Make Your Beau's Day Super Special With a Sweet Gift for Boyfriend on His Birthday: 10 Gift Ideas

Make Your Beau's Day Super Special With a Sweet Gift for Boyfriend on His Birthday: 10 Gift Ideas

A special day in your boyfriend's life means a special day for you. Birthday mugs, funky ties, sexy perfumes, birthday gift treasure hunts and birthday videos - find all this and a load more ideas for special gifts as well as surprises for your boyfriend on his birthday. Out of time and need a quick fix? We also have ideas for a quick fix handmade gift.

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Little Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend on His Birthday

A Sweet Video to Wake Up To

It’s your boyfriend’s birthday and just like any other good girlfriend you want to do something fun, romantic and sweet? We understand. That’s why we’ve got everything you need to make your boyfriend feels happy and special on his birthday. Start off by sending a cute video wishing him happy birthday that morning. It’s extremely simple, you don’t need fancy cameras to record a video when you’ve got a smartphone. Just use your phone to record a video, and maybe you could ask him close friends to do the same too. Combine all the videos into one happy, fun birthday video and send it to him. Make sure you send it before he wakes up and it’ll most definitely will be the perfect start to his day.

Goofy Selfie Montage

All of us know that for every perfect picture we post on Facebook or Instagram, there are 10 imperfect goofy ones. Collect all those pictures to make a goofy selfie collage or montage of it, there are hundreds of apps to create a montage with sweet messages sprinkled in the video. You know what’s even better? If you print these goofy selfies you’ve taken together and put them in different places for him to find, he’ll love it. Write sweet messages and love notes on the back of these photos for him to find. It most definitely is a unique and different way to express your love for him.

Romantic Room Decor

Who doesn’t love a bit of romance on their birthdays? Add romance to every element of the birthday celebration; get tons of heart-shaped balloons, chocolates and scented candles to decorate his room. Either when he’s out or before he gets back from work decorate his room to surprise him and he’ll be floored by your loving gesture. Celebrate his birthday in style and he’ll always cherish you for it.

Customise His Alarms

To accomplish this you need to be a bit sneaky. Borrow his phone on the pretext of checking something on the day before his birthday and change all of the alarms he’s set for the next day. You could change the names to something more birthday related, like ‘time for the birthday boy to wake up’. Or you could try something else like recording a message and setting that as the tone for the alarm. He’ll wake up to your sweet message this birthday.

A Treasure Hunt

Although a treasure hunt might sound childish, if you are the lovey-dovey kind of couple then you should definitely try organising a treasure hunt just for him. Put sticky notes with sweet love notes in places that can be easily found. Like the loo, trouser pockets, in the car, his wardrobe etc. He’ll feel loved and cherished to see this notes in all the unexpected places throughout the day.

Quick Fix DIY Gifts

You’ve been busy working all week and you haven’t had time to get a gift or the time to make something creative? Don’t worry! We’ve got the perfect thing you can do for me that he’ll absolutely love – origami fortune teller. All you need is a colourful paper to make it, if you don’t have one that fine. If you don’t know how to make one, there are videos available online that you can follow. Fill the 8 flaps with love notes or coupon-like promises that he can use throughout the day. It’s not only easy to make, but it’s unique and endearing too.

Bake Your Way to His Heart

Yes, you read that right! We’re sure you’ve heard of the saying a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Bake a simple butter cake, and decorate it if you’ve got the hand and time for it and see the difference it makes. If you’re unsure about your baking skills, there are good ready-to-make cake boxes available in the market that are extremely easy. Some are so easy that you need to mix them just water. Douse this in chocolate or strawberry sauce and you’re good to go.

Sweet and Simple Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Birthday Mug

Birthdays are a very special occasion for everyone. It’s their day; let your boyfriend know how special he is with a Birthday Special Mug. With a saying which goes “This is a very special mug to say happy birthday to the best person in the world”, your boyfriend will definitely know how much he means to you. You can purchase this cute mug on Flower Aura for Rs.399.

Gift of Peace

Does your boyfriend believe in living a righteous life? We’ve got just the birthday gift idea for him – the Gift of Peace. This gift combo will definitely put the brightest smile on his face, since it comes with a six inch Buddha artefact and a black Wrangler wallet. It’s useful and meaningful. He can use it as a nice centrepiece to improve his home décor, or even keep it in his office desk to bring zen into his workplace. You can purchase this gift combo on for Rs.1,299.

Flashy Playboy Perfume

Does your boyfriend love collecting perfumes? If he does, he’ll absolutely love the Flashy Playboy Perfumes as his birthday gift. It’s a unique fragrance that will allow his personality and sexiness shine through. It comes with One Playboy Play It Sexy For Her and One UDV Flash Perfume For Men. You can get this set on for Rs.2,999.

Oceanic Candles

The Oceanic Candles set will enhance the home décor of your boyfriend’s home. It’ll make a perfect gift if your boyfriend loves the ocean, and is an ocean-person. This gift set comes with four pillar candles with a lovely aroma of Ocean. It’ll not only make a good decoration piece, but it’ll fill the house with a beautiful oceanic, sea, salty smell that will transport you and your boyfriend to the beachside. You can get this beautiful set from Flower Aura for Rs.649.

Funky Flamingo Tie


Has your boyfriend got his dream job or has he recently been promoted? Inspire and encourage him to do well in his office with a Yard Birds Skinny Tie. This extraordinary flamingo tie paired with a beautiful pink shirt will make your boyfriend look chic, elegant and sophisticated. The tie will be the talk of the town whenever he wears it, and your boyfriend will definitely thank you for getting this wonderful tie for him. Available on Ties, you can purchase this tie for Rs.1,917.

Stylish Backpack

A stylish backpack that can be carried anywhere anytime without looking too shabby or crummy – doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well it need not be a dream, the 'Kånken' Water Resistant Backpack is just that. The Scandinavian design, long known for its practical yet elegant designs, are beautiful to behold but are meant to be used. It’s durable, water-resistant and had a stylish and contemporary silhouette features. You can buy this on Nordstrom for approximately Rs.5,478.

Fun Phone Case

Is your boyfriend into superheroes and comics like Marvel and DC? If he is like any other guy who loves his superheroes, then this year’s birthday gift calls for a Batman Phone Case. It’s a must have for any guy who loves comics, and if your boyfriend hasn’t thought of buying one for himself all this time, then you should definitely get one for him. You can purchase this piece of work on Lovethisstuff.

Low Top Sneakers

Low-Top Sneakers are the trendiest things these days for young men and women. The Roadster Men Tan Brown Sneakers looks semi-formal allowing him to wear these beautiful shoes to work and on casual dates with you. Feature include: cushioned footbed, smooth midsole with foxing on the forefoot and textured outsole with patterned grooves. It also comes with a warranty of 3 months from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects only. You can buy this on Myntra for Rs.1,319.

Leather Charging Station


Is your boyfriend a disorganised person, who just throws his phone somewhere, can’t seem to find his wallet or earphones? Or is your boyfriend an organised clutter-free person who loves to keep his things neat and tidy? No matter which category your boyfriend falls into, the Leather Charging Station Valet will help your boyfriend keep track of his things. This combination of charging station and jewellery box will allow him to store all his items like mobile devices, watches and small accessories. Made of synthetic leather with a soft fabric interior it’s durable and of premium quality. You can even get it personalised with initials on the glass top. Buy it today on Gifts for Rs.5,477.

Personalised Whiskey Stones


Give new meaning to ‘on the rocks’ with these Personalised Whiskey Rocks. Now you no longer will have to water down your drinks with ice cubes when you’ve got these amazing whiskey stones which will chill the drinks without diluting it. Just freeze the stones for some time in the freezer, add 3 stones to your drink, let it stand for 5 minutes and enjoy it! Made out of natural soapstone, you can even heat it to keep your drinks warm. What’s more, you can personalise it with your initials or any 2 line messages of up to 8 characters. This product is available on Gifts for Rs.1,985.

Cake and Flowers Will Put a Smile on Anyone's Face

Whether you’re a boy or a girl, a cake and flowers will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face. Make your boyfriend feel special by surprising him at his office with a bouquet of beautiful red roses and a delicious chocolate truffle cake, and he’ll be ecstatic. You might wonder cakes and flowers, really? For my boyfriend? Who said women shouldn’t give flowers to men? Send it this one time and see how happy and cherished your boyfriend will feel. It’s a beautiful gesture of telling him how much he means to you. You can place an order on Flower Aura for the True Soulmate which has a bunch of 10 red roses and half kg of chocolate truffle cake for Rs.1,049.

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Functional Gifts are Always Welcome

When faced with a difficult choice, pick the functional or more useful gift over something which is merely ornamental. Most people like receiving things they can use, but men more so prefer functionality in a gift. If you can find a present that solves a problem or fills a daily need, your boyfriend will be delighted and grateful for such a gift.