Give a Special Gift to Your Special Friend This Friendship Day: 10 Gift Ideas for Him to Show How Much You Appreciate His Friendship (2019)

Give a Special Gift to Your Special Friend This Friendship Day: 10 Gift Ideas for Him to Show How Much You Appreciate His Friendship (2019)

Friends are some of the most precious gifts for life, and as you already know, good friends are like apples, that is so rare. If you cherish your friendship with your best friend, I am sure you are thinking about ways to brighten up the day of your friend this Friendship Day. Apart from the friendship bands that you are dying to tie on his wrists, what plans do you have for this special day? How about some interesting friendship day gifts for him? Read on for finding some gifts:

You Remain My Number One Friend of All Times

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself without any side comments or condemnation. A friend accepts you just the way you are. George Elio defines Friendship as the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words. Research has recently shown that having friends increases our chances of being happy. Friendship is that important, No man is an island, everyone needs a friend to survive and that is why on this Friendship Day you need to take out time to celebrate your partner, the one who will remain your friend for all times. This is the time to let him know he means the world to you and also to let him know that no matter how much money you put together, he remains a gift that money cannot buy.

Some Cool Ways to Celebrate the Day

Recreate the Moment And the Place Where You Met

This will demand a lot of creativity on your part. You might not be in the city where you met but you can try to make the scene exactly as it was. Try to dress the way you did when you met or had your first date, style your hair the same way and put on the cologne you had on or something similar. This will stir up and bring back memories, and make you two appreciate the years you have spent together as friends, and also deepen the love you have and share.

Play Songs from His Playlists And Dance Together

A fun part of friendship is the crazy moments we share together doing silly things together and this is one of those silly things you can both do on Friendship Day together. Get his phone and connect it to a speaker, while it plays pull him up to dance with you. Dance as long as you can, I am sure you will have moments of laughter, tears and pillow fighting as you dance together. Such simple things as this spark the flame of your friendship to a new level.

Spend the Evening At Your Favourite Club Or Restaurant

Hang out together at his favourite spot. Men love it when you get involved in their lives and the things that love. Let the FriendshipDay evening be spent at a place he loves or a place of his choosing. Give him the privilege of making the decision and make sure the evening is spent alone and not in the company of friends. It is a special time for just you and him. No intruders invited.

Simple But Classy Gift Friendship Day Gifts for Him

1. Dream with Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey


Anyone who sets on a journey to a location he doesn’t know watches out for signposts to be sure he is on the right track. With sign posts locating your destination is easier and faster. Books are signposts that we read to get to our destination in life. When we read books, we become wiser and can easily access our dreams. The book Dream with Your Eyes Open is a book that shares failures and triumphs, thoughts and anecdotes in a very simple storyline that could help him get a great and better insight into entrepreneurship. This book is about ‘it can be done’, not ‘I did it’. It’s all possible. This book will help him pursue his dreams and achieve them. It is for an experienced professional who is ready to begin their own business and also for individuals who are committed to growing into an effective leader. In Dream with Your Eyes Open, a first-generation entrepreneur and UTV-founder Ronnie Screwvala detail his vast experiences and the myriad lessons learnt from more than two decades of building some successful (and some not-so-successful) businesses, bringing clarity to a quickly changing business landscape. It is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on where the soft back cover costs Rs. 80 and the hardcover back costs Rs. 160. This book will inspire him to do more than he currently doing with his life.

2. Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme VR

The love and excitement men show when playing games are amazing and make you watch them speechlessly. They put their heart to it, laughing and exclaiming at intervals as they play with their friends. Gifting the Cyberpower PC Gamer to him will make you endeared to him forever. This is one gift that will get him dancing hysterically once he receives it. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer is a computer that can run games swiftly and seamlessly. The Gamer Xtreme VR series has the quality of the latest generation of high-performance Intel Core processors and an ultra-quick DDR RAM which makes it easy and effortless to handle system-intensive tasks, such as high definition video playback and gaming. Included in the Cyberpower PC Gamer are; powerful discreet video cards, the Gamer Xtreme VR series which helps in providing a sweet gaming and multimedia experience. To get the Cyberpower PC Gamer, visit The Cyberpower PC Gamer has a price tag of Rs. 72,113.

3. Pencil Portrait

Celebrate this friendship day by getting his portrait done. Not only will he be surprised but he will be so delighted to have a portrait of himself. To make this happen, all you need to do is share his favourite picture and the photo will be sketched by a professional on a wooden plank with a pencil. It is advisable to get this done as quickly as possible so the portrait can be received in good time. To place your request, visit and get the portrait done for a price of Rs.2,950. Should in case you want to surprise him further by having a portrait of the both sketched then you can place an order to get the portrait of a couple at an additional charge of Rs.1,250

4. Polar Bear Ceramic Phone Stand

The Polar Bear stand is a beauty to behold; it is of high quality and is very durable. This holder will be a perfect fit for his house and office and will help to keep his home and office well organized. The Bear phone stand’s height from hooks to bottom is a good place to position his phone while charging it or while he is seeing a movie, scrolling through his photos, surfing the internet or playing games. The Polar Bear stand has an enlarged anti-scratch silicone, rubber pads and feet which help to protect your device from scratches and sliding. The hooks of the Polar bear stand are extended to 20mm which makes it appropriate to hold devices that are 4.0-7.9 inches, like phones, tablets, and Kindles. The stand can have been made in such a way that makes it compatible with various phone sizes and even devices with thick cases can be put on it. Purchase the Polar Bear stand at for just Rs. 1,119.

5. 3D Emoji Mug

The 3D Emoji Mugs are an adorable set of mugs that have been made in the similitude of the emojis we use on our mobile devices, especially on our social media platforms where they are used to reflect the state of our emotions or mood. The emojis have become part of our everyday life so much that they were made the Oxford word of the year, years back. The 3D Emoji Mugs are available in the shapes of the 5 most frequently used emojis; Smiling Face with Heart-eyes, Face with Tears of joy, Smiling Face with Sunglasses, Smiling Face with Smiling eyes and Winking Face with Tongue out. With these beautiful and high-quality 3D Emoji Mugs you can add some emotions to his coffee and beverages. These cute Emoji Mugs can also be used as a pencil case or a stationery holder. The 3D Emoji Mugs are rated 5 out of 5 stars on for a price of Rs.899. Brighten up his day and tea time with these gorgeous set of Emoji Mugs.

6. Mens 5 Pocket Heavy Wash Jeans

The Men’s Pocket Heavy Wash Jeans is a beautiful pair of jeans that is a perfect wear for casual and semi-formal occasions. This pair of jeans has been crafted with care using fine and a high quality fabric to give the beautiful finishing you can see. Get him this pair of Men’s Pocket Heavy Wash Jeans to bring out the classy and trendy look that makes you admire him most. The jean is suited to bring about complete, maximum and absolute comfort while topping it up with a luxury feel that can be seen by all. In addition, the Men’s Pocket Heavy Wash Jeans has a waistband with belt loops that will provide him with a proper and perfect fit. To get this pair of jeans, place your order at where it is sold at a cost of Rs. 1,099.

7. Adidas (Set for Men)

Everyone loves perfumes, fragrances, and beautiful scents. Getting him the Adidas Set for Men will be a step in the right direction on the Friendship Day. The Adidas Set for Men has a pleasant scent that will last for the whole day. Some people argue that the true window to the soul is not the eyes but the fragrance you use. People can get a better understanding of people through the perfume of fragrance they use, getting him the Adidas Set for men will let the world know he is strong-minded, ambitious, thoughtful, fun loving and a natural leader. To get the Adidas Set for Men online, visit, where it can be ordered for at a price of Rs.1,598.

8. Table Foot Hammock

The Foot Hammock is a simple strap system that will give him the comfort he needs while he is seated by his desk working. The strap system will allow him to rest his feet right where he wants them and no matter how many hours he has to work at his desk, it will be done in extreme ease and comfort. The Foot Hammock is made of soft and cosy materials and comes in different vibrant colours to add some fun to his workplace. The Portable Design ranges in colour from orange, blue, dark Blue and Dark Green and the great thing about it is that it works on almost any desk. It makes the time he spends at his desk a time to look forward to as his feet will be wrapped in a suspended cocoon of cotton, wood, & polyethene to get through the daily grind in comfort. At a price of Rs. 1,399, you can get this peculiar and unique product to add style to his workspace. Visit to place your order now.

9. Ikall N1 7-inchTablet, White


The Ikall N1 7-inchTablet is a gift that will give him the opportunity of storing his world in into his device. Although it has an internal memory is 4GB, the external memory is expandable up to 32GB which means he has enough space to save his pictures, music and videos. This tablet comes with a dual SIM option, a display resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels which gives clear and energetic images on the screen. The picture quality is top notch; the 2.0MP rear camera and an LED flash makes pictures brighter. It also has a 0.3 MP front camera which allows you to take great selfies to capture your moments of friendship with him whenever and wherever. The major high points for the Ikall N1 7-inchTablet is its clear picture quality, good shutter speed and good connectivity. The tablet is quite affordable, at it is sold for Rs. 4,450.

10. Mens Multi Function Leather Watch

The fact remains that men love wristwatches and they never get tired of buying or receiving them as gifts. So to celebrate the Friendship Day, the Mens Multi-Function Leather Watch is an option to be considered. The Mens Multi-Function Leather Watch is a multifunctional watch that is made of good leather that exudes a classy sheen, it is round in shape, and has a round dial, which features Roman time markers to offer you clarity while reading the time. Adorn your partner with this classy piece that costs just Rs. 4,450 to give a classy look that stands him out in a crowd. To place an order, visit

Thoughtful Things You Can Do to Spice That Day Up

Make an Order for a Cake Which Will Be Delivered to Him At His Place of Work

Celebrate this friendship day by giving him a surprise. The effect of a surprise is long lasting that is why it is important to surprise your partner as often as you can. Place an order for a beautiful cake to be made and decide what should be written on it to express how much his friendship means to you, but make sure you keep it short and simple. Have the cake delivered at his office as early as possible, so he can spend the day on a high note with a longing to see and spend the day with you.

Take a Trip to the Beach

The beachside has a way of stirring up romantic feelings in a couple. It brings out the emotions within and all the words you have wanted to say to him, just flows out with ease. Get your swimming trunks ready and towels. Also take along with you something light like pancakes, sandwiches, Upma, aloo paratha and some spiced tomato stuffing. No one would love to be by the beachside for hours without anything to nib on. Travelling with your partner cuts down the work and stress level into half and that moment is enough to spark romance and sweet affection. Whether it's just for a day or a weekend, the greatest fun and pleasure comes when you take a trip to see the beach or any work of nature with the one you love; the experience is worth it.

From our editorial team

Take the Opportunity of Friendship Day to Thank Your Friend for Being Always with You

Any gift which is thoughtful and unique can be the best gift for your friend. In case, you are confused about the friendship day gift ideas, you can visit a website, as online portals these days are full of amazing gifting ideas. However the best thing you can gift to your friend this friendship’s day is your time, take them outside, enjoy and relive all the previous moments of your schools, colleges, the past which was good in their presence, or just crash in their houses talk to them make it a chit-chat day, make them feel special, thank them as they have been always there with you whenever you needed them, and even if they didn’t forgive them, forget all the bitter memories and restart with the positive ones.