Make the Start of 2019 Remarkable for Him with These 10 Exciting Gifts for Boyfriend in the New Year

Make the Start of 2019 Remarkable for Him with These 10 Exciting Gifts for Boyfriend in the New Year

Gifts are always a great way to be romantic, nothings shows a man you care during the new year like a nice gift that will blow his mind. Get great ideas on what to get for the man you love. Will he be thrilled to receive a 3D printer or a useful safety home kit, or perhaps a cool home speaker system? Read on to find these as well as some awesome gift ideas for the tech fanatic, indoor and outdoor man and lots of treats to make him feel cosy and well cared for.

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A New Year Signifies New Beginnings

The new year is a time to start afresh, a time to take steps that will make the year better than the previous year. This is a time to right the wrongs you have done, to appraise life and plan to take steps that will help move you forward. Let's bring it home, every relationship can be so much better in the new year but it is up to you. Think of ways to show the boy friend how much he really means to you.

Check out new restaurant or diners where you go for evening hangouts or Friday night romantic date nights. Better still, make plans and take notes of places and locations outside the city where you both can go to over the weekend or for picnics. Line up the new year with fun activities for yourself and the boyfriend. Don't just kick out the old phase and leave it unoccupied but rather kick it out and ensure you replace it with events and activities that will fill the New Year with sweet and lasting memories.

Set a Faster Pace for the Relationship This New Year

It is said the ladies have a unique power to make things happen especially when it comes to their relationship with men. As a lady, you have what it takes to make him want to spend every passing minute with you. I bet you love that. So in the New Year t have him commit to you more and to have his attention, you need to fill his heart, his house and his life with thoughts of you.

To make the relationship to move at a roller coaster speed, do the right things that will capture his attention; learn to be more romantic, change the wardrobe to what he loves, improve on the make up, learn the latest things about the things he loves especially sports, get interested in what he is interested in and then make yourself share especially in moments when he really want to see you. Be there but not so readily available, make him wait for you at the diner sometimes and then walk in with that ever gorgeous smile.

Shoot for the Stars Together

Ensure you shoot for the stars together. Don't just sit down day dreaming about the future, instead make concrete plans and plot out how you both will achieve them this will trigger the love and happiness in the relationship. There is so much connection and oneness between partners that support and motivate each other unto greatness. Make plans together, talk about the things you would love to achieve within the first 6 months of the new year, imagine and discuss where you intend to be within the next 5 or 10 years and when you both hit a major star or accomplish one of the set goals within the New Year celebrate it with a dinner at a reputable and distinguished location.

Most importantly, allow your partner pursue his dreams, give him room for personal growth and help stretch out his wings to fly as he pursues his dreams and passions. In order to be happy, couples need to have goals that they are working towards achieving together. This one major way to have a perfect sync with the boyfriend and a good foundation for the future you both plan to share.

Make Him Proud and Grateful That He is Beginning the Year with You By His Side

Relationships are priceless! There is nothing compared to the joy of waking up with a smile when you remember the person you love. Let the boyfriend wake up into the New Year with thoughts of you floating and bouncing across the walls of his heart. Just because of the precious gifts he discovered you placed in his house a night before. To make it more fun, let him hide the gifts at different locations in his house and make him hunt for the gifts. Leave a note with a clue as to where he can find the next gift. Let him spend the first hours of the New Year locating the treasures of love hidden by you. He is going to spend the year grateful he has you by his side.

Let Gifts Fan the Flame pf Love to a New Level: 10 Gifts for Boyfriend to Start the New Year

FlashForge 3D Printer

Everything about arts and movies is now basically 3 dimensional. Plug your boyfriend into the flow by getting him the FlashForge 3D Printer. The FlashForge 3D Printer brings art to life. The FlashForge Finder will take his designs and print them out as actual three-dimensional shapes using non-toxic PLA and fully encased heating components for added safety.

This model also features a 3.5” colour touch screen and Wi-Fi, USB, and Flash Drive. Slide-in build plate. It has an Easier 3D prints removal, a slide-in build plate which allows you to draw it out of the printer and then remove the finished 3D prints more easily. At same time, it can minimize damages or offsets to the build plate.

The FlashForge 3D Printer is quiet during operation because it is equipped with super quiet printing designing; the sound of operation is low to 50 decibels and provides a quiet printing experience. The FlashForge 3D Printer allows you send 3D files from your computer to Finder 8GB memory with your own Wi-Fi network under AP or STA modes. Visit Amazon to make an order at a price tag of about Rs.21,096.


  • 4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Slide-in build plate allows printed objects to be easily removed
  • 3.5-Inch full color touchscreen with intuitive icons makes for easy operation
  • Sturdy, plastic alloy construction ensures stable prints
  • Safe, non-heated build plate
  • Wi-Fi, USB, flash drive and Cloud connectivity



How about getting him a safety kit just because you need him to be safe and sound? Keep him safe, and his house standing, with this fab Walabot. This handy gadget can see through walls, detecting wires, pipes, studs, and even pesky moving critters. The tool is a cutting edge device which is paired with an Android phone to produce a visual image of what is inside concrete and drywall up to 4 inches (10 cm) deep.

It can show users what is in their wall in multiple modes (Pan mode, Image mode, and Expert mode). Unlike any other stud finder or wall scanner, Walabot has a unique sensor and imaging technology to let you see within your walls. No need to rely on flashing lights or beeping sounds.

Another great thing about this device is that it has frequent updates with new developments on a regular basis, which you can update from the mobile app. The Walabot device is sold for a price Rs.3950 at and it has a rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars.


  • 3.3 out of 5 stars
  • Revolutionary In-Wall Multi-Functional Sensor
  • Real-time visual image behind concrete & drywall
  • Sees up to 4 in (10 cm) deep
  • Detects metal and wooden studs, pipes, PVC, and wires
  • Works with Android phones running Android v5.0 and above with USB On-The-Go (OTG)
  • Not compatible with iPhone and iPads
  • Detects and tracks the movement of rodents behind the wall
  • Package includes Walabot DIY device, USB cable, gel pad for adhering to Walabot and the protective film to prevent scratching of walls
  • For more details and online video tutorials visit the manufacturer website

Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Home Speaker System

Get the Harman Kardon Aura as a New Year gift for the boyfriend and his response will amaze you lovingly. The Harman Kardon Aura delivers a look and feel the boyfriend will be proud to include in his home. This speaker is sleek, understated, and full of guts. With omni-directional sound and six mid to high range transducers, this sound system also has Bluetooth capabilities for the ultimate music experience, while the Customized Harman Kardon Remote app allows for effortless control.

From its premium cloth grill to its transparent enclosure – which lets you see inside to observe the subwoofer and its custom-built metal housing and illuminating LED – your own expectations will be forever altered. Use the Harman Kardon Remote app to guide you through a simplified set-up, giving you full control over the wireless Harman Kardon ecosystem.

Aura stands alone in a world of speakers and shows that beauty can sound as stunning as it looks. It has a rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars. You can get this device at a price of about Rs.19,480 on


  • 3.1 out of 5 stars
  • 6 mid to high-range 1.5" transducers for accurate, omni-directional sound and a 4.5" subwoofer for rich, powerful bass
  • Custom, stereo-widening DSP audio technology engineered for room-filling, full frequency sound
  • Built-in Bluetooth feature streams audio from your Bluetooth devices wirelessly
  • Built-in Apple AirPlay system with easy set-up for your Apple devices, and DLNA for Windows and Android devices
  • Customized Harman Kardon Remote app allows for easy set-up and added connectivity
  • list element

Portable Camp Grill and Charger

With the Portable Camp Grill and Charger, you can get to plan road trips and camp outside the city just to spend time together while enjoying the pleasure of barbecue; and by the way, you get to charge phones with the charger that comes with this Portable Camp Grill. With the Portable Camp Grill, you will be bringing camping bang up to date.

The smokeless furnace, which runs on renewable fuel such as twigs and pine cones, allows you to boil water or cook, while the integrated charger keeps smart phones ready for action, day or night. This stove is suitable for 1-3 people's barbecue. Assemble the oven, put on the burning charcoal, and start your delicious barbecue. Enjoy the pleasure of barbecue whenever and wherever.

The Portable Camp Grill gives you unexpected speed and convenience. It is made of high quality stainless steel and is safe and healthy. For Rs.14,178, you can get the Portable Camp Grill on Uncommon Goods. The Portable Camp Grill has a rating of 4.67 out of 5 stars.


  • 4.67 stars out of 5
  • Foldable, installation and disassembly are very simple.
  • With a portable bag, it is convenient to accept
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Shape:Round
  • Size Diameter:22cm/8.67inch
  • Height:14cm/5.51inch
  • Weight : Approx.600g
  • Application:Outdoor barbecue
  • Solid support, strong and durable, strong bearing capacity.

Black+Decker Max Lithium Pivot Vacuum

They might not look like it because of the way the drop their items scattered around the room but believe it or not, most men appreciate their own space being clean, especially their cars. Good news, the Black+Decker Max Lithium Pivot Vacuum can come in handy for the boyfriend whether it is for his car or his house. Gift him this hand vacuum and you will spot the difference in his home and when you ride in his car.

The Black+Decker Max Lithium Pivot Vacuum comprise of a three-stage filter that prevents it from clogging and keeps the air clean. The head of this hand-held vacuum is a big selling point and one bright spot with this cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner is its rechargeable battery. The vacuum runs for 17 minutes, more than enough time for most small messes, and the battery completely recharges in only six minutes.

Amazingly, the vacuum can twist in different directions around the handle, making it easier to reach above the head or under tables and the crannies of cars and houses; handling tasks and duties that the traditional upright vacuums find difficult to do. It is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon and costs Rs.3,157 to get one for your boyfriend; which is actually not too much to spend on a sweetheart, don’t you think so?


  • -4.1 out of 5 stars
  • Lithium Technology for strong suction and fade free power
  • Exclusive pivoting nozzle means huge power in a compact size. Suction Power : 35 AW. Weight is 3.0 pounds
  • A high performance motor provides superior suction capability. Wide mouth design scoops up large debris
  • The cyclonic action spins dust and debris away from the filter keeping suction power strong
  • 3-stage filtration system. Charge only at ambient temperatures between 50°F and 104°F

Bed Jet Dual Zone Climate Comfort Control


One major thing that causes a debate between couples is the issue of how hot or cool either of you want the room to be. He loves the room to be warm while you prefer it to be cool. Well, that battle is over; using advanced technology the BedJet sends a gentle and quiet stream of air directly into the bed for powerful cooling and warming comfort.

BedJet offers a dual zone system so each person in a shared bed can customize their own climate preferences, using two separate BedJet units–one for each side of the bed. Cooling mode power ventilates the bed, using room temperature air to wick out body heat and body moisture nearly instantly, is felt within 10 seconds.

Although, BedJet is not an air conditioner and not a substitute for zero air conditioning in extreme heat (80 degree+) bedrooms, the fact that it offers you both what you love at the same time gives you a feeling of satisfaction when beside the boyfriend. To get the BedJet, you can make an order at BedJet on for a price of Rs.64,546.

Men's Hoodies

A man's wardrobe is not complete without a pair of Hoodies. Hoodies have become mainstream fashion all over the world transcending the clothing item's original utilitarian purpose. This clothing item has found its way into a variety of styles, even so far as to be worn under a suit jacket. Get the boyfriend at least 2 pairs of this Hoodies to give him that top-notch look. Nothing looks more appealing than to see the boy friend in a pair of Hoodies.

The Hoodies are made of comfortable and of fantastic material that makes it easy to have on. It goes for the price of Rs.1128 at and is rated 4.96 out of 5 stars.


  • 4.96 out of 5 stars
  • Clothes Type:Hoodies
  • Style:Fashion
  • Pattern Type:Letter
  • Material:Polyester
  • Shirt Length:Regular
  • Sleeves Length:Full
  • Weight:0.4850kg
  • Package:1 x Hoodie

Waterfall Incense Burner with Incense Cones

Let the boyfriend begin the New Year with a new kind of scent in his home. Scents are powerful; you never can tell the impact this will have on his love for you and his life in general. It has been said that scents, aroma and fragrance can be used to trigger certain responses. T

hey encourage relaxation, aid sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus, promote concentration, stimulate creativity, increase motivation and heighten sexual desire. In ancient times, people will often burn deodorant in the wood. Waterfall Incense Burner is a valuable gift that your boyfriend will treasure. It is sold on for a price of Rs. 3034.


  • Material : Ceramic
  • Style : Moon Waterfall Type
  • Color : Black Glaze
  • Size : About 16cm*7.5cm*19.5cm

  • Package included
  • Incense Burner Holder
  • 10x Backflow incense cones
  • 1x exquisite packaging
  • Exquisite workmanship, can be a classical furnishings, with meditation and aid-sleeping effect
  • As a refined interest, or for your special hospitality
  • Small size, easy to carry
  • 10 pcs backflow incense cone for free
  • With exquisite packaging, is a valuable gift.

Buddeez Unbreakable 3-1/2-Gallon Beverage Dispenser


This tells the boy friend you are concerned about him living a healthy life in the New Year. The Buddeez Unbreakable beverage dispenser is a very large dispenser that can hold up to 3.5 gallons of any beverage. The dispenser also has a removable cone inside that can be filled with ice. This allows you to keep drinks chilled no matter the temperature outside. The dispenser is well made using BPA free plastic, making it safe to use. The dispenser comes with a stand that is not prone to slipping. It can also be washed in the dishwasher, making it easy to use and hassle-free. The Buddeez Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser has a price tag of Rs.1551. To get one of this, visit

Duvet Covers

If you are wondering why you need to get a duvet cover, here is one major reason; duvets and can be expensive and difficult to clean and maintain therefore duvet covers protect your comforter during use. With duvet covers, the boyfriend can easily change the look of his bed and room without having to completely redecorate. The duvet cover also changes the style and colour choice of his bedding with the simple switch of the cover. This allows for easy changes from season to season.

Don’t forget to get colours that he loves and colours that suit the painting in his house. Buy this Solid 90 x 108 Inch Cotton Satin 400 TC Queen Size Duvet Cover by Mark Home from at a price of Rs.3,599.

Crown it All Up with a Jar of Hand Written Love Notes

This is sums it all up. Get a beautiful jar and a pack of colourful sticky notes. On the sticky notes pen down romantic words that expresses the love you feel for him as he reads them. You can write one for each day of the year or for special days in each month of the New year. Make him know how much he means to you.

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Blow His Mind This New Year

Blow the mind of the boyfriend with a lovely and thoughtful gift. Cross over to the new yer with gifts and smiles, the relationship will be stronger for it. Make a pact to build a more connected relationship and to be better partners to each other.