What's the Best Gift for Your Beloved? Check Our 10 Fantastic Gifts for Boyfriend's Bday and Ideas to Let Him Know Just How Much You Love Him

What's the Best Gift for Your Beloved? Check Our 10 Fantastic Gifts for Boyfriend's Bday and Ideas to Let Him Know Just How Much You Love Him

Everything can be bought in this materialistic world except love, dear ladies! Money may get whatever you want for your love to pamper them, but sometimes, a small surprise party and a special birthday gift can help express the love in your heart a lot better. Browse below to find the perfect Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend from Bp Guide!

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Bring Love and Joy to Your Boyfriend's Birthday

Our boyfriends are the people who make our lives better. They are our best friends, our partners in crime, our chilling buddy and what not! We wait to go back to them after a bad day and they are the first ones to get an insight into the many gossip stories. They pamper us and make sure we are smug and happy. They are special for us and so are their birthdays. Your boyfriend’s birthday is the day you get to pamper him and shower him with gifts. By celebrating it warmly, you will make him feel loved and cared for.

What Would Make a Good Birthday Present?

Now, this is the tricky part. Giving gifts to men is one of the toughest jobs you can have! Most of their interests change every month and sometimes, it is hard to keep up with it! Even for the most consistent and predictable men, it is sometimes difficult to choose a gift as they have whatever they require most of the times. But don’t you worry! We have you covered. We dug in and found out a few great gifts that you can give him on his birthday and he will absolutely love them!

#1 Suited to His Taste And Preferences

This is an important point to keep in mind. Men are quite serious about their preferences in some cases. Before you plan to buy anything, you must research well about his choices. You would not want to disappoint him or yourself by giving him something that he will only pretend to love. It is his birthday! Give him something that will make his eyes twinkle! Get him something suited to his taste.

#2 Reasonably Priced

We know you don’t want to hold back while choosing a gift for him. But you must not go overboard. Choose something affordable, something that is reasonably priced. To ensure this, set your budget first. Do your calculations properly and set a budget that you won’t budge from. After this, decide the amount to which you can stretch your budget, just in case. This will be your safe space if you at all have to extend your budget.

#3 Trendy And Cool

Women know how ‘men will be men’. So, you will like to choose something trendy and cool for your man. Trust me when I say this, no man is too old for cool stuff. Whenever you buy something, make sure it is trendy and absolutely awesome! He should be able to show it off to his friends the next day! Your gift will be an image booster for him!

Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriend's Birthday

We understand if you have no clue about what you should give him. And that is why we have this amazing list all prepped up! We did a little research and found out ten such gifts that your boyfriend will absolutely love! They are affordable, trendy, cool and will perfectly suit his taste. By the end of this article, you will thank us for it!

#1 Crew-Neck Sweatshirt with Ribbed Hems

Source www.ajio.com

This is a plain sweatshirt by Fort Collins. If your boyfriend is simple yet stylish, then this is the ideal gift for him. This is trendy and is available in a lot of colours like red, pink and navy blue. It has a crew-neck and personally, it had me at that. This sweatshirt will take your breath away whenever your man will wear it. Get him this is one colour or get him a set of these in all his favourite colours! You can get it from Ajio for Rs. 899. Grab it before it is taken!

#2 Ten Red Roses with Cake

Source www.fnp.com

This is a classic gift that never fails to charm the person you are giving it to. It is usually the man who gets roses for his woman. But now, with this beautiful bouquet of roses, you can surprise him. He will feel loved and pampered. This one is by ‘Ferns and Petals’. The cake that comes with the roses will be an object of delight for your man. All this will cost you Rs. 1,149 only. What are you waiting for? Start planning right away!

#3 Hooded Panelled Bomber Jacket

Source www.ajio.com

Honestly speaking, I am becoming a fan of Fort Collins gradually! This jacket is just amazing! It is hazel in colour and fits comfortably. This is trendy and cool and will fit in your budget smoothly. It will not just keep him warm, it will make him look hotter than he already is. He will love this one, we can guarantee! The best part about this jacket is that you too can slip it off when your boyfriend is not using it! Get hold of this from Ajio at Rs. 1,619.

#4 Couch Potato Contrast Stripe Men Blue Loafer Shoes Loafers for Men

If I were you, I would not have known which one to select! These pair of shoes is perfect! They look good, they feel good, they have a kind of sophistication about them that is unmistakable. What is not to love about these?! These are navy blue in colour with a stripe coloured black and red. These loafers will be your boyfriend’s instant favourites! Buy it from Flipkart at Rs. 949.

#5 Skullcandy Jib Headset with Mic

There is nothing more blissful than a comfortable pair of earphones. This is a black, in the ear headset from one of the leading companies, Skullcandy. The quality of the material is great and the quality of the sound is, as usual, amazing. This gift will please your boyfriend, given how useful it really is. Grab it from Flipkart at Rs. 699 before it goes out of stock. This piece runs out fast due to its high demand.

#6 Camera Wooden Stationery Holder

If your boyfriend is a photographer and treats his cameras like his babies, then this one is for him. It is a simple wooden camera stationary holder. This one looks exactly like the camera he probably has. This stationary holder has two variants. One of them, the single variant, has no separate compartments. It has just one compartment to contain all the stationary. The other, the double variant, has two compartments for better organisation. Select any one or give him both! You can buy the single variant for Rs. 599, the double variant for Rs. 699 and both of them for Rs. 1200 from Big Small.

#7 Dumbbell Water Bottle

This is probably the most interesting piece I have come across! This one is a dumbbell-shaped water bottle that is available in three vibrant colours- green, red and blue. This water bottle is for the handsome hunk that your boyfriend is! It is perfectly suited for him to take along when he is going to the gym or to simply show it off to his buddies. He will be impressed with not just the water bottle but with you, too! This will be his instant favourite! Get him one in any colour for Rs. 399 or get him all the three variants for Rs. 1,099 from Big Small! Grab it before the stocks run out!

#8 Emoji Cards

This one is so adorable that you will not want to move any further to check the other options out. We all use emojis on virtual media to show how we feel. This card takes the emoji game a notch higher and how! On each card, there is an emoji and a beautiful snippet awaits you when you open it. This is so cute that it will instantly win over your boyfriend even if he is not an emoji guy. You can choose any of the five emojis- heart-eyes emoji, kiss emoji, laughter emoji, angry emoji, blushing emoji. Each one of these cost Rs. 349 and you can get hold of one from Oye Happy.

#9 Dead Lizard Prank

We don’t suggest this to be the main gift, but it is a fun start to a birthday party. We all want to get our men the best gift we can. And some of us would have loved to gift our boyfriends with a dinosaur! However, unfortunately, we cannot fit one in a tiny box. Thus, the dead lizard! This is bound to startle him when he opens the box! You both will get to share a few laughs before you give him the real gift that you got him. You can get this box from Oye Happy at Rs. 390 only. Get hold of one of these and make the birthday party a little more fun and full of laughter for both of you( unless your boyfriend is afraid of lizards!).

#10 Beard Care Starter Kit

So your boyfriend is a big guy with a lush black moustache and he is forever flaunting them, making girls drool all over for him. You are a little jealous but you are proud that this handsome hunk is all yours! Then why not give him something that will help him groom his beard better? This is a beard care starter kit with very interesting products in it. It has a beard growth oil, a wood-scented beard shampoo, and conditioner, stubble oil, beard butter, moustache wax, and beard serum. You can order this kit from Bombay Shaving Company at Rs. 995 only.

Top 3 Ideas to Celebrate the Occasion

Here is a bonus we got for you! Given below are three amazing ideas to make your boyfriend’s birthday even more special for him. We understand that gifts are not enough. No amount of gifts will make him happy if he does not feel special on his birthday. It is usually the man striving to make everything special for his woman. But, it is time for roles reversal! Thus, we took an extra step to ensure your boyfriend and you spend a great birthday together and he is made to feel as special as he makes you feel!

#1 Cook His Favourite Meal

This will win him over in a moment! The fact that you spent all your time in the kitchen, working so hard to make his day special, will touch his heart. Your efforts to make him happy will make him feel loved. Make his favourite dish for him and watch him glow with excitement! It is always a special feeling for a man when his girlfriend or wife cooks great food just for him. Or, simply order a takeout and enjoy yourselves while bonding over food! You know what they say- the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach!

#2 Call His Friends Over for a Surprise

A boy lives by the bro-code of his group. He feels comfortable and at ease with them. Inviting them over for a small surprise party will make his day so much better! The fact that you took the time out of your busy schedule to plan a surprise just for him will make him feel so special! He will be on cloud nine and he will have a gala time with all the people he loves and that will make him realise how much you actually love him.

#3 Go on a Short Holiday

No gift can top a holiday spent well. A short trip to some quiet place can be priceless. Maybe to a place you both had wanted to visit or to a place that you both love. Explore some places together, spend quality time with each other and rediscover love on his birthday. Celebrate his birthday with cakes, good wine, and great food! There is nothing more precious than memories. And by planning a romantic vacation, you will give him some beautiful memories to cherish for a very long time!

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Choose a Really Cool Gift for Your Boyfriend on His This Birthday

It’s not easy to pick up a proper gift for a man, especially if you have already given him many different things for the time that you know him. Add to this that a gift should always be useful, original and memorable. The correctly chosen present is a great art. We often spend hours and even weeks to find the right thing for our close people, friends, workmates and so on. And not always such a search is crowned with the desired result – a long-awaited, valuable, necessary and beautiful gift that will please the addressee.