycarbonate Water Bottle


The Sports Travel bottle by Cresta is made of 100% food-grade material and has a twist style cap. The bottle is fridge compatible and takes less space in the refrigerator due to its sleek design and is leak-proof, break-resistant, dishwasher-safe, has an ergonomic design for comfortable gripping and is available in four attractive colours. The cap has a plastic holder to keep it safe when opened and a separate handle attached to the neck of the bottle, which makes it easier to hold and carry. The 750 ml capacity polycarbonate bottle by Cresta is available for Rs. 226 on

Personalised Name White Bottle


You can have your own personalised bottle and stand out of the crowd with this Aluminum bottle by Ferns and Petals. The capacity of the white-coloured bottle is 650 ml, and it has a steel hook along with the lid to carry or hold it properly. You can provide one name while ordering the bottle, and it would be printed on the white bottle, which is available on for Rs. 499.

Marvel Printed Round Sipper Bottle


Last but not least, a steel bottle and that too with the prints of your favourite Marvel heroes. The Marvel printed round-shaped sipper bottle by Home centre is made of food-grade steel, and the cap is made of BPA-free plastic. The bottle is odour-free, breakage free, and as it is made of stainless steel, so it leaves no foul smell or chemical odour in the water. Moreover, steel keeps the inside water cold for a more extended period, and the superhero bottle is available at for Rs. 599.

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Get Your Essentials Ready for the Gym!

Finally, you have decided to shed those extra kilos gained by sitting for long hours and eating junk food. And you have also managed to take out time from your busy routine to hit the gym. Well, now is the time to get ready for the gym with the essentials like your gym wear, training shoes, fitness band, hand towel, hand gloves, and, most importantly, the gym bag. And as mentioned in this post, a water bottle for the gym is one of the essential items which help you keep hydrated all the time, thus keeping your body temperature at normal levels during your workouts.