Heading for a Dinner or Your Friends' Anniversary, it's Best to Not Show Up Empty Handed at Their Door: 10 Cool Gift Ideas for Couples (2018)

Heading for a Dinner or Your Friends' Anniversary, it's Best to Not Show Up Empty Handed at Their Door: 10 Cool Gift Ideas for Couples (2018)

Friends are family but don't ever take them for granted, and giving them gifts at suitable occasions is a great way to show you care for them. Giving a gift to a couple would entail giving the right one that both couples can appreciate, both as individuals and as a couple. So, here we present to you ideas on the perfect gift to give to any couple, no matter what the occasion is.

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Tips on Different Kinds of Gift You Can Give a Couple

Home Improvement and Décor Gifts

Gifts serve a multipurpose role in terms of communicating your feelings toward the person you are buying for. They are a style statement and they encompass memories and more. A gift may not always be tangible; it may be a moment that the recipient would cherish forever. Choosing the right gift can be one of the most challenging things to do. There are quite a few points to keep in mind when looking for a gift for someone, keeping a budget or personal interest in the forefront and leaving no room for errors or disappointments.

A couple not only shares their space, their belongings and their lives together, but they also share responsibilities that come as part of the package. And in respect of these parameters, it is best to look for gifts that will further their initiative of keeping a perfect and harmonious home up and running around them. Some leading gift options that can be explored are multi-purpose tools with a gift hamper of different tools in a compact package, portable and lightweight, miniature flashlights, work-gloves, beanie caps, personalized hammer; baking dish set for the baking enthusiasts, sound spa relaxation machine with natural sounds as a means of natural sleep aid, personalized cutting boards, wine aerators, massage pillows or foot massagers, spa bath and body gift sets and more!

Hosting Gifts

Gifts that are brought without ample contemplation can be disappointing if not appropriate for the person who’s receiving it. If the couple you’re looking to buy gifts for love socializing and hosting friends & family often, then a perfect gift idea would be to get things that would support their hosting skills and make the occasion special for them. For a couple who have a bar and love serving cocktails, an assortment of bar tools like cocktail strainers & shakers, citrus pressers, wine bottle stoppers or corkscrews would be ideal. You can also pair them up with ice buckets, coolers or cocktail napkins.

If the couple love engaging in outdoor cooking events, then they’d appreciate a portable BBQ grill set or an assortment of BBQ sauces. A pair of matching aprons, personalized coaster sets, decorative charms made of glass crystals that label guests drink glasses to keep them from getting mixed up would be cool too.

Art Gifts

If the couple you are looking to gift enjoy unique and creative pieces of work, they’d most definitely appreciate gifts that are artistically different, vibrant and would look really cool with their décor. For instance, a sitting table lamp that doubles up as a bookend, wood signs with artistic designs and rustic embellishments, handcrafted music boxes, hanging pendant lights in the form of birds, paper craft sculptures, melting clocks or creative succulent planters are some unique ideas for gifts for a couple.

10 Creative Gift Ideas for Couples

Chalkboard Placemats

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The chalkboard placemats are easy to clean and they make each meal interesting, with a clean slate all set to draw, colour or doodle on. Whether it is used to highlight the day’s menu, or used as a drawing board, the placemat is a great means of a conversation starter at dinner duos or for children to be engaged with during meal time. The travel size flexi-mat chalkboard placemat measures 8.5" x 12" and comes in a set of 4 pieces. They are priced at Rs. 3,727.

Streetlight Shakers

To add a quirky touch to their dining table, here’a a unique pair of salt and pepper shakers made with real bulbs. Like two peas in a pod, with a unique design, these streetlight shakers will light up the couple’s taste buds! The shakers are made of bulbs with the base and pillar crafted in wood, measuring 3.5 x 3.5" (base) and 2 x 2 x 9" (pillar) and 7” (width). The shakers are priced at Rs. 1,050.

Hubs & Wife Aprons

Measuring 30” x 24” and made in matching styles, the Hubs & Wife coordinating aprons are a befitting gift for any occasion and style. With two pockets on each apron, these aprons are designed in a classic bib style with an equal blend of cotton and polyester. With adjustable neck strap, long waist ties generously fit most. The aprons also have pockets to keep their phones, recipe cards or other small stuff for easy reach. The couple aprons are priced at Rs. 1,950.

Packing Cubes

A multipurpose set of packing cubes for the couple can be a perfect travel gift to serve not only as clothing storage bags, but also as cosmetic, candies, shoes or book bags, to save their time and effort and help organize their daily essentials conveniently. These lightweight, water-resistant, portable and foldable packing cubes are appropriate for long-term travel needs with a 6 pack set in different sizes along with 3 fillable cubes and 3 envelopes, ideal for an active lifestyle. These cubes measure: 15.7 * 12.2 * 4.72 (inches in large), 12.2 * 11 * 4.72 (inches in medium) and 11 * 8.26 * 4.72 (inches in small) with the laundry bags measuring 13.38 * 10.62 (inches in large), 10.62 * 10.23 (inches in medium) and 10.23 * 6.7 (inches in small). All cubes are stitched properly and have a plastic pulling head with a nylon zipper and good quality mesh cloth with an excellent breathing feature. The packing cubes are priced at Rs. 1,637 at homeloft.in.

Charging Sleep Mask Set

The lttcbro Soft & Smooth Sleep Mask set of two are designed in a trendy style with words “charging” inscribed on them, implying a restful and rejuvenating sleep and refreshed after-effects! The eye mask fabric is silky smooth and gentle for sensitive skin, made of excellent quality material called Micromodal, which is twice the softness of cotton. The masks come with a wide adjustable strap at the back suitable for long time use without stretching them or wearing them out. These charging masks for the eyes can be used for everyday sleep, during travel or during hotel stays. They are priced at Rs. 1,672 at Amazon.com.

Feng Shui Gifts for Couple

A popular trend these days of living in the positive and blessed comfort of universal blessings is quite rampant with Feng Shui items. Ranging from a wide variety of candles to plants to different kind of home décor or personal protection and abundant products for different needs, there’s a whole new world of amazing gifts you can choose for a couple from the world of Feng Shui. Select something that promotes the couple’s relationship in a single, loving and harmonious direction, since they share their lives and energies together, also maintain their individual personalities at the same time.

Some ideal gift options could be candles, plants or crystals in pairs with instructions of their right placement to ensure they reap maximum benefits out of it. Feng shui gifts when presented in red can be wonderfully blissful, as red serves as a positive colour in Feng Shui and promotes passion, love in life and in the relationship. Gifts made of ceramic or porcelain materials are important as they symbolize the power of Earth and promote harmonious energies to keep their relationship alive romantically. Water fountains symbolize purity, the flow of life and energy, and are also instrumental in resolving conflicts and removing negativity from their relationships. The Feng Shui gifts are relatively easy to shop for and priced reasonably for all kinds of pockets.

Sleeping Bag

Made of 190T polyester fiber and hollow cotton material, the Sleeping Bag is durable, comfortable and portable, making it convenient and easy to carry. The sleeping bag has a large space, enough for two people, made without stitching. It comes with two pillows, with fixed hoop and loops, and a double-sided fit to prevent cold air from filling. The sleeping bag is appropriate for all kinds of outdoor trips and travelling needs for the couple. With a colour combination of black on the outside and grey on the inside, the sleeping bag measures (190+30) * 152 cm / (74.8 + 11.8) * 59.8 in with the pillow size of 35 * 23 * 5 cm and is priced at Rs. 4,198. It can be purchased at Amazon.com.

Couple Dance Classes

If the couple you want to gift enjoy dancing or are open to new ways of enjoying each other’s company, here’s a perfect gift of a dance class for them. A multi-purpose gift, couple dancing classes make way for fun physical activity, an opportunity to be together, learn new forms of dance and a wonderful way of being passionate, loving and romantic in a relationship. There are varied dance forms that they could select from like salsa, ballroom dancing, country western, belly dancing and more. Gift them a class or two to get a feel of how it works for them and they can continue enjoying the journey from thereon. Typically these classes cost anything between Rs. 3,000 for monthly classes to 20,000 for annual memberships. However, on special requests, some centers can accommodate gift options.

Quirky Bookends

If your couple enjoys reading books, then there’s no better place to be, rather than be immersed in books for them! And then, storing books properly would be of utmost importance to them. Present them with a quirky design of bookends in a pair like 2 pineapples in polyresin, styled in blue and gold, measuring L * W * H: 10 * 25 * 19 cm and weighing 2.06kg. These uniquely created bookends in a fruity design are priced at Rs. 3,539 at Bentchair.com.

Date Night Kit

Rich with a variety of cues for date night ideas, this fun Date Night Kit for a couple is a bucket list kit, printed on a cute collection of birchwood sticks. The stimulating prompts from the kit range from a passionate and romantic scale of amorous thoughts and musings to the intellectually encouraging activities that a couple can explore together. It also allows for them to record their date for a particular date night at the back of the stick with the included bucket list pencil. The Date night kit is priced at Rs. 1,258 and measures 4" L x 2" in diameter for 25 sticks.

Bonus Tip: Gift Giving Etiquette for Couples

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The entire gift giving experience is one of the most cherishable and delightful pursuits on any occasion, filled with fond memories, expressions of love and thoughtfulness. When selecting gifts for a couple, look for things that they can jointly enjoy, can serve a utilitarian purpose and can be personalized. It is good to be aware of some basic gift etiquette when buying a present for couples that would help avoid any future disappointments.

  • Gravitate towards inexpensive: it’s the thought that always counts! Everyone has a budget, and there’s no shame in acknowledging it. Keeping your pocket in mind, choosing gifts like monogrammed mug sets, aprons or personalized kitchen utility sets would be worthy options.

  • What does the occasion demand? If your couple friends are hosting a party, a celebration or just having you over for a fun evening, it is proper to show up with some token of gratitude for them. The gift need not be big each time, but it should be something that acknowledges your appreciation, it could be flowers, a bottle of wine or some sweets.

  • Couple specific gifts: when giving gifts, it is important to think about the people you’re looking to express your love and affection for. Are you close to one or both, do they prefer extravagant gifts or cherish even the simpler choices like flowers, are they emotionally close to you. These are some important things to consider when making a choice.

  • Nature of gift: is there a specific reason behind your giving a gift to the couple? Is it to celebrate a particular occasion, a holiday or just an expression of your thoughts towards them? Whatever your reason may be, please ensure your gift is culturally sensitive to them in order to avoid offending them or coming across as rude.
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