Planning to Surprise Your Guy Best Friend this Friendship Day? Here Are 10 Gift Ideas (2019) That Would Work Wonders!

Planning to Surprise Your Guy Best Friend this Friendship Day? Here Are 10 Gift Ideas (2019) That Would Work Wonders!

Friends are the best aren't they. There are so many moments in life that you just cannot imagine without your wonderful friends in them. They can bring out the best in new, test your nerves and be your pillar of strength all at the same time so when Friendhsip Day comes around, it is time to show them some love. Here are some brilliant gifts for those crazy and super special guy friends of yours!

For the Exceptional 'Guy Best Friend'

Friendship is what adds value to life. The essence of true friendship is to accept each other’s faults and love unconditionally. Be it parenting, love or work, friendship makes everything worth the while. It isn't always possible to put your feelings into words - that is when gifts come into play. This beautiful feeling must be cherished and celebrated. After all, friends are family.

How often do we think of gifting the men of our life, small tokens of appreciation? Show them some love. And what’s better than a thoughtful gift this Friendship Day? These blessed angels in disguise need to be acknowledged. And we are here to help you do exactly the same. It’s their turn to go ‘aww’ and teary-eyed.

Master the Art of Finding Gifts for Your Guy Friend

When it comes to gifts, the cliché of being complicated shifts to men. You can have an entire session of brainstorming and yet end up running in circles. And that’s where we come to your rescue. Sit back and relax as we walk you through various tips, tricks and suggestions. By the end of this article, you will see an entire rainbow of hope. Let’s break it down one by one.

The Kind of Person He Is

It is as plain as it sounds. ‘All men are the same’, is what we hear every other day. Well, let’s break that bubble. They are not! Some may be serious, who approach everything as a task, whereas for some men, every single thing is a joke. Some men walk in the same shorts and t-shirt for five days whereas some are crisp and fresh, ready to walk a ramp. A few men are sporty; the outsiders and a few are kids stuck to their X-boxes. Some are romantic whereas some hold back expressing their emotions. You get the gist. Take a deep breath and put him into a box till you find the perfect gift.

The Emotions Or Sentiments Attached

Gifts are not just things you buy the other person. What it embodies is your emotion, gratitude and love towards that soul. The person receiving the gift shall feel the same once he holds it in his hands. The love, the eternal bond. So, it is always wise to put some thought into the gift you get your guy friend. It is not the money that matters, but your efforts, time and love.

Functionality Is Always a Priority.

Men are not hoarders. It is how they are wired. Hence, it is always wise to get your guy friend a gift that is functional. Always try to gift men something that they absolutely need, wish for, or is ‘useful’. Functionality ensures constant reminders of your gesture and affection to him. And that is an absolute bonus!

The Age Group He Belongs to

Always keep in mind the age bracket of your guy friend. A college student in his twenties has an entirely different preference from a working man in his thirties. Someone stepping into his old age requires an entirely different gift from a school-going kid. So always pay attention, to age, profession and what he does.

Last But Not the Least - Budget

It is not the cost of the gift that matters but the frame of mind behind it. But let’s not get carried away. Fix a budget you would like to stick to. Your loved one wouldn’t want to see you broke. Similarly, we shouldn’t fall back either. A fixed budget is always a bright idea. Go ahead and check out the affordable and reasonably priced gifts we have handpicked for your friend!

10 Gifting Ideas to Blow His Mind This Friendship Day

We bring you 10, top-notch gift picks that would surely earn you Mr.Special’s appreciation and love. Each product has been carefully picked and will surely appeal to him.

Grooming Kit for the Sharp And Focused.Guy


Just like women, even men love getting ready and grooming themselves nicely every once in a while. They just don’t admit it and are fairly quick. That’s it!

A beard is a man’s canvas. Gift him the best tools available to paint his masterpiece. A well-groomed man is always a happy man. The Braun Multi-Grooming Kit MGK3040 - 7-in-1 Face and Body Trimming from, is the perfect gift for your bearded buddy. Priced at Rs.3,019. it has four combs, precision setting from 0.5mm to 21 mm that comes with a detail trimmer attachment. The blades of the trimmer guarantee a lifetime sharpness. And the easiest part is that this whole thing is easy to clean. A stream of water and you are done. The kit also comes with a Gillette Body Razor. Now your man needs no salon visits to shape up his beard and sideburns. Saves time and money. What more could you ask for?

Body Range Products for the Ever-ready Guy

Charcoal is in vogue, fellow reader! Give your angelic man friend a unique head-to-toe pamper pack to de-stress from his busy schedule. The unique gift - box from The Man Company has its very own activated charcoal-based ingredient; an in-house blend. Each product is tried, tested and proven to have active cleansing constituents that draw out toxins from the body, and also cleanse dirt and oil clogging the pores. The products not only kill germs but also provides an overall exfoliation for the skin.

The gift-box from consists of a cleansing gel - 100 ml, a face scrub -100 gm, a face wash – 100ml, a soap bar – 100 gm, a body wash – 250 ml and a shampoo – 250 ml, all at an attractive price of Rs.2,609. This unique pack would provide the most relaxing and exceptional cleansing experience a man can have.

Perfume/Cologne for the Classic Guy

As they say, there is nothing more attractive than a man who smells good. A great fragrance not only imparts a boost to self-confidence but is also quite appealing and striking to the opposite party. It always creates an image of a man who takes an extra small step to take care of details. An added bonus point is that smell triggers a memory. So, it is always a good idea to gift a perfume, as every spritz would be the reminder of something loving and beautiful.

Our first recommendation is the Bentley Infinite Intense Eau De Parfum. Eau De Parfum in the simplest words means, the perfume has the standard oil concentration for most perfumes nowadays. The Bentley Infinite Intense is a strong perfume that shall last for four to five hours. This perfume is perfect for the elegant and powerful. It has a beautiful woody fragrance that is perfect for both casual and nightwear. The branded fragrance is available on at Rs.3,575.

For the men who like a much lighter fragrance that simply lingers, always opt for an Eau De Toilette or else a Cologne that has a much lower concentration of oils. A beautiful option is the Salvatore Ferragamo, Men by F Free Time Eau De Toilette (100 ml).

Salvatore Ferragamo by F is a medium perfume that lasts for two to three hours. It is perfect for the easy-breezy man. The fragrance is fresh and is ideal for casual wear. It is available on at Rs.3,225 only.

Hip Flask for the Booze Lover


For the quintessential alcohol lover, think no further about gifting, because we got you covered. The hip flask is the unqualified king of all gifts he shall receive. Booze shall never leave his side again and he would thank you with a smile on every sip.

The metallic hip flask from comes with a funnel and four good-looking shot glasses with the same rugged leathery finish. The murky brown and even murkier writing of Jack Daniels compliments the metallic shine like no other. The best part is that the products come in an attractively printed box with the quote ‘You’re the man’. The price of the entire gift box comes to just Rs.799. What more can a booze lover ask for?

Shoes for the Sporty And Casual

‘One can never have enough shoes.’ This statement is equally applicable to men. For the active and outdoorsy man, a shoe that is both sporty and casual would be a win-win gifting option. Always make sure the colours are basic and toned down. This ensures an easy transit from a sporty shoe to casual wear. Also keep an eye out for simple, elegant and classy designs.

HRX by Hrithik Roshan, Men Soft walk Series Navy Training Shoes from is a perfect choice. The shoe is made of highest quality stretchable lycra and memory foam that ensures a snug fit and neutral support for his feet and ankle. Flexible EVA sole and cushion collar ensures support and comfort. The shoe is lightweight and is a slip-on. Priced at Rs.1,199, it is perfect for gym and casual wear, bringing emphasis to the concept of athleisure.

Tie And Cufflinks for the Old School Guy


The way one dresses is the greatest ice breaker. After all, we all would love to make an impression. For the men who love to suit up and be polished in their appearance, a tie acts like a cherry on the top of a cake. And what is even better is a combination of all the tiny necessary items that complete a well-suited look.
The Blacksmith Tie set for men from is an incredible gift for your guy friend. Priced at Rs.1,699, it includes a Blacksmith Polka Tie, Cufflink, Pocket Square, Socks, Lapel Pin, and Tie Clip Set for Men. The tie is 3 inches slim and the cufflinks made of silver. The set comes in a beautifully packaged and neatly arranged box. It is also available in a variety of other colours. So, choose his favourite colour and gift away.

Cartoon Boxers for the Man Kid

There is an inner child in every man that longs for the quirky stuff and games. This is the time to pamper that child in the best way possible. Adding colours and fun elements is never a bad idea. Especially, if they come in the disguise of boxers. They can be worn as pyjamas, casual beachwear, comfortable wear and the list goes on, depending on his need and creativity. And if worn under a pair of jeans or a pair of formal trousers, no one even knows. is your one-stop destination for the best graphic, cartoon and funky boxers. They come in a variety of colours, prints, patterns and sizes. Each boxer is made of breathable quality material. From Courage - the cowardly dog to Batman, from Dexter’s Laboratory to Avengers, from Bollywood to cartoons, from beer glass prints to graphics - they have them all. The boxers are priced at only Rs.399. So, brace yourselves and look for the perfect boxers until you find satisfaction.

Formal Shirt for the Workaholic Friend

The workaholic who eats, sleeps and breathes his career, needs a gift that shall move along with him in his busy schedules. What’s more thoughtful than a breathable, gorgeous work shirt to amp up his confidence and get rid of Monday blues. Gift him a crisp slim fit shirt with very subtle patterns that break the monotony of the usual work wear.

Louis Philippe, Men White & Blue Slim Fit Printed Formal Shirt from is the perfect choice for office as well as his occasional brunch meetings. The shirt priced at just Rs.799 can be dressed up or dressed down according to preference. The black detailing in the cuffs and insides of the collar gives it an edgy millennial look and the cotton fabric assures relief from the heat.

Watch for the Timeless Friend

It may seem cliched, but nothing beats a good watch as a gift. Gift your man friend, whether punctual or not, a timeless piece like a watch. It shall bring a memory of your bond every time he glances to check the time. It shall be a reminder of your good times then, now and that are yet to come. It's always safe to opt for a metal strap as some are allergic to leather and faux leather. But if you are sure he loves it, feel free to opt for the one he would prefer.

Fossil, Men Black Chronograph Watch from is a textured, steel bracelet fashioned watch at just Rs.4,497. The rugged looking piece is a sure shot eye catcher. The watch’s design is perfect for casual and formal wear. It is a good investment piece and a great gift.

Another rocking option from is the Fossil, Men Black Factory Serviced Genuine Leather Analogue Watch at an impressive rate of Rs.5,947. This watch is the perfect pick for the leather strap lovers. The leather is regular brown with tang closure and the round dial made with stainless steel in golden finish. A perfectly timeless gift of time.

Sunglasses for the Quirky

Sunglasses are a must-have. Be it with work wear or casual, a nice quirky pair of sunglasses is the best accessory to pull the whole outfit together. A cool pair of sunnies would be the perfect gift for your friend. When in doubt, pick sunglasses and slay.

Buy a pair of Tommy Hilfiger, Unisex Rectangle Sunglasses 2511, from At just Rs.4,508, it is the best pick for the perfect friend. The lenses are UV protected and full rim with golden detailing. The glasses come in the signature Tommy Hilfiger hard case and is made of plastic and metal.

How About a Change: Why Just Gift Your Guy Friend? Gift Yourself Too

Friendship is a bond between two or more people. It's not just one. This time, for a change, not only gift your friend but also gift yourself for being such a caring and thoughtful friend. Look for things that the two of you or your whole bunch may enjoy together. Make it special. Make a new memory because memories last forever. Some options include:

Spa Bookings for Rejuvenation

A spa vacation is all you and your friend might need to unwind, relax and feel at ease. A full body massage, with a pedicure and manicure, would be more than sufficient to detox the stress from your bodies. Find a spa you could drive to and let go of the world to unwind towards peace and rejuvenation. It would be worth it.

Never Too Old for Amusement Parks.

This Friendship Day celebrates with your friends with a total twist. Forget the cliched parties, meetings or dinners. Go visit an amusement park and give a spark to your inner kids. Bring back the innocence and childlike magic to your lives at an amusement park with thrilling rides and truckloads of fun. It would definitely be a celebration with a twist and would help you build new memories.

Revisit And Relive Memories

Find old pictures and videos, make a collage, visit your old hangout places, play same pranks on each other once again, embarrass each other, do the little things that matter, together. After all, life is made of memories that are too beautiful to forget. So, revisit them, forget all grudges, open up and convey your feelings and hold your friend closer than ever.

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Kindle the Spark of Your Frienship With Your Guy Best Friend This Friendship Day

Guys are not that difficult to understand if you have been friends with one for a really long time. This Friendship Day, make your guy best friend feel valued by gifting him something special, a thoughtful gift that would be a symbol of your meaningful friendship. Make sure you keep in mind his likes, dislikes and preferences and you're good to go!