10 Cool and Fun Birthday Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls in 2018

10 Cool and Fun Birthday Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls in 2018

At 5 years your daughter, niece or granddaughter is such a delight. She is growing up so fast and can do so much more when compared to even a year ago. For her birthday give her fun, cute and educational games and toys she will have a blast playing with. Here are the latest pick of gifts for 5 year olds.

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What to Look for in Toys for 5 Year Old Girls

When people wish to gift a 5 year old girl, they look for several things. They want the gift to be beautiful, useful and interesting. But they usually miss out on the safety factor. The best gifts for baby girls are those that are absolutely safe. Read on to learn how to choose the best toys for them that are safe too.

Suitable for Her Age

When you buy a gift for a 5-year-old safety should be your first priority. The birthday gifts for 5 year girl must be beautiful. This means that they must be brightly coloured. But always make sure that non-toxic colours have been used. This means that the colours must be free of lead and such other harmful substances.

Next, all kinds of stuffed toys must be washable. After all, your princess will be cuddling her toys, hugging them and keeping them quite close to her body. Such toys must be kept clean at all times. Since stuffed toys are made of cloth, they must be washed often enough.

The best gifts for baby girls are typically made of soft fabric. Make sure that they are flame-resistant. This can be checked on the tag attached to the toy. Crayons are always a favourite for small kids. Do note that many times kids have the habit of chewing on their crayons. Besides, the crayon residue may stick on the fingers of the little one and gets licked upon. This can be really dangerous. While buying crayons, ensure that they have ASTM D 4236 specified on them to prove that they are safe.

Typically, toys have to be safe. This becomes easy when you are buying toys. But this can be tough when these toys have been handed down. The fact remains that specific toys are suited for specific ages. This means that all toys cannot be used by your little girl. Do not give them to her just because some family member has given them.

Another thing that people tend to ignore is the noise level. The ears of a 5 year old girl are very delicate. Hence toys which make loud or irritating noise must be avoided. Besides, loud noise can impact the psyche of a child too. Electrical toys are becoming highly popular today but these must be UL approved which ensures that they are safe to be used by little kids.

Ensure Her Safety as She Plays

Obviously people look for safe toys. But they tend to ignore certain safety precautions that may be quite basic. You can never gift girl 5 years old any toy that has small, removable parts. This can include buttons, removable eyes, nose, or beads, dice and so on. A 5 year old is still too small to understand the risks of swallowing such items and choking on them.

Typically there are specific toys for kids of specific age groups. But there are always the pass me on toys that are coming from relatives and close friends. Now parents cannot refuse such toys as there is sentimental value attached to them. Still, it is not mandatory for the child to play with them too. In case they are meant for older children, these can be kept away till the little one reaches that age. In case they are designed for younger children, the little girl would have outgrown them already.

Many times parents do not remove the plastic wrapping on toys as they wish to keep them looking new. It needs to be realized here that a 5 year old girl can use this plastic wrapping as a toy itself. Nothing can be more dangerous that a little child wrapping herself in plastic. This is why plastic covers must be disposed off as early as possible.

Each toy has a lifespan. Besides, kids put these through a lot of wear and tear. This leads to edges getting broken, chipping off and so on. This can be highly unsafe as it can lead to cuts and bruises. As soon as a toy gets broken or has any rough edges, it should get discarded.

Children have to be taught discipline from a very early age. This includes keeping away the toys after they have finished playing with them. Toys lying here and there are prone to people slipping on them and hurting themselves. All these tips are the responsibility of parents. Just buying a safe toy is not enough. Parents have to teach kids to use them safely too.

Educational Toys

The best toys for 5 year girl would be beautiful and educational too. This is because toys help in the development of a child. Now all this may appear overwhelming while buying birthday gifts for 5 year girls. This is why we have already listed some gifts for you here that qualify all these criteria. Train sets, construction blocks, balls, wheeled toys and simple board games are fun to play with as well as aid her development.

The Pretend and Play Scool Set is perfect for kids ranging fron 3 to 11 years. A good thing about this game is that it takes away the fear of school from a child's mind. The school becomes a place to enjoy and have fun. This is a game in which one child becomes the teacher. There is a hand pointer which directs the other kids to look at the dry-erase board. Now maths figures, alphabets and other things are taught in this way. The dry-erase board ensures that there is no dust or mess anywhere as the kids play. There is a calendar, a full colour map, and a grade card to know how each child is learning. There are stickers to be earned here too.

Skills and Capabilities of a 5 Year Old Child

Before buying gift girl 5 years old, it is better to understand the learning skills and development capabilities of a child of this age. This will help to buy the best gifts for them. This is the time when the child is learning new social skills. She is learning how to play with others. Also, she is learning to enhance her creativity. Making a sandcastle along with other kids is a perfect example of this skill. In case her friends are not happy playing a particular game, she would be devising new games or ways to make them play along. All this is helping to enhance her social skills. This is the age when the child learns to share. Do note that it is not very easy for a child to share her favourite toy. But she will be learning to do so now.

This is the age of creativity for the child. She is letting her imagination wander. Hence your toys have to help her in doing so. She is learning to follow rules which may not always be easy for her. Do note that the child is learning to be independent now. She may prefer to play with her friends rather than her parents. She will start experiencing emotions like jealousy, frustration and anger. She may not be able to express these properly hence parents will have to be patient with her.

She has an active imagination at this age, she starts thinking, understanding the world around her and can also feel frightened of supernatural things like ghosts, falling down and getting hurt. She needs more of your love and patience as she may not be able to understand her own emotions and express them clearly. At this age, kids like to move a lot. They also like to talk, even if no one is around. She would be learning nearly 5 to 10 new words every day. In fact, the best gifts for them can include a picture book too. Also, kids have a lot of energy at this time. They would love to skip, jump and play with a ball so buy her toys to vent some of this energy in a constructive way.

10 Toys and Games Your 5 Year Old Girl Will Enjoy


As far as creativity is concerned, there cannot be a better gift for girl 5 years old than Squigz. The set consists of 24 pieces which means that many kids can play together. These are to be squeezed and that makes the air rush out which leads to a lot of fun coupled with creativity. These can squeeze together or even to a surface. This means that they can be placed anywhere in the house and is a wonderful way to have fun. The little girl can stick them together and make a cute bed for her doll. Or she can stack them up and make a tower. Or else they can be her family as she plays the home game. The possibilities are endless. Squigz simply lets creativity flow for the little darling. These toys can stick to a bathtub, window, door or even the dining table. Besides, there is no glue residue to be cleaned afterwards. This is fun as well as enhances motor skills and imagination.

The toy comes in 2 variants. There is a starter set that has 24 pieces. This would include 8 Doodles and 2 Pips. There would be 2 Skooches and 4 Yoinks. Next are 4 Grippities, 2 Gobnobs, 1 Zorbit and 1 Wonkity. This costs Rs. 1,792. The Deluxe set has 50 pieces and includes 14 Doodles and 6 Pips. There would be 4 Skooches and 6 Yoinks and it will cost Rs 3,587. These are completely safe toys as they are made of 100% silicone.They are of an appropriate size and can be used by kids who are above 3 years of age. Due to their versatility, Squigz can be used till the girl reaches her teens. Buy them at Amazon.

Barbie Doll

One of the best gifts for baby girls will always be a Barbie doll. It is a fashion icon that was born in 1959 and since then it has been a dream toy for little girls. Every girl would like her own Barbie. This is one gift that can never go wrong. It is made of high-quality non-toxic plastic. Several variants of Barbie are available in the market today hence there is wide choice available. This is a toy that enhances creativity. It takes a little girl on a flight of fantasy. She can dress her Barbie, make her hair, take her out and treat her as a friend. This is a toy that is perfect for a girl who is 5 years old and above. In fact, many girls love to play with their Barbie even when they are in their teens.

The Barbie DIY Emoji Style Fashion Doll Blue Pink is available for Rs. 959 on First Cry. It comes with several accessories that include dresses and designs that allow a child to be creative. There are several other versions of Barbie available in the market. There is the office Barbie, party Barbie, swimming Barbie and so on. The fashion Barbie has various accessories like hair brush, string of pearls, hair band, various dresses and so on. The choice is endless here.

Activity Kit

These will keep her occupied and enhance her motor skills too. There are a large number of options available in the market. The Einstein Box has everything that a child can ask for. It has toys as well as books. The games will ensure she has a fun playtime and they can also be considered a learning tool. The puzzles and games will keep her busy for hours. It helps to develop her learning skills as well as keep her active. There are 2 books in this set, one is a book on manners and another on animal habitats. The set include a paintbook with spray paint, stencil set, brush, palette, a puzzle set, and a memory game on good manners. This set is available for Rs 599 on Amazon.

The Early Childhood Kit is another option you can consider; it has been developed by the UNICEF. This has been designed for those kids who have been caught in turmoil. It is a complete kit that has puzzles, books, blocks and colouring material and has been designed with a lot of care. This kit aids in the overall development of the affected children. The kit even includes soap so that children learn about basic hygiene. This kit can also be donated to young children by going to the UNICEF site.

The Fun Dough Activity Kit is for kids who are aged 3 and above. This dough is available in 4 attractive colours. It has 8 sharp cutters of which 4 are in the shape of animals while the other 4 are in the shape of geometric patterns. This is reusable dough so that children can continue playing with it for long. It can help to boost the creativity of small children.This is soft and smooth dough which is non-toxic besides beiing environment-friendly. Buy this activity kit for Rs 159 on First Cry.

A Craft Kit

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Another gift for 5 year old girls can be a craft kit. In this, creativity is enhanced through visual art, drama, music, dance and play. Even though kids love to play on their own, there are times when they want adults to get involved with them in their play. At this time, a craft kit can extend the horizon of the little ones. These can be made from small items available at home. Or else, there are various craft kits available in the market.

Jack In The Box Little Fashionista 3-in-1 craft kit is simply unique and mesmerizing. It contains material to make three different projects - a headband, an owl felt pouch and a bracelet. The little girl can make designs out of paper and ribbon and stick it on the headband. Next is the owl felt pouch that can be made easily following the instructions given inside the box. This kit also contains a Girl Power Bracelet which can be worn as an anklet too. The little girls can design it the way they want and then wear it. This craft kit is available for Rs.495 on Amazon.

Builder Blocks

The toys for 5 year girl must make her smart and should help her motor skills. This is why building blocks are always recommended for small kids. There is a wide variety of blocks available that you can depending on her ability. We recommend the Fat Brain Toys Twig Modern Building Blocks are building blocks that are available in a large number of colours. There are 72 pieces in this pack which are are made of natural wood and painted with vibrant colours. This is an open-ended game for anyone who is above 3 years of age. These blocks are absolutely safe as the blocks are light and toxic-free. There is no limit on what all can be created by these blocks and they will refine her fine motor skills, develop logical thinking, problem solving and communication skills besides boosting her creativity. They can be purchased for Rs.3,195 on Amazon.

Karaoke Machine

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The toys for girls can include a karaoke machine too. This is because very few people realize that karaoke can help to develop the cognitive abilities of a child. Many kids find it difficult to read but all kids like to listen to songs. This is not as daunting as it appears. Start with singing along with your little angel then ask her to sing alone. This will help to improve her vocal chords as well as develop her public speaking skills. Besides, she will soon become the life of any party with her karaoke skills.

The Little Pretender Kids Karaoke machine comes with an adjustable mike along with flashing lights that can be moved with a pedal. There are 2 microphones for 2 singers. It can be used by kids as well as adults during a party. It costs Rs.8,207 on Amazon.


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The ultimate gift for 5 year old girls can be a bicycle. Learning to ride a bicycle is an important skill that every child must learn and teaching her how to is a rite of passage for every parent. This helps to develop her stamina as well as leg muscles and will be a cardiovascular exercise for her too. Many times parents discourage their little girl from cycling because they are worried that she will fall and hurt herself. In such a case, they can teach her some safety tips. This includes wearing a helmet and shoes while cycling. Besides, she should cycle only during daytime under adult supervision. A bicycle with trainer wheels will help increase her confidence as it will keep her stable while riding.

The Hero Blaze Hi Riser 16T Single Speed Junior cycle will be a perfect gift for a 5 year old girl. The frame is of rigid steel. This means that it will not rust and the cycle can be washed easily. The height of the seat is adjustable as per the comfort of the rider. This is a single speed cycle that does not have any gears and is priced at Rs 3,199 on Amazon.

A Book

Books will always be a person's best friend. This applies to kids as well as adults. Reading books is a habit that must be developed early. Reading together helps to strengthen the bond between parents and children, it helps in enhancing the vocabulary of young children. It helps them to know about new places, new people, different cultures, habits and much more. In fact, it makes the children thirst more for knowledge. Obviously reading helps kids to understand, recognize and write the language too.

The Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is going to take little girls on a flight of imagination. The author of this book is Elena Favilli. This book has a 100 stories of girls who are princess, sportswomen, entrepreneurs and simple people. It talks about their empowerment. This is a fantastic book for young girls as it tells them how to be strong and independent, even in the case of adversity. The hardcover edition of the book is available for Rs.416 while the Kindle edition is available for Rs 395 on Amazon. This is the perfect book to read to your little girl at bed time. It will help her relax as well as brace her to face the future.

Matching Pillow and Bed Set

Bed sheets with matching pillow are the perfect gift for 5 year old girls. The child develops during her sleep too. This is why the bed must be comfortable as well as beautiful. A large selection of fabrics, textures, colours and designs are available for people to choose from.

The Spaces Disney Princess Printed Cotton Kids Single Bed Sheet with Matching Pillow in Pink can be a gift for young girls who are 5 years old. This is made of pure cotton to provide maximum comfort. The design is both modern and traditional. This is why it will suit any kind of decor in the room. This gift is well-suited for girls who are 3 to 11 years of age. The pack contains one single bed sheet along with a matching pillow cover. It is priced at Rs.1,687 on First Cry.

Cute Backpack

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A backpack can be an excellent gift for girls on their 5th birthday for when she has to go to school, dance classes, sleepovers, picnics and so on. The backpack can be really handy in such cases. Just make sure that she uses it with care. It should be properly slung over both shoulders which will help to spread the weight across the body. Besides, it should be lightweight. Kids should not strain their back by picking up too much stuff. Hence excess baggage must be taken in another bag. The backpack must have padded shoulders as well as a cushioned back to provide comfort. These are available in various designs, colours and styles today. These look beautiful and are a utility item too.

The Barbie Blue and Pink Children's Backpack is for girls aged between 3 and 5 years. This has a first grade PVC print in the front. The outer case is made of polyester that makes the bag water-resistant, and it weighs only half a kilo. This means that small kids can carry it easily. It has a butterfly lock to keep the contents safe inside. There is a side pouch for keeping the water bottle. This attractive backpack costs Rs.594 on Amazon.

Bonus Gift Idea: Make Up Games with Things at Home

There is no need to buy expensive gifts for your 5 year old girl all the time, Let her have her own customized toys that are made for her, by her. Let her make a train out of cardboard boxes. She can use colours and spray paints to depict the people inside, or you can show her how to use matchboxes to make a phone set. There is a lot that can be done with paper ribbons. Make flowers, leaves and a lot more with them and hang them around the house. There can be nothing better than tiny boats made of paper to float in puddles during the rainy season or inside a bucket. Small puppets can be made through scrap cloth lying around in the house.

There are plenty of craft ideas for fun games which can easily be made at home. She her how to make them using books and videos. If you are good with your hands you can make her toys too, such as a stuffed rag doll, play tents made out of tablecloth or organise a dance party at home with the family or her friends.

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Get Creative

Five year old girls are wildly curious about the world around them, do not limit them to games and toys bought from the store. With their vivid imagination and thirst to explore they can make up games on their own and have a blast all on their own too. Buy toys and games that she can supplement with her own creativity. A good mix of toys, puzzles, educational games, dolls along with fun activities is the best way to keep her occupied, help her learn and enjoy herself.