Looking for Good Friendship Day Gifts for Your Best Friends? Ideas to Celebrate This Day in a Great Way Plus 10 Awesome Friendship Day Gifts (2019)

Looking for Good Friendship Day Gifts for Your Best Friends? Ideas to Celebrate This Day in a Great Way Plus 10 Awesome Friendship Day Gifts (2019)

Friendship Day is celebrated in several countries including India with great gusto. People celebrate this day by spending time with their friends and showing their appreciation of them. The exchange of Friendship Day Gifts is a tradition to mark their occasion, so if you're looking for creative ways to show friends your appreciation, we have just the gifts for you.

Best Ways To Celebrate Friendship Day With Your BFF

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Friendship is the precious relationship which we build with the people who are just like us. The whole of the journey of friendship is filled with numerous bittersweet moments which creates the colourful canopy of our life. If you have some special friend in your life who knows you better than yourself, who has the ability to put a big smile on your face, who can irritate you in the most annoying way, then you are one lucky person, because you have experienced all the shades of one good and meaningful friendship. So, if you want to celebrate your friendship bond with that special someone, then make the friendship day memorable for the sake of your friendship. To make the friendship day special for your BFF, you can plan plenty of different events, such as:

Trip to Nature

One of the most beautiful and calm ways to share this friendship day with your best friend would be by spending some time in the woods. Just pack your backpacks with essential supplies and take the road to dive into the passion of nature with your friends. Plan a trip to your local natural place with your friends and while gazing at the beauties of nature remember your friendship bond. Especially if you have any mountains or lakes near you, then definitely plan a trip there, make the most of the day and create another golden moment in your friendship book.

Movie Night

Going out your best friend for the movie night is a classic way to celebrate friendship day. If you and your friend’s favourite actor or actress's movie is coming on the friendship day weekend, then there’s no better way to celebrate friendship day. Book the best seats in the cinema hall and buy all the junk food that you can , and enjoy the performance of your favourite actors on the big screen. You can talk, share food and can even discuss the movie with your friends like the film critics you are.

Remember Old Memories

You and your group of friends have done so much together in your life. You guys have shared so many laughs and cries together. That’s why you should take the road down memory lane and remember all the beautiful memories you shared with your friends. Just pull out all the old photo albums from your garage and call up all your best buddies and pop open a bottle of wine, and, watch all the photos together of your old happy times and share old stories with each other. This is the most emotional and lazy way to spend some quality time with your friends on the friendship day.

Bake Together

How about making the mess in the kitchen on friendship day? Sounds cool right, if you and your friends love baked sweet goodies, then pull on your aprons and bake a dark chocolate cake on the celebration of friendship day. And, if you both don’t know how to bake, then this is going to be even more fun as you can smash each other with chocolate and flour. Later, you can clean the mess together while ordering Chinese takeaway. This baking together is going to be another golden memory which you can share with each on the next friendship day.

Go to Concerts

If your favourite rock band is going to perform for the friendship day, then standing in the long queue to get the tickets is going to be worth. So, just gather up your gang and stand in the long queue of ticket counter to get a glimpse of your favourite band. Meanwhile, you can start your own little party outside and sing all of your favourite songs.

Shop Online Together

This is the perfect scenario for girls to celebrate the friendship day. Okay, so for this friendship day celebration method with your girls, you need to wear your PJs and gather up all the greasy and sweet snacks and with your girls slouch on the sofa. Now, open up all the shopping sites online and start the shopping marathon with your friends. Go through all the designer shopping store online and shop friendship day gifts for each other. This is a dream party for any girl.

Take a Road trip with The Gang

Nothing can be compared to a road trip with your friends on the friendship day. To make the road trip more grand and fun, you guys should hire a big van and pack up it for the long road trip. You can take a trip to an exotic place and can create plenty of new memories with your friends on the road. The new bickering, new laughter, new jokes and much more can be created from the one road trip with your besties. Just follow the mantra of eating, love, laugh and travel this friendship day.

Over the Idea of Friendship Bands? Try Friendship Succulents

Just like the bonds you share with your friends, succulents are strong, long-lasting plants that survive the toughest of climates. Why not gift your friends something that will stand the test of time, just like your friends? This friendship day, gift your friends a plant as the symbol of your growing friendship and ask your friends to nourish the plant, just like your friendship bond. This way you can spread the message of environmental awareness on the bonding occasion of friendship day with your friends.

Plan a Picnic

The plan which never goes old is organizing a picnic with your friends. However, you can add a bit of a twist to your friendship day picnic. Remember the first school picnic with your friends, if yes, then just create a replica of your school picnic. Book the same picnic spot where you shared the first picnic with your all school friends. Moreover, perform all those activities which you performed at the first school picnic, you might seem a bit funny doing all those kids stuff, but being crazy is the main reason for having friends.

Coolest Friendship Day Gifts For Your BFF

No celebration is complete without gifts. So, to make your friendship day even more special, you have to order a nice friendship day gift for your friends. The traits that your friendship day gift should possess is; cool, meaningful, sweet, emotional and quirky. If you are looking for such kind of friendship day gift for your friends, then start first from this list.

Friendship Day Hamper

Simplicity is the key for a great friendship gift. If you have one of that simple yet meaningful relationship with your friends, then you can get the simple friendship day hamper for your friends. This My Dear Friend Combo contains a greeting card telling your friend why they are so great, and it comes with a friendship band and a 5 piece box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. This sweet friendship day hamper is available on archiesonline.com for the small price of ₹349.

Eternity Blingy Band

Friendship Day is incomplete without presenting beautiful friendship bands to your friends. This beaded Charming Friendship Bands is going to be the ideal way to describe your eternity bond of friendship. The band is very stylish and if your friend likes a bit of bling, she will be very happy with this pretty and shiny band. Your bestie definitely deserves this great gift this Friendship Day. You can order this beautiful blingy band for your bestie from archiesonline.com for ₹499 only.

Friendship Mug

Express to your best buddy how special he or she is to you by gifting this mug with 'Life is better with friends' quoted on it. This trendy mug will not only strengthen your friendship with him or her but will also be treasured by your bestie forever. This mug can serve the purpose of your friendship motto and remembrance of your deep friendship. This is a very simple and useful gift which your friends are going to love. If you have a group of friends, then, for your every friend, you can order friendship a mug from the archiesonline.com for ₹499.

You Are My Friend

You can make the day special for your bestie which is, of course, your boyfriend or girlfriend by ordering this assorted combo pack. The perfect friendship day gift combo set includes; chocolates, friendship band, cute teddy bear and a red rose. If your friend is also your lover, then this combo pack is perfect for him or her as it's got a twist of love and friendship in it. With this romantically assorted friendship day gift pack, you can celebrate friendship day in the best way. This combo is available on the fnp.com for the price of ₹599.

Good Luck

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We know you always want luck to be always beside your bestie, so to make sure that good luck never leaves for friend’s side order the lucky bamboo for your friend. The indoor bamboo plant is considered very lucky and it's assumed that this plant brings positivity in life. So, open the gates of luck and positivity in your friend’s life by ordering this good luck charm from the fnp.com for ₹499.

Personalized Jar

Why not give your friend a personalized mason jar with your sweet messages? This is the most adorable gift that you can give your friend on the dawn of friendship day. The jar includes cute little notes which can be printed by you. This is the perfect gift for the special someone which is available on giftcart.com for ₹449.

Memory Book

If your friend is a creative writer or loves to nibble some poetry, then you can order the soulful abundance memory book for your friend. To note down the beautiful words, this combo offers one Parker pen and one black diary. Moreover, to help your friend in the difficult times, the pack includes a black serene Buddha statue as well. To order the soulful abundance on the friendship day visit the floweraura.com and order the gift for ₹1299.

BFF Pack

Friends are forever and one just cannot deny that. Teach your pal this universal fact by gifting them this amazing Hamper that has a printed Red Cushion, a Cadbury's Temptations Chocolate and Pringles. This Pringles pack will refresh some old memories and bring you both closer than before. For this sweet delight, you have to order the gift combo from mayflowertree.com for ₹1195.

Friendship Day Cushion

Friendship day is the right occasion to make your friends realize their worth in your life. To make your friends believe in your eternity bond of friendship, you can gift them this adorable friendship day customized cushion which will always remind your friends about your love and appreciation. From the myflowertree.com, the colourful friendship day cushion can be ordered for ₹395.

Old Warm Charm

If you are looking to buy the friendship day gift for your male friends or lover, then we have the perfect option for you. Old Spice has been an all-time favorite when it comes to Men's Grooming. This After Shave from Old Spice has a soothing fragrance and calming effect. Gift it to him along with this box of 4 Homemade Chocolates and your lover boy will be on his knees pretty soon. So, to make your male friend's super happy this friendship day order the old warm charm for them from the myflowertree.com for the small price of 445.

Spread Some Chocolatey Fun

Holy Moly, if you want a perfect friendship day gift which can be equally accepted by your male and female friends, then indulge them in this chocolatey heaven. Yep, anything made up from chocolate can add extra love and sweetness to your friendship day. You can order chocolate boxes, chocolate candy bouquets, dark chocolate cake, etc., for your pals on the occasion of friendship day. All this chocolaty stuff can be ordered online from the websites like fnp.com, giveter.com, etc., So, buy lots of chocolates to make your friendship day more delicious and happening.

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Make it one friendship day to remember!

With all these great ideas, it's pretty certain that you can make this year's friendship day different from any other. From a Trip to Nature to Personalized Jar to Some Chocolatey Fun, these ideas are sure to thrill. Try any of these ideas and make this coming friendship day a day to remember.