Which are the Best Places to Visit in the World? 10 Destinations for 2019 and Why They Must Top Your List + Tips to Help You Choose Your Next Destination!

Which are the Best Places to Visit in the World? 10 Destinations for 2019 and Why They Must Top Your List + Tips to Help You Choose Your Next Destination!

Everyone loves a good vacation! But with the world shrinking enough to fit in the palm of your hands, the question is... Where is the best location that you can enjoy the most and make the genuine memories? We put together a list of 10 vacation spots from around the world that has everything you would love in a tourist spot. From Japan to San Francisco and Croatia, we bring to you the top 10 places to visit in the world.

Experiencing the Joy of Exploring the World

Every once in a while people travel for personal leisure, other than business trips or work-related travels to take a break from the stress of our hectic daily routine. It is a source of enjoyment and also gives people a chance to spend quality time with their friends or family. Selecting a place for vacation entirely depends on their choice and the amount that they are willing to spend.

Travelling is considered as a stress buster, because of the peace and the satisfaction it showers over a person. The entire experience which a trip provides to an individual has a positive impact on his mind and frees him from his stress. It acts as a source of happiness, which can be cherished over a long period.

If you are a wanderer and like to travel to different types of places to experience it all, then you must consider taking up international trips. As just being limited to the domestic country will not allow you to get in touch with people of different cultures, their lifestyle which is the beauty of travelling. You learn a lot of things while travelling which involves enhancing your knowledge about the place which you are visiting. You get to know about the rich history of the place in a better way. Overall, such vacations are needed to experience different cultures and sceneries which this beautiful world has to offer.

Picking out Your Next Travel Destination

Know Which Landscape You Like the Most

It is a general understanding that everyone has a different taste when it comes to travelling. The preferences and the choices may vary depending on the individuals. Since the early days of tourism, the landscape has played a deciding factor when it comes to choosing your holiday destination.

To escape from the ordinary world, you may like to visit someplace that is quite isolated from normal populated areas. For some people, the travel destination may be somewhere where they can carefully observe the beauty of nature. Others may like to spend their holidays in a resort or a farmhouse, sitting by the pool with a glass of wine in their hand.

But some of you might be more adventurous and wish to experience the range of wonders that nature can offer to you. From an extreme adventurer to nature appreciator different people have different traits which determine what types of places they would prefer to visit.

The Cuisine Which You Wish to Try

If you are a food-lover and are always looking to try new dishes, then travelling will serve you with a dual purpose. Every place has a particular speciality when it comes to culture and cuisine.

The authentic taste of the place defines that specific region. Food-lovers look for speciality and the perfect taste because they want to have the best of what is available and don't want to compromise on that.

People also spend the majority percentage of their income on food. Our taste buds are adjusted to the taste of a particular cuisine over a period of time. You might not have even tasted half of the world cuisines which are there in the world. Tourism offers you the opportunity to taste various cuisines and that is the reason why many people choose to travel in their leisure.

So when deciding on your next travel destination, always decide which cuisine you prefer, and according to that selection choose your destination.

The Adventure Sport Activities You Wish to Take Part in

If you are a sports enthusiast and wish to try out different sports, then this will be a deciding factor when you are planning to go on a vacation. Activities which include thrill, high speed, altitude, etc are especially found in certain destinations.

Some of them are so risky that you will have to undergo a medical examination to show that you are physically fit to take part in the same. Among the top 10 places, you will encounter many such types of sport where you can participate in these similar activities.

So if you are fond of water-based sports, it is quite natural to choose a destination which has a beach that offers such activities. On the other hand, if you like trekking and bungy jumping, then it is obvious that a mountainous region will be able to satisfy your wants.

So the activities which you like acts as a deciding factor when you are choosing your next vacation spot.

Top 10 Places to Visit in the World


The country is present in East Asia which is also famous by the name of "Land of the Rising Sun". It has 21 World Heritage Sites, which can be the primary point of attraction for the people having an interest in the cultural, historical, scientific or any other form of the significance of a country. Japan is also home to many islands, and even the Mount Fuji which attracts a large number of tourists every year. Japan is also known as the land of anime which attracts manga fans all around the world. If you want to get in touch with your spiritual self then you can also visit villages such as Takayama which is known for its peaceful environment.


The official name of the country is the Republic Of Croatia. It is located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. With some of the most unbelievable constructions, this country is a hot tourist spot. With Dubrovnik Old Town Walls being the most visited place by the tourists, there are quite a few attractions which make Croatia a renowned tourist hub. Plitvice National Park is one of a kind as it has as many as 16 emerald blue lakes around it. Zlatni Rat beach is famous for changing due to the change in the current of winds, and also gives the opportunity for water sports enthusiasts to take part in activities such as banana boat rides and sea kayaks.


The country is in Europe, which sports immense greenery and various other landscapes involving volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs etc. Try visiting Iceland between September to April to experience one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon called the Northern Lights. With the presence of glaciers, it also provides you with a chance to experience exciting ice climbing activity and as well as riding snowmobiles. Iceland also gives you an opportunity to witness whales watching in the ocean at Husavik. You can also enjoy natural hot water springs at Haukadalur Valley and experience the architectural brilliance of Iceland by visiting the church of Hallgrimskirkja. Also, there are various attractions like Vestrahorn Mountain, Landmannalaugar, Dyrhólaey, Ice Caves in Vatnajökull Glacier, etc.


Australia is a country and as well a continent, surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Ocean. The major attraction of the country are cities like Sydney, Melbourne etc., which are coastal and hence provide a scenic view to the people. Famous for the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland is yet another prime location you can head towards to see the beauty of stunning islands. If you are a wine lover, Australia will serve to give you the best tastes at places like Leeuwin Estate, Domaine Chandon Winery etc.,

The ancient rock art at Kakadu national park, the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the Opera house in Sydney are major attractions of Australia. So if you are looking for a place which has great scenery and also provides various outdoor activity options like trekking, watersports etc, then Australia is the complete package for you.


Also located in Europe, Spain might already be on the list of many travel enthusiasts. Not just for the football fans or Spain also sports many medieval architectures like the Alcázar in Seville for history lovers. The festival of tomatoes, La Tomatina, which is held on the last Wednesday of August is another reason why people visit the place. It involves throwing tomatoes over each other and indulging in the playful fight for the little cause of entertainment. Barcelona also has many other attractions such as the fountain show and the Picasso Museum which are visited by almost everyone who goes to Spain. Overall Spain has a rich history and you will not regret after visiting this beautiful place.


This tourist location is primarily made for outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking, and hence is an ideal location for the thrill loving and crazy people. It can also be the place where you can get the royal feel of being on a cruise ship. Alaska is also famous for its wildlife, a prefered location for animal enthusiasts. With many nature reserves, you will get the chance of being in constant touch with nature and get to see beautiful scenes throughout the trip. This place also offers you to see the natural green light show which is famous by the name of Northern lights.

San Francisco

It is the financial, cultural and commercial centre of Northern California. It is famous for its year-round foggy conditions, and other remarkable constructions such as the Golden Gate Bridge. It offers the perfect landscape amidst the fog and a tinge of the orange sky which makes San Francisco a unique yet a splendid place to visit. If you love art and culture, then de Young Fine Arts Museum and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will surely be enough to amaze you with beautiful art artefacts. Do pay a visit to Lombard Street to see the people driving through steep slope and hairpin turns.

Nepal - Himalayas

The country is known to have diverse geographical elements including fertile plains, subalpine forest hills as well as many mountains. It is said to be located in the Himalayas, the highest mountain range. The most famous mountain is Mount Everest, which is the highest peak on Earth. Due to this, it is a significant attraction for mountaineers and rock climbers. Buddhist Monastery also attracts many people who want to learn more about religion and culture. The mountain weather allows the tourist to experience a pleasant climate even in the peak of summer.

South Africa

It is located on the southernmost tip of the African continent and is most famous for its Inland safari where you can easily spot a variety of wild animals. It is a perfect blend of city life, diverse culture, adventurous sports, and beautiful scenery. Hence is the ideal holiday destination for anyone and everyone. Cape of Good Hope is one of the most beautiful landscapes which makes South Africa one of the best places to visit. Also, the city of Johannesburg makes it possible for tourists to experience city life apart from wildlife and jungles.


Brazil is a vast South American country near the Amazon Basin. It is most famous for having one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Christ the Redeemer, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Apart from this human-made structure, another natural attraction is the Iguaçu Falls, which is a delight to the eyes. Brazil is also the house of the Amazon Rainforests which holds most of the varied species of flora and fauna. Boat trips alongside the forest can be very soothing and will give you the chance of connecting with nature and wildlife. Overall, Brazil is the perfect place for those who are looking for a relaxing yet adventurous vacation. The beautiful beaches, forests and mountains, make Brazil one of the most visited destinations.

Do Your Research

With the correct knowledge about what every place has and can offer, you can always make the right decision. As everyone wants to spend their time on vacation making beautiful memories, it is ultimately their choice where they would like to go. And with many options at hand, you must shortlist your interests and desires to visit the perfect holiday destination for you.

The best trip is when you know what you want out of a vacation. So if you are an adventure sports junkie then a country like Australia would be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you wish to experience natural beauty then Japan is the place for you. So know what you want to experience before you make the decision to pack your bags.

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