Everything You Need to Know About Packing Smart(2021): 10 Best Travel Bags for Women and Other Useful Tips

Everything You Need to Know About Packing Smart(2021): 10 Best Travel Bags for Women and Other Useful Tips

Luggage problems are real and we all have been stuck with the idea of what to pack and what not to pack. If you are someone who has ever struggled with packing, then this article is for you as we've listed down smart and easy tips when it comes to packing along with 10 Best Travel Bags for Women.

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Choosing the Perfect Travel Bag/Luggage

Choosing the right kind of luggage can help avoid tragedies like dented or mangled luggage with stuff spewing out of it! Picking the right kind of travel bag or luggage will liberate you and make you carefree by travelling with only a carry-on. To help you decide the perfect bag for your travel, it is important to ask yourself what kind of travel you want it for, whether it’s a fancy vacation, an international trip, camping or an adventure holiday, etc. You should also consider the amount of stuff you’d like to carry with you and any other activities you are expected to or intend to participate in or indulge in.

Two important questions that you should always think of are: where are you headed and how do you plan to get there, this will help you choose the right bag/luggage for your destination as also figure out how much stuff you’d need through the length of your trip.

Types of Travel Bags for Women

There are plenty of travel bags for women, as are ways to travel! However, there’s no one perfect travel accessory that’ll fit all kinds of trips. Hence, it is best to narrow down your choices with some key thoughts in mind.

For instance, a wheeled suitcase like a travel tote is ideal for business travel or a weekend trip or road trip as it is designed as one of the most conventional and ergonomic options that feature compactness and sturdy built, ideal for travel wear and tear, while a Duffel Bag can just gobble up your essentials and still have space to hold some more! Ideal for adventure trips that can carry bulky gear, gym essentials, or family trip stuff, you can choose from duffels with or without wheels. And then, there are backpacks which beat wheeled baggage in rough terrains. If you plan to travel to the mountains, climb stairs a lot or walk through uneven terrains, then backpacks are your ideal travel companion, which helps you be mobile, stay independent and yet be able to carry everything with ease. Plus they have some really cool inserts and features like internal frames or concealed shoulder straps!

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Travel Bag

When choosing your travel bag, consider the items you plan to take with you, as it’ll enable you to ascertain the perfect size and features of your travel accessory. While backpackers may require pouches or straps for sleeping bags, hiking poles, or tents, business travels would be looking for bags with laptop accessibility, compartments for electronic items, and fashionistas would be on the lookout for straps that can hold clothes in places without wrinkling them. While choosing your luggage, look at its size, features, durability, safety, and pricing of course.

Further, the overall size of your travel bag should be limited to that which you can handle with ease and can be maneuvered without assistance, plus the lighter your luggage, the more you can pack! To help you choose from an assortment of bags/suitcases, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • For additional flexibility, it is better to choose soft luggage which is easier to carry and squeeze into tight overhead compartments and it also absorbs shock better in comparison to the hard cases.
  • The quality of your bag is equally important. While some 4-wheelers roll like a charm, 2-wheelers can be quite challenging. While 2-wheeled luggage saves packing space and protects the wheels from damage, they need to be dragged behind you which can strain your hands and shoulders. The 4-wheeled spinners can be turned around in any direction and provide improved mobility, however, their protruding wheels can take up a lot of space and can be damaged easily too.
  • Compare different luggage in terms of their interiors and exteriors and weigh their pros and cons. While a number of compartments and pockets will hold good for organized packing requirements, features that include waterproof pouches to hold leaky toiletries or wet clothes can be a boon as well. Zippers need to be bigger and sturdier, while an ergonomically designed handle that’s built inside the bag protects it from damage.

10 Best Travel Bags for Women

Solid Brown Large Travel Bag

A travel bag with detachable strap, this Hono E Fabella solid brown large handbag from Baggit can redefine your assorted accessories. Featuring a zip closure to ensure optimum security of your essentials, this bag displays a solid pattern with a stylish vibe and comes with detailing that includes a spacious compartment to accommodate your daily belongings safely. Made of high-quality PVC for longer shelf life, this bag has double handle straps for ease of carrying and measures 26cm x 44cm in height and length respectively. Available in the colour brown, the Baggit Hono E Fabella Brown solid large bag is priced at Rs.1,500 and available for purchase on tatacliq.com.

Modern Myth Wanderlust Travel Bag

Priced at Rs. 2,100 with a smooth vegan leather finish that’s been crafted cruelty-free, the Modern Myth Wanderlust Travel Bag comes in a Tattersall checks design at the front and on the side pocket with a solid and spacious construct. Its foam inserted handles that have been so made for comfort with 5.5” drop comes with an adjustable long belt that is detachable and extends up to 60” in length.

The travel bag has a central compartment with a zip closure and secured internal zip pocket, with another zip pocket on the front that’s been secured with zip closure with a 9” drop. The Wanderlust Travel Bag also has an external bottle holder apt for 1 litre capacity with a back pocket, again with a zip closure measuring 9” x 7”, piped edges, a metallic stud base and made of microfiber lining. Measuring 19.5” in length and 11” in height the Modern Myth Wanderlust Travel Bag is 8” in depth and available for purchase in the black and brown dual colour on Nykaa.

Lavie Polar Duffel Bag

The Lavie Polar Navy Coloured Duffel Bag comes in a compact design with raised embossed lines and an inimitable silhouette that makes this tote a must-have in any travel closet. Paired with all kinds of casual or formal attire, this travel bag makes a powerful style statement with its spacious compartment that has an internal divider and multiple utility pockets. Its long shoulder straps redefine comfort and the bag has two wheels for a trolley effect. Made of polyester material, this pull up trolley with sturdy wheels has a large front U shaped pocket and an added handle guard. Priced at Rs. 1,499 for cabin size and Rs.1,799 for check-in bag size, the Lavie Polar Duffel Bag comes with a 2 year international manufacturer’s warranty.

Strutt Grey Croc Print Duffle Bag

Source www.amazon.in

Ideal for a 2-3 days trip, the Strutt Grey Croc Print Duffle Bag has been handcrafted by professional artisans in soft and durable leatherette. Available in grey and black shade, the hardware used for this bag has an antique look and its material exudes a classiness with a strong long and feel.

With multiple storage sections and pockets that include - the main compartment, a back pocket, and 2 internal pockets, this bag can be collapsed when not in use. Its design allows for easy placement and removal of your travel stuff. With an adjustable handle measuring 55” which is also detachable, it has a holding handle that makes it easy to lift and shift the duffel bag. It is also a fashionable bag and gives a trendy look that will serve users with varying tastes. It makes for an excellent travel bag for new-age entrepreneurs/ business travellers. Priced at Rs.2,499, the Strutt Grey Croc Print Duffle Bag can easily pack enough stuff and a little bit more for a short trip.You can get it from amazon.in

Vdesi Black Solo Travel Bag

The perfect choice for a short trip, this Vdesi Solo Travel Bag in black is spacious and comes with zipped pockets. Made of PU material with a synthetic inner lining, the bag has 2 compartments and 5 pockets. Measuring 30.48" x 12.7" x 35.56" in dimensions and priced at Rs.2,699, the VDesi Solo Travel Bag is ideal for women on business travel and is medium in size. The Black Vdesi Solo Travel Bag is best wiped clean with a dry cloth and should not be kept near any warm objects. It comes with a 6 months warranty on manufacturing defects.

Top Tie Blue & Brown Leatherette Cabin Baggage

Made in Faux Leather and measuring 21 x 14 x 10 inches in dimension, the Top Tie Blue & Brown Leatherette Cabin Baggage weighs 800gms and is a 48 liters duffel bag. Coloured blue and brown, this leatherette duffel bag is perfect for a 3-4 short trip and has been handcrafted of genuine PU material. With double-locking support and ample space for you to store your clothes, footwear, and toiletries, this bag has a waterproof lining and comes in a splash-proof fabric that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Colored with silver hardware, the bag has one main compartment with zip closure, 3 inner pockets, a pen holder, a mobile pocket, hand handles, and a detachable shoulder strap as well. Made of premium quality material the Top Tie Blue & Brown Leatherette Cabin Baggage is highly durable and is priced at Rs.2,399.

Hidesign Nicholson Duffle Bag

Source hidesign.com

Made of vegetable-tanned leather, this Hidesign Nicholson Duffle Bag comes with a minimalist exterior that camouflages an intricate interior that’s been designed with optimum functionality for modern-day travelers. With a zip closure on the top that opens to reveal a completely lined compartment, it has a dedicated pocket for your iPad, a slip pocket to store your mobile phone, charger, cable, and other small amenities. With a strap length of 5cm, the duffel bag comes in Snake Leath with a Jovan Stud. The interiors hold a main compartment, a zip pocket, a slip pocket, and a middle zip pocket, with another zip pocket at the back. The Hidesign Nicholson Duffle Bag is priced at Rs.6,797 and can be used by both Men and Women. It is available in brown colour.

Caprese Pamper Duffle

A large duffel bag in the colour red, the Caprese Pamper Duffel Bag includes a main compartment with a zip closure and an inner zip pocket. With a long and detachable shoulder strap and two handles, the duffel also houses an external zipped pocket and measures 43 x 25 x 25 (cm) in dimensions. Made in nylon material, the Caprese Pamper Duffel Bag is best cleaned with a dry cloth. Meant for small trips, this spacious and stylish duffel bag comes with great utility features and its compactness make it ideal as a travel accessory. The Caprese Pamper Duffle Bag in colour red is priced at Rs.1,884.

Ceriz Louise Duffle Bag

Ideal for short trips in perfect style, the Ceriz Louise Grey Duffle Bag portrays raw energy with its urbane grey tone and theatrical black stripes. With roomy interiors to store your essentials, the duffel allows you to set out on travel in perfect flair. Its spacious interiors give you ample space for securing your belongings and its make is crafted out the finest and premium quality materials that promise longevity and easy upkeep. Made of PU-Non leather fabric, the duffel measures 12 x 7 x 7 inches in dimension and comes with detachable strap. Its medium size houses one main compartment, 5 pockets, 4 of which comes with zipped closures. The Cerize Louise Grey Duffel Bag is priced at Rs.1,499.

Hamster London Pink Duffle Bag

The Hamster London Duffel Bag in the colour Pink has been made of water-resistant, lightweight, and holographic PU material, ideal for travel and other multi-utilitarian purposes. Suitable for all seasons, it comes with one main compartment to secure your travel essentials, an adjustable crossbody strap that’s detachable as well, high grade zipped closures and a carry handle. Measuring 41cm x 20cm x 22cm in dimensions, the Hamster London Pink Duffel Bag is priced at Rs. 5,000 and is lauded for its premium and stylish look. This duffel bag also comes in other colours like aqua and black.

Bonus Tips: Packing Tips for Women

Unlike men, women need to be extra considerate on their packing essentials as the volume of things to carry is much larger than that of men. Here are some tips on packing:

  • Packing Light

    This is one of the basic tips to get you started which entails choosing the right bag of suitable size, adding and using organizers, packing only the basic essentials, investing in multi-utility items, wearing the bulkiest clothes on the flight and making use of the airline personal item allowances, and not to forget stuffing your bag’s pockets and taking only two pairs of shoes.
  • Clothing & Accesories

    Most travelers pack the same wardrobe irrespective of their destination, and the basics don’t change much, so it is best to concentrate of stuff you like wearing and includes 4-5 tops, a jacket, a long-sleeved shirt/ cardigan or blazer if you’re traveling for business, 2-3 bottom wear, 2-6 underwear, 2-6 pairs of socks depending on your need for them, 2 pair of shoes, a set of PJs and a scarf/shawl or sarong for a more conservative destination.
  • Toiletries and Makeup

    This needs to simplified as well and shrunk to hold travel-friendly bottles, swapping liquids for compact and travel-friendly soap bars and powders and sticking to basic makeup essentials. These include a bar shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, lotion, cleanser, razor, deodorant, chapstick, a foundation & concealer, lipstick and eyeliner, travel-sized hair serum and basic feminine hygiene products.
  • Other Travel Essetials & Electronics

    This may include your ID/passport, water bottle, wallet, healthy snacks, a travel pillow, eye mask, travel blanket, headphones, camera, phone, laptop/tablet, charger, and adaptors (for international travel).
  • Packing Jewellery

    Avoid taking heirlooms! Necklaces should be threaded through straws to keep them untangled, slide bracelets over a pair of socks or rolled hand towel, while you can store your earrings through buttonholes. Store everything inside a soft pouch or ziplock bag.
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Pack Less, Use More

This trip will come in handy no matter where you are travelling or the purpose of that travel. When deciding what to pack, pick those clothing and items which can be used more than once. For instance, carry clothes which can easily be transformed from work to evening wear without much effort, and shoes which can be worn with various outfits you are planning to wear, and other things can stay at home while you go out and explore the world.