10 Summer Holiday Destinations in India with a Splash of Awesomeness and Tonnes of Fun! Count on These Places to Get Your Dose of Rest, Good Times and Adventure! (2019)

10 Summer Holiday Destinations in India with a Splash of Awesomeness and Tonnes of Fun! Count on These Places to Get Your Dose of Rest, Good Times and Adventure! (2019)

Travelling is an exiting thing to do. Especially visiting places for the first time or checking of a travel destination on your bucket list. Other than that, travelling during the summer time is a sure fun experience. You can go to the beaches as well as visit hill stations in India. These places are a must visit. Check out the list below to find out which places these are.

Why You Need to Go on Holidays?

Many of you might think that summer is not the ideal time to travel in India. Well, it is not correct at all. India is such a place where everyone finds something to nourish their mode of interest. From mountaineering to relaxing at beach, you can find exotic places to visit and rejoice your life. This feature has listed the best summer holiday destinations in India that would be perfect for escaping the heat and the daily life for a span.

Spend Quality Time

Going to a trip together with your dear ones helps in making the bond stronger. The moment you wake up, you cherish the freshness on this new place and share its essence in a single frame together, relationships get better and so does your mental health. Spending quality time with loved your ones in the top holiday destinations can be worth cherishing.

Relax, Reframe, and Breathe!

The fresh air of a new place helps everyone to discover a new hidden chapter of their life. Shape your best summer holiday destination 2019 and escape physically and mentally from your daily chaotic lifestyle by giving yourself the ultimate treat of nature.

Good for Your Body

Sometimes, the only medicine you need for you is "Nature". There is no disease, no agony that life cannot heal. The medications are derived from mother nature to act upon our body. Relaxing at a summer holiday can lower your BP and stress at different level.

Things You Should do Before Going on Vacation!

Dig out Your Passport and Make Sure It's in Date

When you are planning for a holiday, and if you have plans to go out of the country then the first thing to keep in mind is to get all your documents ready. Triple check the immigration policies as well as keep all relevant documents ready. If your passport is on the verge of expiring, then apply for a fresh one.

Check You Have the Essential Documents for Your Trip

Some of the essential documents that you ought to carry during your holiday travel are as follows: identity proof, passport, visa, driving license, proof of bookings. But if you plan to travel within India, then of course you do not need passport and visa!

Make Your Home Secure

It may seem like one of the most fear-provoking prospects, but the best way out for anything as you know is prevention. A little preparedness can solve great problems. When you are heading out for some of the best places to travel with your loved ones, make certain preparedness back at your home.

Make sure to:

  • Lock all your doors and windows properly.
  • Don’t let outsiders know that you are away.
  • Ask some of your neighbours to have an eye on your belongings and also collect your mails and parcels.

Top Destinations to Travel in Summer Holidays

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is the best summer holiday destinations 2019 and you can give a treat to your buzzful life by visiting here. Located on the Western Himalayas, Himachal is known as the ‘land of snows,’ and a gateway of the best trekking spots. Following are the places where you can step in.

1. Manali

  • Manali is located at 6726 ft altitude surrounding the splendid Himalayas as a feast to your vision. Manali challenges you to show your sports and fitness abilities. You can plan a 2-3 day trek to the Spiti Valley from Manali. Best places to travel here are Solang valley, Rohtang pass, and Hirimba Devi Temple.

2. Dharamshala

  • If you love the Tibetan culture, then you will love Dharamsala. The Monasteries, monks and their prayers have provided fantastic content to the travel bloggers which is why they mostly prefer the place. The place has rendered its magic with the Himalayas on three sides and valley on one side.


Well, seriously, there are no words to describe the beauty of Ladakh. It is known for the valleys, the crystal clear water of lakes, clear sky and just the opposite during the winters. Following are a few mesmerizing places, you must not miss!

1. Pangong Tso Lake

  • Located on the Chantang Plateau, Pangong Tso Lake is on the eastern side of Ladakh. The lake is the hotspot for significant trekking routes and offers a beautiful campsite for travelers.

2. Khardung-La Pass

  • Khardung-La Pass is the gateway of Nubra and Shyok Valleys. If you are an Adventure Junky, it is a must visit the area around Ladakh. It is considered as one of the toughest yet new passes to ride along in Ladakh.

3. Chadar Trek

  • If you are ready to experience walking on a frozen lake, you should try Chadar trek. The lake Chadar amazes the trekkers with its changing colors in different parts of the day. The mild blue hue of the lake changes to light yellow color when the sun shines on it, and turns to milky white when the moonlit falls on it.


Darjeeling, situated in West Bengal on the foothills of the Himalayas, is known as the Tea Capital of India. It is famous for the narrow rail tracks of the ‘Toy Train’ since 1881. This hill station is home of great Himalayan Ranges and Mt. Kanchenjunga is one of them. Besides the ranges, the place is famous for the tea garden and greenery. Read to explore more!

1. Batasia Loop

  • Located at the West Point in Darjeeling, Batasia Loop is famous for the spiral railway track. The place is 5km away from the main Darjeeling town where the Toy Train makes a total spiral of 360 Degrees. Tourists enjoy the panoramic view of the navy blue mountains along with snow-capped Kanchenjunga.

2. Tiger Hill

  • If you want to see the first rays of the sun scattered all over the snowy peaks of Kanchenjunga then spreading slowly to the entire region, then visiting Tiger Hills is a must in this summer. You will soak yourself with warm, rapidly changing shades of the sun in the chilling atmosphere. The place is 11kms away from the main town.

3. Japanese Peace Pagoda

  • One of the famous Buddhist temples is the Peace Pagoda that takes a 10mins drive from the main town. The temple allows you to witness the Japanese Architecture and their tradition along with the beautiful landscape of the Darjeeling mountains including the Kanchenjunga Range. The best places to go are the heritage sites that have different avatars of Lord Buddha to shower profound peace to your life.


With Nepal and Tibet as borders, Uttarakhand stands as the best summer destination shadowed by the Himalayas as towers. The unspoiled beauty offers you mountains, valleys, and forests, along with ancient places and their architecture. Good news for the trekking sprees – it is a gateway of trekking spots like Auli, Mussoorie, Nainital and more. Following are some special places that are always on the list of travellers:

1. Badrinath Temple, Haridwar, and Rishikesh

  • The true spirit of Hinduism is experienced here in the high altitude. Its, the place where Hinduism Hoists its flag of religious belief and spirituality. Both Haridwar and Rishikesh is known as the yoga capital of the world. Most of them come here to dip themselves into the holy Ganga and wash their sins away. It is one of the oldest cities in India.

2. The Valley of Flowers

  • Situated in the Gharwal region, the valley blooms when they receive the rainfall of June with a variety of over 300 different herbs. It looks like a carpet during this time of the year with the towering trees standing as a guard from the snow-capped mountains. The place makes a popular trekking destination among travelers.


Kerela is one of the best places to travel during the summer in India. It is known as the land of coconuts, water, relaxing beaches, and cold breezes. Kerela is drenched by the rich South Indian culture of music and art with superior intelligence in academics. Well, which place would you like to go from the following?

1. Munnar

  • ‘Green is good for your eyes’ and so is a summer holiday for your mind. Satisfying these two points, Munnar is famous for lush green tea gardens and scenic mountains. The organic farming is observed over 80,000 miles which covers tea farming.

2. Bekal

  • Bekal is a beach town located at the Kasargod district in Kerala. Tourists enjoy the sea and the historic Bekal fort and the Anjaneya temple at this place with the exotic cool breeze all around and green hills on the top.

3. Munroe Island

  • Munroe island is the hidden pearl of Kerela situating about 27km away from the Kollam district in kerela. The Ashtamudi lake and the Kallada river confluences and there is a cluster of 8 islands – Munroe. Each of the tiny islands is separated by the lake channel which makes the major attraction.


Northeast India makes the best summer escape for a travel spree. Being the rock capital in India, Shillong comes with a bunch of style conscious people with sharp intelligence. Listed below some amazing places in Shillong which you must check out!

1. Mawsmai Cave

  • Since Shillong is known as the rock capital, it attracts tourists for its creative underground caves. If horror and adventure are your favorite genres, don’t miss this place out. This beautiful cave comes with some waterfalls during the monsoons and a café playing the Khasi music.

2. Kaziranga National Park

  • Located between the Golaghat and Nagaon area in Shillong, the park is famous for one-horned rhinos. It was declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985 with a variety of flora and fauna as the main attractions.

3. Nohkalikai Falls

  • It is one of the largest waterfalls in India at almost 55kms distance from Cherrapunji. The cascade howls down from the altitude with almost like a roar which is heard from quite a range. The sunset from the falls makes a heat melting view for the tourists and locals.


The majestic beauty of Shimla is the summer capital of Himachal. The hill station offers tourists with the mesmerizing view of the snow-capped Himalayan ranges with lakes, waterfalls and lush-green scenarios. The pine forests and foggy lanes are blissful for a long walk and keep the poetry alive in you. Shimla is pretty famous for these two:

1. Ridge

  • The most popular place in Shimla is Ridge, situating in the Mall road of Shimla. The site is very enjoyed and loved by the tourists for its surroundings and local social life of the commoners. The buzz of Ridge is seen during the evening as people come to enjoy the famous Tibetan food here.

2. Toy Train to Kalka

  • A train route covers the snow-covered alpine trees and mountains on both sides, makes it one of the most picturesque railway routes in the world. The train connects Shimla by traveling through narrow lanes covering more than a thousand tunnels to Kalka.


Kashmir is known as India’s Switzerland and marked as “Heaven on Earth” by many poets. Bounded by the snowy white mountains and gleaming lakes, Kashmir creates a memorable picturesque. It is the border of India that separates the country from Pakistan. Apart from being the home of the brave soldiers who are fighting for the country, Kashmir is mesmerizing place where one should surely visit. There are two places, where you can spend good time along with feasting your eyes through nature's beauty.

1. Srinagar

  • Known as the summer capital of Kashmir, Srinagar is ideal as a summer destination in India. Starting from trekking on the high-clad mountains to water skiing, Srinagar has it all. Tourists witnesses the peaceful lakes as the mirrors of the hills. The Dal lake is the Kohinoor of the city.

2. Gulmarg

  • Gulmarg shares a favorite term of “Meadow of flowers” in the city. Watching the beauty of the vibrantly hued flowers against the snow-covered mountains is a treat to one's eyes. If you are into skiing or mountain biking, you'll never want to leave Gulmarg.


Nainital is known as the “Queen of lakes” and famous for its pleasant weather and a perfect summer spot in India. It presents lakes, mountains, starry nights and a gateway to Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, and other nearby trekking spots. Checkout these 2 wonderful places in Nainital!

1. Nainital Lake

  • The famous Nainital Lake, named after the place, is the main attraction for Nainital. It is known for the lakes of Kumaon hills. The famous Naina Devi temple is situated here and offers a majestic landscape to its viewers.

2. Sattal

  • Another unspoiled freshwater lake called the Sattal lies near Bhimtal. It is surrounded by oak and pine trees that draw a perfect shade of color to the entire picture. If you want to witness the chirps of a thousand varieties of birds in this lake, try visiting early morning or just before the dusk. Sattal is known as the home of many migratory birds.


Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and independent monarchy after the end of British rule in India. It is the center of Tibetan culture, monks, Buddhist temples along with scenic beauty of nature which has attracted trekkers and hikers since years. Well, following are the 2 fabulous places where you would undoubtedly love to spend quality time with your loved one!

1. Nathu La Pass

  • Known as one of the highest motorable roads in the world, Nathu La is the Pass joining Sikkim and China, hence locating on the Indo-China border. Tourists come here to enjoy the scenic beauty which the mountains, and the waterfalls which fall while traveling through the pass.

2. Tsomgo Lake

  • The Tsomgo lake is a high altitude lake that falls on the highway of Gangtok – Nathula. The lake provides a calm scenic presence amount the drizzly mountains of height 12,400ft above the sea level. The popular name of this lake is the Changu lake. It is surrounded by a green carpet of the alpine forests and clear blue sky with floating clouds on top of the snow-capped mountains.

Well, now that you have a brief idea of what to expect from the various exotic locales of this country just pack your bags and go on your dream vacation with your loved ones!

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Unrivaled Summer Holiday Destinations in India

This list has some diverse summer holiday destinations worth visiting in India. These places are going to be bliss, with the ability to help you calm down. While enjoying the tranquillity of these destinations, the body is sure to relax and it even gives the mind healing and repairing time. In addition, you break free from the boring outside world.