Top 10 Gifts for Her Birthday in 2019, Because Your Friend Deserves the Absolute Best. Plus Fun Ideas for What to Do the Next Time You Hang Out!

Top 10 Gifts for Her Birthday in 2019, Because Your Friend Deserves the Absolute Best. Plus Fun Ideas for What to Do the Next Time You Hang Out!

Buying gifts for friends is especially hard because they mean so much to us and we want to show them that on their special day, but the pressure of finding that terrific gift often leads nowhere. Is your friend's birthday looming near and despite months of wracking your brains you're nowhere near to having her birthday gift ready? Then this gift list is for you! We understand what you want to tell her and found gifts that will help you do that.

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Shopping for Birthday Gifts for a Friend

Birthdays are that special day of the year when it is all about the birthday girl or birthday boy. This is the day that is incomplete without gifts. And there is no woman on the surface of the Earth who does not like gifts. We have an innate love for gifts. There is something charming about an object wrapped in shiny gifts wraps. And nothing beats the feeling of receiving a gift from a loved one on one’s birthday! In this article we will give you an insight into the top ten best gifts that you can give your lady friend on her birthday and make her feel extra special.

What to Look For?

We understand that it is difficult to choose a gift. But you are in luck, my friend, for we have you covered! Don't worry if you are at a loss for what you should give your friend as a birthday gift, we will help you. We have listed three things that you should look for in a gift. Keep these points in mind while buying the gift. The gift that you get her should be of some use to her. The gift should definitely be in accordance with her taste and preferences. The gift you choose to get her should be something unexpected and interesting. This list here will help you select the perfect gift for your friend. Keep reading!

#1 Gift Should Be of Some Use to Her

The first criterion, and the most important one indeed, is that the gift should be of some use to the woman you are giving it to. More often than not, the gifts that most people give are not useful. And you certainly do not want to be a part of that category. You want to give her something that she will keep and use for a long time. Thus, choose something that she will need in the long run. The more useful the gift, the more likely she is to use it for a long time.

#2 Should Match Her Taste and Style

This is one more thing that you must always keep in mind. The gift that you give her shouldatch her taste and style. You do not want to be the person who gives her something that is absolutely not her style and in no way matches her taste. You will want to be the person who gives her the trendiest, coolest stuff ever! So choose carefully! Keep in mind her preferences and only buy something that she will absolutely adore!

#3 Should Be Something Unexpected

The gift you give her should not be predictable. She should not be able to tell just by looking at you and at the box, what the contents of it are. Give her something unexpected, something out of the blue. Surprise her. Make her scream with excitement. It can be something amazing! Like a puppy or a kitten! Give her something she did not think of receiving in her wildest dreams! This will make her birthday memorable and awesome! And your gift will be her favourite for ever!

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Your Girl Friend

The following is a list of the top 10 gift ideas trending nowadays for girls. You can surely find something out of all these ideas that your friend would love!

#1 Ayurvedic Wellness Gift Box

This is at the top of our list for a reason. This set contains ayurvedic products that our beneficial for our bodies. As you know, women are conscious about their well being. This is a gift set perfectly suitable for such women. It will also be suitable for the woman who has no time to think about herself. This gift set will make her realise the importance of herself. You can buy this gift box from Kama Ayurveda for Rs.1,920 only.

#2 Claycraft Milk Mug - Happiness is Wonderful Friends, 350 ml

This is a milk mug for the milk addict friend of yours! Jokes apart, if your friend drinks too much tea or too much coffee, this gift is perfect for her. This is not just useful, it is also trendy and cool. This one will up the style quotient of your friend. This one by Claycraft is available on Big Basket for Rs.89. This one has a heavy discount on it right now. Grab it before it is gone! Fill it with her favourite candy or chocolate and don't forget to wrap it up beautifully before giving it to her!

#3 Countdown Pen Holder

This is a statement piece for the study table. This is a pen and pencil holder with a beautiful motivational quote for your friend and a built in clock to help her keep time. It is wooden and absolutely gorgeous to look at. This will cheer your friend up early in the morning and help her hustle through the day. You can get this piece from Flower Aura at Rs.749.

#4 A Rocking Combo

This rocking combo is probably designed for girls! This set contains everything that a woman is usually happy to receive. This combo consists of a ‘Buddy You Rock’ card, a ceramic coffee mug with Minions drawn on it, and a Cadbury Temptation. All is these is perfect for the birthday girl. It is true to it's awesome name. It really is a rocking combo for your rocking friend! You can get hold of this gift set from Flower Aura at Rs.649 only.

#5 Happy Birthday Personalised Cushion


This is a gift designed to be given on birthdays. It is quite interesting to give as a gift and to receive as a gift. It is a personalised cushion that your friend will definitely love. This cushion will contain the picture of the birthday girl on it. She will absolutely love this cushion and you will find it adorning either her bed or her couch. Get this piece from Ferns n Petals for Rs.349 only! Nowhere else will you find something so adorable at such a price.

#6 Rhinestone Rose Gold Watch for Women


Okay! This was our favourite! It is so beautiful that anyone would easily fall in love with this. This is a rhinestone watch which is rose gold in colour. The colour itself is so beautiful and vibrant that it instantly becomes an eye candy. On top of that, it is one fashionable watch! It has an amazing finish and the rhinestones it is studded with adds to its charm. You can buy this from Ferns n Petals from Rs.1,199.

#7 Adorly Slip-On Casual Shoes


This is absolutely adorable! This pair of slip-on shoes is stylish and trendy. Not only is this useful, but it is also suitable for the modern woman who is required to run around all day. This pair of shoes is comfortable and proves to be good for the busy feet. This is available in three different colours- brown, pink and black. Your friend will love this pair of shoes. Get it from Ajio at Rs.899. Get hold of this piece while it is still on discount.

#8 Rena Love Top with Embroidered Balloon Sleeves


This top is gorgeous! It is for the strong, bold woman who loves simple things. This top is navy blue in colour with beautiful embroidered flowers adorning it. This one has balloon sleeves that is in trend right now. It is perfect for the party goer and the Fashionista! Your friend can pair it up with a pair of jeans or with a palazzo or with a long skirt and wear matching accessories to add sophistication to the look. Get hold of this on Ajio at Rs.1,039 only! Get it till the stock and the discount last!

#9 Amazon Happy Birthday Gift Card (Cake with Candles Design)


This is the safest gift according to us. There are so many people who like to choose their stuff. It is difficult to please them and they often don't like the gifts they receive. This gift card is perfect for them. All you have to do is to give them the mail address of the recipient as it reaches her inbox and select your budget for the gift card. The range varies from Rs.500 to infinity and beyond! You can also send her a message along with the gift card! Your friend can get whatever she wants to with the gift card you send her! Buy it here.

#10 Cake in a Mug

We found this particularly interesting. We have all heard about cup noodles that can be made in two minutes by just adding hot water to the cup. This one is something along that line but with a twist. This one is a cake in a mug. It is a DIY cake making kit. All that your friend has to do is to follow the instructions that come with the gift set. This pack consists of the cake mix, some sprinklers in a bottle, three candles, a measurement bottle and a recipe card. All this comes with a mug that can be customised with the name and the occasion once the payment has been made. The cake mix is fresh and healthy, with no added chemicals. You can get this innovative and amazing kit from Oye Happy at Rs.890 only! So have fun giving your friend a happy surprise!

How to Make Her Day More Special?

We understand that gifts are not everything and they are far from being enough. Birthdays are not just about gift boxes wrapped in shiny paper, they are also about showering love. So why not plan something that will make her remember the day for a very long time? You could plan a surprise birthday party for your friend, or you could surprise her with a secretly baked cake at the strike of 12. Or, you could simply get her some flowers and chocolates for her birthday. So, get on your feet and start planning for the big day! We have three great ideas as a bonus treat for you. Keep reading!

#1 Plan a Surprise Party

Most women love surprises. If such a person's birthday is knocking at the door, you will like to throw her a surprise birthday party. It is easy to do so. Get all her loved ones together. Arrange for food. Get some decorations done and keep her away from the venue till she is ready to be given the surprise. And there! You have it! A very special birthday for a very special woman! You will make it one of her most memorable birthdays ever!

#2 Surprise Her with a Cake at the Stroke of Midnight

This is a classic that never fails. Surprise her with a cake at 12am. Just as the clock strikes 12, come in with a cake. This will make her happy and will make her feel loved. This idea works best if you are her roommate or her husband or her boyfriend. And it will make it more special if you can secretly bake her a cake. We all love a touch of love and care and efforts from the person we hold close. This will make her feel special in the sense that your gestures will tell her how special you think she is and what place she holds in your life.

#3 Get Her Some Flowers

If you are a man, let us tell you one secret: women love flowers. We have a soft spot for flowers, be that flowers of various colours or be that simple, sophisticated white flowers. While giving gifts adds to the excitement of birthdays, giving flowers makes the occasion feel better. The best gift you can give her on her birthday is a bouquet of flowers. Add a bunch of chocolates with the bouquet. And that will make her very happy and make her birthday special and memorable.

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Gift her your time

In a busy world we hardly have time for ourselves, let alone others, no matter how much we love them. She knows this too, so when you clear your schedule to spend time with her, it will mean a lot to her. It need not be a whole day and if an hour is all you can manage, an hour it is. Only, during that time, switch off from the rest of the world, put your trilling phone away and just spend time doing something she enjoys. Your friendship will be the better for it.