10 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Friend Who is a Dog Lover (2019)!

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Friend Who is a Dog Lover (2019)!

Here we have described all the reasons that make dogs the favourite pet of mankind. Apart from that, we have recommended some very thoughtful and amazing dog owner gifts that you can get for your friend who is a dog lover. Read on!

Why is Dog Considered Man's Best Friend?

It is said that, “Dogs are man’s best friend”. Companionship is at the very soul of their emotions. A dog loves his master unconditionally and infinitely, wagging its tail with happiness at its master’s sight. A great pet to have, dog is the most faithful animal and also provides you with the emotional stimulus you need. Why are there such a large number of dog lovers out there? Dogs share our lives in an exceedingly method that almost no other animal can, and they are thus commonplace.

Dogs are amiable and love human companionship. Who wouldn't be pleased at the sight of a faithful dog who cannot wait to see you at the end of a tiring day? With a smiling face and tail wagging, your dog waits for you by the door ready to dote on you, his best friend in the world. Dogs are faithful and loyal. They are eager to please you in any way they can. Your dog will remain by your side, silently comforting you, when are feeling down. When you are excited and joyful, your dog will leap and share in your joy.

Dogs are frisky and jolly. They love doing physical activities like going for walks, leaping into ponds, fetching sticks and racing spiritedly to and fro. Dogs are cuddlesome and are prepared for a pat and an assuring hug anytime. They're soothing to stroke and affectionate. Moreover, most dogs are tolerant and calm towards small kids who do not yet know how to behave socially and are mischeivious around others. Dogs are often trained so they'll simply co-habitate with us in our houses. They are trustworthy animals and behave appropriately in public. The dog is a family member and is with us all the time and takes part in every household activity. A dog is loyal and faithful to his master. Nothing will induce it to abandon its master. Its master might be a poor man or even a beggar, but still his dog will not abandon him to go anywhere else.

Why People Love Dogs So Much: Reasons Why You Should Choose a Dog as Your Pet

Dogs Can Help with an Only Child

A dog will be your only child’s best friend and will not let him/her feel lonely. It will play with your kid, take care of and love him/her. The child will look at the dog as a sibling and will learn to be high spirited, respectful, tolerant and loving to mention a few.

Dogs Offer Protection

Dogs act as great guards. They do not allow any stranger to fool around the house and hence, reduce the risk of robbery. They have an innate defensive ability which makes them ideal for protection.

Dogs Keep the Home’s Atmosphere Joyful

Many of the youngsters in today’s day and age are being diagnosed with depression. Studies show that having a dog around helps with depression and provides an overall good atmosphere in the house. They help in easing tensions and keep the spirits high.

Dogs are Great Teachers

Dogs are great teachers and help your children realize responsibilities. They make the children understand the value of hard work, loyalty, faithfulness and obligation. They also keep your children grounded and help them take initiatives.

Dogs Teach Selflessness

Dogs helps us to realise the meaning and importance of selflessness and remaining grounded. The dogs indeed are the perfect animal god has bestowed upon us.

Dogs are Good for Your Heart

According to the latest study, the American Heart Association announced that owning a dog may help you and your near ones with heart ailments. This is because, they are joyous, prompt you to a good mood and relieve you of any mental strains. They make you walk and hence exercise along with them. This also helps you develop a strong bond with your dog

Dogs Help in Building Confidence

If you want to elevate someone’s confidence, give them a dog. Studies show that people who own dogs are much more confident and socially outgoing than people with no dogs. People with dogs remain calm even in difficult situations and maneuver them with confidence.

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Coffee Mug and Pet Bowl Set - Breakfast Buddy

A wonderful gift for anyone who loves their dog as much their beverage. This is a very meaningful gift and will be treasured forever. The emotions attached to such gifts are immense. So, let them wake up to the mug of man's best friend. It's a matching set that your friend would adore. Get this cute gift for your friend who loves his or her dog so much, from ubuy.co.in for Rs.3,093.

A Pouch Hoodie

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A kangaroo inspired creation for the dog and its owner so that they are never apart. A very comfortable and cute line of clothing for both the owner and their small dogs, it comes in a variety of sizes and colour, so that you can pick your perfect hoodie. You can order one for your friend from amazon.in.

A Dog Collar

This is a great gift which may be used for identification, restraint or as a fashion object for the dogs. They are of various types like buckle collars, safety stretch collars, break-away collars, etc. They are of great utility and the charms attached to them are customisable. These collars also help in showcasing the dog’s personality. We've selected this Wag N Walk Collar which is as convenient for you as it is comfortable for your dog. Priced at Rs.1,399, the Huft Wag N Walk Collar & Leash Set in red colour is available on headsupfortails.com.

GPS Tracking Device for Pets

A dog remains happy and full of life when it is fit and healthy and it is difficult to keep an eye on your dog 24x7. Our next product would do this for your dog lover friend. GPS tracking device for pets by Yepzon tracks the location of your lovely dog so that it does not run astray. It tracks the exact location of the pet indoors as well as outdoors very precisely. It comes with amazing battery life and a sleek pouch which can be attached to the collar of the dog so that it doesn't look any odd, and is stylish. The app is simple to use and can even track multiple pets at a time. The is the best gift for your friend who owns a hyperactive dog. You can buy this from yepzon.in for Rs.2,599.

Bedding Sets and Pillow Covers

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For all the young dog lovers out there, there isn’t a better gift than an adorable dog print bedsheet and pillow covers. They are made of cotton/polyester and are very comfortable, ensuring that you have a good night sleep. It's available on Amazon for Rs.749 only.

Kong Squeezz Ball Dog Interactive Toy

It is important for your dog to remain healthy and fit. So play with it with KONG Squeezz Ball Dog Interactive Toy which will keep him busy. Its super easy durable rubber material is not harmful and a hidden squeaker adds to its appeal. Available in lots of different colours, this toy is perfect for a game of fetch outdoors or in. Also, its specially designed texture provides it with a nice and solid grip and can be used both outdoors and indoors. You can purchase it from headsupfortails.com for Rs.510.

Heat Pet Bed

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Here's an amazing product that ensures that your dog always remains safe and warm, even when you are not there. It is super soft and efficient because of a low wattage heater. It can be controlled thermostatically for warming your pet's body temperature using only 40 watts. You can purchase from any of the three sizes available as per your pet, small, medium and large. It is entirely and easily washable, thanks to its unique design. It's available to purchase on Amazon for Rs.7,900.

Charcoal Puppy Training Pads

Want to be free of the mess that your dog makes? Give a shot to the Tails Puppy Training Pads which make potty training so much easier and a lot less messy. The amazing feature is its 5 charcoal layered tissue pad which makes it a nice absorbent and hence, it is easily able to retain liquids. Just lay the pad on the floor and lock it. Its leak-proof technology will save your floor from any kind of a mess. Besides being anti-bacterial, it also has 48 hours of odour protection making it a perfect fit for the job. A pack of 10 Huft Charcoal Puppy Training Pads will cost you Rs.449; buy these here.

Doctor Dog: Healing Touches from Pets We Love

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If you're a dog lover, you recognize that nothing compares to the company of a hairy, four-legged friend. Enjoy this assortment of moving stories regarding dogs who coax miraculous responses from the sick and aged, offer a lifeline for youngsters and adults with special wants, and provide a balm to those crushed by depression, and that they cure-all with love and gentleness. In addition to these inspirational and wonderfully orchestrated tales, M.R. Wells attracts on Scripture and uses biblical truth to prompt you that God uses his creation to spend love on you, in turn making His love and care more real in your life. So, let out all the worries that hold you down. Let Doctor Dog be your remedy for hope and comfort. It costs Rs.971.85 for the Kindle edition and Rs.1,023 for the paperback edition on Amazon.

Dog Charm Bracelet

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This bracelet bearing the words "when I needed a hand I found your paw" alongside an impression of a paw will melt any dog lovers heart because this is exactly how most feel about their beloved pet. A perfect gift for anyone who just received a new dog or lost a dear one. It is made up of stainless steel and is safe for skin. It is easily adjustable and perfectly fits anyone. It is ready to gift item packed in a velvet pouch. It is priced at Rs.4,488 on Amazon.

Best Gift For Dog Lovers: Their Favourite Dog!

Golden Retriever

A golden retriever is an extremely patient dog which is neither timid nor aggressive, making it a perfect match for households. The golden retriever is a confident, loyal, smart and kind dog. These are a fun-loving breed and love to play with children meaning your child will fall in love the dog instantly. The golden fur gives it a royal look and it is an amazingly obedient dog.

Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular breeds, the labrador retriever is loving, protective, playful and reliable. This is a highly intelligent dog breed and takes well to training. They love to swim and require a lot of exercising. All the labradors have the same amount of strength, stamina and obedience, irrespective of its colour. They are low maintenance and a weekly combing is enough.


Known for their distinctive haircuts, the poodle is a very gentle and smart dog. Available in both standard and miniature sizes, the specific poodle size can be chosen by you to best match your living environment. Each breed has its own set of characterstics. The Standard breed is very smart, playful and obedient. On the other hand, they are good with other pets and kids, are responsive, smart, obedient and playful, making them friendly for kids, too. However, they do require a lot of care and maintenance.

German Shepherd

One the most popular breeds, the German Shepherd Dog is a loving, loyal, smart and courageous family companion who is very fond of children. They are obedient and easy to train, which is why they are often utilized as police dogs. They display very serious loyalty to their primary care taker.


The Corgi is a very smart dog. They’re obedient, loyal and can easily be trained. They can adapt to many living situations and are very fond of kids and are compatible with other pets. Do not let their looks fool you as Corgis make better exercise buddies than they appear, since they were originally bred to drive livestock. They’re powerful, fast and have amazing endurance. Corgis are a vocal breed and vigilant guards with a sturdy and loud bark. They love the outdoors and thrive on physical activities and mental stimulation. Corgis are excellent at agility, obedience, herding and tracking activities.


The pug is a big deal in a small packet. Pugs are a family favourite due to their even tempers, playful personalities and outgoing nature. Pugs are famous for their mischievous and charming attitude. Their personality, along with being playful, makes them ideal for families with children. They prefer lying on the sofa, which, combined with their love of food, can be a recipe for obesity. Pugs are lively, enjoying daily walks or moderate exercise to prevent weight gain, though the breed is not tolerant of hot weather. Do keep in mind that they are a sensitive breed and hence, owners should choose their training tactics wisely. Pugs love to please their people and can be described as obedient.

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