Wanderlust on Your Mind? 10 Top Tourist Places in the World & Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Round the World Trip (2019)

Wanderlust on Your Mind? 10 Top Tourist Places in the World & Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Round the World Trip (2019)

The world’s most popular tourist attractions have a gravity all their own, pulling millions into their orbits each year. There’s no one formula that drives the demand either; some spots rely on natural beauty to inspire awe—and visits—and others feel like the center of the universe, drawing curious eyes from around the globe. Read to find 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions of 2019, according to TripAdvisor

Planning to Book Your Vacation? Read This to Know the Top 10 Global Tourist Destinations!

Indians have been ardent travelers since the last couple of years. In fact, as per the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the number of Indian travelers to international destinations is predicted to be 50 million by 2020!

That doesn’t sound weird, does it? After all, we are the best at budgeting and dedicating towards a yearly vacation. So, traveling to a global destination once in a year or two isn’t a challenging task probably for many. Well, if it is that time of the year for you to plan your vacation, then here are the top 10 recommended places in the world.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the World

We simply love to explore the world and learn new things as we travel. India is an amazing country with plenty of unique and attractive places to visit. As a result, we seek to explore equally challenging and exquisite places on a global holiday. We tend to think a lot when choosing a travel spot for spending the holiday with our family.

Here we present to you a travel guide of the top 10 global destinations that Indians have travelled mostly in recent years.


More than 6 lakh Indians visited Dubai last year. That of course, suggests the favorability of the place towards Indian tourists. Plan your vacation during the months of October and March when the weather is the most pleasant. It is one of the most preferred among Indians being the nearest (around 4 hours flight), the most economical and safest among international destinations. You can easily apply online for a tourist visa valid for 30 days, which will be processed within 4 to 5 working days or get the help from a travel agency to do so.

Once here, there are a wide variety of places to explore like the Desert safari, the worlds’ tallest building- the Burj Khalifa, magnificent malls and adventurous parks. It is the top international shopping joint with plenty of global brands to choose from. You will be amazed at how dazzling *skyscrapers and ancestral museums occupy equal dominance here.

Apart from different international cuisine restaurants, there are also plenty of Indian restaurants serving veg and non-veg meals. Almost everybody in Dubai is well versant in English, however, don’t be surprised if you see an Indian in every nook and corner of Dubai! Dubai will make you feel at home for all the right reasons!

Currency: 1 dirham = 18.94 Indian rupees.


Singapore is one of the costliest cities in the world. But if you are on the right track, then you can plan a budget-friendly vacation for a few days here. In fact, it is said that there is a 17% increase in Indian visitors every year! Singapore is often visited during the months from December to march (duration with the most favourable weather) It is also convenient to travel as you can reach Singapore in around a 5 hours flight. Tourists visas valid for a maximum of 30 days can be easily booked online.

There are plenty of places to visit in Singapore including the Singapore zoo, Gardens by the bay, China town, and the botanical gardens, to name a few. You can book a cruise trip or wander through the clean and safe streets of Singapore; the options are endless!

It is a place inhabited by a large number of Indians. So, wouldn’t be difficult to find a good Indian restaurant nearby. But you can also choose to eat at the food courts found in plenty at every corner on the street. Tamil is the most spoken Indian language in Singapore and besides, the majority of Singaporeans speak English. While on the go, we suggest you use the public transport system or MRT (Mass rapid transit). It is way cheaper than booking taxis.

Currency: 1 Singapore dollar =51.39 Indian rupees.


Source www.agoda.com

Bangkok has been a favourite spot since the last few years. Indian tourists love the place so much, that they are the ones who spend the most here! It is easy to reach, (ideally takes less than 5 hours) and affordable to stay. Indian travellers receive Visa on arrival (VOA) for 2000 THB (Thai Baht) and can stay for a duration of 15 days. The peak tourist season to visit is from October to February .

There are several interesting places and shopping opportunities that lure Indian travellers. It was the leading spot for Indian destination weddings and honeymoon travel during 2018. If you are on a leisurely holiday, we suggest you try out the underwater aquarium, safari world and the Madame Tussauds wax museum. Also, you can indulge in luxurious and relaxing spa and massages that Bangkok is well known for.

Dining at a fine Indian restaurant for Veg and non-veg food is quite a normal scene here. But, if you are an adventurer, then try out the food courts and street food for Non-veg food. Vegetarian food is quite difficult to find here though! Also, we suggest you try out the public transport system including the tuk-tuk and ferry rides for a thrilling experience.

Currency: 1 BHT = 2.26 Indian rupees.


Ireland is a beautiful island on the European continent. It is lately making huge waves among Indian travellers because of the new British Irish Visa Scheme (BIVS). According to this scheme, a short stay visitor from India can travel to and around Ireland and the UK with a single visa. You can apply for a visa through the VFS centers in India. It takes around 9 hours to reach here. The place is favourable for a year-round visit, as the summers are not very hot.

There aren’t massive malls or skyscrapers to see here, but the old cobblestone streets and vintage shops will definitely steal your heart. There are certain must-visit popular sites like Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, Galway City, etc. You can also take a train-trip to the little coastal towns for a different travel experience.

Ireland is well known for its vintage pubs and is a place where people swear by proper bar etiquettes. There are only a few Indian restaurants to visit if you wish to relish authentic Indian food. In fact, there are lesser options for eating out if you are a vegetarian. There are many Asian groceries in Ireland to pick basic necessities to cook. Pack a few essential spices and get cooking if you don’t wish to explore much!

Currency: 1 euro =79.14 Indian rupees.


The outbound tourist rate from India to China has increased significantly over the years. According to VFS Global, around 4.7 million Indians applied for a visa to visit China in 2017! China is a bustling modern city which is also a treasure house of historical heritage sites. You can reach China in less than 6 hours. The climatic conditions are quite similar to that of India. The recommended time of visit is from April to November. Apply for a visa online through the Chinese consulate.

There are many attractive tourist spots to visit in the cities of Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Huangshan, Guilin, and Hangzhou. The great wall of China and the Giant panda sanctuary are among the many. Shanghai is a modern city with fantastic nightlife and ornate skyscrapers.

While travelling to China, make sure to carry Chinese currency or the yuan. International ATMs will be available only in the major cities. The locals speak in Mandarin and less of English. They are, however, very friendly and helpful. There are Indian restaurants in all major cities, but only a few in the lesser metropolitan ones. China has the world’s largest vegan population, so finding veg food otherwise wouldn’t be difficult.

1 Chinese yuan = 10.11 Indian rupees


Spain is on the bucket list of many Indian travellers. In fact, Indian tourists have flocked to Spain ever since the place was featured in the Hindi movie, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” released in 2015! You can approach the Embassy of Spain to apply for a Schengen visa valid for 90 days. The travel time is around 20 hours from India and is, in fact, the most expensive part of the trip.

The major tourist attractions are located in Barcelona and Madrid. However, there is more plenty more to explore in the countryside. Seville has more historic spots to visit. If you are planning to visit in August, then don’t miss the Tomatina festival.

Get a city pass and get discounts on various activities and sightseeing. You can even travel to some places for free with the pass. You may find it difficult to converse with the locals as they aren’t that fluent in English. Besides, make sure to convey specifically if you need vegetarian food, as Spaniards are usually fond of non-vegetarian food for all their meals!


France was the top European destination for Indian tourists in 2018. Students opting France to pursue their higher education is quite a trend now. Visiting France is quite an expensive affair and requires diligent planning if you are on a budget. France is a 10-hour flight from India and the peak season to visit is during the summer from June to August. You can apply for a Schengen visa from the Embassy consulate.

While in France, you must visit the romance capital, Paris and admire the spectacular Eiffel tower and the Notre Dame. Other cities worth visiting are Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Cannes (famous for the film festival), the tranquil city of Arles and Nice*. A trip to Euro Disney would be fun even if you are not travelling with kids. Food and wine are what France is well known for. So, enjoy and relish while you are at it!

You can avoid booking expensive taxis there like the metro and bus system in France is way cheaper and awesome! Besides, make sure to learn a few useful phrases in the local language, as the French are not fluent in English. There are lots of choices in food (veg and non-veg) including pizzas and paninis. Not only that, you can pick up groceries suitable for Indian cooking from the local grocery stores.

South Africa

South Africa is the most developed among all African nations and is the current rage in Indian travellers. If you are an adventurer and a lover of nature, then this ought to be on your travel Wishlist! The game reserves, safari, and stunning landscapes are the highlights of this region. You can apply for a short visa through the VFS offices in India. You can visit the place between July and November when the weather is the most pleasant.

Cape Town, the capital, is a beautiful place with its picturesque landscape and mesmerizing beaches. The place preserves its historical past. The Table Mountain, botanical gardens and the V&A waterfront are worth visiting. You can take island tours or go whale watching! South Africa is also known for its vineyards and wildlife. Other cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban are also worth seeing.

South Africans are very pleasant and helpful and most of them can communicate in English, although Afrikaans is the official language there. The place has good road networks and proper signboards everywhere. There are Indian restaurants in all major cities. However, South Africans are much used to having meat and fish for all their meals. So, be very particular when you ask for vegetarian food as there are lesser options.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for the stunning skyline, amazing shopping outlets and of course, Disneyland. You need to plan very smartly, as it is one of the most expensive cities to visit. You have to preregister for an e-visa online. There are low-cost carriers from India. Make sure to check out the best rates with them. You can plan your trip in the summer (March- April) or in winter (October to November).

Victoria Peak, Disneyland, and avenue of stars are must-watch places here. You should also check out the symphony of lights and the night cruise for an exciting visit. The Duk ling ride or the authentic Chinese boat ride is an attractive thing to do here. Take in breathtaking views of the skyline while you are at it! Hong Kong is a shopping paradise ranging from street hawkers to high-end malls like the K-11.

Though Cantonese is the official language, English is also spoken widely. However, you can also learn a few helpful phrases in Cantonese to converse better with them. Buy a tourist octopus card and enjoy the cheaper yet efficient public transport options. Hong Kong is a safe place but tourists need to be more vigilant of pickpockets here! There are Indian restaurants serving both veg and non-veg food. However, if you are fond of street food, then there are quite a lot to explore there!

United States of America

The statistics of Indian travellers to the USA is literally growing year after year. In fact, it was a mind-boggling 2 lakhs in 2018! America is a dream destination for many and it is required that you plan smartly for a holiday there. You must apply for a short visa through the American embassy or consulate. The process is tedious but simple. Check out for cheap flying options from India.

Tourist attractions are in plenty here. Right from the dazzling streets of New York and Los Angeles to the serene landscape, canyons and national parks, the options are endless. Depending on your days of stay, plan your itinerary to include the most of what you can see in the nearby areas. You can book tickets for Disneyland and other attractions online to avail discounts.

Ensure to get travel insurance before travelling. You won’t have trouble conversing here, though watch out for the accent. It is a dynamic place with Indian inhabitants in all cities. Finding Indian restaurants isn’t difficult, but it is pricey. You can opt for street food; however, vegetarian options are limited in this case.

Holiday Memories That Last a Lifetime

Planning your vacation shouldn’t be a daunting task with the wide array of information you get online these days. Do your homework and ensure to get everything planned and the itinerary intact before you start to explore.Happy holidays!

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