10 Amazing Gifts for Boyfriend on His Birthday in India and How to Choose the Right One for Your Lovely Boyfriend (2019)

10 Amazing Gifts for Boyfriend on His Birthday in India and How to Choose the Right One for Your Lovely Boyfriend (2019)

Just when you were thinking of the generic gifts that will soon be forgotten and be collecting dust on the shelves, BP Guide comes to your rescue. We’ve sorted from the best of our collection the gifts that will truly be useful for your loved ones. This one is for the men in our lives, the ones who are so engrossed in trying to provide the best for us that they hardly ever think about themselves. So let’s take this opportunity to truly acknowledge all the things that they do to make it smooth sailing for us.

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Things to Look Out for When Buying the Perfect Gift for Your Boyfriend

Weigh in the Romantic Aspect with the Utility Aspect of the Gift

A perfect gift is something from which your boyfriend can benefit. While choosing a good gift for your guy, you can opt for options that are romantic or practical. However, make sure that your gifts to him are a good mix of both the aspects. Since your relationship with your boyfriend is romantic, you can opt for gifts that convey your feelings. At the same time, you can also look for gifts that are useful to him in some way. For instance, you can gift your guy with a heart-shaped pillow which is useful and romantic simultaneously. Gifts with utility are cherished far better than gifts that are only romantic.

Try Giving Something Unpredictable to Give Him a Happy Surprise

Your boyfriend might have already hinted as to what he wants for his birthday. While its natural for you to get him exactly that, you can always add in an element of surprise! Gift him with something that he would just not expect. This could be anything related to his interests or something that he has been meaning to buy but did not so far. Even better, you can plan an exciting trip for the two of you which will be both romantic and adventurous. Your gesture would not only take him by surprise but will also be a great gift on his special day.

Avoid Giving Novelty Gifts As They Serve No Purpose

We get it! Novelty gifts can be very attractive to look at and are definitely peculiar. However, novelty gifts can be anything but useful! If you are going to spend a hefty amount of money on your boyfriend’s gift, why not opt for something that he might actually use! Novelty gifts can be edgy and different but then they do not really serve any purpose. Opt for gifts which will add value to your boyfriend’s life. For instance, you can gift him with things that he can use at work, something related to his favourite sport and basically anything which he can practically use.

Top 10 Gifts That You Can Give to Your Boyfriend

Classy Gift hamper

A classy gift stands out from the pack! This is indeed a very impressive gift which you can give to your guy on his birthday. It contains the modern day essentials which a man needs. The gift has a pair of golden stone studded cufflinks along with a pen which he can use at work. The trendy belt and elegant tie make a great accomplice professionally. He can use them while attending meetings and for corporate events. The hamper also contains a set of 3 handkerchiefs and Park Avenue men’s deodorant. All the products are beautifully placed in an attractive tray. You can shop for this from giftalove.com for Rs. 2,145.

Netflix & Chill Socks

Nothing better than enjoying a movie marathon with your favorite person. These awesome socks make it loud and clear that all you wish to do is Netflix and Chill. They are red in colour and have a free size gift it to boyfriend on their birthday so that he can put it on and prepare for fun-filled movie time. Bring in some popcorns and start your binge watch. You both can watch endless movies on Netflix and relax with each other. This cool gift will completely surprise your boyfriend. You can shop for this from bigsmall.in for Rs. 199.

Beer Belt

This gift makes it super convenient for your boyfriend to carry his favorite beer with him while outdoors. It has 6 pockets wherein he can store his beer. You may choose from various color options and gift your guy with this awesome beer belt. It easily fits a waistline between 30 to 54 inches. Your guy can carry his beer with him on any trek, party or even for a movie session at home. He would absolutely love this cool gift. The belt is adjustable and is made of cloth. You can shop for this from bigsmall.in for Rs. 499.

I Love You Much Framed Poster

Looking for a way to remind your guy how much you love him? Well, this awesome frame poster does the work for you. it simply conveys all that you wish to tell your guy. The poster is framed well and can be easily hung on the wall. Each time your guy sees the poster he is going to be reminded of your unconditional love. Wrap it up in a beautiful way and present it to him on his birthday. He is surely going to love it! You can shop for the same from giftcart.com for Rs. 699.

Large Laptop Backpack

Your boyfriend certainly needs a good laptop backpack which he can use while commuting to work or college. This amazing backpack by Safari is large in size and easily accommodates a lot of things along with a laptop. It has got extra padding to keep the laptop safe. The rain cover protects the contents from damage due to rain. It has pockets wherein one can keep things for easy access. Moreover, the backpack opens up like a suitcase to accommodate everything with utmost ease. Surprise your guy with this amazing bag. You can shop for the same from Flipkart for Rs. 2,412.

Magnetic Wall Clock

Our galaxy, Milky Way, is one of the most fascinating things that humankind finds mesmerizing. This surreal-looking Galaxy Magnetic Clock has an hour, minute and second planets. This gift makes a fantastic gift for space enthusiasts. The tiny planets revolve with utmost ease which is indeed a pleasure to watch. One can easily mount this on a wall and use on a desk/table. It is black in colour and looks exceptionally stunning. This magnetic wall clock operates on AA batteries which are not included in the gift. You can shop for this from bigsmall.in for Rs. 3,499.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

A good pair of aviators is a must have for someone who is always on the go! Be it going for an outdoor adventure or hanging out with the boys, these amazing Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses make a great gift for your boyfriend. They are green tinted and have a very attractive appearance. The golden rim around the glasses adds an amazing finish to the glasses. Couple it with the amazing quality of Ray-Ban and you already have a perfect gift for his birthday! You can shop for this from Flipkart for Rs. 5,390.

Bvlgari Aqva PH Eau de Toilette - 50 ml (For Men)

If you are looking for a gift that your guy can actually use then this perfume is an amazing choice. It is a luxury scent for men that has a woody fragrance. One can find the notes of mandarin, petit grain, and orange as top notes. The heart notes are Cotton, Santolina Lavender, and Posidonia seaweed. For base notes the amazing fragrances of clary sage, mineral amber and woody notes are amazing. Give this exciting set of fragrances to your guy. You can shop for this from Flipkart for Rs. 3,188.

Fitbit Charge 2 Large (Black Strap, Size : Large)

Show your boyfriend that you care for him by gifting this awesome Fitbit. It tracks the heart rate 24/7 to measure the calorie burned throughout the day. He can make the most out of his workouts with this awesome Fitbit. The personalised Cardio Fitness Score helps in tracking and improving one's fitness. It also tracks daily steps, calories burned, steps, and active minutes as well. One can also connect it to the GPS. Moreover, the OLED display along with multi-sport tracking makes it an excellent gift for your guy. It is also water resistant. This gadget will be extremely useful for your boyfriend as it helps in maintaining a fit and active lifestyle in today’s busy age. You can shop for this from Flipkart for Rs. 7,499.

The Man Company - The Charcoal Special Grooming Combo

In the hectic lifestyle that we live in, your boyfriend can tend to ignore taking care of himself. Being an amazing girlfriend that you are, you can make taking care of him easier with this gift. It contains a variety of products that are specially designed to augment personal grooming. Pamper your boyfriend by gifting him with this awesome Charcoal Special Grooming Combo! It has a range of products that give an amazing and refreshing experience. This awesome combo contains a face scrub, cleansing gel, charcoal soap bar, charcoal face wash, charcoal body wash, charcoal shampoo, along with a hand towel. It makes for a complete package which your guy can use to take care of himself. Moreover, this awesome grooming combo is elegantly packed and you can gift this hamper to your guy on his birthday. Shop for this from archiesonline.com for Rs. 3,149.

Bonus Tips to Make Your Boyfriend's Birthday Extra Special

Take Him Out for a Romantic Dinner at Your Favourite Place

It is usually men who take care of planning the dates and make all the arrangements. However, you need not let him take the lead always and can take matters in your hand. Woe your guy by taking him on a wonderful and romantic date! The perfect spot for this can be your favourite place as a couple. All that you need to do is to make reservations well in time and then surprise him by taking him for your lovely romantic dinner date. He will be swept off his feet as you throw this romantic gesture! To make it even more special, you can place his favourite order and get his choice of drink which you know he will love.

Plan for an Epic Day Out by Doing Things That He Always Wanted to Do

How many times have the two of you planned something great only to cancel it later? With the busy lifestyle that we lead these days, failed plans are indeed a common affair. It is natural to plan something exciting and then not being able to make it happen. Birthdays are a great time to actually make your guy feel special and tick those things from your bucket list. If you two have long kept a travel plan aside then make it happen now. You can actually plan an amazing surprise for your boyfriend and take him to the place he has always wanted to visit. A gesture like this will show him how much you really care for him.

Plan an Epic Scavenger Hunt for Him

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Wish to add some excitement to his birthday? Why not plan a scavenger hunt for your guy? You can carefully plan a scavenger hunt which will lead him to his birthday gift. It will be a fun activity which will bring out his adventurous side. Leave clues all over his apartment and let him unfold an amazing gift that awaits for him at the end. You may also buy a series of small gifts which you can present to him as he solves each clue. Make it fun by adding some small surprises like cookies and cupcakes.

Gift Him a Gag Bag with All of Your Famous Inside Jokes

A gift gets all the more special when you add a personal touch to it! The time that you spend together is indeed very special and if you can gift your guy something related to that then it is incredible. Over a period of time, you might have shared several wonderful memories and also a lot of inside jokes between the two of you. You can write down all these sweet nothings on small pieces of paper and put it in a gag bag! You can give this gag bag to your guy alongside the gift to add an emotional touch to the gift. He is going to be both cranked up and touched when he receives this wonderful gift.

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Boys Actually Like Gifts That Are More Usable And Not Show Pieces Or Mementos

The way to a man’s heart is no longer through his stomach. At least not in our times. Then what is it? There are a few gifts which a man secretly desires. While he may not be expressive about them, he will definitely adore them when presented. If you are a creative person, go for something that you can do on your own. Like, make a card, a collage or maybe a photo frame of his pictures. But, if you want to win his heart. Get him something that is related to him. Something that he would like to have or like to keep with him.