Are You Looking for the Perfect Photo Frame to Gift? Here are Top 10 Photo Frames Plus Tips To Find The Right One

Are You Looking for the Perfect Photo Frame to Gift? Here are Top 10 Photo Frames Plus Tips To Find The Right One

Photo frames make for a great gift idea for any occasion - they are versatile yet a thoughtful option. After all, the charm of displaying your favourite shots in stylish photo frames is something different indeed. However you need to make sure you are picking out the right photo frame so check out our all-in-one guide that contains not only recommendations but also handy tips to choose the right frame for your friend, husband or anyone at all.

Photo Frames - Bringing to Life All Kinds of Emotions

One of the things that almost every person treasures is a photograph and in today’s time when people capture every random moment on their phones, gifting someone a printed photo shows how much thought and effort you put in it. Gifting a beautiful photo frame to someone that can be hung up anywhere on the wall or just placed on a table or a nightstand is also a wonderful option.

Displaying cherished photos is a great way to relive favourite moments but many of us today don't bother printing out photos. Photo frame could be just the gift you are looking for – classy yet subtle, thoughtful yet not over the top, and it will help people showcase their memorable moments. We have compiled this article to help you choose the perfect photo frame. Read further to see tips on choosing frames, top 10 photo frames on the internet and other vital information.

What Do Photos Mean in Someone's life?

Whether you are someone who hates photographs taken, or a photography aficionado or one of those who likes to capture every moment of life on camera, you surely understand the importance of photographs in people’s lives. You too might have some photos that mean the world to you, that transport you back in time to a point in life which you would like revisiting again and again. Similarly, we think that photographs hold the following 3 most important meanings in anybody’s life –

#1 Reliving Past Moments


This is the undeniable truth’ photos remind us of the memories of the past. They may be good ones or bad ones but they sure bring to fore a whole new set of emotions and feelings that we all like to revisit from time to time. Photos help in opening up a beautiful window to the past and most people like to flip through their old photographs in albums (or on their devices, nowadays) to just relive those old times and be the same person they once used to be.

#2 Remembering People

Old times when remembered bring with them a whole lot of things; like, emotions, feelings and, most of all, the memories of the time spent with people in the past who probably got lost in the sands of time. Often we meet certain people in life, create beautiful memories with them and then we each go our separate ways. Photos help bring these people and their memories alive. It sends us back in time to remember the people we met, the time we spent, and, sometimes even the lessons we learnt.

#3 Creating New Memories


One of the biggest things that photos give us all is the hope of creating new, happy memories in the present and in the future and the joy of capturing them as well. It gives us a new energy to look towards the future and await the new moments to come in life which would soon be memories, captured in photos and hung up somewhere in the house and locked in some cupboard for ages.

Top 10 Coolest Photo Frames to Gift This Year


If you are looking to buy couple photo frames to hang up around the house or you are just looking to buy that one perfect photo frame to gift to someone, this list will definitely help you a lot. It is certainly a task to find the one photo frame that matches the décor, taste and quality expectations of a person. Also, nowadays there are hundreds of designs and colour options to choose from which can make things more complicated than easier. Hence, read further to see our list of the top 10 coolest photo frames that you can gift this year to anyone or any occasion (or maybe buy a couple of them for your own use)!

#1 Archies Frames Generic Photo Frame

This is a complete package photo frame which will make the entire room light up. From Archie’s collection, it is a set-up of 9 photo frames put together; each can accommodate a photo of 4 X 6 size. The frames are joined together and arranged in a way that makes it look attractive. It is made of a generic material and in a nice subtle maroon colour. This can be a nice gift for someone who likes putting up a lot of photos together, like a collage. You can find it on Flipkart for just Rs. 749 only.

#2 Fashionista Personalised A3 Photo Frame


This is a photo frame that can be used as a statement décor piece in a room. It is an A3 size photo frame meant for one full-size portrait photograph. The frame is made of fibre material and has a thick black border on all sides. You can buy it from Igp for just Rs. 695 only and get it personalised as well while purchasing it. The photograph and the name of the person can both be added online itself while placing the order so that you get a nicely packed, ready to gift package from them.

#3 WollWoll Polymer Photo Frame

For the people that like classy and sophisticated décor ideas, this one can be a show stealer. It is a combination of 11 different photo frames in bold black and classic white shades. The frames are of different sizes and orientation with some being landscape style while the rest are portrait style. You can arrange them in a different manner on any wall and they also come with travel snaps already in place, in case, you take time to put in the photos. Made from high-quality wood, the frames are 16 mm thick and have a transparent plexiglass which ensures durability. It is available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,519 only.

#4 Sepia Solid Photo Frame Set

Available on Home Centre for just Rs. 699, this set of 7 different stylish photo frames could be just the thing you are looking for. It will seamlessly add a chic look to the entire room. The frames are made of MDF material to ensure durability and they are in a sepia themed colour to make them look chic and stylish. The frames also have a tough glass which gives a nice overall look. You can either wall mount it in different styles and designs or simply place them as table top accessories.

#5 Wooden Printed Photo Collage

This is a stellar piece and probably one of the top favourites on the list. Available on Regalo Casila for Rs. 2,499, this one is a collage of 13 photos put together around one centre photo in a somewhat star-shaped design. Made of high quality, strong wood this is a really good piece that also acts as a wall hanging. However, this will work only if you already have the photos of the person in hand because they will be printing the photos on the wooden blocks itself. It could be a nice gifting idea for a loved one.

#6 Personalised 9 Pic Collage Frame With Round Wall Clock

If you don’t want to gift a simple frame but something more than that then this photo collage set around a clock could be what you are looking for. It has one main photograph in the centre of the clock and nine different photos in a circle shape all around the clock. Made out of wooden material, the quality is durable and the complete look will complement your room. Also, it will be a useful gift for anybody. You can buy it for 1,999 only from Regalo Casila.

#7 Coloured Table Wooden Photo Frame

If you are looking to buy a photo frame to gift someone at work, especially, for someone in a senior position then you can consider this option which is a more formal photo frame. It is a wooden frame and is more of a table top photo frame instead of the usual hanging up one. You can buy this for Rs. 349 only on Print Land and it is also possible to get it customised with photo print, name and more.

#8 Art Street Black Set

Made out of synthetic wood, this set of 12 different photo frames is a beautiful piece that you can purchase from Myntra for just Rs. 1,350 only. It is more of a décor piece than a simple collage of photos. The frames are arranged in a typical manner and have certain design elements as well like two big black birds on each end of the set-up. The words ‘Bless this Home’ hang in the centre of the set-up; making this a ideal gifting option for a housewarming party or something similar.

#9 Art Street Black Set

If you liked the above option but want sometimes less elaborate than the 12 frames, then you can consider this set of 8 different frames put together and the words ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ hanging in between. The frames are of different sizes to make a nice looking collage. Made of out of sturdy synthetic wood with a bold black colour, the frames can be hung horizontally or vertically, as per need. They also come with adjustable S-type hooks. You can buy this for just Rs. 900 from Myntra.

#10 Personalised Revolving Floating Photo Cube Magnetic

If you don’t have a very big budget but would still like to gift something unique then you can consider this revolving cube from Regalo Casila for just Rs. 480 only. Made out of durable material, the cube floats in between a curved stand fitted with magnetic ability. You can personalise it with 6 different photographs and messages as well depending on the occasion. You also have the option to select the colour of the stand from a range of different shades; like, pink, orange, red, black, blue and more.

How to Choose a Frame?


There is more to choosing a frame then just looking at shapes, designs and colours. You need to consider several things before you can select the perfect photo frame. We have tried to make this a whole lot easier for you by compiling this guide below to help you in shopping for the perfect photo frame. Read further to see tips and ideas on selecting a photo frame, especially, when buying one online.

#1 Classic Frames for the Old-Souls

Once you start looking at the wide variety of frames available you will realise that there are hundreds of different options to choose from and you should always keep the personality of the person in mind while buying a frame. For example, if you are buying a frame for someone who could relate to the term ‘old-soul’, someone who adores things done in the old school way then you should consider buying something classic and simple for them. They wouldn’t really appreciate loud, quirky stuff that doesn’t match their personality.

#2 Quirky Frames for the Happy Go Lucky People

Keeping in mind the personality of someone who is ever smiling and fooling around, you would be able to make the best bet with a bright, quirky and sometimes bold photo frame that speaks to them for who they are. It could also have some kind of print or design of something they love to say, like, maybe a one-liner that is their response to everything. These are the people who would appreciate bright colours and bold designs to make an impact.

#3 Collage Sets for More Impact

One of the best things that you can look for when purchasing a photo frame is to check out the collage sets in which you have space for several photos at once. They make the entire thing look so much more beautiful and you can also find so many designs and types in this category from square patterns to circle patterns to even complex designs like tree branches and more. They also come in different colours and material; like wood, metal etc. making it easier for you to select according to the place’s décor.

Bonus Tip - Make Sure to Check Frame Size

If you are buying online then there are certain things that you always need to keep in mind like re-checking the details, reading up on the material, checking delivery dates and more. However, when buying photo frames the first thing you need to check for sure is the size. Don’t just assume that a 5-inch frame is good enough; read and do your research and then decide. What might seem like too big might be too small or vice versa. The sizes and measurements can be confusing so take your time and always double check the photo frame size before placing an order.

From our editorial team

Look for Quality

Gifting photo frame is often the go-to option particularly when you want a uncomplicated gift. However don't ignore quality aspect while choosing the frame whether a standard one or a collage one. No point in giving a badly finished frame that doesn't look good or does not hold the photo properly. Give the joy of showcasing cherished moments by gifting photo frames that are elegant and help to put the spotlight on the photo.