Need a Gift Ideas for Sister from Brother? Here are 13 Gifts to Charm Your Baby Sister, Teenage or Older Married Sister (2020)

Need a Gift Ideas for Sister from Brother? Here are 13 Gifts to Charm Your Baby Sister, Teenage or Older Married Sister (2020)

She has been everything from your lovable sister and best friend to the brat you hated for hogging all your parents' attention. You can be like two peas in a pod one moment and at each other's throats the next, but you know for a fact that this is a very special relationship and you wouldn't change it for the world. How about showing your sister some of that love with a gift, here are some great ideas to help!

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Brother-Sister, a Valuable Relationship

Having a sibling is the best thing in the world and it gets better if you have a sibling of the opposite sex. Brothers or sisters tend to fight more for their parents' affection which is not the case with if you are of opposite sexes as you are the favourite son and she is the favourite daughter. You two are each other's first friend of the opposite gender which makes it easier to understand the other gender better all your life.

You are happier because each has different toys, don't need to share them with each other, or fight over them. You tend to fight less as you grow up mainly because you know you can't hit girls after a certain age and you learn to compromise. You share your genes which helps you understand each other's quirks better. Having a sister means sharing a unique bond with each other, she reminds you of your mother and is always caring for you, she can give you best advice and helps you to keep your spirits high.

You can pretend that you disliked her all your life but deep down inside you know she is one of the most valuable people in your life, she knows all you secrets, she covered for you when you were in trouble, she laughed at your stupid jokes and offered her shoulder to cry on when you broke up with your girlfriend so it's important to make her feel loved and gifting her something she'll love. Here are some tips that will help you decided on what she'll love to receive.

How to Find a Gift Your Sister Will Love

  • Relate the gifts with the occasions
    There are a million reasons to get the perfect gift for your sister but it will be more effective if you get her one on a special day. She will keep it forever as a reminder of that day. It is important to keep the occasion in mind as you already know that being a girl she gives extra thought to tiny details. Give her something unrelated to the occasion and you might end up being the centre of jokes in family gatherings. Imagine getting her a Christmas stocking for Diwali, it won't work. Remember to relate the gifts according to the occasion to make them more memorable for her.

  • Choose according to her interest and likes
    Getting a gift for anyone is an art and when it comes to your sister it can be a challenge. You want to make her happy when she opens her present. The best way to look for a gift for her to choose it according to her interest. Think back and make a list of the things she ever mentioned wanting or ask your mother, her best friend or her husband to figure out what she needs. Think of the things she likes to do like if she is creative get her DIY sets, home decor items. If she likes to cook, you can buy her pots and pans or exotic herbs and if she is bitten by the travel bug get her hip bags to make her travel in style.

  • Keep your budget in mind
    Budget is always important when you get a gift but when it is for a sister, try to make it on the cheaper side unless you know this is what she wants for sure. Women in particular tend to change their interests therefore it is advisable to buy gifts that are not very expensive as she may change her interest and then it will be of no use for her. Gifts are not to be measured by its price, it is the look of happiness on her face that counts. It is normal to feel the need to buy her a very expensive gift, but you should fix a budget for it because you will have to get her many presents throughout the year for different occasions and you don't want to be broke for the next one.

  • Choose age appropriate gifts for your sister
    Finding an age appropriate gift is the smart thing to do. If she is a school going kid then buying her a makeup kit won't be a good idea. You can go for a trendy school bag or a geometry set she always wanted. If she is a teen opt for a cool head phone or that a recipe book to enhance her creativity and if she is elder to you then buy her something which will be close to her heart like a photo frame with a family picture or a gorgeous saree she has been eyeing.

Gift Ideas for a Teenage Sister from Brother

Beauty Hampers


When you are faced with a challenge of getting a perfect gift for a picky teenage sister you need to do a lot of research but getting a beauty hamper will always be a great gift. She is a teenager and this is the time when she is most worried about her looks and presentation. Giving her something that will help her to gain confidence and enhance her beauty will make her the happiest girl in town.

Hampers are a good gift because you can be creative and include different things of her like in one gift. They come in variety of size and price range. They come in beautiful baskets which are beautifully decorative, she would love to flaunt it in front of her friends. Biotique natural Ayurvedic beauty products are of good quality and will be gentle on her youthful skin. Check out the Biotique Skin & Body care gift box for Rs.1,380 on

Stuffed Toys


It is said that diamonds are a women's best friend but do not underestimate the power of a cute stuffed toy. A stuffed toy is the best way to show your sister that you love her and no matter how old she gets she'll always be the sister you remember as a little girl playing with you. Holding a cuddly, soft stuff toy in her arms will bring an instant smile to her face. It will be her companion for life and will make her feel loved and secured while she sleeps hugging it close to her.

And no matter how old girls get, they always appreciate something soft and cute to cuddle with. You can go for a life sized teddy bear for her which will remind her of you every time she enters her room and sees it sitting on her bed waiting for her. We suggest this OSJS Teddy Bear called Pinku for Rs.699 + shipping. It is available on Amazon.

Bluetooth Headphones


The world is getting tech savvy and so is your teenaged sister. You see her spending more than half of her day with her phone either chatting away or listening to her favourite music. It could get a little distracting for others to see her on her phone all the time while trying to multi-task and do other things at the same time, but as her brother don't dare to tell her so. The next best thing to do is to get her a set of Bluetooth headphones.

They can be a great gift for her because she can continue gossiping with her friends and paint her nails at the same time, or she can cook her favourite meal without trying to hold the phone while following the recipe. Although it’s not advisable to drive while on phone but if it is an emergency call, she can easily take it while keeping both her hands on the wheel. It makes you more productive as you can do multiple tasks and be on the phone at the same time.

They are user friendly, she won't have to set up a connection each time she wants to use it. it automatically connects once paired if you are within 30 feet of each other. There are a wide variety of headphone from zillions of companies available in the market but if you are looking for a budget friendly brand, you can opt for Philips SHE1525BK/94 Upbeat Earphones with Mic in black for Rs.444 on

An Inspirational Book


Teenage years are a crucial phase of life where you are laying the foundation of your personality and individuality, and a little help would be good for your sister. This is the time when she will have to make some hard choices about her studies, career, friends or relationships and it can be overwhelming for her. Inspirational books are a great way to show her that there are many people who have gone through the same phase and came out pretty good, it will give her tips and advice on handling many situations of life.

There are many books available which can guide you to be successful in school, in making the right friends, handling sex issues, building self-esteem and to lead a balanced life. She knows you are always there for her to guide her but when you hand her a book of substance, she will keep it close to her heart, taking her as a guide provided by a brother. Although there are many books available but one very good book by Dr. G. Francis Xavier is 101 Inspiring Stories available on for Rs.266. It has motivational stories of people who handled tough situations in life and came out as productive beings.

A Fitness Band


Life is getting busier day by day specially for a teenage girl. She has to keep up with her studies, spend time with her friends, follow her passions. She wants to be everywhere and do everything while also keep fit at the same time. It can get a little too much to hit the gym as a daily routine with so many other tasks at hand and a fitness band can be a life saver for her. There is nothing more important for a teenaged girl then to keep herself fit and look attractive, after all it makes her the centre of attraction between her friends, family and her latest crush.

When she is busy studying for her exams, she can still keep a track on her fitness level as well as take calls, send texts or check out her app notifications with the help of a fitness band. These bands are very trendy, stylish, comfortable and much in demand. They come in various colours and are pretty affordable depending on the features you want in them. Such a band will surely encourage your sister to lead a healthier life. The Mi Band 3 is a great fitness band, it is water resistance up to 50 M and has a real time activity tracking function. It has a 1.98 cm touchscreen. Wearing this on her wrist will make her the coolest one in her gang. It is available for Rs.1,799 on and flipkart.

Gift Ideas for a Married Sister from Brother

You spend more than half of your life with your sister and then she gets married and becomes a part of another family. This is when you want to find occasions for gifting her things to show her that she is missed. Women tend to change after marriage, it's inbuilt in them to turn into a homely, motherly women after marriage. They give a lot of importance to their new family and like to take care of their house. There are many things you can give to a married sister that will be useful for her and remind of you each time she uses it. She can feel proud of a gift by her brother in front of her new family. Take all your time when choosing a gift for her because it reflects on your relationship with her and the family values of her mayka.

Religious Home Decor


Home decor is always an important task for ladies and specially after her marriage. She is responsible for making her home look homely, beautiful and comfortable. There is nothing better than giving her a piece of home decor item to make it easier on her. Religious figurines are always in style and make a great gift. There are a wide variety of religious figurines available in the market and the most famous one is Radha Krishna figure. It come is all sizes and forms and makes a house look trendy and gives a divine feel to it.

Wall hangings have always been in style and easily fits in all kinds of home interiors. A beautiful metal Radha Krishna Jhula Wall Hanging is available for Rs.549 on She will be able to hang it in her drawing room and show it off to her guests.

Designer Saree


You can't deny the fact that cloths are never enough for a woman. She loves to buy them and keep it as a prized collection in her almirah. The best attire for women of all ages is a saree and once your sister is married, she is going to need a lot of them. She would need them for all religious events, her husband's official parties and other get togethers where she needs to present herself as a daughter in law or the Laxmi of the family.

As her brother, you know her likes and dislikes in fabrics and the colours she likes, therefore getting that perfect designer saree of her choice would make you her favourite person of the year. The best thing in buying a saree is that you don't have to worry about the size and she'll have a number of occasions to flaunt it. The other good thing is that there is no budget constraint. They come in a variety of price ranges and you are sure to find one that will fit your pocket.

Khadi is much in style and it is environmentally friendly. The texture of Khadi gives a cool look to it and its smooth on the skin. Going for a khadi designer saree would be a great idea when buying a saree for your darling sister. has a wide collection of designer khadi sarees you can choose from. The price range usually starts from Rs.1500 and goes up. Browse here to find something she will like.

Bone China Dinner Set

If your sister loves to throw parties and host people, she'll love anything which will help her organize a party better. Making a meal is important but presenting is even more important. She would love a bone china dinner set from her brother at any time of the year, in fact you don't need an occasion to buy her a dinner set, just give it to her because you feel like spoiling her.

Bone China dinner sets are a good idea because they come in huge variety and price range depending on the pieces in the set. They look classy, elegant and fragile but are one of the toughest porcelains made. They are also known for their high levels of whiteness and translucency, making them the ideal backdrop for delicate and pretty designs. They are the safest tableware with zero lead and cadmium content in them. One of its major ingredients is bone ash which contains elements beneficial for health.

There are a number of websites offering good discounts on bone china dinner sets specially during festival season. Like this Noor Collection Bone China Dinner Set of 27 pieces. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. The price for the set is Rs.3,449.

A Fancy Hand Bag

Fancy hand bags are a girl's weakness so if you get her one of these you are bound to make her happy. Whether a teenage girl, or an adult women, they all like to dress up and look their best for every little occasion and a handbag that adds to her style would be a blessing for your sister. Handbags are a fashion statement and it makes it easier for a girl to carry her personal things with her. Her daily needs like her cosmetics, wallet, phone etc are always within her reach.

A good quality, spacious handbag is one of the most prized gifts for girls. When buying a handbag for your sister look for durability and style and off course, your pocket. They make great gifts because they come in so many sizes, colours and price. Black, blue or brown handbags are a good choice because they go with any colour outfit she wants to wear. We suggest this Blue LaFille hand bag, available for Rs.934 on Flipkart. This is a set of 4 and includes a cross body bag, a wallet and a coin purse in addition to the handbag.

Gift Ideas to Give a Kid Sister

Kid sisters are a little difficult to please but not impossible. You just have to see what they like the most and get it for her. There are tons of things available for a kid sister, all you need is a little creativity and find something that will enhance her personality.

Jigsaw Puzzles


Puzzles make a great gift for kid sisters. If you want them out of your way and busy with something productive, get them a jigsaw puzzle. These puzzles are loved by kids of all ages so you can be sure that she'll enjoy it. They are an important learning tool for young kids as they enhance several skills like problem solving, reasoning skills and coming up with solutions. These skills will prepare your kid sister for her later life as an adult. It will help her develop social skills when she sits with her friends or even you to solve the puzzle. It will boost her confidence and self-esteem when she accomplishes the task and sees the final result.

Puzzles come in a huge variety and themes like alphabets, shapes, numbers, fruits and vegetables or animals. They are avialble according to different levels of difficult, starting from a few piece puzzles for small kids, to complex puzzles comprising thousands of pieces. They are not very expensive so if she losses a piece or two you won't feel bad about it. They are colourful and will keep her busy all day. It will be a pleasure to watch her enjoy her time with her new toy and learn something from it. Pola Puzzles the Furry Bunch Tiling Puzzles 100 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles for Rs.499 could be a great gift for your little sister. If this is too simple for her, pick another one that is more age appropriate.

Cushion Covers


Everyone likes their personal space and their bed is a very personal and special for all. Your little sister spends a lot of time playing, sleeping or reading in her bed and to make it more comfortable and attractive you can give her a cushion with LED cushion cover on it. It is the latest thing in the market and will make her the talk of the town among her friends. She will be thankful to you for making her feel special.

You can have her name or a picture of her printed on it and it glows with a tinge of yellow light when an internal switched is pressed upon. It comes with batteries and you can replace them when needed. A beautiful personalized LED cushion is available for Rs.549 on

Educational Board Games

Board games are always a hit when it comes to kids or even adults. An educative board game can be a great gift for your darling sister. One of the most popular games for kids of all ages is Scrabble. This is one game she can enjoy with her friends and family and improve on her vocabulary as well. It is a simple yet challenging gift where she will have to use all her skills to come up with words to win.

Scrabble comes in both plastic and wood finish and are pretty affordable. Go for Scrabble Original - Brand Crossword Game for Rs.719 available on and watch her grow up to be a powerful girl with great vocabulary, all thanks to you.

A Doll


There is no better gift for a little girl then a doll. She accepts it as her friend, her sibling or even as her child. She loves to dress them, have tea parties with them and sleep with them. You can often see her talking away with a doll she loves, it just shows how attached she feels with her dolls.

Frozen is one movie that created waves specially among young girls. They imagine themselves like Anna or Elsa depending on their personality and if they get one of them or both as a gift they'll be the happiest girls alive. These Frozen dolls come in variety of sizes and sets. You can find some with doll houses and Olaf included. Pick one according to your pocket and make her feel loved. A beautiful Frozen inspired Anna doll in available in for Rs.1,299.

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