Like to Carry Your World with You? 14 Branded Backpacks for School, Work and Play to Fit Your Every Need (2020)

Like to Carry Your World with You? 14 Branded Backpacks for School, Work and Play to Fit Your Every Need (2020)

There are clear signs you are a backpack person! You like the convenience of having essentials at hand and being prepared for different situations, and don't mind carrying a little extra weight. But even those who aren't frequently spotted with a backpack acknowledge their usefulness and almost everyone will have at least one of these handy bags! So whether you love backpacks or need one for a specific purpose, read on to find some great bags.

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What are Backpacks?

Backpack, also known as a rucksack or back sack is primarily a bag or sack which can be carried on one’s shoulders with the help of straps and hence it makes carrying weight easier by distributing the load in the bag evenly across the body while travelling.

Backpacks are mainly used by students and hikers, travellers etc. As it gives them easy mobility by keeping the hands free while still carrying all necessary things, clothes, laptop, and books etc. In these bags. These bags work on the simple principle that the muscles of the hips and thigh are stronger than the shoulder muscles and while ascending a slope or hill, the weight can be balanced between the upper and lower body parts. Moreover, the bag on the back side helps one to keep their balance and momentum intact while walking, especially while ascending and climbing a mountain.

Backpackers are also quite popular among the biker community because they can easily keep a lot of things in big backpacks and the backpacks rest easily on the pillion seat without causing any inconvenience to the rider. Backpacks are becoming an essential part of the lives of students, backpackers, travellers, professionals and daily commuters as well. Be it a sports backpack, a flashy and colourful backpack for women, a simple laptop backpack for working professionals or students, a laptop, travel backpack for touring professionals or a big rucksack for the wanderer there is a backpack available for everyone.

Different Types of Backpacks

Backpacks are available in different shapes and sizes, designed for different purpose, bags made of a variety of materials, waterproof backpacks, backpacks with locks, backpacks with detachable bags, folding backpacks, leather backpacks, backpacks for kids, those with USB port and several new designs are being created every day to adapt to the changing lifestyle.

There are the simple backpacks for the college students who just want to keep their books, pens and gadgets, maybe then there are laptop backpacks meant specifically for the officer goers or students who have to carry a laptop to their institutions, the big backpacks for a weekend outing, the big rucksacks for the traveller’s soul and the framed big rucksacks for the climbers. The framed rucksacks help the heavy load (more than 20 kg) to be supported by the metal frames hidden inside the stitching of the bag. Backpacks are made of strong materials like cotton canvas, Cordura nylon, nylon, polyester, PVC fabric and leather etc. Most of the backpacks are crafted with a combination of these materials in their outer and inner components.

Branded Backpacks for College

For college going students, a light and sturdy backpack are required which have enough space for tablet, books and a small bottle. We have picked a few branded backpacks for college students, which look cool and solve their purpose as well.

Campus 8 Backpack 25 L Backpack

The name Campus is apt for this backpack as this is best suited for the college campus. The lightweight royal blue and brown coloured bag has adequate space of 25 litres to keep your books, tablet and water bottle etc. The bag has one big compartment, one thin compartment and a small slit zipper pocket in the front of the bag. The 19-inch tall bag has a shoulder strap with soft padding, which makes it very comfortable to carry. The “Campus 8 Backpack 25 L Backpack” by Gear is available on for Rs. 749.00.

Waterproof Backpack (Black, 5 L)

The small polyester backpack has a limited capacity of just 5 litres and is an easy to carry backpack for small items of daily use or few books etc. But small doesn’t mean that you can’t keep important things conveniently as it has six compartments which are quite useful to keep your gadgets and important things separately and safely. The High Sierra Opie black waterproof backpack has two full-size zipped pockets and a small zipped pocket in the front and the dimensions of this backpack are 21 x 50 x 32 inches. This useful backpack is available for Rs. 1,399.00 on

Unisex Grey Printed Footloose Leo 03 Backpack

This beautiful unisex grey and black colour printed Leo backpack by Sky bags is made of polyester, has the Sky bags signature printed on the front and Footloose printed on one of the straps which gives it a very stylish appeal. It has a 23-litre capacity and can easily accommodate a laptop up to 16 inches. The backside has a padded mesh which makes it very comfortable to carry on your back. The upper grip is also padded and there is a side mesh pocket with elastic mouth, which can easily hold a medium size bottle. The wonderful backpack by Sky bags is available on for Rs. 1,210.00.

15.6 Inch Laptop, Anti Theft Backpack with USB Charging Port


The anti-theft backpack by Vebeto is really useful if you are a frequent traveller in public transport, metro, bus etc. As this backpack keeps your valuables safe from thieves and intruders. The zipper of the main compartment is concealed at the back, thus only you can open the zip after taking it down from your shoulders. There are hidden pockets on the shoulder strap and on the sides of the bag, where you can keep your important documents, mobile phones and gadgets etc. You can easily charge your mobile phone with the help of the external USB port with built-in charging cable which can be supported by keeping a power bank inside the bag. The sturdy bag is made of waterproof, dustproof and scratchproof tough polyester material and this unique product can be purchased from for Rs. 899.00.

Safari Daypack Sea Blue Casual Backpack

A very basic, but attractive and useful backpack by Safari in eye-catching sea blue colour is this daypack which can be used for short trips, picnics and of course in the college. The 15-litre capacity bag has enough space to keep your belongings separately in the two different compartments. The printed “Safari” logo adds up to the style quotient of the backpack and this bag is available on for Rs. 449.00.

Branded Backpacks for Travel

For travel purpose, you may need a little bigger and spacious backpack for keeping your clothes, shoes, towel and toiletries etc. Just check the below-mentioned backpacks, which make for a great travel partner.

65 L Travel Backpack for Outdoors

This 65 litres capacity, big rucksack by Hyper Adam is an excellent option for outdoor sports, travel, hiking, trekking etc. As you can fit in a lot of luggage in this rucksack. A nice colour combination of sea green and light grey colour along with the red straps gives it a very urban look. The polyester material bag is 30 inches in height and has a zipper closure below the top hood thus ensuring the safety of your things. The padded shoulder straps have load adjusters on them, and the adjustable sternum strap is useful to keep the shoulder belts in place. The bag has a separate shoe compartment in the outside pocket and the bag is water-resistant. This travel backpack is perfect for a long trip and can be purchased from for Rs. 1,139.00.

Folding Travel Storage Backpack Suitcase Organizer Polyester Bag

This bag seems like a magical one as you can fold this bag and take it along in your suitcase without even bothering about a lot of space being used. This bag is especially useful if you are going for a long vacation and are planning to do a lot of shopping. The folded version of the bag will simply slip in one corner of your suitcase and while you have some shopping items things in this travel bag, you can simply keep it up on your suitcase with the help of the special pockets which fits into the handle of the trolley of your suitcase. The folding travel backpack has a capacity of 40 litres, dimensions are 18 x 12.5 x 4.7 inch and the suitcase organizer polyester bag can be purchased from for Rs. 2,707.00.

Hiking, Camping Army Military Backpack

The army design military backpack by Aeoss is the all-terrain tough bag needed for outdoor sports activities and sports like hiking, climbing etc. The bag has two main compartments and two front pockets along with interior zip pockets and mesh pockets. A three in one whistle cum thermometer cum compass is provided complimentary with this backpack. The backpack has adjustable and padded shoulder straps, side compression straps capacity is 30 litres and is available on for Rs. 1,849.00.

Navy Blue Internal Frame Rucksack


Fully waterproof rucksack as it is made of micro rib nylon material and this bag can easily take the heavy loads courtesy its internal solid frame. It has a detachable metal rod which can be inserted in the frame if you have loaded some heavy things in the bag. Separate shoe compartment, extended shoulder strap for comfort in long travel, adjustable sternum strap, dual compression straps on the sides, waist and back padded shoulders are a few of the features of this 55 litres Navy Blue rucksack by Hiker’s Way and this product can be purchased from for Rs. 1,299.00.

Men’s 70 Litre Lockable Backpack – Blue

Looking for extra safety and comfort! Then this blue backpack by Wildcraft is a good option as it has a wide lockable zip, and the soft padding on the shoulder straps and the straps on the sides makes it very easy and comfortable to carry. The hood can be detached and converted into a saddlebag, which can be used separately while roaming across the city. The Men’s 70-litre lockable travel backpack by decathlon comes with a 10-year warranty and can be purchased from for Rs. 7,499.00.

Branded Laptop Travel Backpacks

The laptop travel backpacks come in handy when you are planning a short business trip as you can easily fit your laptop in the bag and also snuggle clothes for 2-3 days. Below mentioned backpacks are worth considering if you are planning to purchase a laptop travel bag.

SwissGear Waterproof Laptop Backpack


The SwissGear Waterproof Laptop Backpack looks premium, has padded back panel with mesh fabric for easy ventilation and support, padded shoulder sleeves with airflow mesh fabric built-in suspension, a designated tablet sleeve inside the ScanSmart compartment, one side stretch pocket for water bottle, fleece-lined protective sunglasses compartment and several small zipped pockets for easy segregating and keeping your items safe. The Laptop backpack by Swissgear has several such useful features and this item can be purchased from for Rs. 3,850.00.

39.27 L Large Laptop Backpack

Truly, a large laptop bag which can easily accommodate a 17-inch laptop and a quality product by Safari in vibrant blue and contrast grey colours has a capacity of almost 40 litres. The front has attractive logos of ‘Safari’ and ‘Explore’ printed on the front, has padded shoulder and back with 8 mm padding, has a separate section for tablet and there are 3 side organizers inside the bigger section so that you can easily locate your smaller items. The Explorer Laptop Backpack is your perfect companion for short business or leisure trips and is available on for Rs. 1,599.00.

Branded Backpacks for Women

As they say, “Why should boys have all the fun?” So, we have picked two glamorous and light backpack bags for the ladies which are light-weight and have sufficient space for all the girly things and the gadgets as well.

Sheena Large Purple Backpack

The Sheena backpack in a plum colour looks every bit of femininity and the styling and detailing is also done very nicely. This backpack is a daypack and has a capacity of 5 litres, which means it is a small bag and girls can carry their books, little makeup items, mobile, tablet, keys, clutch etc. In this backpack, which can be purchased from for Rs. 1,784.00.

Wiki Girl 1


This 28.5-litre bag is made of polyester and it has a unique styling along with soft-hued playful colours. The backpack has 2 zipped compartments, a quick-access front pocket and a side pocket for carrying bottles etc. The Wiki Girl 1 from the Wiki range of Wildcraft can be purchased from for Rs. 1,699.00.

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