Put a Big Smile on Your Children's Faces Through Surprise Gifts on Eid! 15 Eid Gifts for Kids That the Little Ones are Going to Love (2020)

Put a Big Smile on Your Children's Faces Through Surprise Gifts on Eid! 15 Eid Gifts for Kids That the Little Ones are Going to Love (2020)

Celebration of any festival is very important fo kids. Kids always wait for festivals to come. why? because festivals come with gifts, food and new clothing. For us, festivals have different meaning and for them it's different. So why not gift them something this Eid, which will spread a smile of happiness on their little faces and it will make you the best parents of the year. BP-Guide has shared some tips before buying any gift and shared some of the all-time favourite gift items too. Have a look and it will definitely help you in selecting a perfect gift.

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Tips For Eid Shopping For Kids

Shopping for kids is always a complex subject to understand. When it is for a festival, it become more complex because no one can understand a kids mind. Currently, in 21st Century, kids see a various kind on television or social media and try to copy them, because of this too their understanding develops better than us. So for making shopping easy for us, BP-Guide have some tips to share, it may help you to build an understanding before buying something.

Make a List (and Check It Twice!)

There’s a reason for organizations to make checklists with each new season-it eliminates the hazard-which in our case would be to miss out on a special item for your kid’s gift. Making lists makes Eid shopping so much smoother. People tend to forget gifts, at least one or two, for their kids if they don’t write it down.

Instead of doing it the conventional way by listing down your Eid gifts on a piece of paper, opt for a creative app such as Todoist. This amazing free app, which is available for both iOS and Android, incorporates fascinating features that allow you to organize tasks by date as well as colour-code them. Its interface is also very well-designed and user friendly. Trello is another remarkable app, which is available for both iOS and Android, that allows you to pick, drop, colour-code, and work around with to-do list items in a way that many other apps do not facilitate.

Remember the ‘Forgettable’

One of the most frustrating things that get on the nerve of most people during the hustle and bustle of this festivity is the eleventh-hour trips to shops that they ought to make for the little things that they’ve forgotten. With times such as quarantine, it’s even harder to get hold of items that are small yet necessary. Therefore, from this Eid onwards, try to plan for an entire “forgettable” section. This may include gift wraps, gift tags, tape, ribbons, or anything that you can add to your kid’s gift. Do not forget the Eid cards or balloons that can be used to amplify the excitement for your kid’s gift.

For reminders, you can install apps such as TickTick. This free app, in both Android and iOS, is all ultimate efficiency app with amazing reminder tools. Its best aspect is the reminder schedule. You can set a reminder for a particular time, assign its priority, and decide if it should repeat. You also have the option to snooze the reminder for minute, hours, or days.

Utilize Credit Cards Wisely

It’s understandable if the preparations of Eid catch you off guard, this is particularly true at the last-minute-shopping when you are to buy a lot of gifts to fulfil your kid’s wish list that cost a hefty sum of money. However, do not let yourself get fooled by the technicalities of modern shopping methods. Of course, statements on shopping sites such as “you can get 15% or more percent off by using credit card” can be enticing but it’s not worth it if you can’t get your kid an affordable meaningful gift or use the credit card smartly. For smart use, you can ask your credit card company to alleviate your credit limit to an amount you know you can easily manage on a monthly basis.

Another wise step to take while shopping with credit cards is to pay your bill by the end of the month instead of letting it pile up at the Eid season and paying later with added interest. One tip to use them aptly is to never pay your bill late. A late payment can ding your credit score, and make it harder for you to issue a new credit card later in future.

15 Eid Gifts For Kids in 2020

Although there are lots of gift items available for kids but this always creates confusion. And going out during festive seasons is also time-consuming. So why to waste and get confused when BP-Guide can help you with choosing the best gift items for your kids and get them home delivered in a single click? Here we have selected 15 best Eid gifts you can buy for your kids.

My Ramadan Fun Book Paperback

The very first item in the list is a fun gift for kids that can both add joy to your kids’ festivity as well as teach them valuable lessons. My Ramadan Fun Book is for kids of ages 7-10. It includes meaningful activities along the theme of the importance of Ramadan, fasting, frequent recitation of the Holy Quran, respect for mosques, and zakat to contribute to the world. These messages are delivered to your child through word searches, crosswords, and other exciting puzzles.
You can buy this at Rs. 140 from Amazon.

Eid Tote Bag - Blue

This beautiful pink Eid tote bag is just the kind of gift that will make you a popular parent this Eid. You can fill this Eid Tote Bag with exciting knick-knacks and treats to notch things up a bit. Just fill it up with goodies, books, and toys to give your child after Eid prayer to start off their day beautifully. These reusable bags can be customized to have your kid’s name as well. This bag, with a dimension of 10 x 9 x 2.5 inches, is available in colours of pink and blue.

You can buy this at Rs. 1,339 from desertcart.in

Eid Songs

Eid ul Fitr is an occasion that calls for melodious fun and celebrations. After 30 days of Ramadan, every kid looks forward to a gift that adds hues of harmony to the festivity of Eid. To spread this harmonious feel with your kids, gift them these remarkable Eid Songs. This beautiful book of Eid tunes consists of 23 pages for a gift that lasts even after Eid. The author of these Eid Songs, presented by the famous Islamic Shop, is Fawzia Gillani.

You can buy this at Rs. 40 from islamicshop.in.

Maya & Neel's India Adventure Series

Who wouldn’t want to gift their child an adventurous series that teaches them about Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha, and Ramazan at the same time? This Maya & Neel’s India Adventure Series, published by Bollywood Groove, enhances listening skills, aids in establishing reading eagerness, and encourages an engrained, satiating Islamic self-image. Even though this 40 pages fun book it is meant for younger children, older readers can make use of it as well. Teachers and parents can utilize this as a source of teaching kids about the foundations of Islamic festivities.

You can buy this at Rs. 459 from Flipkart

Eid Mubarak Sipper

A practical gift such as sipper can assist in quenching your kid’s thirst on a day to day basis. This sipper will make carrying water as easy as pie. Your kid will be able to pour in both cold and hot drinks in it. Its highly durable metallic body enables the temperature of the drink to stay constant for long durations while the beautiful Eid Mubarak print is a visually pleasing addition. The sleek body of the zipper allows it to fit in a school bag as well.

You can buy this at Rs. 395 from onlinedelivery.in

Muslim Kids T-Shirt

Why should we limit style to adults alone? Kids have their own cool. Gift them this cool Muslim Kid T-Shirt, presented by Islamic Shop, which will make them not want to take it shirts off. It has a savage “Mini Muslim” print that catches the attention of others from a mile’s distance. Also, this t-shirt is made with 100% combed cotton coupled with single jersey to make it wrinkle-free and smooth. Your kids won’t feel hot in this fabric. A bonus point is that you can customize this shirt with colours and prints of your own liking!

You can buy this at RS 250 from islamicshop.in.

Cutie Teddy Holder

Is your kid a mini fan of teddy bears and stationary at the same time? Most kids are. Gift her this adorable gift hamper of sweet teddy with a joined pen holder this Eid. It is one of the gifts that your kid will be able to use on a day to day basis even after Eid. You can add mouth-watering chocolates, candies or cookies in the cup before it wraps it in a gift package. The entire package contains 1 teddy bear of 6 cm, 1 pen holder, 1 dairy milk chocolate bar of 14 grams, and 1 kit Kat chocolate of 13 grams.

You can buy this at Rs. 299 from giftalove.com

Fidget Spinner

This multicoloured Masterfitfit Metal will make you the parent of the year with your kids this Eid. This cool fidget spinner, constructed of cast iron, is ideal for both boys and girls. It’s optimal for kids above 4 years, and it is something that they can play with this Eid and days ahead. The average spin time of this gadget is 1-3 minutes; however, it varies with the power applied by the user. This lightweight item is designed for utmost comfort and long term use.

You can buy this at Rs. 399 from Flipkart

Boys' Gold Cotton Silk Kurta And Pyjama Set

This beautiful boy kurta, by the brand Vastramay, is ideal for festive wear such as Eid. It comes with a pyjama to contrast the kurta with. The very set radiates glow with hues of gold, which will make your son the centre of attention. The fabric incorporated to make this kurta is cotton silk, which makes it both easy to wear and radiate an ethnic feel as well. Match it with a golden juti or a mojari to make for the perfect attire this season.

You can buy this at Rs. 1,548 from mirraw.com

Girls Yellow & Maroon Yoke Design Kurta with Palazzos & Dupatta

This exotic kurta set, crafted with hues of yellow and maroon, is just the kind that will make your girl stand out in the crowd for any and every festivity. This ultimate package includes a kurta, palazzo, and dupatta. It is constructed with pure cotton fabric to ensure the utmost comfort of your kid. This enchanting kurta has calf-length, round neck, three-quarter sleeves, and flared hem. Match it with a golden khussa and multicoloured bangles to make the optimal Eid attire.

You can buy this at Rs. 989 from Myntra

Metal Bangle Set

This multi-coloured bangle set is here to cater to the needs of all young girls this Eid. Bangles are ethnic must-haves that have been in trend in the South Asian continent, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, for a long time now, this is because they are a zestful accessory to match with the feel of the season. This particular bangle set is constructed from alloy and metal base material to ensure easy slip in your kid’s hands. Each set contains as many as 38 bangles!

You can buy this at Rs. 499 from Flipkart

Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game For Ages 7 And Up

Do you remember playing the battleship games as a kid? Let this Eid be an occasion to pass on your favourites to your young ones. The best thing about this game is that adults can play this as well to unleash their inner kids. It’s a strategic game that involves the use of analytical skills. Also, it’s a portable game, this game comes with two portable battle cases so as to allow the user to dive into an instant game on the go. The game also comes with convenient storage space.

You can buy this at Rs. 1,816 from ubuy.co.in

Funcart Spiderman Crayons & Sketch Pen Stationery Set

This Spiderman Crayons and Sketch Pen Set, by the brand Funcart, is a spectacular way to bring wide smiles on the faces of your loved ones. It’s ideal for kids of age 4 years and above. This multifunctional set, which radiates the spider man theme making you the superhero for saving the day, comes with 8 colour crayons, 3 sketch pens, 2 pencils, 1 eraser, and 1 sharpener. It’s ideal for both girls and boys. The lightweight of the set also makes it highly portable.

You can buy this at Rs. 199 from Paytm-mall

PraSid Mini Musical Guitar

Let your kids tune into the zest of Eid with this Mini Musical Guitar by Prasid. This musical toy, ideal for both boys and girls, comes with a size of 12 inches. It’s very simple to carry as well as use. With it, your kids will be able to strike as many as 8 different sounds. The blinking lights add to its beautiful multicoloured exterior. Also, the nontoxic plastic material used to construct it is highly durable.
You can buy this at Rs. 259 from Paytm-mall

Hot Wheels 50 Car Pack

After 30 days of rigorous fasts, reward your child with this Hot Wheels exclusive car set. It contains as many as 50 cars. The storing case of the hot wheels is robust and usable for long durations. The hot wheel cars themselves are constructed from high-quality material to ensure durability. Lastly, the individual packages in which the cars come make them the perfect gifts for any occasion.

You can buy this at RS 5,199 from gifts2indiaonline.com

Edible Gifts For Kids

Although we talked about many materialistic gifts above but apart from those, because this is for kids, you can go for edible gifts too. Kids love eating chocolate and sweets. You will not regret choosing any of these edible gifts.

Pot Of Gold

This pot of gold, from Ooty, is the perfect amalgamation of homemade mixed treats to relish on this Eid. If your kid is a chocolate enthusiast, this is just the ideal gift for him! It contains an original melt of plain chocolate coupled with roasted almonds and cashews. Packed in golden wraps, this pot incorporates mouthwatering yet healthy snacks for your kid to munch on.
You can buy this at 787 RS from awesomeji.com

Teddy Bear Cake-Eggless

The very appearance of this cake will please your kid to a point of no return. This delicious chocolate flavoured cake comes in the shape of a brown teddy bear. Colour your kid’s Eid with saccharine tastes of chocolate with this 3 kg cake. The decoration on top of the cake may be varied as per the request, this customizable cake brings just the kind of meaning and tastes that one needs on Eid.
You can buy this at Rs. 4,695 from gifts2indiaonline.com

Chocolates and Cookies In a Jar

Every kid’s dreams of waking up to a jar jam-packed with chocolates and cookies. Chocolates and cookies are gifted on Eid to amplify the zest of the festivity with hues of saccharinity. Make your kid’s dreams come true with this spectacular gift of 10 heart cookies coupled with 8 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. You can add an Eid card inside the jar to amplify the joy!
You can buy this at RS 491 from indiagift.in

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Make It a Surprise

Kids love surprises so make sure to wrap your gift in a decorative manner. It should not be easy for them to recognise their gift. You can even make it playful by hiding the gift and make it more interactive. Kids love all these tricks and it eventually makes them more thoughtful and helps them in many ways. You can gift them with all the family members together. These are very small-small things but it will make a big impact while giving something top your small kid at home.