10 Sweet and Loving Gift Ideas for Brother: This Festive Season Show Your Brother Love by Giving Him the Best Gift Ever (2019)

10 Sweet and Loving Gift Ideas for Brother: This Festive Season Show Your Brother Love by Giving Him the Best Gift Ever (2019)

From birthday gifts to celebrating festivities, gifting your brother is a show of love and togetherness. As the saying goes, Blood is thicker than water, and the small gift you think you gave, will go a long way and leave a mark on him.You are bound together as a family and this puts you in the best spot for selecting him a gift, as you clearly know him. Therefore, don't let him down. Lively up his spirits with a memorable gift.

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Show your Brother your Love by Giving him the Best Gift on This Festive Season

Love him or hate him, you cannot leave him. Through the twists and turns of life and its ups and downs, your brother is someone you care for or look up to. It does not matter if he is far or near, there are moments in life when you would like to let your brother know that he matters very much to you.
Let this festive occasion be one of them.

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for your brother's birthday or a gift for your brother for Raksha Bandhan, we have made an extensive list that will help you choose the best present. Read on and celebrate good times together.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Gift for Your Brother

It's not the cost of the gift but the thought behind it that matters. We are here to help you with some tips to keep in mind while trying to come up with great gift ideas for your brother.

Give Him Something He'll Have Fun Using

Tensions are a part of existence so a gift that helps him unwind and forget his problems will make your brother's life fun and easier. If your brother is still a teenager, you can consider giving him something that'll help him feel cool and also learn a new skill like say, skateboarding. You can also get him something funny as a side gift and surprise him.

Gifts Reflect your Emotions and Genuine Wishes for Your Brother, So Make Sure Your Gift Expresses Your Love

Something that lets you do group activities together like a multiplayer video-game is a good gift for your brother for Raksha Bandhan as it will deepen the bonds between both of you. If you want to bring him joy and also help him stay fit, you can give him a present related to sports like cycling or weightlifting. This will also show your genuine love for him and his well-being.

Keep in Mind Your Brother's Age, Style, Personality and Preferences. This Will Guarantee That He Will Love Your Gift

You know your brother best so think about what makes him happy and what are his likes and dislikes. For example, if he's an outdoorsy kind of guy, then he'll like a sports related gift but if he likes to stay indoors, he'll love something which keeps him occupied inside the house. Think about the kind of movies he likes, if he's into Star wars, then something related to that will be good. Keep in mind that the gift you get for your brother should also be age appropriate and he'll love it.

Consider the Occasion You are Giving Him the Gift On, and Wrap it in Printed Paper That Reflects the Occasion

To make your gift extra special, you can wrap it up in paper that reflects the occasion it was given on. For example if your gift is for your brother's wedding, then make sure the wrapping paper is in red and attractive and exudes warmth and happiness. There are many gift ideas for your brother's birthday but you can make each one of them special by wrapping the present in printed paper which has his childhood pictures on it. 

Find Out if He's Been Wanting Something for a Long Time

Think back upon your conversations with your brother, he might have spoken about something that he wants. Perhaps he has not bought it himself as he doesn't want to spend a lot of money or he doesn't really need it but just wants it. He'll be surprised when you read his mind and give him just the thing that he wants.

10 Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Brother Very Happy

Choosing a gift can be overwhelming so to help you out, here are 10 great gift ideas for your brother that you can consider giving to him-

A Jaspo Skateboard That Will Make Him Look Cool

Source www.amazon.in

Skateboarding is a great sport. It will help your brother stay fit and increase his core strength as it requires a great deal of balance. Skateboarding is as good as any aerobic exercise and will give his legs a good workout. It's also something new and cool that your brother can do and will help him develop new friendships with other skaters. That's why we recommend Jaspo Experts Anti Skid Skateboard as one of the best gifts you can give him. This board has all the necessary features that makes it perfect for beginner skaters. The wide 7 inch deck will give him a stable ride, more space and help him catch flips better.

Jaspo Skateboards are of a high quality and have great wheels. The 9 layers of maple wood give the board a solid feel when performing tricks on them. High speed bearings give the skateboard great precision. The truck is also sturdy and made of nylon allowing for easy flexible turning and quick swings. Complete with silken smooth PVC wheels and perfect bushings, the skateboard has all the features needed for a smooth ride despite bumpy streets. Skateboarding needs tons of patience and perseverance to master new tricks and so it will encourage these values in him. When he learns a new skill, his self confidence will get a big boost.

You can get the skateboard for just ₹999 at Amazon.in. All this and more makes the Jaspo Expert skateboard a top class gift for your brother.

FIFA 18: A Game He is Bound to Love

Any gamer will love a copy of FIFA 2018 PC and your brother is no exception. FIFA 2018 is the best in class football game and it's beautiful graphics and clear lighting blow away players. The game improves upon its predecessors in almost every way. Firstly it's much easier to score goals in this game than in the previous ones as tackling your opponent has become much harder. This solves a problem players of FIFA have always had. The football is more fluid on the pitch and passing to your team mates has improved making the game very team centric and not run by solo players. 

Close control is better and there are many long awaited upgrades to offline modes. All this combined with the elegance of the game's Frostbite engine, sheer brilliance of the Football Ultimate Team and an engaging storyline which portrays protagonist Hunter make the game highly addictive and fun. The players are light on their feet and are much more responsive than before because of innovations done by EA, the developer of the game. FIFA 18 feels much more lifelike due to the new player animations and your brother is guaranteed to love it.

The game will cost you ₹2199 and is more than worth the money. You can find the game on the FIFA-EASports Games website the FIFA 18 Game.

Razor Ripstik Aluminum Caster Board (Silver): A Boy's Toy Straight Out of the Future

Source www.amazon.in

If you want to give a really unique gift to your brother that will let him have hours and hours of fun, then the Razor Ripstik Caster Board is just the thing for you. Right from the start, the Ripstik commands attention due to its classy design. This funky device puts together elements of surfing and snowboarding and all the fun things related to the sports on wheels. It will make your brother want to go outdoors and enjoy himself. The Ripstik looks like a toy that's popped out straight from the future although it has some of the classic features and designs of the skateboard. It has just two wheels instead of the normal four that a skateboard possesses and this enables it to make effortless, fast 360-degree turns.

Simply standing on the strong traction blades can push the Ripstik up a hill. The front and back panels of the Ripstik are flexible and can be controlled using a spring-oriented bar placed on the top of the wheels which themselves are made of strong and rugged polyurethane. Most of the 750+ customer reviews for the board state that the users of the Ripstik just love it. Your brother can also read the instructions for this cool gadget on the DVD that is complimentary with it.

Be sure to add some pads and a helmet so you can rest assured that he will be safe while enjoying himself. The Razor Ripstik Caster board is available on Amazon.in and will cost you around ₹18,850. 

RUBX Rubber Coated Professional Exercise Hex Dumbbells to Help him Stay Fit

Source www.amazon.in

Perhaps your brother is a fitness enthusiast or perhaps he needs a little exercise to get fitter. Either way, a pair of dumbbells will be an absolutely great gift for him. Exercising releases endorphins which are the 'feel good' hormones of the body and will make your brother happy. The dumbbells will also help keep your brother fit and healthy. What's more, he will genuinely appreciate them as they are highly useful.
This gift is thoughtful and your love for your brother and his well-being will easily be seen by it.

The Rub-X Rubber Coated Professional Exercise Hex Dumbbells come in a pack of two. The dumbbells are made up of virgin rubber and have a strong grip. They are durable and will last for a long time. You should first judge how much weight your brother can lift. If he is a beginner, you should go with lighter weights but if he is experienced, then a weight of about 6 kilograms will be great.

The gift just might get your brother into weight lifting as a hobby and that's a good thing! If he does get into it, the dumbbells will help him practice at home which is an important part of weight training. Dumbbells are great as the user has to use their muscles to keep the dumbbell steady. This is not the case for machines. Also since you can do just one hand at a time, there is a limited chance of one arm compensating for another. You can get the Rub-X Dumbbells for just ₹910 from Amazon.in

RC Motorbike for Your Small Brother

Source www.amazon.in

One of the best gifts for a little brother is a toy, and one of the best toys in the market is a high speed remote controlled motorbike. Toys are a good gift for kids because unlike the TV, they make them use their imagination. Your brother will create worlds of his own in his mind filled with action and adventure while playing with the toy. This will help his mind grow, become more imaginative and the end result will be that he will become smarter while having a lot of fun at the same time! What more can you ask from a gift.

Remote controlled cars are a plenty but RC bikes are something special. Toys Bhoomi's fully functional and powerful RC bike can perform many sliding stunts and have awesome manoeuvring. The bike won't fall over because it has been designed with an internal gyroscope for maintaining balance along with hidden wheels. What enables it to do cool stunts is that the front and back wheels are independently controlled and powered. It comes with a 'rider' on it which is not just stationary but leans when the bike turns. Your little brother can race his bike with other kids and win every time. The toy is made out of a high quality metal and plastic so as to be durable and long lasting. The materials used are non-toxic and completely safe for kids to play with. 

There are LED lights on the toy which give it a more attractive look. The toy will cost you around ₹1399 and is available on Amazon.in

BB8 App Enabled Droid for the Star Wars Fan

Source www.amazon.in

Is your brother a fan of Star Wars? If he is, then there's no better gift for him than the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Robot Droid. Simply put, this is a very cute app controlled robot which every Star Wars fan will love. One can even say that it's the coolest Star Wars toy ever made! The Sphero BB-8 Droid is a small but accurate replica of the robot that appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The magic of Star Wars has always been close to our hearts and in our screens but now it has come to life with the Sphero BB-8 Droid. The robot comes with an app for your smartphone and when it is paired with the app, it can go around exploring it's environment all by itself, show you some endearing pre-programmed manoeuvres and also follow your voice commands.

What's more, your brother will be able to assume direct control via the app's on-screen display and make BB-8 roll and explore wherever he wants. In terms of appearance, the toy is exactly the same as the one seen in the movie. It is very durable and has a very smooth plastic body along with authentic looking graphics that won't wear rapidly. BB-8 doesn't disappoint when it comes to battery power. There is no USB port for charging it as that would mar it's perfect body. Instead of that, it is charged via an induction charger which is included. A magnet holds the head to the body and can be easily reattached if it falls off due to a collision. The app included in the toy is also amazing. It is filled with tons of Star Wars animations, graphics and sound effects. It's also very user friendly, highly responsive and well arranged.

Priced at just ₹7957 and available on Amazon.in, this is most definitely the droid you were looking for.

Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Cycle (Black)

Source www.amazon.in

There is a different kind of joy kids and teenagers experience when they get a cycle as a gift and so you should seriously consider getting one for your brother. Along with being a lot of fun, the benefits of cycling are almost as extensive as the roads on which a rider can cycle on. Cycling is good for mental health as it releases endorphins or 'happy hormones'. If your brother is new to it, then learning this skill will boost his self-confidence. Riding is a therapeutic activity as it gives you time to ponder and think and it can also be a social activity if your brother joins a group of cyclists.

The Hero Kyoto 26T is great for kids and teenagers who are more than 11 years old. Its solid steel frame is durable and will last for a long time giving your brother endless hours of cycling fun. It has a Dual "V Brake" system which is responsive and provides enhanced security and reliability. Adjustable and moulded seats ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. The bike has anti-skid pedals which make sure your brother will be safe and sound and his feet will grip the pedals properly. Design wise the cycle is great looking and has a bold black colour.

Cycling is known to burn fat and build muscle and so your gift will be tremendously beneficial to your brother in every way. The Hero Kyoto 26T is available on Amazon.in. It will require a little assembling and will cost you around ₹6950.

Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Jazzy Blue)

Source www.amazon.in

If your brother likes listening to music, then you should give him the Boat Rockerz 510 as
there's no better gift for a music lover than an awesome pair of headphones. Made out of plastic, the headphones are very light and come with faux leather hearing pads for comfortable listening.
The headphones are wireless and use Bluetooth 4.1 for connectivity but can also be connected to a wire if the batteries become too low. Speaking of batteries, the 400mAh batteries are made of Lithium polymer and dish out between 8 to 10 hours of music with crystal clear sound quality. A full charge takes just 3 hours and the USB cable is provided. Your brother can just plug it in for 15 minutes and enjoy 2-3 hours of pure unadulterated music.

The Boat Rockerz 510 has a flawless design and looks absolutely stunning. The sparking housing case and picture perfect looks will make passers-by turn their heads. The controls are uncluttered and placed on the ear cup and the listener can play or pause a song, change the track, change the volume and take a call or reject it all from one convenient location. The thumping bass is ultra powerful and the headphones can deliver one of the more authentic and strong sound qualities in the market. The dynamic drivers are overpowered at 50mm and deliver great sound quality. Your brother will be able to use it for making music, DJing, playing video games or just relaxing and listening to intense crystal clear songs on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Now available on Amazon.in Boat Rockerz 510 will cost you around ₹1499 only and is one of the most competitively priced devices available.

Sony PS4 500 GB

Is your brother a gamer and does he like video games a lot? If so, then the New Sony PS4 would be an apt choice of a gift for him. The PS4 is an amazing gaming console and has a huge collection of top rated games that can be played on it. It's slimmer and smaller and is markedly better in nearly about every way to its predecessors. You can add some gifts along with it when you present it to your brother. It delivers good value for money as it is cheaper than the previous PS4 and is power efficient. The only cons about this device is you'll not get 4K output and also optical audio but the rest of the features more than make up for this fallibility. Your brother can play some of the finest games in existence such as God of War and Spider-Man which cause PC and Xbox One owners to become green with envy, each and every game that works for the PS4 Pro will work on the PS4 Slim.

Along with the games, PS4 boasts a large and impressive network that will let you brother play in both cooperative and competitive online multiplayer games and he'll also get three free games on a monthly basis. Its design is compact with smooth rounded edges and a matte finish. Such a textured chassis reduces the number of scratches that the earlier version was prone to picking up. The PS4 is super quiet which makes it all the more futuristic. Sony won't release another console until 2020 so you don't have to worry about it becoming obsolete.

You can get the PS4 for ₹28,230 on Amazon.in and watch your brother's face light up in joy but expect him not to disturb you for quite a few days as he will be hooked to playing on the console.

MousePotato 1:16 Lamborghini Style Sports Racing Car, Red 

Lots of little kids are interested in cars and have a fascination with them. If your little brother is one of them, then getting him a remote controlled 1:16 scale Lamborghini is not a bad idea. The Mouse Potato is a Lamborghini style RC racing vehicle. Its unique feature is that it has a remote control that's shaped as a steering wheel and the genuine looking scissor doors can be opened and closed with the touch of a button.

The car has glaring LED headlights which add to its authentic look and adds miles to its appeal. The toy comes with rechargeable batteries included and has a sporty and bright look. There is a wheel alignment control which comes in handy for adjusting the direction of the car. It has a length of 27 centimetres and a width of 11.5 centimetres and your brother can spend a lot of time having fun playing with it.

You can get it from either Amazon.in or Flipcart.com. It will cost you around ₹894. Maybe it will inspire him to study hard and own a real Lamborghini of his own one day.

A Few Final Tips

Here are a few final tips using which you can make the experience of your giving and him receiving his gift from you better-

Make him Laugh by Disguising your Gift as Something He Wouldn't Want

A practical joke before you give him your actual gift will be perfect, maybe you can disguise the gift into something he wouldn't want. Why not put it in a box meant for socks and make him think you are giving socks to him!

Personalise Your Gift with a Card Telling how Much You Appreciate and Love Him

Gift cards are always appreciated. A mere hug and a chat will also go a long way to show your care for your brother.

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Display The Filial Affection For Your Brother

Whether an elder or younger brother, you definately will want to wish him all the best as he is means alot to you. On the other hand, be it a sister or brother, there are diverse kinds of gifts to give and all this will always be warmly recieved. You know him well as you have spent a considerable amount of time together, and therefore, gifts will make for memorable times spent together. Thus, irrespective of the age, a gift is always a good idea, and BP-Guide has shed a light on some of the best gift to give a brother.