For Stylish Online Shoppers: Top 10 Sarees You Should Definitely Add to Your 2019 Collection!

For Stylish Online Shoppers: Top 10 Sarees You Should Definitely Add to Your 2019 Collection!


Wearing a saree is a dream of every girl. However, it may get confusing given the amount of options available in the market. In this guide, we give you some of the best saree options available online, along with tips to enhance your saree look with accessories. Read on and bedazzle every occasion.

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Sarees : The Dress Routed to Our Culture and Trends in Online Shopping


Sarees form an integral part of our culture. It is the symbol of culture and unity in our diverse land. Sarees, thus, hold a special meaning in our hearts. Women love wearing sarees and we usually look for opportunities to drape six yards! It makes us feel closer to our roots, and our origin. There is a comfort we look for in an attire and saree gives it to us in abundance.

Also, sarees can be worn on any and every occasion, be it formal, festive or even a casual evening. Hence, you should surely keep some great sarees in your wardrobe. The best part is that you can now shop for these sarees online as well, and get them delivered straight to your home, thus saving time, effort and even money; along with providing thousands of options. We have compiled this article to help you choose the perfect sarees online and also provide the latest tips on accessories that help enhance the saree look. From footwear to jewelry to even the types of sarees that should be a part of your wardrobe, we have covered it all. So, just read further to know more.

3 Types of Sarees You Should Definitely Have

Sarees are versatile and can be worn anywhere. However, we must know what sarees to wear on what occasion. The heavy sarees are meant for extravagant occasions like marriages and festivals, whereas, the lighter ones are for regular wears or for formal parties. Thus, we have curated this list to help you understand which sarees to wear when; and most importantly, the 3 types of sarees you should always have in your wardrobe!

Bling-y Ones for Parties and Casual Evenings


Sarees are great as party wears. They are ethnic, they can be styled as per your wish and they can grab the spotlight very well. Each party requires a different style and with sarees, you can do that easily by simply wearing the saree differently. Add some sarees to your collection with bling, dangles, tassels and other jazzy elements. Thus, if you want to turn heads in parties, this is what you should be wearing!

Exclusively Traditional, Puja-Ones

Saree, being our traditional dress, is what women prefer wearing during festivals. This is the symbol that brings the country together. Sarees form a part of our culture and that is what we uphold during festivals. Sarees that we wear during our festivals usually range from light to heavy. It depends on you to choose the saree you like the most. Heavy ones are typically preferred for weddings.

Staple Sarees for Formal Occasions

Wearing sarees on formal occasions enhances your image for these are considered to be the sign of sophistication. You will be greatly praised on wearing something traditional to a party. However, these sarees should not be too heavy. They should look chic and classy. They do not necessarily need to have a lot of work done. The simple ones are the best for these occasions.

List of Best Sarees According to Various Occasions


Wondering what sarees to buy? Do not worry a bit, for we have got you covered! We have scavenged the internet to find the best sarees for you, for all occasions. The list below consists of ten such pretty pieces that you will love to buy. Jump in and choose the one you like the best!

Navabi Export Women's Georgette Saree with Blouse Piece


This is one of those sarees that can make anybody go ga-ga for it. Its sheer black blouse with a deep neckline adds a tinge of hotness to it. The saree, nonetheless, is on a different level altogether. It is red in colour, the hot, crimson, blood red shade, with black embroidery, done at the side of it.

It is beautiful and sexy and costs peanuts. Not surprising a bit for one can expect nothing less from Amazon. Wear this to an office party or to a wedding to turn some heads. This piece from Navabi Export costs Rs. 599 only. What's more? It is on a heavy discount! Grab it before someone else does!

Dark Green Coloured Party Wear Embroidered Silk Saree


If you are looking for something stunning yet simplistic then this one is for you. This beautiful saree has been designed using rangoli silk fabric that has been beautified with lovely contrast coloured stonework lace border and pallu. It will also come with an unstitched blouse piece that you can get stitched with a few modifications or designing as well.

It is a dark green coloured saree and, thus, there are a whole lot of options to accessorize; you can go for pearls, diamonds or even kundan jewelry. This saree, great for casual to formal occasions, can be purchased from Peach Mode for just Rs. 1,249.

Floral Print Bollywood Pure Chiffon, Heavy Georgette, Georgette Saree (Beige)


This saree is a pretty simple piece with red floral prints. There is also a hint of black on it. The saree is based on white colour and is made of comfortable fabric and you can wear it during the summers too. Blouse piece is available with the saree itself. This one is mostly for regular use. If you wear sarees regularly, then this is perfect for you. This piece is available on Flipkart at Rs. 429 only.

Off-White Silk Cotton Woven Design Kanjeevaram Saree

Kanjeevaram sarees remind us of our mother’s sarees that we used to drape and pretend to be like her. This one is just as special. A very sober piece, this is perfect for formal occasions or if you are planning to give your mother a gift. The saree is based on off-white colorand has minimal work on it. The borders, however, are colorful, making it even more sophisticated. This is ideally for older women. You can buy this at Myntra. Pisara is the seller, selling this one for Rs. 1,419 only!

Digital Printed Georgette Saree in Pink

A faux georgette saree in baby pink, this saree is a cool choice for formal occasions or a casual evening get together. The saree is themed around floral patterns and has a very feminine feel to it. It has digital printing work done on it for designing and is further adorned with stone and patch border work. You will also get an unstitched blouse along with it. It is available on Utsav Fashion for Rs. 2,721.

Blue Printed Georgette Saree with Blouse

If you are loving the digital print designing often seen on sarees these days, this blue georgette saree in all over colourful digital print with distinctive lace border throughout will surely get your attention. It comes with a beige printed georgette blouse. You can wear this for formal occasions,and it is a great addition to your work wardrobe. This saree is available for Rs. 1,487 on Panash India.

Black Jamdani Saree with Thread Work

Every woman should have at least one handloom thread work saree; and, if you still don't have one then this could be the perfect start to your handloom collection. On an all-black canvas, the fuchsia threads are woven to make a stunning effect. Half of the pallu has dense floral jamdani motifs and the bottom half has paisley thread work. This saree is great for casual evenings or even a formal party. It is available for Rs. 1,950 on Roopkatha.

Cotton Contrast Stripes Woven Sari

Completely woven out of cotton, this saree from Fab India is priced at Rs. 1,490 and is a beautiful piece of work. In shades of yellow and orange with a tint of red, it is a soft design that will make a subtle statement. If accessorised with heavy pieces, it can be worn to parties or traditional occasions. Otherwise, it is also a great addition to your regular day wardrobe.

Pretty in Pink Soft Silk Saree


If you like the darker shades of pink, then you will love this saree which brings together the color with the grandness of silk. With gold zari all over, the richness of silk really comes out in this piece. The unstitched pink, soft silk blouse has a beautiful broad border on the sleeves. This saree has a somewhat heavier look and, thus, is perfect for festive occasions, weddings or even parties. It cannot really be worn for regular casual occasions. You can buy this from Stri Bhava at just Rs. 1,799.

Navy Blue Silk Blend Solid Kanjeevaram Saree

Women have a soft spot for Kanjeevaram. This one is probably one of the best looking sarees you will come across on the internet. The colour is absolutely beautiful. It is navy blue and there is something about navy blue sarees that can make the entire look very royal. This one stands up to that. The saree has silver work done all over it. The blouse has a collar which lends it the smartness that it has. You can wear it to any place. Buy this from Myntra. Mitera sells this piece at Rs. 1,387 only.

Things You Can Use to Jazz-up Your Saree Look

Now, there are things that your saree must be paired with to enhance the look you are aiming for. There are a few things that you must add to your sarees. The list below enumerates three such things that you must have in mind while you are styling yourself for some event. Jump in to continue reading!

Ditch Flats and Go for Heels

Shoes are one of the most important things that you require if want yourself to be the diva of the day. Your shoes do not necessarily have to match your saree, but their aura should definitely match. Don't opt for too blingy or jazzy footwear as that will make them the center of attention and will steal your saree's thunder. Any kind of heels looks great with sarees. However, the perfect heels are the ones that will match the style of your saree. Wedges and Peeptoes are almost always a good match. However, if you don't like heels much, then you can also go for jootiya, mojris or simple flats.

Choose a Clutch Over Big Bags


Here is another important thing that you must match your saree to look your best. Bags are not just used to carry things, they are also fashion statements that you need. They also add a little bling to your look, if you are carrying such a piece. The style of the bag should not just match with the saree you are wearing, it should also be appropriate for the event you are attending. Choose your clutch, handbag or purse carefully. On most occasions, you will find that a clutch will enhance your look way more than a big bag or a purse.

Accessorise Carefully

This is a must. Pairing your saree with the right kind of jewelry is as important as wearing the saree itself! Some sarees look good with silver jewelry while some others look great with the golden ones. There are sarees, however, that allow you to wear any kind of jewelry that you wish to.

Wearing the right amount of ornaments also works in your favour. As a thumb rule, you should go for pearls or diamonds when the sarees are darker like in shades of black, grey, maroon; while you can opt for gold or silver when going for slightly lighter colours or especially for traditional occasions. Gold with red sarees is probably the staple for traditional occasions in India.

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There you have it, we have enlisted some of the best sarees for every type of occasion. Pair them up with matching accessories, and you are ready to rock any event!