Need Ideas for Great Wedding Gifts for Your Best Friend? Read on for Some Super Tips and Recommendations!

Need Ideas for Great Wedding Gifts for Your Best Friend? Read on for Some Super Tips and Recommendations!

Looking for a unique wedding gift for yout friend that will make the happy couple even happier? We've compiled a list of 10 thoughtful and creative gifts, complete with insights from wedding experts! Read on to discover amazing gifts in every price range for your friend!

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Guidelines for Buying Great Wedding Gifts for Your Friend

Shopping for a perfect gift is always a daunting task. The pressure increases when you are looking out for a gift for your best friend! We understand that you do not want to gift him or her something casual or randomly picked off the shelf, which is why we have compiled this guide to help you buy a great gift for your best friend who is about to get hitched.

Getting married is is a very big occasion for your friend, and she/he would naturally expect a lot of support and guidance from you. The wedding gift you plan on getting for them, therefore, should be thoughtful as well as useful for your friend. You could gift something that signifies your strong bond of friendship, something nostalgic that would remind your friend of the good old days you've spent together or something funny that would crack them up. The choice is entirely yours, but there are some general points you must consider while making the decision. Read the guidelines below to know more.

Are They Moving to a New Place?

The probability of you knowing if your best friend will move to a new place is high. This gives you a good idea about the gifts you can give to your best friend for their new home. Modern electric appliances would be a great option, as it would help them do their chores faster and better. It could be anything, ranging from a refrigerator to a coffee maker, a television set to a washing machine. Furniture is another good idea for people moving in to a new house. You can help them have their dreams fulfilled by contributing towards their decoration of their home. You can give them sofa set, a bed, a recliner, or a nice decorative indoor swing. Another way to help them decorate their house is by giving them customised decor gifts. You can give them customised pillow covers, lamps, wall clocks, photo frames and make their home look better. They will always be thankful to you for the gift and it will be a nice collection of memories.

Have They Already Planned a Vacation?

If your friend has been talking to you or asking suggestions for a good place for a honeymoon - you should definitely suggest him the good places that you know and can also you gift them a honeymoon package. It will be a great idea and will help them spend some quality time with each other and share good memories. If your friend likes beaches, then goa or Andaman is an amazing option. The northern hills and mountains also make for good vacation places.

Buying a Gift for Your Friend vs. Buying a Couple Gift

A wedding signifies the union of two people, who vow to be with each other for the rest of their lives. So, many people think it's appropriate to choose gifts that will be useful for both the bride and the groom. If you know your best friend's partner fairly well, it should be easy for you to pick something suitable for the couple. But fret not if you don't! You can always pick gift keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your best friend and add a generic gift for the partner. We hope the selection of gifts below will help you in your search.

Weddings Gifts for Her

Polaroid Instax camera


Gift the to-be bride a Polaroid Camera so that she can capture all her lovely and memorable moments of her honeymoon and future married life and treasure it for years to come! The Instax Mini 9 is a newly launched product by Fujifilm in their instant camera range. It will help her have on-the-spot high quality credit-card sized photos instantly. This camera is also equipped with a selfie mirror and comes with a close-up lens in addition to features such as automatic exposure measurement for aperture settings and high-key mode that helps one capture brighter photos; it's a perfect tool for taking candid pictures, too. It looks very stylish and is available at Amazon in five trendy colours: 'Flamingo Pink', 'Lime Green', 'Cobalt Blue', 'Smoky White' and 'Ice Blue'. it is priced at Rs.4,059.

Grey Floral Lace Clutch


A wedding means a lot of ceremonies and parties, this implies that the bride will change into many outfits and will need accessories matching to her outfit. Ease your best friend’s trouble of looking out for a clutch. You can gift her a Grey floral lace clutch, which is available at Igp for Rs. 1,250. This floral clutch can be paired with many outfits, and the lace gives it a decent look. If not for your friend, you can buy it for yourself and flaunt this clutch at various parties.

Stunning Swarovski Earrings

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, so beware, because you have competition! On a serious note, jewelry is every girl's prized possession! If your bestie is someone who always cribs that she has nothing to match with her dress, you can gift her one big reason to stop complaining! Add a piece of jewelry to her wedding collection by gifting her a Swarovski product. Depending on your budget, you can choose to buy a delicate necklace or a bracelet that she can wear on one of the post-marriage celebrations or parties. But choose something dainty enough that she could also use it as a daily-wear ornament. We recommend this pair of earrings from Swarovski because it makes a classic and elegant gift choice. It is 3 cms long and made with premium-quality Swarovski stones. This pair of earring is crafted in rose gold and is priced at Rs. 5,490.

Kama Ayurveda Signature Essentials Box - for Women


Help your friend achieve clear and flawless skin after all the marriage and post marriage makeup. You can gift her essential body and face products for everyday use to have a glowing skin. Nykaa has come up with a Kama Ayurveda Signature Essentials Box. It is a beautiful collection and comprises of pure, natural, and organic ingredients. The limited edition box contains a 40 gm Mridul Soap-Free Face Cleanser, a 50ml Pure Rosewater bottle, a 5 gm Vanilla Lip Balm, a 120 gm Vanilla & Oatmeal Soap, a 50 gm Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream. These Ayurvedic products will surely help her maintain a good skin care routine. The Kama ayurvedic essentials box costs Rs. 3,050.

Makeup Kit

Almost all women are fond of makeup and invest quite some amount of money into it. You can help your friend who is getting married to look gorgeous at all her post-marriage functions, get-togethers, and parties. All the makeup buffs know that Sephora is a well-known brand, so you definitely can trust these products and gift your best friend a makeup kit at her wedding. This beauty kit consists of a blusher, bronzer, lip shadow, and eyeshadow. These products help one achieve a long-lasting look and your friend can use the palette shades for various occasions without her having to repeat her look. This useful and indulgent gift from Sephora will cost you Rs. 2600.

Gifts for Him on His Wedding

Personalised Whisky Glasses


You know that whiskey glasses are an ideal gift but having them customised with your personal photographs is something unique. This could be a perfect addition to the display of crockery pieces and a memorable gift. You can buy a set of Large personalised whiskey glasses from Igp for Rs. 880 for your best friend. He will be really impressed by this unique set of whisky glasses when he opens them. You can put in pictures of him and you or him and his significant partner.

Croc Print Hip Flask & Shot Glasses Set


Having a bar set up at home is a dream for a man fond of alcohol and parties. A minibar set is worth a treasure for sure. This could be a perfect gift for a friend who is moving into a new place after his wedding. A minibar set is available at Igp for Rs.830. The mini bar set contains two shot glasses, a measuring peg, and a hip flask tool. The unique croc print makes it appealing to the eye. The size of the bar is 6 x 1.5 x 7.5 inches (l x b x h).

Morphy Richards Europa Coffee Maker

Almost everyone needs a coffee to kick-start their day with a dose of energy. Therefore, a coffee maker as a gift can never go wrong. In addition, if your friend is moving into a new place this gift will be of great help for your friend. We recommend a Morphy Richards Europa Espresso Maker. This is a drip-type coffee maker that brews a variety of coffees like espresso, cappuccino, and latte. Up to 4 cups of coffee can be brewed together in about 6-8 minutes. Isn't that great for someone who is always in a rush? What's more, this device is easy to clean as it comes with a unique removable drip tray. The steam control knob lets you control the amount of froth you want in your coffee. The illuminated on/off switch is an add-on to the easy operating feature. This coffee machine can also handle a range of coffee blends from dark roasted (French Roast) to light green (Cinnamon Roast) beans. this Morphy Richards Espresso Coffee Maker is available at Flipkart for Rs. 4,349.

Kama Ayurveda Signature Essentials Box - for Men


Who says it is only women who are obsessed with skincare routines? Men like maintaining their physique, the way they smell and have cleansed facial skin. Hence, gifting your best friend a skincare essentials box on his wedding will be a great choice! Nykaa has put up some amazing natural products together as a limited edition gift box. This box contains A 50 ml Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser, a 50 ml Pure Vetiver Water, A 5gm Mint Lip Balm, a 120 gm Khus Natural Soap, and a 50 gm Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream. Pamper your soon-to-be groom friend with this hamper which will help him enhance his personality. The hamper is available at Nykaa for Rs. 2,770.

Wine, Chess & Accessories Combo


Give your friend a hamper of exclusive gifts for his wedding. Amazon has this hamper of a wine glass set which is apt as a gift for a man. The hamper contains a brown formal belt, a metallic pen stand of 4.9 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches (l x w x h), and the wine chess set of 5.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches (l x b x h). It contains all the wine accessories along with a chess game to enjoy a perfect holiday at home. All these products are arranged in a wooden box. This hamper makes for an amazing gift not only for your guy best friend! You can buy this hamper from Igp for Rs. 999. Too tempted to buy it for yourself?

Tips for Buying a Wedding Gift for a Friend

Pool in with Your Friends

You might want to give your best friend an amazing gift but if the budget is holding you back, it would be a good idea to pool in with a few mutual friends or family. This way, you can make up a larger amount and purchase the perfect wedding gift for your best friend without reluctance. You can take suggestions from your friend or their family and look out for better and slightly more expensive gifts. For instance, if your friend were moving into her new house post marriage, then a piece of furniture or home utilities would do the needful.

Avoid Gifts That Can Be Embarrassing


A few couples after marriage will move in with their parents, so giving them anything, that could be potentially embarrassing for them would be a bad idea. In addition, sometimes a few couples open up their gifts as soon as they are received, often among a bunch of curious family members. Therefore, any kind of lingerie, wild, or naughty gifts would be a big no-no as it would lead to an unintenionally created awkward situation! Such gifts are best presented during bachelor parties or other pre-wedding celebrations.

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Gift Your Bestie A Wedding Gift That Your Friend Will Never Forget.

Shopping for the perfect wedding gift is always a tough task, but when it comes to a close friend, there is, even more, the pressure to find the perfect gift. You not only want to find the perfect gift for the happy couple, but you want one that will also signify the many years of friendship you have shared. Besides, while you want the gift to be thoughtful, you shouldn’t spend so much time stressing over it, the most memorable gifts are often ones that are not expensive and usually not even on the registry list.