10 Simple and Amazing Gift Ideas for Kids and Guidelines on How to Buy Exceptional Presents for Special Children (2019)

10 Simple and Amazing Gift Ideas for Kids and Guidelines on How to Buy Exceptional Presents for Special Children (2019)

Kids are so special and if you are thinking of gifting something to them, then check out these creative and thrilling gifts ideas. Whether it's a birthday, special treat or a new toy for doing well in school, here are some simple yet fantastic gifts that are suitable for most children. Even if it's not a special day, go on pick something, for who needs a reason to pamper that sunshine in your life!

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Tips On Choosing The Perfect Present For Kids

Give Them Useful Gifts

Gifts are unique, special and exciting for kids and adults alike. And when chosen thoughtfully with careful consideration, they are warmly and lovingly accepted too. When choosing a present for any child, it is important to take into account elements of fun and visual appeal in addition to their practical use. For instance, selecting personal effects like underwear or onesies, bed linen or storage in the child’s favorite colors or their favorite animals or shapes can transform an otherwise boring gift to a treasured item, also redoing their rooms with vibrant colors and make it visually attractive! Further gifts need not be just fun, they can also double up as learning tools for the child, like pre-made craft sets in decorative packaging like a costume game or a DIY beads necklace set, etc.

Kids Love DIY Gifts

Buying gifts isn’t the only way in to a child’s heart. Explore different ways of making fun, exciting, educational and useful stuff for your child that can be instrumental for his/her development skills, keep the child engaged and happy for long. Some DIY projects can be recycling flat sheets of metal and making a magnetic blackboard or magnets with your child’s favorite cartoon characters; or design a color matching game with some cloth pegs and sample paint cards or cook up some special treats for the kid like chocolate truffles, macaroons or cookies & muffins. There is a whole variety of games and crafts that you can work on that are age appropriate and fun & exciting for kids of all ages.

Personalised Gifts to Make Them Feel Special

Custom or personalized gifts are usually inexpensive, but much favored by children, making it unique and special for them and giving them a sense of comfort and peace that they are so loved. Unique gifts that are personalized will earn you extra points to a child’s heart. So explore gifts like photo books, printable worksheets, or special gift vouchers which will stand out distinctively. Babie respond strongly to faces, while older kids respond warmly to books or collages that define them in a story form. Creating a collage of some of their best pictures in unique way can not only make them feel special, but would also be a wonderful add to their room décor. A special voucher book of your special moments together can be an interesting thought to play with, which would have a special time and day allotted for you and your child to enjoy each other’s company and do exciting, new and interesting things together, making beautiful memories along the way!

10 of the Best Gift Ideas for Kids in 2018

Cotton Kids Quilt

The kids will love this cotton quilt blanket, made of authentic premium cotton material and vibrant patterns depicting outer space in blue color. The quilt is as comfy as it is looks and is appropriate for daily use. It is priced at Rs. 3,549.

Tabletop Discovery Kids Tabletop Easel Chalkboard & Whiteboard

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The 3-in-1 table top easel is a design compactly and can be used easily on tables and counters. The child can draw on the dry erase board also. The tabletop easel is made of a solid wood frame that provides a strong base. The easel can help enhance the child’s fine motor skills, dexterity skills and enhance the hand-eye coordination. It makes learning easy and fun with a multi-use board which can be used for writing, drawing, sketching or doodling. The Tabletop easel measures 44 x 13 x 51 cm, includes a dry eraser, 49 feet paper roll and a grip clip, and is priced at Rs. 2,324.

Photo Collage Alphabet

A picture collage is an appealing present at any age or anytime! It becomes even more memorable if presented in a unique manner, like in an alphabet form for instance. You can gift your kid a photo collage of his or her name’s first alphabet, with a choice of 10 pictures that are your personal favorite of your child. Made of good quality wooden MDF the letter would be 7.5” in width, 11” in height, and on a very high glossy surface, your uploaded pictures will be printed as collage. The alphabet comes with a wall hanging attachment to make for an easy wall placement. The Photo Collage Alphabet is priced at Rs. 750.

Throw Pillow

Designed in an attractive combination of white and black in a high-quality fur & polyester fabric, the plush Panda throw pillow & toy is something your child won’t stop hugging or cuddling with. It will help enhance your kid’s eye-hand coordination, social and emotional growth skills. The pillow measures 4 x 4 x 15.2 cm and is 38cm in height. The package includes a Panda throw pillow and a Panda soft toy, all priced at Rs. 359.

Rotating LED Star Moon Night Lamp

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The rotating LED star moon night lamp is actually a light projector which will fill the child’s bedroom with stars and moonlight making it a heavenly sight for the child to sleep under. It is a perfect gift to give your child if he/she is afraid of the dark. There are 4 LED beads of different colors that are vision friendly and not too jazzy, with 3 buttons on the lamp, of which button A denotes a mode button with warm yellow light formed by covering the projector’s lid. The starry night lights function with a 360 degree panoramic projection giving the room of looking like a galaxy. The lamp is priced at Rs. 579.

Pom Pom Appliques Pouf

Made of composite wood and sturdy at that, the Pom Pom appliques pouf is covered in foam and then upholstered in a rich fabric in an attractive color and design. Made of cotton fabric, it measures 35.56 x 35.56 x 40.64 cm and has differently colored pom poms adorning the pouf, making it visually appealing for the kids. The pouf is priced at Rs. 2,694.

Feather Dream Catcher With LED Lights

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A beautiful wall hanging and décor piece for your child’s room, the Feather Dream Catcher is a mystic present with LED lights that will not only light up your child’s room without being visually obstructive with harmful brightness but also bring in positive energies by virtue of a popular belief, that a dream catcher absorbs all nightmares and replaces them with blessings. The good dreams are trapped in the web and then slide down the feathers to the sleeping child. Made of string lights, a metal circle measuring 6.3”, the dream catcher comes with LED lights and has an included button battery to light up the LEDs. It is priced at Rs. 799.

Collapsible Cup for Kids

Perfect for traveling or an outdoor activity, compact and easy to carry, this collapsible cup is ideal for kids, thanks to its light weight and easy to use and clean properties. Made of high quality and durable plastic, the cup includes a capped compartment in its lid and measures L 6.5 x B 6.5 x H 10.5 cm in totality. It is designed as a smiley with a wink on a white collapsible cup, priced at Rs. 76. Buy one or a whole set of different designs for your child.

Kids Portable Bedside Plastic Table Cube Storage Organizer

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The portable bedside plastic table cube organizer has 2 large storage compartments that can accommodate toys, books or other things that belong to your child and can be used by his/her bedside. With a DIY design, you can shape it up as a single unit or organize it differently to your liking. The organizer is made of a durable ABS connector, PP plastic panel, and rust-resistant iron frame, which makes it easy to maintain the table cube. It is easy to assemble, clean and move from one place to another and has dust-resistant and water proof panels. The portable table cube organizer is priced at Rs. 980.

Unisex Kids Winter Neck Warmer

17” and designed in a round shape, this exceptionally cute infinity cowl will make your Child be a star in a lovely lavender color. This butterfly neck warmer is a cozy unisex winter muffler which will not only cover the kid’s neck from the chilly winter breeze but also bring the kid’s style quotient a notch up! It is suitable and perfectly fits any child in the age of 1-10years and is recommended to be twisted lightly several times before fastening it fit to babies younger than 6months. The winter neck warmer is priced at Rs. 488.

Bonus Tip: Choosing Gifts for Special Kids

The world is rich with all kinds of people with different personalities, some healthy, some differently abled, in a communal sense of the word. Nonetheless everyone is special and unique in their own way and as such how they are nurtured and brought up has its roots in their childhood. Just like any other kid, children who are differently abled, also get happy and excited with gifts and hence it is important that we select gifts for them with equal thoughtfulness and considerations to ensure their happiness. Here are a few tips that will help you select appropriate and heart-warming gifts for them.

  • Active engaging: most electronic toys make a child passive, which is quite the opposite of how it should be. Look out for toys that have movable parts or toys that serve a multi-purpose, things that are made of different materials and are appealing to a child enough to make him want to do something. For instance, the usual cause & effect toys are even though popular, but after playing with them a few times, the child has nothing new to learn, and ends up becoming passive after pushing a button over & over again. Instead of choosing items that make noise or light up, select something like a chain that is made of beads, a rope, balls, etc.

  • Multi sensory toys: albeit overwhelming at times, toys that are multi-sensory can be fun for children with special needs. Look for toys that help engaging with one sense at a time, focusing on sound, visual elements, touch, smell or taste. Visually strong toys may be appealing but they shouldn’t just be lights for a child to focus on, but be a tool to concentrate, reach out and interact with, like light up balloons, slinkies, etc. Toy with strong auditory elements that have musical instruments or non-electronic toys like bells, drums, bike horns or sound tubes can be good choices.

  • Experimentation and exploration: toys are usually made of plastic that is durable and easy to clean, however it isn’t interesting. Plush toys are comforting and cuddly but may not really warm up a child who’s differently abled. Selecting things that are attractive to touch, can be tuned into auditorally, can be hung on the wall, can encourage numbers and parts to whole, helping the child experience weight or temperature changes or inspires the child to use his fingers on, and work on molding or shaping up things is what is highly recommended. So toys like Oballs that come with holes in them making it for an easy grasp, or tangle fuzzies that can be changed into limitless shapes, wooden rattles with moving parts are some appropriate choices.

  • Developmental toys: in addition to a child’s age, selecting a toy for the child’s progressive skills is equally important. The choice of toys should be such that will engage their interests and be challenging enough to keep them busy and enjoy without being too easy or too difficult. Look for toys that the child can also share with his/her siblings and kids of similar age, encouraging their social skills.

A fun way of encouraging mobility and orientation skills, push toys can help them not only move around, but also locate things in their immediate surroundings. Small trampolines can be fun when playing with other kids. For children who need encouragement in vocalizing, low tech toys like metal buckets, or recording/ voice-activated toys would be fun and helpful.

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