10 Ideas for a Sweet Gift for Boyfriend and Other Cute Surprises for Him (2018)

10 Ideas for a Sweet Gift for Boyfriend and Other Cute Surprises for Him (2018)

Sometimes a small gift is all you need to convey the depths of your emotions. It doesn't have to be expensive or flashy, just something sweet and thoughtful that will touch his heart. BP Guide India brings you lots of ideas for cute and small gifts for boyfriend, homemade and romantic gifts for him that not only display your emotions but also allow you to get creative and put your own special stamp on the gift and on his heart.

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Three Features a Sweet Token of Love Must Have

It Must Be Super Cheesy

There, we said it. But sometimes cheesy is good!

Normally, we decide on doing something simple as cliche things are very cheesy. But, sometimes doing romantic and cheesy things are good for improving the bond and forming a stronger relationship. This will give a good idea to your boyfriend about how important he is to you.

Maybe watching a film while cuddling together is a good idea. You could also decorate your place with candles and invite him over You could express your love to him and play romantic songs by encouraging him to dance with you. This small little gestures will make him love you more.

It Should Be Thoughtful

While giving a gift, do not just randomly pick something up. Think about their preferences and choices. Choose something based on their choices and preferences. Remember, it is not about you. For example, if you like the colour pink, do not gift him a pink t-shirt. He may not like it. Gift him something that he would love. This will make him admire you more.

Give him a Star Wars mug because he's a fan and is always drinking his coffee out of a battered old cup; or a good water bottle because he's constantly on the move and doesn't hydrate as much as he should. Get him a protective phone cover because he's often dropping and damaging his phone; or perhaps a cute keychain so he remembers to carry his keys. These small yet thoughtful gifts show how he's always on your mind.

It Must Bring Him Happiness

Gift him something that brings a smile on his face. You could stalk his wishlist on Amazon and order those items. You could also remember your conversations and figure out if he has mentioned of buying something to you. It will be unexpected and will thrill him to bits.

You can also consider creating or making something of your own. Bake his chocolate cookies or his favourite strawberry cake. You can also create a scrapbook of all your memories. This will definitely bring a smile on your boyfriend's face.

Ideas to Add Your Own Special Touch to a Gift for Him

Customise the Gift

Customised gifts have their own charm. The recipient realises its value and feels special. Also, they are kept and cherished forever. You could consider making a gift or even get it personalised from the market.

A lot of websites and shops offer the option to customise gifts. Gift him a mug with his picture or a photo frame with a picture of him and you. If nothing works, then simply give him a note expressing about your feelings for him with a normal gift.

A DIY or Homemade Gift

DIY Gifts are not only special but also cost effective. If you are running low on your budget, then you can pinterest it up. Most of the projects require normal things that are present in the house only.

DIY Gifts are also very enjoyable. They help you flow your creative juices. Even you will be satisified with the gift and the recipient will be more than happy on receiving it.

10 Super Sweet Gifts to Pamper Your Boyfriend

Do something cute and romantic for your boyfriend. Plan a weekend getaway with him. Decide on a place you both enjoy. Brainstorm and plan it properly. You could also opt for planning a date night for him. Choose a good restaurant and make sure to order his favourite cuisine. You can plan an indoor date as well. Alternatively, it is great to surprise him with tickets to the latest movie or concert. Then slip him a small gift as well.

Love Letter

The road to a successful relationship is based on the art of proper communication. Always listen carefully to what he has to say. The same way, express yourself too.

In the age of digital media, love letters have almost faded. Thus, sending him a love letter will have an old world charm. Pour your heart out on paper and write everything that will make him feel special. The plus point is that he can preserve it forever and keep on re-reading it whenever he feels like. If you want to give it to him in an interesting way, send it in the mail the old-fashioned way.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are very common but never go out of style and make wonderful gifts. In fact, the person will be reminded of you whenever he plans to use it. A coffee mug is also a very useful and practical gift. This Coffee Lens Emulation Camera Cup from flipkart.com is a great option, especially if your boyfriend is in love with his camera.

It comes in black colour and is made of plastic. It comes in a shape of lens and looks super quirky. It has a capacity of 400 ml and is priced at Rs.269. Thus, it is a mug but with a twist. So, your boyfriend will surely appreciate it.

Surprise Him with Glazed Donuts

Almost everybody loves donuts. If your boyfriend also has a sweet tooth, then surprising him with a box full of donuts will be a good idea. Such little gestures also mean a lot in a relationship. If not donuts then pick up a box of any other sweet or savoury treats he likes.

Mad Over Donuts has a lot of delicious and crazy flavours and gift box options. The box of 6 has an option to select from classic, assorted and signature flavours. The price ranges from Rs.280 to Rs.447, depending on the flavours you choose. Order them online at moddelivery.in.

Honey Lollipops for Him to Lick

A gift not need to be something big or precious. Something small and cute can also do wonders on your partner. It is always the thought that counts. Small things can ignite cute romance between you. Also, the emotions behind the gift can show the person how important is he for you.

Thus, ordering Little Colds Honey Pops Lollipop from amazon.in is a great gift. Especially, if he has a sore throat then this is the right product to gift him. Even without cold he will love licking them. It is made with real honey. A box of 10 pops is priced at Rs.1,403.

Plan a Romantic Night

In this busy life schedule, it has become very difficult to spend time with your loved ones and family. Thus, plan a nice romantic date with your boyfriend. It is healthy to spend some quality time with him and ignite the romance.

Choose a good restaurant or a cafe for the date. Book a nice corner table in advance. If you know what he likes, pre-order the meals as well. You can also instruct the steward to not disturb you much. You could also plan an indoor date by keeping it casual. Watching a movie on Netflix with popcorn and coke also works. Going for a walk in the park is also a good idea.

Messages in Balloons

Gifting something unique is not only thrilling for the recipient but also for the gift giver. Get hold of a bunch of balloons, fill them with cute messages for him then have them filled with helium so they rise up to the ceiling.

Either write a message on different notes and put it in the balloon and then blow air in it or tie your love messages with the strings of balloons. You can blow the balloons and leave it in the room. Plan this surprise before he enters the room. The LED balloons come in a set of 25 pieces. Thus, you can choose to write 25 different message. This would truly be a very different surprise for him.

For this you can buy Jiada LED Balloons for Party Festival Celebrations from amazon.in. This is a pretty packet of balloons. They are used for party decorations, but you can do something totally new with them. The balloons are priced at Rs.325.

Man Cave Sign

Source www.amazon.in

Give him this for laughs! Is he always complaining about people not respecting his privacy or barging into his room? Even if he doesn't men like their personal space, a lot. He will get a huge kick out if having a sign on his door that expressly asks people to stay out.

Man Cave Enter At Your Own Risk Metal Door Sign from amazon.in is a totally different kind of gift. It is a metallic door sign with a quirky caption. Your man will definitely love receiving something so different. He can decorate his room door with this. Plus he will be seeing it daily while entering his room and thus will be reminded of you everyday.

It is a small sign board and weighs of 181 grams. The dimensions are 20.5 cm by 23.9 cm by 1 cm. It is priced at Rs.1,619. It is a bit expensive but if your budget permits then it is a unique gift to give.

Love Video Slideshow

Make a romantic video or slideshow. Plan it in advance and collect all the different pictures of the two of you. Choose the software in which you want to edit everything. If it is any occasion based, then make sure to add the suitable taglines. Ask for help from a friend if you are not very good with image and video software.

You can also add your favourite romantic songs in the background. Apps like Picasa and Animoto are very easy to use and will help you make a lovely video in no time. Making something like this instead of the usual scrapbook can be a good idea.

Origami T-Shirt

Source www.koovs.com

If everything fails, then gift him some clothes. Tees are a good option because he can never have too many t-shirts! This Blue Saint Origami Printed T-Shirt from koovs.com is a good gift. The t-shirt comes with a print of the origami paper folding technique. You could gift him something pesonal like a t-shirt and hence it will be a good memory for him. He will obviously think of you whenever he wears it. And when it gets old he can use it as sleepwear and fall asleep thinking of you. This makes it look unique and quirky. It has short sleeves and is slim fit. It comes with a crew neckline and is made of cotton. The t-shirt is priced at Rs.295.

Banana Love Message

On early mornings when he is dashing off to work, what's the quickest breakfast that your boyfriend can grab? A banana with maybe a glass of milk? Or if you're a sweet girlfriend who sometimes packs him a lunch bag, slip in a healthy fruit for him with a cute message on the banana. It will be such a pleasant surprise for him. These banana love notes are really popular now and a great way to help your sweetheart start his day with a smile on his face. How to make a banana love note? Simply grab a permanent marker and start scribbling your message!

If your man is into reading instead, then also leave a book with the same theme. Notes on a Banana: A Memoir of Food, Love, and Manic Depression is a wonderful read. The author of the book is David Leite. And it has a banana on the cover! The similarity will be funny and cute but it is a beautifully written book which takes the reader through a journey of the author's mental illness and struggles of self discovery. It has great reviews and is said to be an entertaining and a splendid book. The hardcover edition of this book is priced at Rs.688 on Amazon.

Make a Greeting Card for Him

Whatever you want to express, from " I miss you" to I love you", a greeting card is always a good idea. Dump the digital greetings and make something creative for him. The simplest way is by sticking a photo of the two of you on card paper, fold in half and write a sweet message with some colour pens on the inside.

If you are not sure about making a card then you can look up ready made greeting cards. There are several number of shops and online stores that sell them. Always gift a card to him on special occasions and even otherwise on regular days.

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Keep it casual

Some presents require you to go the whole hog - drama, suspense and a dramatic presentation, others are best quietly slipped into his hand as you sit sipping tea together, or left for him to find as he goes about his daily work. Don't announce it in advance, don't let him know you've got something for him and don't make a big deal of it. These subtle moments are just as important as the dramatic proclamations of love.