How Romantic Gifts Say You Care for Your Boyfriend and 10 Gifts for Boyfriend in India

How Romantic Gifts Say You Care for Your Boyfriend and 10 Gifts for Boyfriend in India

A search for gifts for boyfriend showing you baseball gifts and micro-brewing kits? You know your man would rather drink craft beer than try make it, so where do you find awesome gift ideas that suit your Indian boyfriend? Right here! BP-Guide India brings you great ideas for birthday gifts for boyfriend that he will be thrilled with. Read on to find out more.

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How to Choose Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Enjoy

Help Him Enjoy and Further His Interests With Gifts

Your boyfriend is one of the most important people in your life. When you choose a gift for him it should reflect this sentiment. Give him something which shows that you care about him and his happiness. Hobbies and interests are the things which keep a person happy. You can encourage your boyfriend to pursue the things that he truly likes by giving him giving him things which helps him follow his passion. If he likes to play tennis gift him a brand new tennis racquet, if he has a penchant for art, give him a sketchbook and drawing pencils, if he is a bookworm buy him a book by his favorite author or from a genre that he loves. Take interest in his hobbies; encourage him to talk about his interests. The more you communicate the stronger your relationship will be.

Choose Age Appropriate Gifts

Interests change with age and maturity. So make sure whatever gift you choose for him is age appropriate. A man in his twenties will have different taste than a man in his thirties. Therefore age is an important factor in the gift selecting process. Give him something meaningful that he will cherish forever.

Add a Romantic Note Along With the Gifts

A little romance can work wonders for your relationship. So next time when you buy a gift for your boyfriend, slip in a little romantic note along with the package. Handwritten notes are always special because it adds a personal touch to the gift. It you have a way with words then use that talent to express everything that you love about him. If not, then just write a simple ‘I love you’ followed by his name. He will be touched by your sincerity.

10 Ideal Gifts for Your Indian Boyfriend

In India there is no dearth of occasions to bestow your boyfriend with presents. Apart from the regular birthday and anniversary, there are a ton of religious and social functions like Diwali, Dushhera, Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc. which calls for the exchange of gifts. There are certain gifts which Indian boyfriends love. We have curated a list of some wonderful items which would make great gifts for your Indian boyfriend.

Classic Wristwatch


Watches are perhaps the favorite accessory of all men irrespective of age. A wristwatch is something that will make a great gift for your boyfriend. Buy the Casio-Enticer Chronograph White Watch from Priced at Rs.3,995, this classic wristwatch has a round dial and brown leather band. It’s even water resistant for up to 50 meters.

Personalised Cushion

You know that your boyfriend would love to have you close to him at all times. While that’s not always possible, you can always gift him a personalized cushion that will remind him of you while he lounges around in his home. Get him the bicycle square cushion cover from This blue striped cushion has a fun bicycle motif on the front and cute red pompoms on each corner. This bright colorful cushion cover is bound to brighten up any living space. It is priced at Rs.599.

Handmade Greeting Card

What makes a gift special is not its monetary value but how much effort you have put into it. A handmade greeting card can add a special touch to any occasion. You don’t have to be an artist to create a pretty greeting card. There are lots of websites which have step by step tutorials on how to make beautiful greetings cards. Visit websites like Pinterest for ideas.

Cute Couple Showpiece


Why not get your boyfriend something that will remind him of the cute relationship that you both share. The Charming love couple figurine from is that of a girl and boy casually sitting on a bench. The posture and the clothes of the couple make them look contemporary and laid-back. It’s the perfect representation of a young modern couple. This 4 x 4 x 6 inch figurine is sculpted out of resin and will cost you around Rs.675.

Digital Photo Frame


The good thing about digital photos is there is no deterioration in picture quality even after years. Gift your boyfriend a digital photo frame to keep on his nightstand or desk so that he can look at your special moments all through the day. Coby DP356RED 3.5 inch Digital Photo Frame comes with an inbuilt alarm clock and music player. It has a 3.5 Inch TFT LCD screen. It displays JPEG photo files and plays MP3 and WMA music files. The photo slideshow mode lets you browse your favorite photos all day long. It has a SD and SDHC card slot and a USB port for fast file transfers. Buy it for Rs.3,366 on

Tie and Cufflinks


If your boyfriend appreciates classy things then he is bound to like the Michelangelo Men's Tie Pocket Square and Cufflink Gift Set from This elegant gift set contains a classy black tie and black cufflinks packed into a sleek black leather finish box. It will cost you Rs.495.

Bomber Jacket

If you are thinking of buying clothes for your man gift him a cool leather jacket. The Next Leather Bomber Jacket will make your boyfriend look incredibly suave. This classic jacket has long sleeves and is made of black leather. Buy it for Rs.8,393 from

If your guy is more into classic formals then get him a smart suit. Peter England Solid Black Suit is a classic piece which will make any man look like James Bond! Buy it for Rs.4,499 also from Jabong.

Fancy Boots

A pair of classic boots is something that you can bet your boyfriend will love without doubt. Buy the Superdry Brad Brogue Navy Blue Boots from for his birthday. It will definitely become his go to pair with every outfit that he wears. It’s a high ankle shoe made of suede leather and costs Rs.4,794.

DIY Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are not just for children. If you are looking for a special but inexpensive gift for your boyfriend then create a Jigsaw puzzle for him. This fun DIY Jigsaw puzzle could be a great activity for your next night in. Making a jigsaw puzzle is not difficult at all. Print out a picture of the two of you and turn it into a customised DIY puzzle to gift your boyfriend. You could use anything you want a picture from a magazine, an old poster or turn it into a colorful piece of art. Watch this YouTube tutorial for step by step instructions.

Classy Leather Wallet


Gifting personal items like wallets help establish a close bond between lovers. Get your boyfriend WildHorn Genuine Leather Wallet worth Rs.540 form It’s a classic accessory with an elegant design and will keep your man’s money, credit cards and IDs safe and secure.

Try Handwrapping the Gift for a Personal Touch

How you present the gift is as important as the gift itself. Hand wrap the gift yourself. It adds a personal touch and makes your boyfriend feel special and loved. If you are looking for innovative gift wrapping ideas then visit Most men are not that fond of bows and ribbons. Wrap it in a way that he will appreciate. You can use simple plain or striped wrapping paper. Brown paper is also a great idea. Use string or twine to tie up the package. You can use brown paper bags as well. Add fun accents like a moustache or a paper bow tie to dress up the gift package. Don’t forget to add a handwritten tag or note.

It's Alright to Ask Him What He Would Like

When you are buying presents for your boyfriend your main goal should be to get him something that he really wants. Sometimes we try to figure out what somebody wants instead of actually asking them. This creates unnecessary confusion for both the gift giver and receiver. It can be stressful deciding on a good gift when you are in a long term relationship. You have to get something which is meaningful and unique all the while staying within your budget. Before you make your final purchase, have a conversation with your boyfriend regarding what kind of gifts he likes. Remember it’s always ok to ask! You won’t be breaking any major relationship rules by having an honest conversation with your boyfriend. Just don’t wait till the last moment to do it. Plan it in advance. Make a list of all the things that your boyfriend would like as a gift. That way you have a complete guide to refer to whenever a gifting emergency arrives.

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Remember the Gift is For Him

When buying or making gifts its quite natural to lean towards the things that appeal to us, but remember you're shopping for your boyfriend so keep in mind the things he likes. You may be a couple and there are things you'd like your man to do or try, which is fine on any other day. But when giving him gifts, especially for occasions like his birthday, switch the focus to what he'd be happy to receive. On most days he would be happy to let you have your way but to see you put aside your preferences and give him a gift he likes will also mean a lot to him.