Gift Boxes Make Brilliant Birthday Gifts, for Him and for Her: Here are 12 Amazing Gift Boxes for Birthdays in 2018

Gift Boxes Make Brilliant Birthday Gifts, for Him and for Her: Here are 12 Amazing Gift Boxes for Birthdays in 2018

Whether it's a friend's birthday, your mom, dad sister or girlfriend, gift boxes are incredibly versatile. And they are so nice to receive! Who wouldn't love a box full of goodies for their birthday? Here are 12 amazing gift box ideas for you to your special someone's birthday. You just need to keep in your mind a few things and this will be the perfect gift for your loved one's day.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting Gift Boxes

There are a few things that you should keep in your mind while thinking of a gift box for your friend's birthday.

What are His/Her Interests?

The first thing that you should keep in your mind is your friend's passion or hobbies. Buy something that is in line with his/her character. If you are gifting this to a female then you must know that will she prefer beauty products over chocolates? Will she choose stationary over beauty product? It's important to have some idea of the things he/she is most likely to appreciate.

Check Out Return Policies

A lot of gift boxes cannot be returned. This is because many of them tend to be personalized and also include products like hair and skin products, which companies will not accept back once sold. Make sure that the gift you choose will be one your friend will appreciate or make sure that it can be returned if you're not sure that they'll 100% like it.

Keep a Budget in Mind

It is always important to have a budget in mind. While expensive gifts are not bad, sometimes people won't appreciate an expensive gift because they feel like it put them in a position where they have to gift you something of equal value in return. It doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money on a gift if it is only going to make things awkward. It also doesn't make sense to buy an expensive gift if you can't afford it in the first place. Gifts are well received because of how thoughtful they are, not because of how much they cost.

DIY Gifts Boxes Can Be Divine Too

If you're on a really tight budget or if you want to gift your friend something more personal, then you can make something at home as well. DIY gifts are perfectly acceptable and there's higher chance that they'll be more appreciative of the gift since so much effort was put into the gift.

Gift Box Ideas for Him on His Birthday

The Man Company Opulent Gift Box


If your friend is someone who takes a lot of care when it comes to his appearance then "The Man Company Opulent Gift Box" would be a great gift for him. Containing three soap bars with distinctive scents such as black pepper and bergamot, argan and mint as well as a Charcoal soap bar for a rugged cleanse, this kit also includes a Roman Chamomile and Brazilian Rosewood scented shampoo, along with a 100ml bottle of perfume. Perfect for all of his day to day needs, this gift box will leave him smelling fresh because of all the masculine scents present in it, all packaged in an elegant looking wooden box. Priced at Rs 3200, the Man Company Opulent Gift Box can be ordered online from Amazon.

The Guy Box

If your friend is really into good quality stationery, then The Guy Box by The Paper Co.would make a great and thoughtful present for him. Made with a minimalistic and utilitarian design, the box includes a monthly calendar sticky, a set of three linen grid-paged pocket notebooks and a pewter prism ballpen. Packaged in a premium Luxe box, the Guy Box will be a gift that your friend will love using and thank you endlessly for, especially if he's the type of guy who keeps jotting down notes for work or just as a hobby. priced at Rs 3400, The Guy Box can be ordered online from the Paper Co. official website.

The Artisanal Maker's Box

Origin One is an Indian company that specializes in curated gift boxes. Their Artisanal Maker's Box would be a great gift for anyone who's a huge fan of both stationary as well as coffee and tea. The box contains a wide assortment of stationary ranging from envelopes to baggage tags and travel journals. The set also includes an assortment of goodies including Three Clive Tea, Blue Tokai Coffee, Chocolate made by Earth Loaf and candles made by Ikka Dukka. The set comes in two types the Hearts collection which contains more stationary and the Spades collection which contains a larger quantity of the goodies. Both collections come in a large handmade wooden service tray and are priced the same at Rs 5900 including tax and shipping. Pick out either the Hearts or Spades collection depending on what your friend will appreciate more. The OriginOne Artisanal Maker's Box can be ordered online through OriginOne's official website.

Bogatchi Happy Birthday Dark Chocolate Bar, Greetings Card


Bogatchi Chocolates are 100% vegetarian, handmade artisanal chocolates. The Happy Birthday Bar made by Bogatchi comes in either 18% dark chocolate or in Milky White Chocolate. It is also shipped in high densityThermocol Boxes that come with frozen ice gel packs to ensure that the chocolate stays the perfect ambient temperature for the best possible experience. The Happy Birthday Bar also comes with a greeting card inside which you can write a personalized message for the person who'll be receiving the gift. Priced at Rs 399, the Bogatchi Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar can be ordered online from Amazon.

Happilo Premium Dry Fruits Gift Box


Happilo is company that sells gourmet dry fruits, nuts, berries, peanut butter, nut mix etc. The particular gift box contains premium gourmet dry fruits. Their products have zero cholesterol and this gift box is a healthy alternative to gifting someone chocolates or sweets instead. Priced at Rs 500, the Happilo Premium Dry Fruits Gift Box comes in elegant packaging and can be ordered online from Amazon.

Birthday Gift Boxes for Her

Floralbay Special Basket Arrangement of 15 Mix Roses Fresh Flowers


A great gift to give a loved one on her birthday, the Floralbay Special Basket Arrangement of 15 Mixed Roses would be a gift any woman would appreciate be it friend, girlfriend or wife. The arrangement is made from 15 fresh flowers that are carefully handpicked and arranged into a basket. A truly great gift, these flowers are beautiful and surely melt the heart of anyone who receives them. They are a great and thoughtful way to let someone know how much you care for them and appreciate the fact that they are part of your life. These fresh flowers are a great way to surprise a loved one and they will be extremely appreciative of this thoughtful gift. Priced at Rs 999, the Floralbay Special Basket Arrangement of 15 Mix Roses can be ordered online through Amazon.

The Style Salad Birthday Gift Box

The Style Salad is an Indian company that specializes in curated gift boxes. Their Birthday Gift Box is a great gift for a loved one's birthday to show them how much you value their existence. The gift box includes handpicked products that are sure to bring a smile to the face of the person who's receiving it. The gift box includes an assortment of chic products that any woman will appreciate such as a rose quartz coaster, a cupcake scented candle, a handbook filled with recipes for 60 different types of cocktails, a plushie and a bar of strawberry champagne flavoured chocolate. Each box comes gift wrapped along with a personalized message for the person receiving it. A great way to show how much you care about your friend, the Style Salad Birthday Gift Box can be ordered online from the official Style Salad website for the price of Rs 2999.

The Gourmet Jar Mighty Happiness Box

The Gourmet Jar is an indian company started by Apeksha Jain, that specializes in gourmet artisanal condiments. Their Mighty Happiness Box is a gift that any foodie or anyone who is passionate about cooking will appreciate greatly. Made by hand, their condiments contain no additives, chemicals and are all made from natural ingredients. With products such as Orange Whiskey Marmalade, Mango Jalapeno Preserve and Smoked Aubergine relish, their range of products will be appreciated by anyone who's looking for original and unique flavours to add to their food. The Mighty Happiness Box comes with 9 products that you can pick and choose but are subject to availability. Pick out 9 jams, relishes or assorted condiments you feel your friend will appreciate and have it send to them in an elegant wooden box. The company also sells curated gift boxes as per your requirements though those will be more expensive to buy than the Mighty Happiness Box. Priced at Rs 999, The Gourmet Jar Mighty Happiness Box can be ordered online from the official Gourmet Jar website

Forest Essentials Soundarya Square Gift Box


The Forest Essentials Soundarya Square Gift Box is a collection of luxurious beauty products that are inspired by the Goddess Lakshmi, who is believed to be the pioneer in using pure gold for her beauty rituals. The box includes a bar of soap, body lotion, body oil, a beauty serum and a radiance all made from the finest ingredients specifically to battle aging skin and wrinkles. All the products are infused with pure 24k gold for ultimate luxury and would make a great gift for anyone who puts a lot of thought and effort into their appearance. The Forest Essentials Soundarya Square Gift Box can be ordered online from Amazon, priced at Rs 11750.

Luxurious Lushveda Signatures Gift Box


The Luxurious Lushveda Signature Collection is a collection of handcrafted beauty products with breathtaking fragrances that any woman will fall in love with. All the products are handcrafted from premium natural ingredients and don't use any artificial colours, fragrances or synthetic chemicals. Filled with ingredients that are both essential to the body and at the same time pampering the collection includes a variety of products including a skin brightening facial treatment pack, rose body oil, anti-acne facial soap, instant glow facializing balls, goat milk & shea butter soap and Kannauj rose water. The entire collection is a gift that will be appreciated by anyone who likes delicate fragrances and loves revitalizing face care products. Priced at Rs 1515, the Luxurious Lushveda Signature Collection is available for purchase online through Amazon.

DIY Gift Boxes Ideal for Birthdays

It's not always necessary that you have to buy an expensive gift for your friend. If you're on a tight budget or are looking for a gift with a bit more personal touch to it, it is more than acceptable to gift them something that you made at home by yourself. Given below are two ideas you could use but there are hundreds more you could find on the internet as well. Just remember to keep in mind the things your friend likes or is interested in and they'll be just as appreciative of a DIY gift as they would have been of something you bought for them.

DIY Beauty Box


The concept is simple, get a box or a basket you can order some really cheap but pretty looking ones off Amazon or make one yourself if you have the time, fill it up with all the beauty products that your friend loves from nail polish to shampoo, decorate it with some ribbons and add a personalized message. Quite simple to make, it'll make a great gift that your friend will appreciate, especially because it will be filled with their favourite products as opposed to ones they've never tried before, like the one present in most gift boxes that come readymade.

DIY Candy Box


You can make or also can buy Kosh Decorative Handmade Gift Basket With Net Cover and fill it with an assortment of your friends most favourite candies or sweets. Bonus points if you manage to include a particular product that you two associate a story with, reminding them of all the great times you've had together and showing them how much you appreciate the fact that they are in your life. Important thing is that you put a variety of sweets instead of its quantity. the sweets have more variety than quantity, but make sure each product is present in sufficient numbers. Tie it off with a ribbon and voila, you have your own candy gift box.

Remember to Add a Personal Message

Remember to add a personal message no matter what type of gift box you are gifting. Try to add in small details or inside jokes the two of you have for adding effects. The message is almost as important as the gift as it shows how much you appreciate your friend and care for them. Keep all of these things in mind and you will definitely be able to pick out the perfect gift box for your friend.

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