Wondering What are the Best Gifts for a 6 Years Old Girl? Don't Fret Here are 10 Ideal Gift Options for a 6 Year Old Girl in 2019

Wondering What are the Best Gifts for a 6 Years Old Girl? Don't Fret Here are 10 Ideal Gift Options for a 6 Year Old Girl in 2019

From birthday parties to Christmas gifts, these are the times to gift and there will never lack an ideal gift to give a 6 year old girl. At this, stage a 6-year old girl is open to new ideas and learning. Therefore, gifts that go in line with developing her cognizance and motor skills will be well appreciated. Also, remember that she can be choosy, and it is always good to select a trendy gift, that she can also use. Here are some of the best gift suggestions from BP-Guide, to give to a 6-year old girl and put a smile on her face.

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It's Important to Give Gifts to a 6 Year Old Girl

  • Surprise Your Little One with Gifts on Special Occasions
    As a six year old, your girl is a confident child who is not afraid to ask questions, who gains confidence from doing structured routine tasks. She is also keen on dressing herself. She may turn out to be a quick reader, a learner willing to try out new skills, or learn hobbies such as drawing, painting, sketching, dancing, playing musical instruments etc. She would be also attending school, doing her tasks diligently, seeking help wherever needed and feeling happy when she is rewarded or recognised for her achievements. Deciding on choosing and giving gifts to your six year old, you can feel happy and reassured as it is easy to please her with something she likes or she is used to. Also, young girls would love receiving gifts at this age.

  • Gifting Can Help with Positive Reinforcement
    As adults, we love if someone gets us a gift or a reward as an appreciation of our work or anything else. Then imagine, how would children feel if you give them gifts on special occassions? It can be her birthday or her first dance performance but make sure to give her a gift. Gifts can have a very positive effect on children. It might work as a sign of encouragement and motivate children to try new skills and hobbies or even maintain good behaviour. It makes them realise their worth and helps them develop bonds and emotions as well.

  • Opt for Age-Appropriate Gift Items
    She is no more a baby yet she has not grown a lot as well. So, stick to gifting her dolls, toys or clothes.Apart from that, you can gift her some educational gifts as well. Give her nice story books or alphabet books. Fuelling her creativity by gifting her a drawing or colouring book is a good idea as well. Whatever it is, make sure not to gift her kid's makeup or a video game. She is very young to eirther apply makeup or play video games.

10 Awesome Gift Suggestions for 6-Years Old Girls

Arts and Craft Supplies

Source www.amazon.in

Fuel your daughter's creativity by gifting her art and craft supplies. It will fuel her imagination as she might end up drawing beautiful pictures. Faber-castell Oil Pastels from Amazon.com is a very good item.

It is a set of 50 pieces and is very convinent to carry as it comes packed in a plastic box. It has bright and soft both pastels. The crayons have a high coverage area as the stick has a diameter of 10.5mm. The crayons are also very smooth and have easy application. Faber Castell is also a known brand and makes non toxic products which are durable and very safe for children. This set is priced at Rs.188.

Story Books

Source www.amazon.in

Story books have a great impact on children and hence it is very necessary to tell them the right kind of stories. It fuels their imagination and the idea of good and bad can be introduced to them through that. Great Stories for Children by Ruskin Bond is a great option.

The book contais an assortment of short stories which run around different concepts. The reviews of this product are really great and it shows that children like this book a lot. This particular one is a paperback edition and has almost 200 pages. The book is priced at Rs.95 and available at Amazon.in.

Board Games

Source www.amazon.in

Board games are really fun and sometimes educational too. You can choose what you would prefer to give your little girl. Make sure to not just gift it to her. Spend some time with her while playing those games.

Mattel Junior Scrabble Crossword Game from Amazon.com is a great gift. It is especially designed for kids who are above 5 years of age. It is simplified with colourful pictures which help little ones make words. The best part is that you can flip the board over and play the scrabble for adults. This game is priced at Rs.489.

A Princess Costume

Source www.amazon.in

Playing dress up can be really fun for children and you can introduce the idea of acting and drama to them. Get her a costume of her favourite cartoon character or favourite Disney princess. FancyDressWale Girl's Princess Cinderella Butterfly Costumes from Amazon.com is a great choice.

It is a white coloured gown with butterflies embellished on it. The fabrics used in the dress are velvet and net. It has layers of bottom and is priced at Rs.1699.

Kid's Makeup Kit

Source www.amazon.in

Webby Beauty Set for Girls is a whole play set with which she can explore the whole idea of being a girl. She can also have her friends over and play with them. This particular set is from Amazon.com

It is pink in colour and has a lot of accessories. The whole set is made up of durable and good quality plastic which contains a hair dryer, comb, mirror, rings, lipstick and a lot of other things. The beauty set is priced at Rs.299.

Singing Karaoke Machine

Source www.amazon.in

Kids Karaoke Machine from Amazon.com is a wonderful gift option. This is definately going to get you little girl excited as it will be a complete new concept for her to try her hands at singing. The machine is bright pink in colour and looks very attractive.

It is made out of durable and eco friendly plastic which is sturdy and non toxic. Thus, it is very safe for kids. It comes with demo music features and a microphone. It plays MP3 and has dazzling lighting effects. These effects and the microphone makes the kid feels like she is peforming in a concert.

Music is also said to develop brain power, memroy, confidence and patience. It is a stand up microphone toy which is highly adjustable from 41.3 inch to 49.2 inch. All in all it is a great product and is priced at Rs.6645.

A Girl's Watch

Source www.amazon.in

Little girls normally look up to their mothers or elder sisters while growing up. Thus, they also want to dress up like them. So, gifting her a Addic Analog White Dial Women's Watch from Amazon.com is a very good idea.

It is a pretty watch in silver metal and has blue coloured flowers on the belt which makes it ideal for kids. It has a round dial and is an analog watch. It has a mild resistance to water and comes with a 6 month warranty from the manufacturer. The watch is priced at Rs.299.

Girl Themed Legos

Legos are building blocks and normally kids love playing with them. LEGO Pink Brick Box Large from Amazon.com is especially designed for girls. It comes with 12 wonderful colours and shapes which can be built in to anything.

The set comes with a lot of accessories like brush, cups, pot, golden cup, flowers, fences, windows and wheels. The set has a total of 402 pieces. The price of this product is not mentioned.

Fashion Accessories

Source www.amazon.in

Generic Baby Cloth Hair Clip for Girls from Amazon.com is a great gift. Girls love getting all dolled up from a very early age and thus she will love these pins. It is a set of 6 assorted pins.

They are made out of cloth and are sized 6 cm by 5 cm. The whole package weighs 36.3 gm and is priced at Rs.332. The pins are also non toxic and very safe for children.

Colorful Kid's Bike

Ollmii™ Bikes 16 inch (Orange) Unisex Kids Cycle from Amazon.com is a wonderful gift from Amazon.com. It is blue and orange in colour. Learning to ride a bicycle at a young age is a different feeling all together. We all have that as one of the fondest childhood memories.

Thus, if you also want to give some good memories to your daughter, then gift her a bicycle. Also, take out some time and teach her how to ride. It is 112 cm by 40 cm by 84 cm in size.

The package contains one bicycle with one seat, one handle, one pair of brakes, one pair of paddles, one pair of steel training wheels, one front basket, one pair of handle grip, mud guard clamps, one seat backrest and handle foam. It weighs of 8 kg and the rim width is of 1.5 inches. The bicycle is priced at Rs.2498.

How to Choose the Ideal Gift for 6-Years Old Girl?

  • Choose Something that is Both Functional and Safe
    While buying a gift for your 6 year old, always remember to choose a gift that is practical and safe. Do not choose items with sharp edges or rough surfaces. Kids do have a habit to fiddle a lot or use the item mindlessly. Thus, looking at certain aspects while buying a gift is necessary. Also, choose pratical gifts like a water bottle or lunch box as she might have started going to school. Even crayons or hair bands are a good idea.

  • Gifts to Help the Mental and Physical Growth of Your Baby Girl
    Kids love exploring and trying out new things and so introducing them to different concepts would help in their overall growth a lot. Gift her a doctor's set or a kitchen play set. This will fuel her imagination and she might aspire to become a doctor or chef in the future. Gifting them such different gifts makes them wonder and ask a lot of different questions. This also helps them develop their thinking and reasoning ability. Apart from that you can also gift her a trip to a dairy farm or zoo. This would be something very unique and educational.

  • Do Extensive Research to Weigh Pros and Cons of Each Item
    In the digital age, it is very easy to find information out. Thus, make the utmost use of it and read about the product reviews of a particular toy or item on the net. It is a good idea to check the information before making the purchase for your little one. Some toys also get the kids addicted to them. If you find some customer stating that about a particular product, then quit buying it. It is necessary to be completely sure about the product before giving it to your daughter. Apart from that, it is very economical as you will not be wasting money on useless products.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying Gifts for a 6-Year Old

Color and Pattern

There are a certain factors that you will have to keep in mind before buying a gift for your little daughter. Always pay attention to the colour and pattern of the gift. Young girls love pastel shades and a bit of feminine patterns.

Girls like patterns of flowers, butterflies or dolls on their things as compared to cars or superheroes. But, it is also quite possible that your girl likes a super hero character more than a fairy princess and obviously there is nothing wrong with that. So, get her things according to her choices and prefrences.


While buying a gift, stick to your budget. It is normally very natural to go overboard when buying items for kids. But, her age is such that she might fiddle with it or leave it somewhere. Hence, gifting expensive to a 6 year old is not a good idea.

It also does not mean that you do not pay attention to the quality of a product as toys made out of cheap quality of plastic might be toxic for kids. All you need to do is find the right balance of quality and pricing while buying a gift. There might be a lot of other pratical expenses that you will have to make while the kids are growing up and thus it is a good idea to not splurge like crazy.

Toxicity and Safety of the Material

While buying a gift for your 6 year old daughter, always look for the toxicity and safety of material of the item. This is the most important thing and it is better to not compromise on it at all. Check the item box properly and read every detail thoroughly.

Check the reviews of the products online and read the customer reviews and ratings as well. If you are buying a product from the local shop and the product does not contain a label, then ask the shopkeeper. If he does not know, then quit buying that product.

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Put a Smile on a 6-Year Old Girl's Face

Surprising a 6-year old girl with gifts seems very caring. Besides that, spending time with her also makes up for a better part of her development, especially if it is her gurdian or parent. Normally, it is the thought that counts when giving a gift, therefore, when gifting a 6-year old girl, know how to make it count. You can spend time with her playing if it was a game gift or give her memorabilia. Other bonus tips to consider will be her preferences, pricing and the safety of the gift. Above are painstakinly researched gift ideas that will work for a 6-year old girl.