10 Best Restaurants in Bandra: from Fine Dining to Hipster Cafes and Budget Eats, These are the Places You Absolutely Need to Eat At in 2019!

10 Best Restaurants in Bandra: from Fine Dining to Hipster Cafes and Budget Eats, These are the Places You Absolutely Need to Eat At in 2019!

Bandra - Mumbai's cosmopolitan hotspot has no dearth of places to eat. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a date night, or perhaps a family dinner, we have got you covered. Find top 10 restaurants in Bandra with some bonus destinations that you can visit!

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Why Is the Food in Bandra Different from Anywhere Else?

Visiting Mumbai is a dream for many, but no visit is complete without a glimpse of Bandra. Bandra is famous for a lot of things but is mostly flocked by tourists and fans to catch a look of Shah Rukh Khan, who lives in the locality.

Bandra was initially just a cluster of villages, mostly occupied by farmers and fishers, who preserved a different type of culture and cuisine. Today, even though the infrastructure and the level of facilities in Bandra have picked up the pace to become equivalent to the new-age, the traces of old rich cuisine and culture are still visible through the streets. With the infrastructure being dominated by palatial bungalows, designer stores, swanky restaurants, high-rises, and streetside stalls; the authenticity of the area is still intact!

The food served here is a quirky mix of trendy photographable platings and authentic flavours, which makes the food here like nothing you’ve ever tasted!

Top Picks: 10 Amazing Restaurants in Bandra to Visit when Your Tummy Growls for Unique, Sumptuous Food

Candies, for Catching Up with Friends and Family

If you love exploring places with set themes and decor which say something about the place, Candies is the restaurant you should be in. It has a few outlets but visits the one at Pali Hill for an unforgettable experience. This restaurant is stylized in a Portuguese light, with well-lit areas and polished, antique-looking tables and chairs. Grab your food and take a walk through the various levels offering unique indoor and outdoor seating options to find one you like.

They serve the yummiest chicken sandwiches and cold coffee, which go best with the alfresco style seating. With the weather all beautiful, this restaurant is impressive to be visited with friends and family for a quick ‘catching up’ meet. To reach the restaurant go to 5AA Pali Hill, Next to Learners Academy School, Bandra (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra or you can contact the restaurant at 022 2642 4124.

Kofuku, for Elegant Japanese Fare

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If you’re a fan of great cooking shows and your binge watch list consists of ‘MasterChef’ series or ‘Kitchen Nightmares’, you would have fallen in love with the exquisite Japanese cuisine that they have been showing. It looks so intricate to make and flavoursome to eat! Kofuku is a restaurant situated in Bandra west, known for its delicious and affordable Japanese food, served with the utmost authenticity and class.

It serves the best Japanese tea along with the right mix of exotic sushi and sashimi. We recommend going beyond just sushi and try other things on the menu as well. If this doesn’t feel like heaven to you already, do order the green tea ice cream! The best dishes to try here are Kakuni, which is pork belly made in ginger-soy sauce and Prawn Tempura. To reach Kofuku, head towards 6th Floor, Suburbia Mall, Next to Shoppers Stop, Linking Road, Bandra West or you can also contact them via 022 30151018.

Salt Water Cafe, for the Perfect Brunch

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One of the most visited restaurants in Bandra includes the Salt Water Cafe, which is famous for its classy and elegant European outlook. The well-heeled crowd favours in a bonus, and you are likely to get a glimpse of a few famous faces here. The cafe exudes a laid back vibe making it the best place to start your day at.

Famous people or not, the star would still be the food! Their fluffy, soft, and delicious pancakes can bring out colours in any of your dull mornings! For people who love to take care of themselves, this restaurant offers healthy bowl meals along with fresh fruit juices too. The two dishes that you must try when you visit here are the Salmon Hollandaise and the Chorizo Eggs. This place is perfect to plan out breakfasts or brunches with your close friends along with spotting several Bollywood stars who are their regulars! To reach here, come to 87 Chapel Road, Next to Mount Carmel Church, Reclamation, Bandra West, or you can say hello to them on the number 022 26434441.

Royal China, for Power Packed Corporate Lunches

We have all had those days when we’re craving for a piping hot plate of good Chinese food in our hands. Even though every single food street is brimming with local “Chowmein Walas” and “Manchurian Stalls”, sometimes our heart yearns to taste the authentic Chinese cuisine without the extra oil and spices.

Royal China, situated in Bandra West, is the best place to go to when Chinese food is what your taste buds crave for. One of the oldest and best places for Chinese in the city, they have the best lunch buffet where you can enjoy some authentic flavours of Chinese food, along with the never-ending eating options. The menu of the buffet is fixed, but the variety offered lets you have a taste of so many dishes which you wouldn’t order daily. The one must-try dish has to be the Peking Duck. To enjoy the buffet, head towards 192, Turner Road, Bandra Talao, Bandra West, or contact them at 022 2207 2492.

Imbiss, for the Day You're Craving Comfort Food

Imbiss is a gem of a restaurant which is mostly known to people looking for a masterpiece. This is because its location is a bit difficult to track down if you don’t exactly know where to go! (Follow the Google maps, it'd help a lot). It’s a look and miss spot on a narrow one-way lane. But, the food here is impeccable for those who love to get hold of real meat every once in a while. The food here is served in massive portions making it an excellent for all the foodies out there. You must try the Pork Ribs in BBQ Sauce, which will surely make you drool once you have a taste of it. To reach here, come to 14, Ben O Lil Haven, Waroda Road, Off Hill Road, Bandra West, or you can call them at 084549 46413.

Suzette's Crêpes, for Crepes and Breezy French Style Lunches

Suzette was always the most coveted place for crepes in Mumbai from the day it opened, but tucked away at the far end of town in Nariman Point it wasn't easily accessible to those in the suburbs, till this outlet set up shop at the corner of Pali Nakan. For those who have fallen in love with the city of love, Paris, Suzette Creperie feels like home.

Founded and established by a bunch of Parisians who were missing home and the delicacies of Paris, Suzette Creperie serves the most beautiful crepes with fillings in both sweet and savoury flavours. When you visit here, the two must-try dishes are the Caramel Crepes and the Champagne Crepes. For people who are health conscious, this restaurant offers gluten-free options as well. You can have some flavoured waffles also. To reach here, come to Shop No. 14, Gasper Enclave, St John Street, Opp. Golds Gym, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai, or contact them directly at 022 2641 1431.

Kaitlyn's Beer Garden, to Hang Out After Work

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For the weekends when you plan to get down with your friends for some rounds of beer or just to hang out, come to Kaitlyn's Beer Garden, where you’ll get the golden balance between fantastic food and fantastic options of beer. You can soothe your beer cravings with varieties of tap beers, bottled beers and even cocktails made up of beers. The Brownie with Beer Sauce and the Barbeque Chicken Wings are the must-tries when you visit this place. The ambience of this restaurant spells rustic and ultimately meets the checklist of a great hang out spot. To reach here, come to 201-202, Khan House, Hill Road, Bandra West or contact them at 081042 94335.

The Village Shop, for the Solo Diner

If you believe yourself to be more of a lone wolf, who feels that spending time alone and having that 'me time' is necessary, The Village Shop is the best place for you. This cafe is ideal for spending time alone with some appealing music to your ears or a nice book to read. This place is also suitable for you to have quiet, intimate conversations with your significant other, on a cute date. The food here will blow your mind and make you a loyal customer of this place! The best part is the availability of vegan and organic food options for those who feel it be amongst their essentials. The two things you must try here are the Keema Pav, and the Walnut and Pesto Sandwich. To reach to this place, head towards - 53, Serpis Villa, Chimbai Road, Hill Road, Bandra West or contact 022 2642 0651.

Pali Bhavan, to Experience Fusion Food

With the walls covered with vintage photographs, the ceiling lit up with chandeliers, and the place set with beautifully carved wooden furniture, Pali Bhavan is a rustic and elegant sight to behold. With the features of the place, making you feel like the time has come to a halt, the menu of its kitchen is rather eclectic. They serve a variety of Indian food with a twist of trends around the world. You must try their Dal Vada with Hummus, or the Bailey’s Rasgulla that they offer. To indulge in the best fusion food in Bandra, come to 10, Adarsh Nagar, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai or contact via 022 2651 9400.

Foodarto, Budget Bites for Everyone

For those days when you’re both on a pampering-yourself-with-delicious-food mission and a low budget, knock the doors of Foodarto. The restaurant is located in the hustling and bustling area around linking road and is highly popular amongst students. Three must-try dishes from their kitchen include Potato Tornado, Chinese Bao, and Pesto Baola. To reach here, follow the route to 12 A New Kamal Kunj CHS, 15TH & 33RD Road, Near Bru World Cafe, Linking road, Bandra west; or you can ring them up on 096198 96980.

Bonus: Some Must-Visit Places in Bandra

Take Some Time Out to Visit Bandra Fort & Bandstand

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Beautifully carved at the tip of Bandra West, the Bandra fort was built by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century to be used as a watchtower. The location enables a mesmerising view to the Mahim Bay, but the thing that is the most eye-catching is the heavenly glimpse of the Bandra Worli Sealink Bridge. No other place can bring the calmness which the gushing waters of the ocean, hitting the land during the sunset can bring to you. Quite near to this place are the coveted luxury Taj Land’s hotel and the actor Shah Rukh Khan’s home. Many tourists and fans sprawl over the area to catch a look of Shah Rukh Khan or his residence ‘Mannat’ which is a swanky six-floor palatial mansion.

Splurge on the Local Markets and Find the Best Bargains

Bandra West surely wouldn't disappoint any of the bargain lovers in Mumbai! The stalls lined up in the linking road is full of drool-worthy bags, shoes, items of clothing and accessories, which are being sold at dirt cheap prices. And that’s not just it! You can still push the lines to get a reasonable price and bargain your heart out. The whole neighbourhood is filled with boutiques selling designer and trendy clothes which are worth every second of your attention. Some of the best ones are Anokhi, famous for the vibrant block prints; the Kulture shop for products individually made by Indian graphic designers; OMO for trendy Indian attires, and the Shop for home decor and chic boho fashion. To reach to this heaven of shopaholics, head towards 210, Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050, India.

Gather Amazing Experiences Through Bandra's Nightlife or Go for the Coveted Reflexology Treatment

When you’re done with buying the right clothes at unbelievable prices, make a plan to explore the booming nightlife of Bandra West. The area has numerous clubs which mostly seem to remain flocked with people but to experience the fun fully, you need to start early as there is a nightlife curfew blown from 1:30 am onwards.

You can head towards Janata bar, which is like a no-frills drinking place. Toto’s Garage, on the other hand, has a very casual pub-like vibe. To see young crowd grooving in the place, visit the iconic Hawaiian Shack.

If partying is not your scene, then you can explore the soothing and relaxing sessions of Mettaa Reflexology spa, which is situated in Bandra west. Pali village offers inexpensive reflexology massages, done by visually impaired therapists. Many of these therapists who have magic in their hands are completely blind! All of them undergo a 6-month training program in reflexology programs before they start practicing at Pali’s Village.

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Try Out As Many Places As You Can!

Now that you have got the list of top restaurants of Bandra, go and visit each one of them as they all have something unique and delicious to offer. From buffets to course meals, try everything and bring out the foodie in you!