Is His Birthday Around the Corner? Consider These 10 Ideas When Choosing a Gift for Your Boyfriend's Birthday (2019)

Is His Birthday Around the Corner? Consider These 10 Ideas When Choosing a Gift for Your Boyfriend's Birthday (2019)

It's not just about giving a gift but about giving a suitable one that would tickle the fancy of the receiver. Now, your boyfriend's birthday is around the corner and you can't seem to place your head on the most suitable gift to give him. We present to you the best ideas to guide and help you make a perfect choice. Read on.

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Shopping for Your Boyfriend's Birthday Can Be Nerve Wracking but the Effort Put in Does Pay Off!


It doesn’t matter how long you that you and your boyfriend have been dating, it is always an uphill task to shop for them. Sometimes you feel as if they won’t appreciate your gift, and also end up shopping for a gift that doesn’t rhyme with their taste. This happens all the time, however, with this list of top 10 best ideas for boyfriend gift on his birthday, you can never go wrong.

But put in the extra effort to find something he will be stoked by and you will be rewarded by that special grin of his that he reserves for when he's extra happy! We have made a list that has been tested beyond any shadow of doubt and has been proven to work all the time. Use, and you’ll be sure to get it right.

Factors to Consider When Settling on a Birthday Gift for Your Boyfriend

The Longer Your Relationship, the More You Should Spend and Vice Versa


It is advisable to spend depending on how long you have been together. Therefore, you will spend more if you have been together for a relatively long time and vice versa. If you have not dated for long, spend as little as possible. You should take your time to see how your partner thinks about a lady spending on him. Some believe that they should take care of their girlfriends and that’s all. You should learn to respect that or try to make him see things differently but not forcefully. However, do not compromise the quality of the gift despite that.

If It's Not Long Since You Started Dating and You Don’t Know What to Buy, Consider a Simple Gift

When you have only dated for a short period, it is obvious that you don’t know your partner that much. That is not an excuse of not giving your boyfriend a gift. However, you can take caution by being safe. A good way to achieve that is going for a general gift. For example, you can buy him a birthday card if it is his birthday. That way, you can rest assured that the gift will match the occasion without worrying about whether he will love it or not.

Ensure That What You Get Him Is Of High Quality


Settling for high-quality gift clearly shows how much you care and appreciate your boyfriend. Can you imagine getting a gift today only for it to break tomorrow? It can be sad as well as annoying. You should not let your boyfriend experience that. Instead, buy something that will last for long so that it can offer him its services for an extended period. Keep in mind that he will always remember you every time he sees it or uses it.

Top 10 Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend on His Birthday

Eyeglass Holder


This wooden eyeglass holder makes a perfect gift for your boyfriend on his birthday. It is hand carved and specifically meant for men. Besides being a gift for a boyfriend, it also makes an excellent cheap gift for your coworker, dad, brother, husband and much more.

The wooden eyeglass holder measures 4½ inches wide, 3 inches deep, 6¾ inches tall, and it weighs 6 ounces. There is a slight variation in the wood grain of each piece of the eyeglass holder. It is made of raw mango wood; you can comfortably dust it as necessary, wipe it with a damp cloth and then leave it to dry. Currently, you can order one from for $16, which is about Rs.1148.


If your guy likes puzzles, then the ThinkFun Color Cube Sudoku - Fun, Award Winning Version of Sudoku Using Colors Instead of Numbers For Age 8 and Up will make the perfect gift for his birthday. ThinkFun inspires this puzzle, and upon purchase, you get up to 9, well-made colour cubes, the game tray, and bonus challenges for ages eight years and above.

The box also comes with clear instruction so he can learn if he does not yet know what to play. In fact, they can start playing immediately. One thing about this puzzle is that it develops ones critical skills. It builds logic and enables one to have the best problem-solving skills. Today, you can purchase this puzzle on Amazon at $19 or an equivalent of Rs.1,362.

Mini Speakers


It is rare to find a boy or man who is not a gadget enthusiast. Therefore, buying for your boyfriend the Haavitek Dual Speaker Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speakers which has a Strong Bass and Powerful Volume along with a Charging Base TWS Technology Hands-Free and pairs with Phones, Tablets, TVs and PCs, as their birthday gift works all the time.

They are inspired by Haavitek Company, a notable company for producing mini speakers and other sound systems. These speakers produce explosive sound and come in mini size. Their output capacity is 6 watt. The speakers are wireless and can connect to your boyfriend’s smartphone and Bluetooth devices. Also, they come with a battery that charges very fast and guarantees a long life. They can power it nonstop for up to 5 hours. The speakers underneath is a magnetic base that he can stick to a metallic platform such as a fridge and much more.

Upon purchase from for Rs.1,749, it is backed by a one year warranty.

Vintage Record Coasters


These are a set of up to 4 coaster laser cut from vinyl records. The etched laser image is the same on all the four coasters, and each one of them measures 3.5 inches in diameter. They can make the ideal gift idea for your boyfriend on their birthday.

SMFX has over the years been on the forefront to offer unique Metal signs, art and any artwork that one can dream of. They always have artwork anytime you require. The company works with their clients to ensure their ideas come to work. You can buy the coasters currently from at $20, and have it shipped to India.

Shopaholic Red Wine Opener -1014


The two of you share a love for wine but he never had a bottle opener when he needs one? Buy him his favourite bottle of wine, and add a bonus gift of a wine bottle opener, perhaps with a funny handwritten note attched to it. At a glance, it is clear that this is an incredible bottle opener. It is where style meets quality. That doesn't come as a surprise since Shopaholic is a brand to reckon with when it comes to red wine openers. Thanks to the sturdy construction and use of durable materials, you can rest assured that it can last for an extended period. This bottle opener on your boyfriend’s birthday can strengthen your love for each other even more. Due to the ergonomic handles, it is not only comfortable but also easy to use.

In addition to being elegant, the bottle opener is also unique. It ensures that you open your wine bottle very fast and conveniently. It is also compact hence easy to carry around. Do not hesitate to buy it whether you are left or right-handed. It is available at for Rs.300 only. Additionally, one gets free delivery.

GPS Route Tracker


For many years now, Sam GPS Security has been manufacturing sturdy GPS and security devices for your security needs. One of the device that also can double up as your boyfriend gift on their birthday is this SAM GPS Security Pro (with Free Android Mobile App) - GPS Tracker Device for Car, Bike, Truck and Bus with Engine Lock and Anti-Theft Alarm.

Upon purchase of this security system, you get SAM GPS security system that is compatible with all types of cars. The engine access feature is only compatible with key start vehicles. There is also a one year SIM card data installation manual and customer support as well as instant activation.

The GPS tracking and the travel history video makes the GPS highly sensitive. It is capable of sending the vehicle’s accurate location to the cloud server. Hence your boyfriend is capable of watching his vehicle‘s live location. It is also capable of monitoring the driver’s voice, though this is an optional feature. You can remotely listen to your driver conversation, but in that case, you will need to input your own SIM card. This tracking device can be shopped online from Amazon for Rs. 4499 only.

Watch and Cufflinks Holder


Surprise your boyfriend on his forthcoming birthday with this Knott Exclusive Tan Watch Cum Tie Cum Cufflink Holder from Knott. This utility box is a perfect gift idea and comes with several compartments to enable you to organize your precious time machines, cufflink, and ties. Also, it has six removable velvet pillows that you can take out for independent use. It has a real glass lid that protects your boyfriend’s watches to the fullest. It also offers him an open view of his displayed watches.

The case comes in a strong mold that provides strength and is very durable. It has a silver metal buckle that is purposely designed on the watch display box for opening single-handedly. Today, you can purchase this box online from for Rs.1,599.

Waffle Maker

The Libra Waffle Maker one can make up to 2 delicious waffles at the same time. It has the nonstick grill plates that give one a healthy low butter option. The superior waffle maker is ideal for providing exceptional results in just a matter of minutes. You also get super snack waffles at the same time.

This waffle maker can make an excellent present for your boyfriend during his birthday. It measures 24 by 14 cm in width and height. In the same breath, it is 1.61 Kilograms. The square waffle maker is available in black and steel colour and requires 230 volts to operate. You can buy it online through at Rs.1,049.

Styling Cream

Put a smile on your boyfriend’s during his birthday with this styling cream from Beardo. This is an Indian company that deals with hair products. It will upgrade your boyfriend’s hair styling. It will make his hair look both smooth and slick.

The styling cream contains healthy ingredients and a blend of ingredients such as Ozokerite wax, beeswax, and carnauba wax. These are ideal for giving your hair a stronghold. The style will look clean and neat all day long. The styling cream clings to the strands thus holding them together. It adds thickness as well as texture and enhances any hair. Buy this hair product for your boyfriend on Myntra for just Rs.316.

Retro Snow Cone Machine


The Ice Shaver Machine Snow Cone Maker Shaved Icee 143 Lbs Electric Crusher Shaving is the perfect gift for your boyfriend on his birthday. If any other thing doesn't put a smile on his face, then bank on this Restro snow cone machine to do it.

This snow cone machine has extra high working efficiency. Its motor is capable of producing up to 143 lbs. of shaved ice every hour. It, therefore, can be used where large demands of ice are needed within a short time. Also, it comes in a smooth and elegant shape. The shape is eye-catching glamour and is different from all the generic ice shavers in the market today.

It is made of high-quality material. It has a strong heavy cast base; it is also made of anodized aluminium casing and hopper, to ensure that it lasts for long. You can order yours today from eBay e-commerce store for as little as $39.19, which is about Rs.2,810.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Go for Dumbbells Unless He Has Them but They Need an Upgrade

Boys love exercising and for that matter, it is almost impossible not to find dumbbells in their room. While dumbbells can make a perfect birthday gift idea, this makes more sense if they are a gift from another male friend, rather than from a girlfriend. When you present a dumbbell to your boyfriend, you should be careful as if not well done, it can send a wrong signal. He may think that you are underrating him in a way, and may hurt his self-esteem. That’s because he might feel like you are not okay with how his body is. For that reason, do not even think of buying these as a gift for his birthday. The most you can do is offer to repair the ones he already has if they are broken.

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Get something quality and within budget

Getting a high-quality gift, no doubt, clearly shows how much you care and appreciate your boyfriend. So please buy something that will last for long so he can enjoy and appreciate for a very long time. Remember, it would bring a smile unto his face everytime he sees or uses your gift, and so he will always remember you at all times.