Give An Incomparable Birthday Gift For Boyfriend: 10 DIY Ideas To Make Him Feel Loved On His Special Day

Give An Incomparable Birthday Gift For Boyfriend: 10 DIY Ideas To Make Him Feel Loved On His Special Day

Remove the monotony of ready-made gifts and get your boyfriend a gift with a personal touch. Handmade gifts are truly one of a kind, as they are made just for him! BP-Guide India has collected a set of amazing DIY gift ideas that you can explore, whether you are a beginner in crafting or expert, and help you create a gift that's truly from your heart!

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Why Choosing DIY Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend is a Sensible Idea?

A Budget-Savvy Gift Buying Option

Giving gifts that are shopped online or from the store have become so common that the DIY gifts have taken a back seat. However, if you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend then a DIY gift is totally worth a try. The best part is that they are also very budget-savvy. Compared to the other gifting options, DIY gifts can be really cheap. All the supplies that you need for it are very affordable and easily fit into your budget. Moreover, when you craft a gift with your own hands, it becomes all the more special for the giftee.

DIY Gifts are Personal and Unique

Looking for a really unique gift for your sweetheart? Compare to any ordinary gift, a DIY gift will certainly stand out . It is very personalised, and you can design it just the way you wish to. While creating a DIY gift, you can make it as personal as you wish to. Decorate it the way you want and customize it as per your wish. All the effort you put in making a DIY gift will be heartily appreciated by your boyfriend. A DIY gift is definitely something different to gift on his birthday.

DIY Gifts are Fun to Make

When was the last time you made a gift all by yourself? We often lose touch with creativity and innovation in the busy life of today. Creating a gift from scratch for your lovely boyfriend can be a truly fun experience. Not only does it give you the satisfaction of creating something on your own but is also very entertaining. You will thoroughly enjoy the entire process of looking for the gifting supplies and handcrafting a beautiful gift for your beau. Once you are done creating the gift, see the reaction on his face! He will truly be pleased to get such a wonderful gift.

How to Choose the Right Birthday Gift for your Boyfriend?

Avoid the Stereotypes

When you do not have much time you can tend to gift your boyfriend with conventional gifts. However, great gifting ideas can really make his special day even more memorable. The first step for finding the right gift for him is to skip stereotypical gifts. This could be shirts, belts, wallets and the like which people generally gift to their boyfriend. If you want to truly impress your boyfriend then go for unique gifts. These gifts would surely make him go wow!

It is Not Always About Spending a Lot

Drop the notion that you will have to spend a lot in order to make your boyfriend feel good. This is far from the truth. A good gift, however small, when given with the right intention, always turns out to be good. You might find good gifts in a higher price bracket, but the same is applicable to affordable gifts as well. It is advised to go for gifts that have a meaning and serve a purpose. You can find a great gift that might cost very less. The key to finding a good gift is research - go looking for something that will be useful and one that is also within your budget.

Add a Magical Touch with DIY Birthday Gifts

Are you looking for something that will make your boyfriend go to cloud 9? If you are tired of all the mundane and boring gifts then go for the exciting DIY gifts. When you make a DIY gift, you actually make it with a lot of love and it shows your boyfriend can feel the effort that you have put and all the time that you have invested in the gift. There are a lot of DIY gifts that you can choose from. For instance, you can make a DIY desk organizer for your beau and also make a lovely DIY pillow cover.

Birthday Gifts ideas for Your Boyfriend: The DIY Edition

DIY Birthday Card

Create a Beautiful DIY Birthday Card for your Boyfriend.

The supplies required for this diy craft are:
  • white paper or any paper of your choice
  • A6 card stock
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • contrasting paper

How to Make it:
  • Take two papers for the birthday cards and fold them once. Cut one paper such that it is slightly smaller than the other one and place it inside of the bigger paper.
  • Now fold the inner card and make cuts so that you can create the shape of a cake. Make sure that each cut is slightly smaller than the previous one.
  • Once you are done cutting the paper, you can fold the card such that the projected area points outwards to create a shape when opened.
  • Place this card on the top of the base card and paste it through the ends. To decorate the cake shape, you can either paint it or add colorful strips to it.
  • Design it as per your wish and get as creative as you can. You can also add paper candles to this cake to make it look even more cute.

Exploding Photo Box

Create a Beautiful Exploding Photo Box for your Boyfriend

The supplies that you will require for this DIY craft are:
  • a printable template for the craft
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape or glue
  • 4 paperclips
  • anything with which you want to decorate the box
  • colored paper
  • stickers

How to Make it:
  • First step is to cut out the printable template that has all the designs and the measurements. This way all that you have to do is to take a print and cut them accordingly.
  • Next step is to fold all the edge of the box. You can use a ruler to make the folds better.
  • Pull out all the layers out and glue them to each other to create the desired look.
  • Apply glue to the entire back side of the outer layer and carefully press it to the bottom of the box.
  • Take the template out for the lid of the box. Glue to accordingly and create the lid for your box.
  • This is the most fun part wherein you get to personalize 20 leaves of the box. You can write messages on them, draw pictures and even scribble notes.
  • Write down your lovely notes for your boyfriend and paste all your favorite pictures together. He would love this gift of yours.

Homemade Choco Chip Muffins

Homemade Choco Chip Muffins for your Boyfriend

The ingredients you need for making muffins are:
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 2 tea spoons baking soda
  • 1/3 light brown sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ cup butter
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • 2 eggs
  • chocolate chips
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ cups walnut

How to Make it:
  • Pre-heat the oven to the temperature of 204 degree Celsius.
  • Grease the muffin cups and take a large bowl apart.
  • Stir flour, baking powder, sugars and salt.
  • Take another bowl wherein you can stir butter, milk, vanilla and eggs until it is blended.
  • Add milk mixture to these ingredients and stir them all together.
  • Stir the chocolate chips and nuts also with this mixture. Put this batter into the muffin cups.
  • Bake this for 15 to 20 minutes and then test whether it has been baked well with a knife. If the knife comes out clean this means that the muffin is ready.

Painted Cushion Covers

Creating Painted Cushion Covers for your Boyfriend

The supplies required for the Painted Cushion are:
  • a lenght of calico
  • fibre-fill insert
  • sewing skills

How to Make it:
  • Cut two squares of calico as per the size that you wish to keep the cushion. Sew its three sides and leave 10 mm allowance for seam. Then insert a zipper on the open side.
  • Insert plastic inside the pillow to prevent the paint from leaking
  • Use fabric paint to decorate the front side of the cushion. You can do so using a paintbrush and splatter paint.
  • After you are done painting, let it all dry for 2 days. You can then place a cotton cloth over the cushion cover to apply heat for 5 minutes using iron. Thus, your painted cushion cover is ready for use and gifting. You can also add his initials on it to make it even more special.

Handmade Aromatic Candles

Homemade Aromatic Candles for your Boyfriend

The supplies required for this handmade aromatic candles are:
  • cotton wicks
  • wooden spoon
  • clean can
  • pot
  • organic beeswax
  • essential oils

How to Make it
  • Make a double boiler by taking water in a pot and boiling it. Then place the beeswax into the can and place it into the water until it melts.
  • Meanwhile the cut the wicks to fit clean mason jars, glass votives, tins and tape around it with a pencil.
  • After the wax has melted, you can take it out of the water and stir in essential oils. It is advised to stir it and mix the essential oil until you can smell it.
  • Pour this mixture into the containers and allow it to cool. Thus, your handmade aroma candles are ready!

Creative Wall Art

Creative Wall Art for your Boyfriend

All you need to make this craft is:
  • a pair of scissors
  • some beautiful decorative ribbons
  • photos to be framed
  • a blade
  • The tapes are also designer these days and you can select a crafty one to give your gift a beautiful look.

How to Make it:
  • Start by taping the images one at a time. You can tape them one by one so that you know how much space is left.
  • After your image is up, you can take some tape and make a frame around your image. Adjust the size of the image and amount based on your liking.
  • You do not really have to keep it confined to a rectangular frame. You can experiment with the shapes as per your wish.
  • Cut out the extra tape using a blade or scissors.
  • Similarly, place all your images up against the wall and repeat the same process with it.

Secret Message in a Bottle

Creating a "Secret Message in a Bottle" for your Boyfriend

The supplies required for this craft are:
  • glass bottle charms with cork stopper
  • “Love” heart charms
  • heart-shaped confetti
  • decorative tags and twine set
  • red or pink sharpie
  • copy paper
  • scissors

How to Make it:
  • Cut the white copy paper according to the height of the bottle charm.
  • Write the message that you wish to be displayed and then trim it. Roll up the paper message and tie it closed with the twine.
  • Add the heart shaped confetti to the bottle charm. Put the message inside of the bottle and then tie a tag as well as the love charm on the top. You can write on the tag so that your guy knows that it is for him.
  • Give this to your guy on his birthday to make him feel loved and pampered.

Bag Containing his Favourite Things

A Bag Containing his Favorite Things

All that you need for this gift is:
  • a bag
  • a bunch of things that are your boyfriend’s favorites

How to Make it:
  • Putting together this gift is really simple and it will be very well received by your guy.
  • Bring together your boyfriend’s favorite snacks, chocolates, cupcakes and the like. You can also add his favorite books that you can gift him through this package. Look for the cologne he loves the most and adds it to the package.
  • You can add things as and when you remember this special bag. Pack it together in a beautiful bag and present it to your guy on his birthday.
  • He will feel wonderful seeing all the things he loves at one place.

Hand-Woven Scarf

Creating a Hand-Wooven Scarf for your Boyfriend

What you need for this craft is:
  • 10 mm knitting needles
  • 2 balls of wool
  • large sewing needle
  • scissors

How to Make it:
  • Cast on 20 stitches to begin with.
  • After this knit two rows.
  • Then knit two more and purl two along the next couple of rows. Then finish on a purl stitch.
  • Similarly, repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are done finishing the first ball of wool.
  • Now begin with the next ball of wool and repeat the same process. Then cast off.
  • Weave the ends of yarn using the needle and then trim away any excess wool.

Monogram Coffee Mugs

Creating Monogram Coffee Mugs for your Boyfriend

The supplies needed for this are:
  • monogram coffee mugs
  • markers in the color of your choice
  • an oven
  • Large letter stickers

How to Make it:
  • Clean the mug’s surface and select a spot to stick the scrapbook sticker.
  • Use the marker to create a design around the letter. You can use multiple colors also to make a design.
  • Let the design dry away and then remove the letter sticker from the mug.
  • Add some more details and designs on the rest of the mug as per your choice.
  • Now bake the mug for 350 degrees for up to 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and let the mugs cool down.
  • Thus, your personalized DIY coffee mugs are ready to be gifted to your boyfriend. Make his birthday extra special by giving him this monogram coffee mugs.

How to Personalize the DIY Birthday Gift of your Boyfriend

Include Names or Initials

DIY gifts are indeed special as they simply stand out from the rest. However, you can make these gifts even more special by including the name or initials of your boyfriend. This helps in adding a personal touch to the gift which makes it even better. For instance, if you are sewing a muffler for your guy then you can add his initials while making it. These will serve as his identification and will also make the gift look cute. In case you are making a photo collage or a wall art, you can easily add in the initials of your boyfriend to make him feel special.

Consider his Personality while Choosing Design and Colors

Be it normal gifts or DIY gifts, you definitely want your guy to like them! Creating a DIY gift only to find out that it doesn’t appeal to him will be a waste of time and energy. Thus, while creating a DIY gift, you should include colors that he personally likes. If there are certain colors which you think he would simply not like then avoid them at all costs. Know his personality to find out what will please him. For instance, if he likes minimalistic designs then going for a patterned or overly decorated gift will not be a good idea.

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Know Your Boyfriend

DIY gifts reflect the time and love you have for your boyfriend. However not everyone appreciates homemade items. No point in slaving over something only to find that your boyfriend is less than impressed by your efforts. So consider how your boyfriend will react to something handcrafted before embarking on a project.