12 Gifts to Give a College Student: Fun Stuff, Useful Things and Cool Tech That is Extremely Popular Among Teens in 2019

12 Gifts to Give a College Student: Fun Stuff, Useful Things and Cool Tech That is Extremely Popular Among Teens in 2019

If you have a hard time keeping up with the latest trends among teens and need to give a college student a really great gift, you've come to the right place. Our gift ideas have been carefully hand picked and check all the right boxes for the average college kid, and if you're a student yourself looking for interesting ideas, you will find this useful too!

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When Should You Give Gifts to a College Student

Perhaps it's their graduation or maybe they're going back to college from vacation. Whatever be the case, if you are looking for the best gifts for a college student, you've come to the right place as in this article, we are going to tell you all about the best college student gifts you can give to that special scholar in your life.

Some Good Tips for Choosing the Best Gift for a College Student

College going students have their own needs and wants and it's important to keep them in mind while getting a gift for them. That is why we are going to tell you some good tips you can benefit from while choosing the best gift for a college student.

Give Them Something Cool

All college students have a secret desire of being cool. After all, they're in college not just to study but also to socialise and make connections with people. College students care about their image and want to look good in front of their friends. They also want the admiration of their peers so if the gift helps them look cool, they will appreciate it a lot.

A Useful Gift is a Good Gift

College students are pressed for time because they have to socialise, take care of their health and of course, study for getting good grades. That is why if you give a useful gift to the college student you know, they'll be thankful as it will add a lot of value to their lives.

Their Gift Can Be Something They Can Have Fun With

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Gifts for a student should always be enjoyable because this is the time in their lives when they are supposed to have fun! College students are no exception. A college student is under a lot of stress and pressure such as exams, assignments and meeting deadlines so if your gift helps them release some steam, it will be very helpful.

Help Them Cultivate Their Hobbies

Hobbies are a very productive and enriching way of spending one's time. They lead to the all round development of the personality of an individual. They are also something a person can have interest in for the rest of their lives so something that helps them cultivate their hobbies are especially good graduation gifts for a college student.

Get Something That Helps Them in Their Studies

A gift for a college student which helps them in their studies helps them fulfill the very purpose of their going to college in the first place and will make their lives much easier. Such a gift is valuable as it will help them make a sound foundation for their future and help them become established and settled in their lives and that is what all of their well-wishers including you want.

10 Great Gift Ideas for the College Student in Your Life

To help you out, we've made a list of 10 great gifts you can give to the college student in your life.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera for the Photography Lover

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As we had already discussed earlier, it is good for college students and anyone in general to develop hobbies as it helps build character and gives young people a productive outlet to their tremendous energy. Photography is a great hobby for many reasons and so it will be to your advantage if you encourage this hobby in the college student you love. College has many special moments in it which a person loves and cherishes throughout their lives. A camera will help your college going gift receiver capture these moments of love and friendship so that they will be able to keep a tangible record of them and remember them forever.

An avid photography enthusiast will always appreciate a good camera and the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is an instant camera with a difference. There is a good chance that the college student you are buying the gift for already has a good camera or a good smartphone so this camera will be a unique and fun gift as it is an instant camera and will let them have physical tangible pictures instantly which will save them the trouble of having to print the pictures later on.

We often take pictures but forget about them so such a camera helps solve this problem by creating tangible photos. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 claims that it will bring instant excitement and fun to the lives of its owner and this claim is quite close to the truth if we go by its peppy design and cute colour scheme.

The camera comes in 2 colours, raspberry and grape both of which look excellent. The Fujinon lens helps you capture amazing and clear pictures and the built in lens cover will protect it from harm. The camera has two AA batteries included and also has a wrist strap for more comfort and safety. It's auto flash feature allows the picture taker to snap detailed and colourful pictures even in a low light setting.

The film is very portable and is the size of a credit card. This film has a distinct white frame where the user can write personal messages or leave blank. The shutter is very fast at 1/60 sec. and makes sure that all moments are captured in an instant. You can get this amazing gift for just around ₹3,690 on Amazon. An investment well worth the price.

Mini Pong - Bring the Party Anywhere Game for That College Kid Who Likes Socialising

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College students study hard but many of them party hard too and it's just natural of them to do so as this is the time for having a hardworking attitude along with a relaxed and fun outlook on life. Parties are a fact of college so you might as well gift your college student a gift which makes them the star of their parties. Mini pong is a fun sized and action packed version of a very popular party game in which players launch balls into their opponents cups in order to clear the table first.

What makes Mini Pong better than the original version of the game is that your student will not have to hunt all around the room and chase the ball as the ball in this game is tethered to the board. This self contained board doesn't need a large table to play the game with and thus saves a lot of space and keeps the other bigger tables intact and unharmed. Thus your college going student won't cause any damage to property while playing the game.

The board can be cleaned up easily and all they'll have to do is wipe the board with a little water and soap and it will be ready for the next game. No mop or bucket will be required at all. The board is made of premium quality wood and strong spring loaded launchers are included. The cups are reusable and it comes included with a bag for the game accessories. You can get this fun game for just about ₹3,450 on amazon.in.

Swagtron T580 App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard

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Hoverboards are all the rage right now and your college going student will be delighted to receive one as a gift. These boards ooze style and are great fun to ride on. There are also many surprising benefits to riding a hoverboard. For instance, riding a hoverboard requires some amount of balance and flexibility. They require the rider to slightly bend backward and forward in a hands free position and so they engage the muscles of the core and help develop a stronger sense of balance. 

They are also a good form of mild exercise as the rider will burn calories while driving them and the heart rate goes up which is healthy. Staying indoors or being cooped up in front of the laptop and television is something that young people are increasingly doing and therefore such a gift will encourage them to go outside, if only to catch some fresh air and show off the skills they acquire to their friends.

The Swagtron T580 is one of the best hoverboards available in the market and comes at a reasonable price for its overall build quality. It is Bluetooth enabled and has many cool and useful features which let it switch between modes, activate map function, view the status of its batteries and even play nice music using the app and its speakers.

The device gives a strong performance and can reach speeds of up to 12.5 kmph. Its powerful 150W dual electric motors let it climb inclines of up to 30 degrees. It's a board meant for all kinds of users between 20 to 100 kgs. All you'll need to do is give it a good 2 hour charge and its 3 modes will let the rider travel up to 13 kilometres. How about that!

The 6.5" tires are made of hard rubber and are highly durable and guarantee silky smooth rides. It is very safe to drive and has passed UL electrical and safety tests which guarantee its reliability. You can get this hoverboard for ₹29,990 on Amazon and splurge on the college going student who you care about.

Dell Gaming Backpack 15"

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Many college going students love their video games. Some have entire gaming PCs built so that they can play with ease and others have gaming laptops which give them a portable solution for all their gaming needs. Such laptops are quite expensive and need proper gear to keep them safe. This is applicable not only to gaming laptops but also all other kinds of laptops which many college students use on a day to day basis. Thus getting a laptop bag for a college student as a gift is a great idea. 

The Dell gaming backpack is a great backpack for such a purpose. It fits any laptop up to 15 inches and has a lot of space for other things such as stationery and notebooks. Every college student should have a strong backpack with them which helps them to keep things organised is also good on the back.

The Dell gaming backpack is extremely durable and will keep a student's gear well protected even in difficult circumstances. The straps and back padding have a breathable air mesh which keeps the wearer cool throughout its use. It has EVA moulding foam which will keep things inside it protected from all harm.

Finally, the backpack is also very lightweight. It's only con is that it will not accommodate laptops bigger than 15 inches but that's something you will consider before buying it for your college student so there should be no issues here. You can get this backpack for just ₹2,280 on amazon.in and add a lot of value to their lives.

Life Like Soolo S460 Bluetooth Wired & Wireless Headphones for Those Who Love Music in Their Lives

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Most teenagers and young adults are into music so as gift that will help them listen to the latest tunes will go down well with them and make them happy. Wireless headphones are very convenient for music lovers. They don't come with the hassle of wires so there is no problem of de-tangling them all the time and they can be worn during exercise and the gym. They are also more discrete than wired headphones and have an obvious style factor in them which appeals to young people.

Life Like's wireless headphones have built in noise cancellation with them which cancels out unwanted sound and helps the listener enjoy their music better. It supports Bluetooth pairing with your mobile device. The headphones are really light and are made from premium material which allows for listening to music throughout the day. It's headband is adjustable so there should be no issues in fixing it. The device is also foldable and that increases its portability tremendously and so the college student you gift it to will have no issues carrying it around, say on a picnic.

The headband comes with a microphone which allows the listener to take calls with the push of a button. The overall feel of the device is luxurious and sleek. Coming with rechargeable batteries, this device can be used continuously for half a day. The quality of sound you can listen on it is crystal clear and the bass is solid. You can also play FM music on the headphones which is a big plus point. These headphones are also very long lasting and maintain their quality as the time passes. You can get them for just around ₹999 here.

Procus Pro (White) VR Headset

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VR headsets are a great gift you can give to a college student because of their high novelty factor. These devices make whole new technological worlds come alive and push the limits of entertainment. The Virtual Reality element provided by Procus Pro VR Headset is very intense and engaging. The PMMA lenses are of a superior quality and have a broad field of vision. The device comes with inbuilt headphones which deliver immersive sound and provide a complete and unmatched experience.

Unlike many other VR headsets, the Procus Pro has a controller which can help manipulate the device without the need of removing the headset fully. Even if the college student you are giving it to has myopia, the gift will be suitable as it compensates and can work for people with 0-800 degrees of myopia and 0-400 degrees hyperopia too. All they'll have to do is put their device in the front panel and do some minor adjustments to fix it. The tray can be adjusted and is secure enough to use for phones of varying sizes.

The problem of overheating doesn't exist and more sockets and levers are not needed. There is a VR game included with the device called ''Isolated" and your college going student can play other such games too. The earphones can be adjusted and have memory foam which aid in cancelling unwanted noise. Unlike the usually super expensive VR gear, you can get this device for only ₹3,199 which makes it a fun and ideal gift for giving to a college student. Buy it from Amazon.

24K Gold Plated Rose for the College Going Young Woman

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This gift is for the ladies. A 24K gold plated rose is the perfect symbol of love that a parent or sibling or even friend can give to their college going student as roses stand for many different things according to colour and a gold rose can mean what you want it to. Roses can be a sign of love and passion but they can symbolise friendship too. Giving this 24K rose shows your affectionate loving intentions and the well-being you wish upon the person. The rose is gold dipped which means that it is a real rose dipped and plated in gold to make it last for a long time. These roses appeal to most people and make them feel appreciated and loved.

You can give this gift to them when they come home for vacation or on their birthday, on friendship day or any other time. The gift is unique and feels luxurious, after all, there are very few women who do not like gold! Unlike a real rose which will fade away, this gift symbolises your everlasting love and will remain as it is for a long time. They can use it as a decoration in their dwelling and appreciate it as it will remind them of you. The gold keeps the 11 to 12 inch open rose preserved but leaves the exquisite natural patterns on the petals and leaves untouched. You can get this exquisitely designed rose for just about ₹270 on Amazon.

Extremely Cool Colour Changing Mug for Their Coffee

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College students often have to chug a lot of coffee due to their exams or drink a lot of tea in their hostels and so a mug is a great gift idea for them. However this mug is not just any mug, it is a "magic" mug which changes colour when water or a hot liquid is put into it and that makes it very cool to use.

The mug is made from ceramic, is handcrafted and undergoes strict quality controls to make sure it is eco-friendly, something that a sensible modern college student will appreciate. It has a 3D design which lights up gradually with use and displays an old school Tetris game thus upping the novelty of it. It will lead to a quirky and fun start to the day and can be a cool conversation starter for your college student which will help them socialise.

Such gifts help express our uniqueness and personality and are thus great. You can get this colour changing mug for just around ₹299 from amazon.in.

Lenovo Tab4 10 Tablet to Help Them in Their Studies

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A tablet is one of the best gifts you can give to a college student. These devices not only appeal to the sensibilities and tastes of people of a college going age but also help in their studies. Students can read their text material on their tablets and a plethora of apps exist which can help them in their studies. Tablets have a wide screen which enables them to read easily. Not just for studies and fun, tablets are also great entertainment devices and your college going student will love such a portable device with as huge screen on which to see movies and play games.

The Lenovo Tab 4 is a great tablet in both specifications and looks. It has a huge 10.1 inch HD Display and comes with Dolby atoms audio which is a pinnacle of sound quality and entertainment. The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core 1.4 GHz chipset can handle many tasks effectively. This tablet has 2 GB RAM and a 16 GB storage which makes it a great media viewing device. The battery can run for up to 20 hours and gives good playback.

It's ultra sleek design is unique and the tab 4 is very light at just 506 grams. It has a thickness of 8.5 mm and feels great to use. It's high definition screen has a 1280 x 800 definition on an IPS display. The tablet is available in two cool colours, polar white and slate black. It runs Android Nougat and has an expandable space of up to 128 GB. You can get this tablet for just around ₹15,069 on Amazon.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Makeup Brush Set for Women

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This is another gift for the college going ladies. A great makeup brush set makes all the difference between getting a beautiful look after makeup or a complete mess as it's necessary for putting on beautifully finished makeup.

Amazon's Solomon makeup brush set has 10 pieces that are everything you need to get a great finish. These brushes are inside a pretty PU leather case and that increases their portability. The strong brushes have very soft and dense nylon bristles which help to give a flawless look to the wearer of the makeup.

A perfect makeup base can be created using its foundation, buffing and contour brushes and the crease and eyeshadow brushes can give different and unique looks for her eyes. The bristles are soft and fluffy to ensure an even looking feel. Solimo is also eco friendly and uses no animal hair in their products. The handles are made of authentic wood to give them a good feel. Each brush is marked properly so that even a beginner will be able to use them effectively. You can get these brushes for just around ₹599 and as they are Amazon's own brand, you can rest assured about their quality. Buy them here.

A Few Bonus Gifts a College Student Will Appreciate

Here are a few final bonus gifts you can give to the college student you love.

Gaana.com Yearly Subscription

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Gaana.com's yearly subscription is a perfect gift for a music lover. It enables the subscriber to listen to a literally innumerable selection of songs and all their favourite Indian genres and songs will be included, along with almost all western music.

What's more, the user will be able to download the music for offline listening. This subscription can be paired with the headphones we mentioned for a great and truly outstanding gift at just ₹999. Click here to subscribe.

LED Multi Functional Digital Alarm Clock

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College students are notorious for not getting up on time and so an alarm clock will be a great gift idea for them. However they are college students! That is why just about any alarm clock won't do.

Kay Kay's alarm clock shows the time, date, week and even temperature. It supports the Indian 12-hour time format and has a host of other features like calendar, temperature, timing and of course, the alarm. The clock has a glowing LED colour scheme with 7 colours to choose from. There is an option for it to automatically change colours and that makes it even more cool.

It has a timing function and a sleepyhead mode which makes it fun to use. Temperatures can be shown in Celsius. You can get this clock for just about ₹419 as a perfect gift for a college student. Buy it here.

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