12 Eid Gifts for Men: Wish Your Hubby Eid Mubarak in Creative Ways With Unique Gifts for Husband on Eid 2020

12 Eid Gifts for Men: Wish Your Hubby Eid Mubarak in Creative Ways With Unique Gifts for Husband on Eid 2020

The mood is festive after a long month of fasting and the whole family is ready to let down their hair and celebrate Eid. Apart from the return of lunch and all the delicious food, the most looked forward to aspect of Eid are the gifts and eidi. BP-Guide India guides you to the best gift for husband on Eid and other gift ideas for for men that he will enjoy.

How to Figure Out What Your Husband Wants for Eid

Pay Close Attention to What He Says

Men are less likely than women to openly say what they would like but they do let on what they want. Remember he too is shopping for Eid gifts for everyone and may have been wistfully eyeing a product or came across something he would like. But with so many other expenses for the festivities, he may have simply left it on his online wishlist or shopping cart to review another time. Keep your eyes and ears open and you will be able to figure out what he'd like without having to ask him directly.

Don't Give Him Boring Things He Needs

It's the festive season, there is immense gratitude in the air for having made it through Ramadan. Now is really not the time to nudge him towards losing that extra weight that has crept up around his waitline, or prod him into reading more, or tell him he needs to start grooming himself better.

Confused about what we're getting at? But are you really? Wives have a way of indirectly getting their point across and you may feel a gym membership, a stack of books he never normally reads, a beard grooming kit or other such gifts are the perfect things to give him on Eid, but it's time to reconsider. These may be things he needs for self improvement, but give the poor man a break for at least a day or two and give him Eid gifts he will actually enjoy. That means no shirts, socks, handkerchiefs and other similar items of personal use. He may use these but they are hardly gifts.

Gifts Based on His Personality

Is your husband a deeply religious man who never misses a single namaz? Or is he the kind who is obsessed with gadgets or is deeply passionate about a hobby?

Is he a traditionalist who would love nothing more than a kurta pyjama chosen specially for him by his dear wife or will he be thrilled to have the latest fashion accessory?

When it really comes down to it, each man is unique with his ows tastes and preferences and to ensure a gift appeals to him, give him something he likes. Has he been patiently counting off the days of Ramadan so he could hit the gym with renewed fervor? Get him some nice gym wear or a cool bottle to remind him he can start working towards his goals.

Avoid Giving Him a Panic Attack

The year is 2018 and you may very well be a working woman who also happens to supplement the family income. Even if you share earnings and expenses, there are plenty of people to give gifts to, and hoardes of kids clamouring for their eidi.

Budget your expenses and try not to go overboard. Your husband may love a fine watch or cool gadget but avoid buying gifts that are obviously very expensive where your hubby breaks out into a cold sweat just guessing at the price tag.

Five Gifts to Give a Pious Hubby for Eid 2019

Waterproof Wudhu Socks

Does your husband hate missing his daily namaz, even when at work or when travelling? It can be difficult to complete the ablutions when travelling or at the office when he is dressed in formal wear with socks and shoes. Traditionally leather khuffayn, a form of socks were used, when a person could complete their wudu at home and put these on. Later they could simply wipe over the khuff to perform wudu again. These fulfilled the purpose but there are other impracticalities.

Enter DexShell Wudhu Socks, waterproof, non leather khuffayn. These lightweight socks fit perfectly at the workplace and inside formal shoes like normal socks. Though completely waterproof, they have a breathable membrane inner lining, making them very comfortable. They have also been tested and approved by Muslim scholars. Available in sizes small, medium and large, you can buy a pair from Amazon for about Rs.2,000.

Tayammum Pad With Dust For Dry Ablution

When travelling or unwell Islam has the provision for performing wudu with clean dust. Easier said than done though. Where is one to find clean dust with which to perform tayammum? Tayammum Pad With Dust For Dry Ablution is a 12 x 10 inch box containing a soft pad filled with clean dust to enable one to do wudu when water is not available or when a person is unable to use it. The easy to carry box is ideal for travel or when a person is unwell. Your husband may not need this on a daily basis but he will be glad to have such a backup for when the need arises and it can be used by others at home too. Buy it for about Rs.533 from dar-us-salam.com.

Luxurious Prayer Rug

A prayer mat is a very important aspect of a faithful Muslim's prayer and although he may already have a few, they may be well worn since he uses them all the time. Give your husband a beautiful new prayer mat like this Embroidered Islamic Prayer Mat Gift Box Set with Prayer Beads. This mat is available in other colours like blue, red, purple and turquoise. The mat itself has a thin weave and is made from chenille and embroidered with a floral pattern. The set also includes matching prayer beads and comes in a gift box wrapped with ribbon. Buy it for about Rs.2,080 from mymodefa.com.

Islamic Wall Art

Calligraphy holds an important place in Islam and a Muslim home can have no better ornamentation than beautiful wall art depicting verses from the Quran in stylised writing. Every home already has a few of these, framed in the traditional way and that's not the kind we intend. As our tastes change in a modern world, search for new styles that will inspire and awe anyone who looks at it.

There are all kinds of wall art, ceramic plates, replicas of the Kaaba and other memorabilia inscribed with verses that you can buy. These range in size and budget and you can find one that will suit your home. We were drawn by this Allah is Beautiful, Behiri on canvas. Taken from the Hadith, the words read Inna Allaha Jameel wa yuhibbu jamaal which can be translated as 'verily Allah is beautiful and loves beauty'. It is available in a range of different colour tones and can be bought for about Rs.7,000 from iradaarts.com.

Alcohol Free Perfume

Want to have your man smelling great but tired of giving him attar and oud based scents? We feel you. The choices in perfumes are limited because both men and women cannot wear scents containing alcohol, and the vast majority of fragrances do in fact have alcohol. But fret not, because options may be few but they are there. Aquamarine by Al Hala is a fresh unisex scent combining the best of fresh cucumber, lavender, citrus, jasmine, bergamot and white musk. The calming scent also has a hint of earthy tones and will keep him feeling fresh all day long. Buy a 100 ml bottle for about Rs.1,450 on takeit2day.com.

Cool Gadgets Your Man Will Enjoy

Few men can resist the compelling charms of gadgets, appliances and functional tools that have been made in creative ways. Find an area of interest that particularly appeals to him and buy his electronics and gadgets that are connected to it. Here are a few ideas that will also serve him when praying.

Hands Free Flexible LED Light

Source www.amazon.in

The Tech Tools PI-422 Twist A Lite - Hands Free Flexible LED Light will probably become the most used gadget in the house, with you and probably everyone else at home vying for it. It is essentially an LED light mounted on a chord that is both flexible enough to wrap around an arm, yet stays in place once positioned, making it ideal for a ridiculously large number of applications. It has 3 very bright LED lights which can be switched on and off individually.

He can use it to read at night, light his keyboard in the dark, use it as a quick access light at night or in case of a power cut, to name just a few uses. It can also be handy when he wants to recite from the Quran while travelling or at home without having to switch on a bigger light source. Buy it for Rs.2,590 on amazon.in.

Tablet and Cell Phone Universal Mount Stand

Source www.amazon.in

Our lives are unimaginable without the smartphones, tablets and plethora of other gadgets we surround ourselves with. They do simply our lives in many ways but they also create unique problems of their own. Take for instance the number of ways we use smartphones and tablets. A side effect is the discomfort which comes from holding these up while we surf, chat and watch videos. This problem is solved to a large extent by Pur Tablet and Cell Phone Universal Mount Stand with Suction Cup Base.

It can accommodate any smartphone and tablet measuring up to 11 inch diagonally, including iPhone, iPad, Kindle and Samsung Galaxy, and is designed to carry a weight of up to a kilo. The stand can be fixed at any angle and rotates 360 degrees to allow easy access in any position, and the silicon holding cable provides good grip without scratching the device. You can buy two different kinds of bases to fit different surfaces. This one is ideal for use in the office, in bed, in the kitchen as well as a car.

Buy it for Rs.12,979 on amazon.in.

Fun, Trendy and Totally Islamic Gifts for the Muslim Man

Beautiful Leather Journal

Every man must have a beautiful leather journal to pen down his thoughts, note his favourite verses or to keep an account of his life. We picked this Hanbaliya Leather Journal for several reasons - the history and culture it invokes, the beautiful hanbaliya Sadu pattern embossed on it's hand made cover, and the size.

Made with leather sourced in Abu Dhabi, this classic journal will only look better with time. The leather has been treated in a natural way and is free from chemicals, and the A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches) is a good size to carry around. The journal can be refilled with regular A5 pages. Starting at 38 KWD which is about Rs.13,000 (including a nearly Rs.4,000 rate to ship it to India), it is an expensive journal so if it doesn't fit your budget there are several other leather bound books you can find locally. But if you are willing to spend, this is a timeless and unique keepsake for him.

Order it from zericrafts.com.

Leather Wallet

Leather products have always been favoured as gifts for men and you can get your man some good quality leather accessories. Not only do they look very good, the leather ensures they last long. Wallets, belts, shoes and bags are some things you can consider. We did warn you earlier in the article not to give him boring gifts, but when considering these items look for products he usually wouldn't buy himself. They should be fit for daily use yet something of an indulgence. There is a fine balance between being indulgent and going over the top, which is why a preset budget can help decide.

We recommend a good wallet such as this two-fold Tommy Hilfiger Men Leather Wallet in solid black. It is a standard colour for wallets and will not draw unnecessary attention, but the finer details will appeal to him. Such as the rich smell of leather, the smooth finish and fine workmanship. It has two main compartments, 2 slip pockets and 8 holders for cards. It even comes with a 6 month manufacturers warranty. Buy it for Rs.1,424 from Myntra.

Marital Bliss Game

Eid is all about gratitude, for the many blessings we receive each day, and for the people in our lives, and what better way to appreciate them that to do nice things for them. What if there was a fun game that actually made you compete with your spouse to do sweet things for each other, and be rewarded for it? The good news is, there is.

The Marital Bliss Game is a card game consisting of 120 cards split into mission cards and reward cards, and can be played for a whole week! What do you have to do to play it? Challenge your husband to complete secret missions and win rewards. And what exactly are these missions? Sweet and romantic things you have to do for each other such as make dinner, bring home the groceries, help clean the house and lots more.

Each mission earns you points which win you rewards like breakfast in bed, an ice cream sundae or a shopping spree! This game has been highly rated by users and some have even said it saved or revived their marriage.

Buy it for Rs.1,039 from Uncommon Goods.

Tea Mug

Source www.etsy.com

Does your husband have a hankering for tea first thing in the morning, or are you trying to encourage him to rise early for the first namaz of the day? In either case this cute But first Fajr Then Chai Muslim Coffee Mug can be a nice gift for him.

The fajr prayer is an important way to begin the day and a mug which reminds him of this duty in a sweet way will be appreciated by him. The message is printed on both sides of the ceramic mug. The 300 ml mug is designed in the UK and each mug is hand stamped. Though it is both microwave and dishwasher safe, it is recommended to wash by hand to ensure longevity. Order it on Etsy for about Rs.835, shipping charges will be extra.

Halal Socks

Just how fashionable is your man? Does he wear the standard black socks with formal outfits or is he the type to experiment with funky colours and designs. Kudos to him if he falls in the latter category, we have also found some cool socks that he'd like to give a try. As for your black socks hubby, give him a pair too and he may just surprise you.

We suggest Halal Socks made by a Canada based firm started by a Muslim couple there which creates fun and creative socks that respectfully depict the Islamic way of life. In fact they have caught people's imagination is such a way that Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was spotted flaunting them very recently. They also have pins and pocket squares on offer but it's the socks that won us over.

Check out the cute and colourful designs for yourself, there is one with the theme chai tea, Eid moonlight, kulfi, happy Eid, Muslims of the world and Ramadan, among many more.

They are priced at $14.99 a pair on Halal Socks, which is roughly Rs.1,000.

Bonus Gift Idea: Make Him a Gift Hamper

Sometimes coming up with a single gift idea seems just so difficult as often our idea of a great gift is one big item. But it need not be that way, you can also buy your husband lots of small gifts and create a special gift hamper just for him. It takes the pressure of looking for that elusive 'perfect gift' and gives him lots of smaller gifts to enjoy.

The gift hamper need not even be in a hamper and the gifts can be added to any interesting container. Depending on what are the components of the gift are, one item can be used to hold the other gifts. To make it more interesting, use a mix of goodies, from small items for personal use, perhaps a few edibles and other knick knack. The great thing here is you can combine a number of his interests to make a really fun gift that he will enjoy discovering.

From our editorial team

Think Outside the Box

What kind of gifts do you wind up buying for the family each year? The new clothes, jewellery and household items are common and even needed for this wonderful day, but if you give your husband a set of kurta pyjama or some such gift year after year, it's time to do things differently. There is a lot more you can give him so think beyond traditional gifts and look to his interests, passions and dreams to come up with new gift ideas that will surprise and impress him.