Looking for a Robust Backpack to Keep Your Hiking Accessories Safe? Wade Through this List for the Best Trekking Bags for Your Adventures! (2020)

Looking for a Robust Backpack to Keep Your Hiking Accessories Safe? Wade Through this List for the Best Trekking Bags for Your Adventures! (2020)

Trekking is one of the most exigent activities that are out there. A backup is like your unsung companion, there for you, and with you on every step of your trek! For a safe and sound trek, it is crucial to keep your travel belongings safe from all the difficulties of the course. If you were having a hard time choosing the right backpack for your next trekking adventure, we bring you the best of the best trekking bags you can order online.

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For Trekking Beginners: Why They Must Get a Trekking Bag!

Your Belongings Will Be Safe!

Trekking through rocky terrains and rigid cliffs easily equates to chances of items dropping off from your backpack. These chances increase when your bag has an insecure design. This is not something you'd want to happen to your vital supplies, such as food or water. Fortunately, you can avoid this hassle by buying a good backpack that secures everything that you’re carrying.

Therefore, suitable backpacks come with lockable double zippers on each storage compartment so that your belongings are safely locked inside. This also eliminates any chance of getting robbed of expensive items in case you leave your bag unattended. These are the kind of security features that you don’t only want but definitely need. A thread mesh in a trekking bag also provides extra storage. This ensures that no one ever gets to your valuables, let alone walk away with them! Backpacks such as Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Grey and Orange Rucksack will offer the highest security.

They Enable Mobility

The next feature is quite apparent. The right trekking bag is extremely multifunctional; it spoils you with the treat of using it for a plethora of purposes in a wide variety of terrains. You should not have to restrict your backpack just for hiking. A good bag will be useable in almost any kind of outdoor adventure, whether it’s a rigorous hike or a casual camping trip! Bags such as Kelty Coyote 65 will enable high mobility due to their aspects such as a large top-load main compartment, sleeping bag compartment, front flaps, internal hydration sleeves, and dual mesh bottle pockets.

If your trekking schedule comprises of sports activities such as biking, surfing, or boating, you can easily use your trekking bag to carry all the crucial supplies that you’ll require on any adventure. A few of the significant aspects of the right trekking bag is that it is reliable, light, waterproof, and has the optimal storage capacity to make for the ideal companion.

They are in Fashion, Obviously!

Of course, practical and multifunctional backpacks are the best. However, if you already have these in your trekking bag, the next aspect to look for is style. Outdoor enthusiasts know that it is just as important to look good as feel comfortable while carrying the trekking bag. You should be able to pull off your trekking bag look with confidence. Confidence makes your trip twice much better! Therefore, opt for style when you’re shopping around for the ideal backpack. The perfect amalgamation of colours and designs is what make a good backpack.

Opt for visually pleasing aspects that blend in flawlessly with your outdoor environment. Some trekking backpacks go with all outfits; therefore, choosing black, white, or blue backpacks is a wise choice. Another tip regarding the stylish backpacks would be to opt for icy blue colours as in the bags of Arcteryx Bora 50, for they’ll never run out of trend or disappoint you!

10 Best Trekking Bags You Can Order Online

Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Grey and Orange Rucksack

Source myntra.com

The first item on our list is from a well-respected brand in India. Wildcraft produces top-notch bags as well as other accessories. It is usually preferred by individuals who are fans of short trekking trips yet long durability of bags. The lightweight aspect of the bag is its best feature. This exotic bag is perfect to fit the belongings of a single person with utter comfort, for you’ll be carrying next to no weight.

Furthermore, it entails a padded back system for increased comfort. Top-loading access to the main compartments makes it even better! The storage capacity of the bag is 45 liters, and you’ll find numerous pockets in the bag.

One downside to this bag is that there is no cushioning on the wait. Besides, you won’t find shoe space since the storage capacity is only 45 liters. This backpack is available on Myntra for Rs. 2,899.

Haglofs LIM Strive 50

The next one has been in trend for a long time now. Haglofs LIM Strive provides a perfect amalgamation of an utterly lightweight design and optimal load management. A cherry on the top is the numerous side pockets as well as pockets on the hip belt. It is basically a hydration system compatible.

One distinct aspect of this trekking bag is its ability to easily remove the frame and lid to reduce the weight immensely; the stock weight is highly reasonable 1.14 kg, whereas the ax/pole attachments are simple loops, which are easily operable with gloves. What else does one need?

The full-length zip allows feasible as well as prompt access to the necessary outdoor gadgets that would have fallen to the bottom of the otherwise top-loading bag. With a storage capacity as high as 50 liters, this will be your perfect companion on a trekking day. This backpack is available for Rs. 10,700 on ultralightoutdoorgear.co.uk.

Arc'teryx Bora 50

Source bisat.in

The Arc'teryx Bora backpack has been through a few variations, but this has only made it better with each trial. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ve probably seen a couple of these bags. Why are they so popular? Simply because they are utterly comfortable to carry around; the huge hip belt that the bag incorporates takes the strain off big loads. By offering a storage capacity of 50 Litres, this multifunctional bag just handles whatever hurdle your trek day throws at you!

Another perk that this bag entails is that the multi lid pockets allow the high organisation of your necessities. There are different compartments for your keys, snacks, torches, or even watches. The easy to access zip leaves nothing else on the wish list.

A weight of 2.18 kg might feel a lot but is still good enough; however, the trendy blue colour that accompanies this weight will definitely cheer you up. This backpack is available at just Rs. 6,946 on bisat.in.

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler

Source trekkinn.com

If you are a fan of the trekking activity, this bag should be on your bucket list. The generous storage capacity of 30 liters allows you to store all the necessities.

Hiking in rainy terrains will make you thank yourself for going out to buy this bag. This is because the watertight shell is utterly compelling. This shell will keep your belongings bone dry in whether storm the climate throws at you.

The two external pockets allow easy access to smaller items. The removable lid with two zip pockets provides optimal security for your valuable. The highly engineered split webbing uniformly distributes compression to keep your back safe. The rope strap allows for any external carry. The removable padded hip belt comes along with zip pocket storage to enable you to move quickly from one spot to another. In a gist, this is the ideal bag for a hiking fanatic.

This backpack is available for Rs. 9,280 on trekkinn.com.

Skybags Nylon 55L

Source skybags.co.in

This trendy black and blue trekking bag will be there for you, even on your worst days. With a storage capacity as high as 55 litres and a stylish rucksack that delivers the perfect fit, this bag becomes your best bud in no time. The top-notch quality of the bag comes from the nylon material that it is constructed from; this material makes the bag both durable and water-resistant. The rain cover allows the protection of all your precious valuables.

For your comfort, this trekking bag goes a long way. You will find yourself awestruck with the air passage channels at its very back, adequate lumbar padding for optimal back support, padded shoulder strap, and a waist belt. The mesh pockets at its sides allow feasible storage of clothes as well as bottles. Furthermore, the trekking bag comes with a three-year warranty. With all of its modern features, the trekking bag has everything an adventurer would need.

The backpack is available for Rs. 5,900 on shop.skybags.co.in.

Granite Gear Crown2

Source desertcart.in

The redesigned Granite Gear Crown2 is a long-lasting and versatile, lightweight trekking bag with just the right amount of storage space. It has a distinct, flexible hip belt as well as a removable top lid if you want to reduce the weight. Its simple frame is comprised of a molded foam pad and a removable plastic sheet. The large volume allows for the storage of anything and everything. It also comes with a much bigger front mesh pocket, flexible torso, and robust frame than most of the trekking bags out there. If you’re looking for a lightweight and efficient backpack, this should definitely be on your must-buy list.

It's is available for purchase on desercart.in for Rs. 28,639.

Osprey Exos

Source desertcart.in

The top-notch Osprey Exos is an utterly comfortable, light backpack that comes with more perks that one can envision. It has a sturdier frame than most of the lightweight backpacks out there and carries much heavier loads with much more comfort.

One of the best features of this stylish bag is its tensioned-mesh frame. It contours to the back in a very sleek manner and is utterly comfortable. It also enhances back ventilation on the trails.

However, one downside to these bags is the unavailability of a hip belt pocket. Since a long duration on the trail equates to the need for easy access to valuables such as cell phones, cameras, and sunscreens, a lack of these belts means the user has to take off the backpack every time they need one of these items. This can get a bit infuriating at times. However, you won’t have to worry about your belongings with the highly secure design that Osprey Exos offers. Your items won’t drop off when you’re in challenging environments. If you’re looking for a backpack that provides both optimal comfort and security, this is your go-to item. This backpack is available for Rs. 22,179 on desertcart.in.

Deuter Air Contact Lite Backpack

Source ubuy.co.in

Deuter Air Contact Lite backpack is a backpack for all, quite literally, though. It is a unisex backpack that can be relished by both genders. It delivers the perfect balance between comfort and style. However, the storage capacity of 20 Litres makes it optimal for trekking trips only, for you can only carry around the necessities.

This backpack is robust and ideal for heavy loads. The hip belt is much broader than those found in other trekking bags of the same price range. It also supports and distributes the weight effectively, which adds to the comfort of the backpack. So whether you are on an alpine day hike or mountaineering through a wide array of terrains, Deuter Air Contact Lite Backpack provides just the ideal performance through its anatomically sound designing.

You won’t have to worry about the comfort either, for it delivers a carry comfort for light loads with a padded back panel of ventilated 3D air mesh! It is available for Rs. 6,259 on ubuy.co.in.

High Sierra Explorer 55L Internal Frame Backpack

Source desertcart.in

The next item on our list is also unisex. It’s made for anyone and everyone! This lightweight and comfortable backpack by High Sierra Explorer comes with airflow padding for your back. The straps are highly comfortable due to the optimally fitted padding that makes them fit over your shoulders very quickly. The hook for external accessory carriage, as well as separate access areas for your main load and sleeping bags, makes it easy for you to carry this on a plethora of trekking trips. This is the ideal trekking backpack if you a fan of hydration packs, for there are internal pockets for the bladder. The two ports for tubing are also available.

The high storage of 65 Litres is a bonus. The bag is made from nylon and mini weave durable fabric, which gives it both strain and water resistance properties. It also comes with a rain cover for rainy terrains.

This backpack is available on desertcart.in for Rs. 20,459.

Kelty Coyote 65

Source ubuy.co.in

This last trekking bag suggestion is definitely not the least. The trekking bag from Kelty Coyote 65 is a complete backpack that comes with the perfect fit suspension system. This system allows for versatility in sizes and adjustments on the user’s feasibility. What makes this trekking bag distinct from many others is the high water resistance ability that it entails. You can use this backpack for river crossings, wet hiking conditions, boating, and even surfing. The Dual-Light Beam TM aluminum stays provide high degrees of support for heavy loads. It can hold up to 60 pounds!

It is also unisex and has a storage capacity of 65 litres, making it the perfect companion for all outdoor enthusiasts. As far as multifunction aspects are concerned, it features a large top-load main compartment, sleeping bag compartment, front flaps, internal hydration sleeves, and dual mesh bottle pockets. The backpack is available for Rs. 11,991 on ubuy.co.in.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Backpack

  • Size: To know how to fit a backpack adequately is the most vital consideration that you’ll have to make while selecting a backpack. Therefore, determine your torso length appropriately. The torso length can be determined by measuring the distance between the C7 vertebra and the top of your hip bones. Once you have your torso length, it will be effortless for you to determine which size pack is the correct one for you. Keep in mind that the pack sizes differ from one manufacturer to another; therefore, make sure that you refer to your torso length measurement to select the right pack size for you.

  • Comfort: Of course, happiness comes before all other aspects. If you’re planning on a rigorous trekking trip, you definitely need to keep the factor of comfort in mind. Packing a long list of essentials into a backpack will increase your need for a comfortable backpack. Choose a backpack that has a lot of compartments, for it will enable you to carry essentials such as sleeping bags for your optimal comfort. A tip to bear in mind is that bags with a mesh layer make things much more comfortable by making the bag breathable for times when the user is sweating.

  • Padding and Support: One of the major features that make a backpack comfortable is the padding present in its back. For this very reason, we’ve mentioned how the filling of each of the trekking bags differs from the other. The thickness and quality of padding are found in the pack panel. The padding on the shoulder straps and hip belts are also an essential aspect to factor in. The correct backpack will adequately place most of the weight on your hips with the shoulder straps carrying the least amount of weight. The backpack should be tucked in close to your back. Bear in mind that excessively soft padding may be pleasing at first sight; however, they don’t offer long term support that you need for heavy loads.
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