The 10 Best Friendship Day Gifts Online, Because Nothing But the Best Will Do for Your Dearest Friends (2019)

The 10 Best Friendship Day Gifts Online, Because Nothing But the Best Will Do for Your Dearest Friends (2019)

Friendship Day is revered among friends and is celebrated with as much aplomb like Valentine's Day. Such an occasion needs gifts, and not just any gift, something that shows the love and respects you have for your friend. It should show how much you appreciate them for being there for you. With friendship day fast approaching, we have curated a list of quirky yet quintessential gifts for your friends. We also added a couple of greeting cards for the age-old way of showing love.

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The Significance of Friendship Day

When life throws lemons, play catch with your friends! We all have witnessed our parents have a set of friends for many years, and the bond is unbreakable. It is our turn to build such special bonds and make memories. At every stage of life, we need friends, and they are one of the strongest support systems one can have in their life. Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. Do not miss a chance to thank your friends by sending them or ordering friendship day gift online.

The Benefits of Buying Friendship Day Gifts Online

Buy Gifts for Your Out of Town Friends

Buying gifts online has many pros. For instance, if your friend has migrated to a different city, state or country; do not let the distance get the better of your friendship! Surprise your friend with a gift from an e-store that will deliver to their location. This surprise will surely strengthen your bond.

Doorstep Delivery if You Cannot Spare Time to Go Buy a Gift

Couldn't squeeze in time for buying a gift for your best friend? Order your friendship day gift online in advance for doorstep delivery. There are few websites that also offer same-day delivery of products in case you forget to order it in advance.

You Can Look for Gender-Based Gifts

The filter process on shopping websites makes life easier than ever before, you can select the type you want, and it will show exactly the similar products you are expecting. It saves time and energy going through gifts that we do not need. Just select the occasion and filter gender and other features you have in mind.

You Can Find Gifts in Different Price Ranges

The next step to avoid a hustle is to filter the price and search accordingly. You can always buy something during a sale if you like online and save it for gifts on special occasions.

12 Best Friendship Day Gifts Online

Someone wise said, “Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget!” We all have such friends in our lives, don't we? Friendship is the day we cherish our special bond and express ourselves through gifts. Here is a list of 12 best friendship day gifts that are the most popular and unique online making your hunt easier.

World's Best Friendship Combo


The best way to greet someone is with a card! If you cannot express yourself verbally, writing it down is works wonders. If you love your best friend and cannot think of ways to thank your friend, pen it down on a greeting card. If you have to go a see someone or attend a function and do not know what to pick as a gift, the best alternative is a bunch of flowers. Gift your friend a bequest of flowers that he/she loves. Buy the combo of a greeting card and flowers at FNP that is priced at Rs.499.

Customised Photo Frame

You should try gifting your friends something that will be cherished forever. Whenever they see the gift, it should bring a smile on their face! Here is a gift suggestion that will never let your friend forget you ever! It is a photo frame. Give a personal touch to the photo fame by gifting a customisable one. Buy a customised photo frame from FlowerAura that is priced at Rs.725. Send in the best picture with your friend that will always make your friend nostalgic about the amazing time spent together or it could be a picture of your squad or a memorable moment captured. Let this photo frame add colour to this room with memories.

Square Jigsaw Puzzle

Did you play the jigsaw puzzle while you were you a kid? Did you enjoy putting together the pieces to complete the picture? Our life is a puzzle and having a friend that fits in the jigsaw of life is a blessing. Gift your friend and square jigsaw puzzle, all you need to do is upload a picture, and you can also pen down your thoughts. This frame will surely impress your best friend this friendship day. Buy this jigsaw gift from FloawerAura that is priced at Rs.599.

Friendship Goals Hamper

Don’t know what to gift your friend? Have you shortlisted too many gifts? How about a cute hamper for your best friend? Make a hamper of the favourites, or you can pick up the hamper at Archies. This hamper includes a greeting card, a couple keychain, and a friendship band. All your problems are sorted with this hamper. What is friendship day without a friendship band? One item that was the most essential, the other one is a couple keychain. Each one of you can use one key chain as a souvenir of your friendship. Express yourself and thank your best friend for always being by your side and for the unconditional love and support. This hamper is priced at Rs.499.

BFF Beer Mug Set

Partying is fun always fun with your gang. House parties are cool and if your friend is the one who loves throwing out house parties, here is an apt gift for your friend: a beer mug set. Next time you party together; have crazy fun with this mug set. The set includes a beer mug with the print, B.F.F, the dots are replaced with beer bottles making it look cute and cool. The second item is a funky bottle opener. This opener is in the shape of a beer bottle. This set is purely going to give your friend some party goals. Buy this set from Archies for Rs.599.

Strength Is in All of Us Sipper

Is your friend a gym freak? Does he/she play some support? If they do so, they surely must be carrying sipper with them. Help them have a stylish appearance at the gym or on the field with a quirky sipper so that they show it off and have a sip in style. Pick a cool sipper of size 18 cm from Archies that is priced at Rs.699. This sipper is black in colour and has a motivational quote on it, "None of us is as strong as all of us." Inspire your friend with this quote sipper and enhance their personality.

Personalised Why You Are Wonderful Jar

A good friend is the one who understands your strengths and weaknesses and still chooses to be with you. To such a friend have you expressed gratitude? If no, there is no better day than friendship day to do so. Buy the "You are wonderful jar" gift from Giftcart. This jar has 10 little notes that have reasons for being so wonderful; you can customise those notes with your personal message—this is one of the cutest gifts you can consider for the most special friend in your life. You need to enter the text after you have selected the product and then check out. This cute and wonderful jar is priced at Rs.449.

Personalised Besties Special Mouse Pad

Customisable gifts usually create a special niche in the receiver’s life. There are numerous things that can be customised. One such thing is a mouse pad. Check out the customisable mouse pads at Giftcart. This square mouse pad is of size 22 x 18 cm. You can select the size of the photo collage you want to create on the mouse pad through the dropdown list. Upload 19 memorable pictures and wait for the adorable mouse pad. This customisable mouse pad is price day Rs.299. You need to send pictures in .png, .jpg or a .gif form of minimum resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels for good quality and then check out.

Mr Bean Tissue Holder

Buying utility gifts is not an easy task at all. There are numerous options to choose from, but you cannot seem to figure out the right one? Check out the tissue holder at Giftcart. This is Mr Bean tissue holder set. This is one of the cutest utility gifts you can find online. This set includes two-tissue holder with Mr Bean head and one Mr Teddy Bear in violet colour. The set weighs 100 grams and is priced at Rs.399. Your best friend will surely appreciate this cute Mr Bean set.

Buzz Wire Drinking Game

Miss playing the fun board games with friends at home? Summers were so much fun with these board games, right? Check out the icon childhood gift in a new avatar at BigSmall. It is a buzz wire game that will test your hand speed, hand-eye coordination and the ability to maintain calmness. A four-player game comes with four shot glasses. All you have to do is pick the hoop wand and start-going thigh the buzz man. If you touch the buzz man, you need to take a shot. This game will keep the fun level high throughout the party and see who drink more and who does not. The buzz man set includes the buzz and, the hoped wand, and 4 shot glasses out of which the buzz man is of size 30 cm x 23 cm x 7 cm and operates on 2 batteries. This party game is priced at Rs.999.

Ice Cream Luggage Tags

You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream that is pretty much the same. Almost everyone loves ice cream and cannot get enough of it really. Here is a bonus for all your friends who love travelling; it is an ice-cream luggage tag. Two good things together are something you cannot miss. This unique luggage tag will never get the luggage unidentified. It is made of silicone and is available in four different designs. The luggage tag is of size 13 cm x 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm and weighs 22 grams. It is available in four colour combinations: Yellow-White-Green, Pink-White-Brown, Green-White-Blue, Brown-Blue-Yellow, and Brown-Pink-Yellow. Buy the quirky luggage tag as a friendship gift online from BigSmall that is priced at Rs.299.

Ultimate Pocket Tool

Your friend's safety has to be your priority. Any sudden emergency can pop up any time, and it is best if our friend is equipped with minimal safety and tools. One cannot carry the entire tool and needs something that is sleek and handy. Check out the thinner than credit card tool kit that is made if stainless steel and is very strong. It will easily fit into a purse or wallet and hassle-free. It can be used as a bottle opener, screwdriver, and phone holder to name a few. It is an 18 in 1 card toolkit in a credit card shape. This amazing gift is available at BigSmall and is priced at Rs.299.

Always Give More! Don't Forget That Cute or Funny Friendship Day Card!

Add A Greeting Card with A Personal Message

Once you are done selecting your gift, the one gift that always is best as a complimentary is a card. If you do not like readymade hamper with a greeting card. You can pick a greeting card separately with your gift. Gifts are the best when they are conveyed with the messages of love. It gives us a chance to connect with our dear ones in a wonderful way. There are countless types of cards available online ranging from funny ones to motivational ones. Pick your favourite, pen down your thoughts and your perfect gift for this friendship day is ready.

A Funny Greeting Card

It is with our friends that we have the funniest memories. Life without them would have been boring. Thank your best friend for all the notorious mischief you guys do together to have fun with a greeting card. Check out the Best friend greeting card on Flipkart that has some funny illustration of the difference between a friend and a best friend. This greeting will surely let your friends know their importance in your life. This funny greeting card is of size 6 x 8 inches and is priced at Rs.140.

A Thank You for Everything Greeting Card

Here is another greeting card for your best friend. This is a kind of an inspirational gift and has a message about the good times spent together. It is a multi-coloured greeting card made if card stock paper. This greeting card on Flipkart is priced at Rs.145.

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Have a Friendship Day Party

Friendship day is the day to celebrate our friends who are with us any time of the day supporting us in any endeavour we undertake. This is the day we express our love for our friends and show them how much they mean to us. A friendship day party is a wonderful way to do just that. What better way to let your hair down and be yourself while having fun. Gifts just add to the fun. A party might not be easy to arrange, particularly if you are in different places. But a party for your closed set of pals might just be the thing to rejuvenate your friendship.