Wondering What to Give Him for His Birthday or Just Because He's so Nice?Here are 12 Great Examples of Gifts for Boyfriend That Work for Most Occasions (2019)

Wondering What to Give Him for His Birthday or Just Because He's so Nice?Here are 12 Great Examples of Gifts for Boyfriend That Work for Most Occasions (2019)

Your boyfriend's big day coming up and you're at a loss as to what to give him? We help you figure out what kinds of gifts and experiences you can give him, from a day spend surrounded by adorable puppies to personal grooming products, cool electronics and more. Not only do we help you decide, there are some awesome examples of gifts that you can buy or book right away as well!

The Basis of Giving a Gift to Your Beloved

Giving a gift may seem like a very hectic task but here at Best Present Guide we have got you covered and with the help of examples, tips, gift recommendations and advice we help you choose the just right gift for him no matter what the occasion. Gift giving has somewhat become a tradition and with so many gifts pouring in from all quarters it becomes difficult to stand out, especially since it's your boyfriend. And apart from his family, you know him best, thus it's on to you to buy him a seemingly amazing gift. Giving a gift is actually a very important part as well as it makes you seem like you actually are very dedicated to this relationship.

12 Great Examples of Gifts for Boyfriend

Since you must have already had a list with all the specifications listed. Here are our top 10 picks to gift him.

Gift Him a Wonderful Experience

Rather than giving him a gift, include yourself in this experience and make it an event. In fact if he really likes this then you could go ahead and make it an yearly event. Your boyfriend often has done things for you and maybe not even mentioned them to you, so how about you repay him with a wonderful experience, because let's face it, things break but memories are something we can keep on reliving through photos and in our minds.

An All Expense Paid Trip

Is he the types who likes nature, or do you both like to go camping in the hills and cuddle at night in front of a fire. If your relationship has stood the test of time maybe you both could venture on an overseas trip to any location that seems right for you and him. If an international trip is too expensive or not feasible for any reason, there are plenty of options to explore right here in India.

Start with something near and cheaper. Find the best places and the best hotels on Trip Advisor. Travel websites like makemytrip.com not only allow you to book flights and make hotel reservations, they also have curated tour packages to domestic and international locations - choose from one of their packages or customise one of your own.

If you've put a year or so behind you and are willing to spend a little more on an international trip, we recommend Bali. The most beautiful place at all times of the year is Bali. It is like paradise on earth. With packages starting at Rs.15,120 per person you can go on for a vacation to paradise for a full week. Walk through the beaches with him and take photos while witnessing the beauty of nature. Find the suitable package at makemytrip.com.

Tickets to His Favourite Game

Since the 2019 Cricket World Cup is coming up and this might be the last world cup for Dhoni, how about you take your boyfriend to see him in action with helicopter shots out of the stadium. If not cricket, is he a fan of soccer or kabaddi? Check out all the events happening around you on bookmyshow.com. While you both are at the game you can enjoy not only each others' company but it will also give you a chance to share in his interests. You may or may not be a fan of the sport or event you're at but there's something special about being at a live event that can spark an interest in you as well; if it does, that will be one more thing for you to enjoy together.

A Romantic Dinner Date

How about a fancy dinner at your favourite restaurant? Put on your favourite dress, maybe the dress he bought you or the one he first saw you in. Make a reservation through zomato.com for your favourite restaurant. You can also visit ezdiner.com and make a reservation and inform the restaurant if you would like any extra instructions to be given.

A dinner with him will help you reconnect and also strike a bond over food. It's always going to be thoughtful to try out his favourite dishes, and his favourite wine. Pair some good dishes with his favourite drinks and let him enjoy the feast, just you and him.

A Puppy Retreat

Are you both dog lovers? Then this might be the cutest surprise to give him! Take him to a place filled with these cute little puppies. Dogs are actually often known to be good stress relievers and also tend to help in releasing endorphins thus making people happy. At oyehappy.com you can make a booking and go ahead to enjoy this Furry Retreat. At Rs.1,390 you can visit all these little furry friends for one hour at an animal shelter and spend the day surrounded with dogs vying for your attention. This will be at an animal shelter which is providing a home to dogs in need.The booking is valid for a month from the date of purchase and you can make an appointment for your visit according to your convenience.

Give Him Something He Will Love

If you can't get off on the weekend then you could go ahead and gift him something that he would love and remember you by. Gift him something he can keep with him, but make sure to give him something he can use on a day to day basis. At times people would like to collect the little precious items and hold them dear. Research proves many a times people would actually treat something given by their loved one as a lucky charm and hold it dear to them.

His Favourite Jersey

If you can not take him to watch his favourite team then go ahead and get him the jersey. Whom is he a fan of—Ronaldo, or Messi or Neymar? Knowing his dislikes and likes will come handy for this one. Gifting him a jersey will also earn you brownie points when he is having a game night and because of the jersey he will also be constantly thinking of you. His friends will compliment the jersey but you will be the one who he will be thanking for this amazing gift. At amazon.com you can buy the jersey with a range of prices and the best quality of cloth to help him stay comfortable yet sporty.

A Phone Cover

A phone is one of the easiest ways to communicate with someone. Nowadays everyone values their phone more than anything else, something like a lifeline, so how about get him a cute cover to protect his phone from the daily falls it goes through. At cyankart.com you could choose from a variety of categories to go through for all the phones in the market. Customise the cover according to what type of movies or games he is fond of. If you want to gift him something for your anniversary you can also go ahead and print a photo of you and him on it or maybe a favourite quote you both like.

The Charcoal Gang Grooming Combo

Oily skin is the worst isn't it? Well not if it avoids you from getting wrinkles. But hey, charcoal is a saviour isn't it. It removes dead skin and open pores to allow skin to breath. Now by entering your email address you can also get 15 per cent and also 20 per cent off on your first order of these grooming products designed specially for men.

For Rs.2,499 you get a cleansing gel, soap bar, face scrub, face wash, shampoo and body wash at themancompany.com. Charcoal not only helps with clearing the skin but with this all rounder pack his skin will look fresh and clear the blemishes that might be there. Since many guys are actually shy of using such products maybe you can get in touch with his that side and it could be a secret you both can hold on together forever.

A Netflix Subscription

With Netflix making its way into the Indian market, we can now watch the top shows at our convenience and even the latest movies such as Soorma and Sanju. With the basic plan which costs Rs 500 per month, standard plan which costs Rs 650 per month and lastly premium plan where you'll need to pay as high as Rs.800 a month. Most people tend to go for the plan that costs less -- that is Rs.500 or Rs.650 plan, you can now sign up at netflix.com. Netflix is now a very hot topic in India, as it has been globally for a while, as most of the youth choose this as the go to places to watch series and also it is a benefit as it avoids piracy and delivers best HD content to the users. So if your boyfriend doesn't already use it, or his subscription is coming to an end, you can give him a gift of Netflix and chill.

Bluetooth Headset

With most smartphones nowadays coming with no headphone jacks, this is the best thing to gift to someone who loves music. The V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones provides a noise cancelling and immersed hearing experience can be used wirelessly as well as with wire. This also comes with special engravings and customizations possible. Buy them on headphonezone.in for Rs.18,990. Not only will these headphones look cool on him but the sound quality of this product will amaze him, with amazing battery life these will be his go to choice when it comes to music.

Examples of Something Personalised for Him

Personalised gifts show more love since extra effort will be put into it. So if you are ready to go an extra mile gift them something just for them . This gift could something that reminds him of you always. Since this is a gift just for him it will be perfect to make it about just him, it is always a wise option to make the person feel wanted and loved by making something that belongs just to him.

Personalised Cushion

Source www.fnp.com

Starting at Rs.349 on fnp.com you can get a nice soft cushion with a photo of you both; even better throw in a couple of bucks more and get him an LED cushion for his bedroom not only will this lighten up his room but also light his face up with a smile. Since these cushions are filled with Recron they are very comfortable to sleep on.

Engraved Pen

Is he in the office a lot and keeps loosing his pens? We all have been through that issue. How about get him a special pen that he could keep with him, and since it's personalised with his name, anyone will think twice before picking it up from his desk at work. Get him a pen with his name or initials engraved on it . Then pen won't be of cheap quality and would actually be a Parker pen. for Rs.849 you can get him a set of Parker Vecter Steel Pens, engraved with his name from printvenue.com.

Personalised Night Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

You both just sitting together talking about life in the dark and there is a mid lighting of a beautiful lamp you got him with a little cute doodle written on top. At amazon.in you can get that very night lamp at Rs.598. You could get your photo printed on top of that. This Personalised Night Light Doodle Bottle Lamp by Gifts by Meeta can be custom printed with your message, but it comes adorned with a marker pen with which you can write your own message on the bottle and give it to him. The best part is it can be wiped clean to make space for a new message any number of times.

Deciding What to Give Him: 4 Factors That Will Help You Figure it Out

Choosing a gift can be quite difficult as it portrays what you think of a person. While deciding a certain gift there are many aspects that we need to keep in mind, such as the person's preference, the age and the occasion that the gift is for. Since it's a special occasion you would want to give him the best unimaginable gift he could ever get, and also to let him know that you are well aware of his likes and dislikes.

  • The Length of the Relationship
    The length of a relationship is a big consideration as it states not only your budget but also because you wouldn't want to scare them with something too big or expensive during the early stages. If you've just started dating, you want to make sure you don't go overboard — don't spend a lot of money; buy something impersonal but still thoughtful. If you've been together for many years, you want to get something that's meaningful — you're allowed to go all out on a fancy gift or fun trip.

  • His Age
    Age is a pretty picky topic when it comes to buying a gift for someone. Though age is what makes people wise and wine taste better its a topic noone likes being reminded off. But its obvious what he liked 3 years ago isnt what he likes now. If he is in his 20s you could opt for something more like a tech savvy Gift and above that you could take him on a trip outside to relieve his stress.

  • What's the Occasion?
    Gifts usually change according to the type of event that is going on, such as if it is a birthday they you could opt for a surprise party and invite his colleagues as well. Give him fun and useful gifts or things he's been wanting for a while. If this is a anniversary then you could plan something personal and take him out on a trip so you both can spend some time together and give him romantic gifts that express your emotions.

  • A Suitable Budget
    The budget you choose will define the vast array of choices that there are. You will need to jot down all the aspects of the selections possible, and along with that you need to look at the amount you could possibly spend by going through you monthly expenditure and viewing the savings you have. The type of event and age of relationship are both important factors in determining the size of the budget. The rule of thumb is to go with inexpensive gifts at the start of a relationship.

Some Take Away Tips for a Healthy Relationship

While finding a gift is difficult, it's always better to keep it small and sweet in order to avoid any mass expenditure and create awkward expectations in the future. At times more than an item something someone longs for is attention here are a few take away pointers to help you give an experience they will always remember.

  • Talk to each other: talking is the most important part of the relationship because that's how it began, with a 'hi' and to make sure it lasts forever you need to make sure you both talk always. Talking stuff out tends to not only release tension but also to avoid any problems that are caused. Miscommunication or no communication is often the reason why people lose interest.

  • Tell him what you love about him: nothing speaks louder than you making him feel loved, he chose you out of all the girls so make him feel like he made the right choice. Everyone wants to be loved and feel loved. So if you can't get him a present maybe just talk to him about how much you love him.
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Make him a gift yourself

Handmade gifts can be the most personal and sweetest kind for one simple reason - it has been made for him and him alone. That alone can be a heady rush for the person receiving it. Choose something simple or intricate depending on how skilled you are at crafting and time at hand, but it should tell him what he means to you. Homemade gifts work really well for unexpected surprises.