Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriend, Romantic: The Best Gift Ideas to Say I Love You to Boyfriend (2020)

Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriend, Romantic: The Best Gift Ideas to Say I Love You to Boyfriend (2020)

It's hard to find gifts which are romantic but not cheesy. This is where we come in. We have done an extensive market search to find the best gifts for you which are high on the romance factor but not overly mushy.

All About Love, Romance and Boyfriends

Almost all of us have been struck by the beautiful feeling of love at some point in our lives. For those who have not experienced it yet, they are bound to experience it sooner or later. When this thing called “love” strikes somebody, they are in a different world altogether. Their feelings, their emotions, their perspective towards life, their attitude towards people, everything becomes different when people are in love.

As kids and in later years of life also, we have all experienced love. We have loved, and we have been loved; by our parents, brothers, sisters, friends and relatives. But romantic love is different, it is more intense, it is different from all of the ones experienced before and it is a new feeling altogether. Loving and being loved are two most sacred and beautiful feelings that add more value and richness to our lives.

It is said that when people feel this intense closeness, they are happier and healthier. It gives a feeling of being important in somebody’s life, it makes you feel secure. The kind of love we feel in romantic relationships is its own unique type of love.

Don't Let Your Boyfriend Go if He Possess These Three Qualities

The term “boyfriend” is generally used for the man who you choose as your companion or life partner. It defines a regular male companion with whom one is romantically and/or sexually involved. A normal relationship usually starts as a short-term committed relationship with the prospect of culminating into a long-term relationship. It is good if your boyfriend has the qualities of a potential life partner. You have known him for long and have spent enough time with him to know both his good and bad qualities. He knows and understands you in the best possible way. This is what you need to spend a beautiful life together. If you think your boyfriend possesses these 3 amazing qualities then do not let him go.

He is Respectful to Not Just You but All Women

A man who knows how to respect a woman has won more than half the battle in his life. It is his good heart and kind nature that makes him the best man for you and that makes him the lifelong choice for you. There are few people in this world who know how to gracefully respect a woman. If your boyfriend has this quality, don’t let him go away. Plan to and try to make the relationship stronger and better so that you find a life partner in him eventually.

He is Straightforward and Speaks His Mind

This is a quality that is found after looking with a magnifying glass! Oh boy! People in this era are way more complicated than they used to be earlier. So if you have found a boy who is loving, caring and straightforward too, grab up on him, don’t let him go out of your life. Being straightforward means a lot of things; that he expresses his emotions clearly, that he stays upfront when in social gatherings and that he asks for whatever he needs clearly.

He is Focused and Has Clear Life Goals

Of course, love cannot feed you for the lifetime! One has to be dedicated and focused on his own life and towards making a career that is respectful and well paid for. If your boyfriend has found the way towards his goals, and if he is in a content place in life; he is the one for you. If he is focused on his life, he is the best man for you.

Top 10 Romantic Gifts for Boyfriends

You have so many gift options nowadays that are not just romantic but also very useful and trendy in their look and feel. However, when one sees so many options, one is bound to get confused and become indecisive about what they want. The same can be the case with you as you may not be able to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend. We have tried to make it easier for you by compiling a list of some of the best gift ideas on the internet for your boyfriend. These gifts are trendy, useful and something that will steal his heart for sure. The top 10 gift ideas for your boyfriend include.

Couple Watches by Revogue present a classic couple watch which is going to lure your boyfriend and make him feel like the best man on this earth. And the added advantage of getting a watch for yourself makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. Be it his birthday or you have met after long, this gift is sure to make him happy. This is available at Rs.3,990 at

10 Red Roses with Cake


Roses...roses name the tales of romance. They are meant to be super romantic. The thought of red roses makes you feel special. And these can be the perfect romantic gift for your boyfriend. It is rightly said that red is the colour of love. It has a warmth, a softness that cannot be side lined if somebody gifts you beautiful flowers of this colour. So pair up the bunch of 10 red roses with the cake of his choice; may be red velvet (to keep the romance on!) and make him feel special on any occasion. The combination of red roses beautifully wrapped with a chocolate truffle cake is available at Rs.1,149 at FnP.

Signature Essentials for Him

For the boy who is conscious about his self, about his skin and overall appearance. presents a range of signature essentials at Rs.3,050. This is a great gift for the romantic one, who will love to have these essentials from him, girlfriend. Let him feel how much you care about him and his looks.

These products pure, natural and detoxifying and balances pH level. They also soften and nourishes the skin. The box contains a Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser (50 ml), Pure Vetiver Water (50 ml), Mint Lip Balm (5 gm), Khus Natural Soap (120 gm), and a Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream For Men, (50 gm).

Emoji Series Winky and Flushed Face Coffee Mugs - Set of 2

Who says romance and humour can't go together? The Wink and Blush emoji coffee mugs from Weird Wolf is perfect for people whose life is full of love and laughter. These 12-ounce ceramic coffee mugs have a capacity of 350 ml each. They can be used to drink milk, tea or coffee. Buy the quirky set for your boyfriend for Rs.899 from

Cute Couple Cushions

For those cuddly moments, find these cute couple cushions on floweraura at Rs.799. This is dedicated to all the love-birds who are connected by heart and soul. This set of couple cushions contains two comfy and cute cushions that tell a love story. The cushion dedicated to the female quotes "I will love you" and the other cushion dedicated to the male says "till the day after forever". Makes a perfect romantic gift for all occasions.

Special Flower Hamper


Ferns and petals always have it grand. When it comes to a romantic gift for your boyfriend, do look forward to this special flower hamper by ferns and petals at Rs.1,649. It contains: Bouquet of 12 Red Roses, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates - 5 (12.5 grams each), White & Red coloured Teddy Bear and a Truffle Cake - 500 grams. The red roses are beautifully tied with a red paper sheet and a red ribbon bow combined with a white and red coloured teddy bear, Cadbury dairy milk chocolates and a mouth-watering chocolate truffle cake that will make your boyfriend feel special.

Personalised Night Light Doodle Bottle Lamp, Multicolour

This is completely unique and exciting; it is a very different way of making your boyfriend feel love and to spice up the romance between you two. Available at Amazon at Rs.615, this personalized night doodle bottle lamp allows you to create your own doodle and light it up at night when cuddling up for those romantic moments.

Denver Gift Pack

Available at Flipkart at Rs.397 this Denver gift pack is a very thoughtful gift for your boyfriend. Be it any occasion, he is surely going to like the misty fragrance of this video and perfume combo. Can be used on multiple occasions, this fragrance is the one that will make him feel special and bring in your thoughts whenever he uses it.

Personalised Car Accessory


Men love their cars, well most of them! And if you take care of their cars and leave your memories and make them special even in their cars, what can be more romantic than this! Gift Cart presents a range of personalised car accessory at Rs.599. There are options of adding your picture and a quotation of your choice to make the gift more special and romantic.

Open When Letters

Oyehappy never fails to surprise us with their special range of gifts. This unique gift is priced at Rs.1,440 and is a completely romantic thing when it comes to choosing the best gift for your boyfriend. The surprise comprises a set of 7 letters where each letter is meant to be opened in the event of a specific mood only. Inside each letter is a little gift to go with the mood. All the envelopes are packaged in a beautiful gift box for that extra romantic feeling.

Whatever the Occasion, Make it Extra Special

Sometimes gifts are not just enough. You need to set the mood and the tune for the event. Different elements like food, music, movies and so much more can set the tone for the kind of romantic evening (or even day) that you are looking for. It will surely make the day an eventful one and also be remembered by the two of you for ages to come. There are a lot of things that you can do to make the day extra special whenever you give the gift to your boyfriend. You can make use of the following ideas which will help you in making beautiful memories with the man you love!

Take Him for a Romantic Dinner

All occasions are special when it comes to spending time with your boyfriend; rather occasions are created when you are with your boyfriend. With all the gifts that you have planned to give on the special occasions, make it extra special by adding your personal touch. Take him out for a romantic dinner. Reserve a table in advance and ask them to give you a dimmed lit atmosphere, the perfect candlelight dinner that you will cherish forever.

Go for a Day-Out

When your boyfriend is around, you feel like spending the maximum time with him. And when the day is special, it calls for a day’s outing with him. Plan things in advance like watching a movie together or if he is adventurous, plan a trip to nearby hiking place or camping for a day. Do all that you can in that one day to make him feel more close to you. Have lunch at a place that is favourite for both of you, spend some time walking around the streets and then end it with a perfect romantic dinner.

Relax and Watch a Movie

For all the movie fans, for all those boyfriends who wish to stay forever on that couch and watch movies, this is the perfect plan to make his day more special along with the gifts that you have planned for him. Set up a theatre at your home with all the snacks readily available or simply slip in your pyjamas and go out for a movie. Nothing can be more special than cuddling and getting close to your boyfriend over a romantic movie.

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Find romance in the little things

Make everyday phenomenal with little romantic moments with your lover. Little things like sharing a plate of food, watching a favourite TV series together, playing a game of scrabble or just getting wet in the rain are little moments of happiness that you can share with your boyfriend.