Gift Shopping for a Cat Lover? 10 Gifts That Will Make Cat Lovers Go Catnip-Crazy (2019)

Gift Shopping for a Cat Lover? 10 Gifts That Will Make Cat Lovers Go Catnip-Crazy (2019)

Everyone has at least one dedicated cat lover in their lives. Whether taking adorable Instagram photos or diving into the world of DIY to make their kitty more comfortable, their cat is truly a member of the family. And with such a large community of feline enthusiasts online, comes a long list crafty gifts for cat lovers. No matter the occasion, check out these gift ideas for cat lovers for every season and holiday.

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The Healing Power of Cats

Cats hold a high regard in the human world. They are adorable, fluffy and very entertaining. We cannot not seem to have enough of them and that is probably the reason why cat videos are the most watched videos on YouTube. Whether we realize it or not, our feline friends have us hook, line and sinker. But there is another aspect of cats that stand out. It is their ability to keep us healthy.

Intrigued? Yes, it is true with science to back that claim. The secret is their purring.

Cats purr at a vibration of the range 20-140 Hz that helps in healing various medical conditions in the human body, like reducing the symptoms of dysponea and healing infections, swelling and injury on soft tissues. The purr also reduces stress levels and blood pressure. Oxytocin is a hormone that is released in the brain and in common tongue is called the “feel good” hormone. When you play with cats, oxytocin is released reducing stress levels and consequently blood pressure. The other two hormones that are released when you play with cats are dopamine and serotonin. They are important to the stability of the immune system. Thus, it would not be too far-fetched to say that a cat is more than a pet, it is a life insurance.

5 Signs of a Cat Person


When it comes to popular pets, the world is divided into two sects: dog person and cat person. Each of the sects has its own culture, characteristic, customs, traditions and narrative. Owning a cat or a dog makes it obvious which clan he/she belongs to. But there are people who might not own a pet but reflect characteristics of any one of them. It is said that a cat person is usually someone who is not active socially and loves his/her own company, much like cats who are fiercely independent. Another aspect of cats is that they are confident and live their life according to their own terms. People who love this attitude are bound to favour cats. Needless to say that cat persons find cats highly entertaining and owns items with cat images on them.

Find Cats Entertaining


It is by default that cat lovers will find cats entertaining. The surest sign that a person loves cats will be he/she spending leisure time with activities involving a cat. They would be watching cat videos on YouTube, involve in play with their cats, thoroughly enjoy the time spent with them or record their antics on a camera. The silly play of cats are always more entertaining to them than the highest rated shows and movies.

Appreciate Confidence


Cats are independent beings that move around with a strut that ascertain the sense of self-worth they possess. A cat has an air of regality about it that seem to proclaim that he knows he is the best. Cat persons tend to love this confident attitude and show appreciation for it. They love the arrogance of a person or an animal that knows that they are better than the rest and possess a personality that complements it.

Not Active Socially

Cat persons are not what you call people persons. Like cats, they love their own company and are the happiest when left to themselves. People almost always bring drama with them that unnecessarily embroils you in incidences that are not convenient. Unsocial people hate that and to prevent it keeps people at arms bay interacting only when necessary or in a professional manner. Their idea of relaxation involves reading a book, watching a TV series, a movie or spending time with their cats.

Does Not Get Disgusted by Hairy Clothes


Cats, like any other per, comes with a number of peeves. The chief among them being hair shed. Cats shed hair on a daily basis and litter the house with clusters of cat hair. A normal person will find it disgusting if he/she sees cat hair on the sofa they are about to sit on or the clothes they are about to wear. This disgust is not shared by a cat person. They are not repelled by the sight or even coming in contact with cat hair.

Owns Cat Products

We have a habit of expressing our preferences through the products we own. That is why you have phone back covers bearing the insignia of a football club, a t-shirt with a pop culture print on it, a desktop background of a landscape you love and so on. Similarly, cat people express their love for cats by owning merchandise that has cat prints on them. They are obsessed with their cats and prefer to have something with them that remind them of this adorable feline species.

10 Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers are famous for pampering cats and go to any extent to give a royal life to their feline friends. From gourmet cat food to expensive grooming products, they leave no stone unturned to ensure the comfort of their cats. It is important to keep this in mind when getting gifts for cat lovers. The items must adhere to the comfort and care of cats. Follow this BP Guide to get the best possible gift for your cat lover friend.

Maine Coon kitten

You cannot discuss gifts you can give to a cat lover without mentioning gifting a kitten first. This kitten belongs to the breed of Maine Coon. Maine Coon cats are characterized by their friendly nature and easy adaptability. Not to mention that they are polite and extremely adorable. They possess a large round head, well-tufted years, small nose and large eyes that are very expressive. They come in solid colours of white or red or black with some coming with tortoiseshell or calico patterns. This Maine Coon kitten is vet checked, vaccinated, de-wormed and litter trained. So, you would not be burdening the cat lover with responsibilities that most don’t look forward to. Get in touch with the concerned through their website and gift him/her this ball of fluff. Visit to get more information.

Feather Teaser Toy


What every cat loves irrespective of the breed is play. Whether an adult or a mere kitten, cats simply like playing. Their play includes chasing, sneak-attacking, grabbing and play-biting with things that interest them. This Teaser Toy is perfect to play with cats as it allows the cat to do all the above. This is a 20 inches long flexible stick with a 5-inch artificial feather on top. A tiny bell is also attached to it to draw the cat’s attention. It costs Rs. 299. You can use it to have an interactive play with your cat.

Pet Fur Remover


One of the minuses of having a cat in the house is that it sheds fur naturally or by friction with something. That is why you find cat hair almost everywhere in a house where a cat resides. The concentration of shed hair is more on soft surfaces as cats prefer them. Thus, it is a common sight to see a cluster of shed hair on your sofas, couches, cushions, carpets, beds and clothes. The most troublesome part of this is that the hair sticks to these soft surfaces and refuses to detach from it. This Fur and Lint Remover can clean those surfaces without much exertion on your part. Just brush the surface on the hairy part and you have a clean surface in a matter of seconds. This brush is also easy to clean. It comes with a cleaner where you just have to insert the brush and it gets clean. It costs Rs. 799.

Scratiching Post


Cats Scratching Furniture and other objects are a common phenomenon. They do so for a variety of reasons and it’s a behaviour that is natural in cats so there is no hope of them growing out of it. But whatever the reason may be, the sharp claws destroy furniture and that cannot be allowed to happen. So here is a cat scratching post that costs Rs. 3,299. It is a triple-platform cat tree where a cat can scratch at his/her heart's content without issuing any damage. It is essentially a three-storied structure supported with pillars that are wound with jute ropes. These pillars provide excellent areas for a cat to scratch. The topmost storey can also serve as a bed for the cat.

Multi-Function Cat Bag


Cat lovers love to carry their feline friends everywhere they go but cat loves comfort and get really agitated in case their routine comforts are denied because of travel. So here is a cat bag that can also double up as a bed and a tunnel toy for the cat. It is essentially a Foldable Polyester Bag that has a cylindrical shape. It has soft cushion base where the cat can curl up and sleep. It is not a large and bulky bag and can easily be carried around. When not being used as a bag, it can be opened and placed on the floor to be a bed for your cat to nap on. A netted portion on it makes it a breathable and airy space and a ball hanging on the interior wall can keep your cat occupied in play. It costs Rs. 4,999.

Nail Clipper


Cats have sharp claws and without them realizing it, some cats engage in aggressive play that can leave you bearing painful scratches. The claws coupled with this aggressive play, also make them unsuitable to be around children. So before your cat lover friend has to decide between children and cats, gift him/her this Nail-Clipper specifically designed for the tiny claws of cats. It is shaped like a scissor and hence is easy to use. The blades are made of stainless steel and it has large plastic handle for easy maneuver. It costs Rs. 345.

Hair Remover Gloves


Cats shed a certain amount of hair every day. Shedding also happens when they brush their bodies against any object or person. This leads to clusters of hair everywhere in the house. It is a tedious job to clean all this hair and it is not always possible to perform the cleaning. This is where this Hair-Remover Glove comes in handy. It is a regular glove with a silicone palm. The palm has tiny stubs on it. Every morning rub your gloved hand all over the cat’s body. The loose hair gets stuck to the stubs of the glove and that day’s natural shedding is now on the palm of your hand. This activity ensures that there is minimal cat hair around the house thus saving you much labour. The glove is easy to wash and costs Rs. 600.

Cat Food


Cat Food is nutritious to cats and has properties that keep the cat healthy and disease-free. They come in a variety of flavours to ensure your cat’s palate doesn’t get monotonous. This combo of dry cat food contains one 3 kg packet and one 1.2 kg packet. It comes in ocean fish flavour, a favourite among most cats. The food contains Taurine that keeps the heart healthy and gives a shine to the coat. The combo costs Rs. 649.

Cat Litter Tray


Any organism that consumes food will digest and excrete. Cats are no different. Now no one loves cat poop lying all about the house and so it is necessary to have a cat litter tray. A bed of sand or dry, porous earth is made at the bottom of the trays to emulate ground that could be dug up by a cat. Cats have the habit of burying their excreta and tend to poop on surfaces they can dig. This Litter Tray is a covered box with an opening on one end. A cat can descend its lower part while keeping the four paws on the lid. This will give the cat privacy while it poops and the owner a cleaner house. It costs Rs. 2,995.

Cat Bed


This Cat Bed is made of soft velvet and has a cotton cover. It comes with a dimension of 24inx24inx5in and thus is comfortable for an adult cat. A small pet pillow comes with the purchase. Cats love the comfort and a cat lover will never allow his/her cat to be denied that. This soft bed will be perfect for the cat to curl on for a nap. The price of this product is Rs. 2,999.

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Make Safety the Priority

Cat lovers, just like there furry friends, appreciate the very little things in life. When choosing cat lovers' gifts, be sure to major on play toys, food items and other stuff that guarantee the comfort of their pet. Avoid toys that have eyes, tails, and other appendages that cats can chew off and ingest. Toys need to be able to withstand sharp teeth without falling apart, exposing stuffing that might be munched down. Check the size of the toys as well. Cats should be able to comfortably pick them up in their mouths and carry them. At the same time, play objects need to be big enough that they cannot be swallowed. Feel toys, checking for sharp edges and points.