Ramadan is the Month to Show Love and Respect Towards Allah as Well as His Creations! Wish Your Loved Ones with These Ramadan Mubarak Images for This Blessed Month!

Ramadan is the Month to Show Love and Respect Towards Allah as Well as His Creations! Wish Your Loved Ones with These Ramadan Mubarak Images for This Blessed Month!

Ramadan is the month of ibadat. It is the month to spend on mending your relations with the Almighty! But most important in this holy month, is to mend relations with your family and loved ones. The entire muslim community is drawn together, as if pulled towards each other by an invisible string. Reconnect with your near and dear ones with these heart-touching ramadan greetings!

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Introduction To Ramadan

Ramadan, a month that is categorized as one of the holiest festivals of the Muslim Ummah, began on 23rd April this year 2020. This holy month paves the path to heaven, for it is believed that the gates of heaven open during Ramadan and Allah forgives all sins during this holy month. Muslims from all across the globe observe fasts, that starts from dawn to the sunset; bear in mind that fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. Ramadan is also the impeccable month for Muslims to devote their time to other charitable causes i.e., zakat. In this way and many others, this month presents the opportunity for the believers to cleanse the soul, relocate attention to noble causes, and exercise self-discipline.

Throughout this month, Muslims greet each other by saying “Ramadan Mubarak”. The meaning of this greeting is “Have a Blessed Month”; it is just one conventional way to welcome friends, family and bystanders alike.

Enumerated below are a few of the many greetings that you can use to wish your friends and family even towards the end of this holy month.

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Greeting 1

As we bid farewell to this striking blessed month, I sincerely pray that Ramadan leaves you with a key to any and every closed door and sparkle a twinkle at the finish of any dark tunnel. May this month leave you in contentment, peace, and love. I wish you and your family a very happy Ramadan.

Greeting 2

The basic ingredients for Ramadan are love and peace. That said, I send you sincerest dua of love and wellbeing this Ramadan. I pray for your prosperity, health, and contentment. Ramadan Mubarak!

Greeting 3

Faith paves a path for new possibilities. Hope makes these possibilities work. Love allows you to see the beauty of the process. I hope Ramadan blesses you all three for now and times to come. Ramadan Mubarak!

Greeting 4

Be grateful for all the ups and downs that you’ve encountered this Ramadan. May utter faith and peace descend on you. My tranquility of Ramadan blossoms twice as much when I see you smiling. Allah has granted us so much but I cannot be more grateful for having you as a dear friend. I wish for endless things for you to be grateful for this Ramadan as well as the times to come!

Greeting 5

We’ve come a long way my friend. That said, may the blessings of Ramadan fill your life with happiness, togetherness, and triumphs in all areas of your life. May Allah enlighten all dimness, wash away any sorrows, and assuage remnant pains. I send my hearty prayers for you and your family. Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings With Images

Image 1

May this Ramadan takes us all on a spiritual journey that ended right at the doors of Allah where boundless mercy and endless happiness dwells. May our lives sparkle as the tints of gold in this image.

Image 2

May the holy love of Allah descend, just as these lanterns on the image, on our home and make it a piece of heaven. This Ramadan, may we find the tranquility and contentment in each and every sphere of our lives.

Image 3

Ramadan goes a long way to fulfill our prayers and kindle all hopes. May every minute to gigantic thing from our wish lists come true. Let’s have a mesmerizing and heavenly time even as Ramadan ends.

Image 4

After this miraculous festivity that is Ramadan, may we see the world with the eyes of a child, feel the wonders of love, and really relish all that the month had to grant! After all, this mesmerizing month is so much more than fulfilling Islamic obligations. It is also about showing you care. Let’s hope we catch the true miracle this Ramadan.

Image 5

May this Ramadan, we enjoy a delicious platter of happiness, love, and warmth. May we receive the best of the best for this Eid. May our lives be as vibrant as the colors of these lanterns!

Image 6

Like each Ramadan, this festivity enabled us to explore the Holy Book more readily. The pathways to success are reflected all over in the Holy Book Quran. I hope that this Ramadan allows us to find guidance as well as blessings as we reach the end of this beautiful voyage.

Image 7

Companionship is a firework that kindles each and every Ramadan season for us. As the blessed month ends, may Allah grants us a box full of blessings and prosperity for us to rejoice over! May our hearts house a permanent space for happiness, joy, and warmth through the companionship of our fellow Muslims.

Ramadan Gifts Along With Apt Greeting

White Cushion (Ramadan)

These creative white polyester cushions, presented by Islamic Shop, are a perfect gift for your loved ones for they accent the entire outlook of the house. They are made with high quality simplex knit fabric for a long lasting use. The print on the cushion highlights a fun statement: “Ramadan is about losing sins not weight”; however, they are also customizable with beautiful Islamic phrases. As the perfect complement to your loved ones’ couches, these cushions will make them the envy of the neighborhood.

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Ramadan White Cap

A white cap such as this is a wonderful gift to present to your loved ones, for it can be worn regardless of the season, as well as on any casual day. The casual cap wear, presented by Islamic Shop, is embellished with digital print appliques. The printable area size extends to 7 x 9 inches. A bonus point is that it is utterly lightweight. The fine, stiff cotton yard from which the cap is made makes it highly durable. Furthermore, it is a free size cap, with adjustable Velcro strap for use by people of all age and gender.

You can buy this at RS 300 from islamicshop.

Kufi Cap

This gorgeous kufi cap is handcrafted with high quality cotton blend. It’s an impeccable, pragmatic gift for Muslim men for kufi caps can be worn for daily namaz prayers as well as on festivities such as Eid. This particular limited edition kufi cap, exclusively made by The Kufi, incorporates beautifully striped mixed fabric design. This tweed mix semi-rigid kufi cap is imported all the way to India from UK. Its dimensions are 3in (7.62cm) high sidewall with 4.5in (11.43cm) to peak of kufi. It is available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

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This midnight metallic textured hijab is just the kind of gift that Muslim women yearn for. Its exotic, subtle metallic thread gives it a unique edge and makes it an impeccable companion for festivities such as Eid. It’s constructed of rayon blend material. The hijab’s lightweight makes it utterly convenient to carry. A bonus point with this particular hijab is that its elastic composition makes it very laid-back to work it around into all turbans as well as standard hijab styles. Lastly, it comes in the dimension of 180 x 70 cm.

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Prayer Mat

A prayer mat is a necessity of every Muslim man and woman. A prayer mat eventually becomes an imperative part of one’s life for it is used for prayers five times a day. Therefore, the Padam Enterprises has brought this exotic multicolored prayer mat for your loved ones’ comfort. It is available in both medium and large sizes for everyone’s easy use. One package comes with 6 prayer mats.

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5 Things To Do In The Last Days Of Ramadan

More Quran Reading

Islam constantly encourages Muslims to make the best of Laylatul Qadr during the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan. Quran (97:3) describes this night as "better than a thousand months". It is also the very night on which the Quran revelations began. Therefore, we suggest that you connect to Laylatul Qadr with more Quran readings.

Of course, you should seek to push yourself to do more good than usual during these nights. However, try also to read as much Quran as you can. Apart from reading Quran in Arabic or English, read a book that provides the methodical interpretation of The Noble Qur'an. Such a book will be a valuable tool for those who seek to enhance their understanding of the Quran. To accomplish this goal, try to drastically reduce television, facebook, and other socializing chores. After all, the Prophet (pbuh) tells us, "The best of you is the one who learns the Qur'an and teaches it." Al-Bukhari

Make Your Last Fasts Really Count

If you find yourself caught in bad habits even during Ramadan while fasting, put in an extra effort in the last few days of this blessed month, in order to become more aware of these behaviors and put a stop to them before they begin again. These bad habits can range from small bad things such as; swearing, gossiping and getting angry at little things, to big ones such as self-pitying. Take these last few days of Ramadan as an opportunity to completely get rid of the habits you find hard to eliminate otherwise. Take this not only as an opportunity for more sawab, but also self-improvement.

Pay Zakat

A plethora of Muslims pay this farz i.e. an obligatory pillar of Islam, on yearly basis. Many people call zakat the ticket to paradise. This is because it keeps the giver away from sin, as well as saves him from the moral ill that arises from the love and greed of wealth. If you haven’t paid zakat already, pay it during these last days of Ramadan to benefit from the greater spiritual reward that comes with zakat.

While paying zakat, do not forget the needy relatives, neighbours and friends. After all, charity begins at home. Try also to consider the hot spots of suffering in the current conditions i.e., the destitute who cannot fill their stomach due to lack of work in the COVID situation.

Dua, Dua, Dua

Dua means appeal, which means connecting with a divine being. Dua is a crucial part of a Muslim’s faith as well as his belief. Through dua, Muslims ask Allah Almighty for whatever they want in life, regardless of how big or small it is. Therefore, use as much of Ramadan’s last minutes to make dua as you can. Do not only limit yourself to the dua for day to day necessities, but also seek for Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.

Try to pour your heart out, asking from Allah who is already well aware of your needs and wants truly removes any barrier between Him and you. He certainly listens to us and satisfies our desires. Another upside of Ramadan is that it results in loss of arrogance. This is because when we make dua we submit to the fact that Allah only is the creator and everything is under His control.
As Prophet (SAW) said, “The most excellent worship is Dua.” (Sahih Al-Jami)

Call Your Relatives To Make Eid Plans

Islam puts maintaining contact with loved ones above everything else. In fact, the joyous festivity of Eid is not only about experiencing joy, but also sharing it with friends, family and strangers alike. Therefore, if you haven’t been able to keep in touch with your relatives, use these last Ramadan days to hit them up with an email, call or text about getting together for Eid-ul-Fitr.

For getting back in touch with the lost contacts, you could also send away an Eid gift from the list enumerated above. An e-Card from sites such as JibJab is also a creative idea. This site entails an option to use real photographs of your loved ones in the animated fun JibJab videos. Even something as simple as an ecard may be the perfect fun icebreaker that you need to revive lost relations.

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Maintain Your Practices After Ramadan As Well!

The purpose of fasting for a complete month is to instill healthy practices in our daily life. When we try to do good deeds for a complete month, they become more of a habit for us. Try to keep these habits alive; even simple ones such as not telling a lie or keeping your temper in control can be helpful for us. Try to read quran and pray five times a day even after Eid. Help the needy ones and keep in touch with your family all year around!